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Visitors Comments made during the month of June 2004:

Online name


Anonymous from USA

I liked your page about how to buy a didgeridoo, and about making sure Australian aborigines gain financially from the sale of didges.

Anonymous from USA

The site has tons of information that can be used for all types and can help people to decide whether the didgeridoo is for them.

Anonymous from Canada

Colour scheme and general aesthetics of the site do well in capturing a feel very close to the instrument itself. The plethora of information reflects very well on the level of professionalism the organisation possesses. This is, by far, the most useful and informative didj site I've come across. (all that to say, when I get more cash this is where I'll be doing my shopping)

Anonymous from USA

This site has taught me a great deal about the history of the didj as well as the culture of those who created and make them. It clearly explains everything from first time purchasing and playing to much more advanced levels of musical talent. I've made Didjshop.com one of my favorite sites to visit and explore.

Andy Doyle from United Kingdom

Great place to browse, and be so tempted to buy, just saving up the pennies! Really friendly site to use as well, I can spend ages here.

Anonymous from USA

I liked it, you're not just trying to make a buck, you really have helpful info. I printed the page on circular breathing, so hopefully I can finally do it

Anthony Rhone from United Kingdom

Still got loads to check out,very impressed easy to follow for us computer beginners. Excellent to hear the didj you want to buy. I will look no further for my didgeridoos.

Anthony Valerio from USA

I love the sound clips for each didg. Your sorting tool at its conception was an innovator. Props to your web master. Even your newsletter seems to be well planned and is visually pleasing. I am sure your prodigious attention to detail endures in your didjeridoos.

Aymeric Blanc from France

It's the best site ! u can find many didj, and it's really well done ;) I have not seen sites who are like this one


A great web site, I loved looking at the didjes...so many and so many varieties....very nice...love the site, well organized

Anonymous from Netherlands

Great stuff, genuine products, gives a feeling of trust, no 'made in China' stuff. Don't mind spending a few bucks here, also on the canvas art, have several pieces hanging on the wall here!


Its totally awesome and I love didje's

Charles Brown from USA

Its a great site,I know I'm a rookie but the mystical sound of a Didj.is really inspiring and relaxing when meditating.

Chris Murphy from USA

Didj shop rocks! I check out didjs all the time and the people are awesome and friendly. I would like to see a search option to where one could enter in categories such as backpressure, clarity, resonance, loudness, vocals, overtones, and speed. Didjshop is the place to get the real deal on didjs in many different respects. I wouldn't shop anywhere else. Thanx didjshop

Chris Roe from USA

I must say its the best I have seen ever so much inventory awesome prices great quality this store is on top of my list for anything related to the Didgeridoo and aboriginal culture

Chris Troop from USA

I thoroughly enjoy your site. The instruments and other items that you sell are some of the best I have seen. The introduction to the different class and sound qualities was very helpful. Also the pictures and sound bites are a tremendous value. Aside from the didgeridoos and other items I especially enjoy the different articles about the aboriginal people about their struggles and success to become a people recognized for the culture, heritage and contributions that they have so long maintained. Although I have not been to Australia I feel an affinity for the Aboriginal tribes.

Christian Owen from USA

I love it!!! awesome!!! everything you need and could ask for. Best of all is the direct, authentic Aboriginal connection, and reverence for their rich and amazing culture! keep up the great effort! ONE LOVE!!!

Claire Dupuis from USA

Excellent! Plan to visit often

Colin Pine from Australia

To the team at the Didjshop. The Didjshop.com web site is a benchmark leader to the world. It has great visual impact, well laid out, full of all relative information and meets all of my needs. A Gold Star to all team players!

Dan Ondrejka from Sweden

Really god web site, but you feel so very far away from this damn cold Sweden!! Want to buy a new didj and I think this might be the place!!

Anonymous from Sweden

I really like this site, it's easy to navigate, much information and it's nice with all the pictures and mp3files.

Anonymous from USA


Derrick Johnson from USA

I enjoyed the web site, seems to be much more genuine than other Didj sites that simply want u to purchase a product and move on.

Donat Callens from Belgium

Still good and getting better


It's really complete I believe it's the best site for learning about didgeridoos

Eric Schweikart from Argentina

It is a very good place to learn more on the didgeridoo. I found many photos and information. This experience did me happy!!! Didgeridoo is not an instrument very known in Argentina and sometimes is difficult to obtain information. Thank you very much!!!


Beautiful, a drive through the marvelous miracle of didgeridoo., thanks for give us this opportunity, I'm sure it will be really regarded. sorry for my english, too basic.

Gabriel Galeffi from Brazil

Didjshop.com it is a very good site, I've been searching for didje sites over the internet and this is the only one that have so much information, for example how to make a beeswax mouthpiece, and the sound of the didjes...

Anonymous from Portugal

Very good web site, with lots of information about didjes and other australian artefacts..The best site about didjs I've ever seen.

Igor Santos from Portugal

In didjshop.com are many excellent didjes with excellent tribal paintings and excellent sounds. the didjshop.com is the nº 1 and nothing else matters.

James Saldivar from USA

I stumbled upon the site by accident but was very pleased with the results of the site. It's very informative and easy to understand. I will be visiting the site often with hopes buying a new didj soon

Jessica Paolini from USA

I think it's so interesting - keep up the good work!!

Jim Herren from USA

It is my favorite of all the sites........and the one I will purchase my first Didj from.

Johnny Fain from USA

Very helpful and user friendly site, I like how it helps personalize what I need.

Jonathan Evatt from New Zealand

I find this site to be very comprehensive and excellent. I feel that I trust what you people are up to and would trust buying a Yidaki from here based purely on your write-up on the instrument of choice. Whereas normally I can only imagine buying one if I can see, play and hear it etc. I want to thank you for your great work and passion for the Yidaki. It shows and is appreciated.

Jonathan Fernatt from USA

I love the way everything in the site is split up so you can find everything easily. It has lots of good information. Its my favorite didgeridoo site.

Joseph Patton from USA

Thank you for such an outstanding web site Although I knew a little about the origin of the didgeridoo, playing techniques, sound, etc. before I discovered this web site long ago, I have learned a world of new things surrounding the didgeridoo thanks to the Didjshop. I can always count on your web site for spectacular quality and quantity.

Justin Peterson from USA

Well done!

Karen Ramey from USA

The web site is easy to navigate and I especially like that you describe your products. I like even more your ethics and it was the determining factor to select you to purchase from. The ability to enlarge photos of your goods adds easability to view what you offer. Thanks for the opportunity to win a didj on the web site I have never seen such a wonderful offer on a web site!

Anonymous from Germany

I was really thankful when I found your informative, interesting and interchanging side;) I also enjoy your newsletter that's a very nice service..keep going

Kenneth Houghton from United Kingdom

Now that I have found you I will keep returning. Without doubt THE best source for everything related to the 4didgeridoo. I will be making my first purchase of a genuine didge very soon - I will be looking no further than Didjshop... Enough said!


I like the fact that you get the instruments from the aborigines.

Anonymous from USA

Well formed site. easy to navigate. many neat things to look at.

Lionel Clauser from Finland

Nicely done, I learn a lot more of all the didgeridoo because here back in finland in a small village you cannot learn that much. You have a lot of everything and as you say it yourself: you know from where it comes and you assure it. That's nice too. And the web side was so interesting that I'm thinking about buying some stuff from your shop. The sounds were really interesting, the explanation from the different sounds, everything. Thanks and take care. Bye

Mark Robertson from Australia

Excellent & lots of info easy to use,a lot better than the previous site I visited

Mark Simons from USA

Like site, all questions were answered via email, help from staff was great...

Anonymous from Netherlands

Great web site and fun to watch, even to just see what the genuine didgeridoos look and sound like. It's good that you pick only actual aboriginal ones!

Anonymous from USA

This is one of the most informative web sites that I have visited. It has great descriptions and beautiful pictures which makes the site much more appealing.

Matthew Jackson from USA

This is a great site. I think you guys are doing a wonderful job teaching about the didjeridu.

Matthew Meers from USA

I bought my first didj from you guys and have been thoroughly impressed with the expertise and integrity exhibited by your group. I direct everyone with whom I come in contact to go to your site to purchase a high quality, traditional didj. I will purchase more in the future, finances allowing.

Anonymous from USA

Very informative. A friend of mine who plays a didj got me interested further in playing and recommended this as a top site.

Micha³ Kempski from Poland

You make me happy ;-)

Michael Wolfe from USA

Love you explanations, descriptions and your sound bytes.

Miguel Silva from Portugal

I think in europe (portugal) any one knows about this didjshop because in my country are very good didj players

Mike Albers from Netherlands

I like the site. And via all kind of links I always end up here.

Mike Whitson from USA

I enjoy this site very much. I really appreciate the fact that all your didges are natural and authentic. I also like how the site is broken down into categories, it's easy to navigate.


I love your site - especially the sounds - will add to this when I receive the didg I ordered

Nick Pullen from Australia

Great shop. I love looking at the variety of didgeridoos. The art work is amazing, as well as the sounds... When I master the PVC didj, I will definitely order a REAL one from Didjshop!

Nicolas Karasiak from France

A pillar for didjeridu music, and instrument

Patricia Denobile from USA

I find the site fun, interesting, educational and will continue to visit. thank you

Pedro Ferreira from Portugal

I'm a newcomer! Since I've heard a didgeridoo playing I've been attracted to its sound! Came to the site in search of information. And found it!


I don't understand what it means "feedback", but if it means a commentary, I think that it is a very good possibility to obtain a didgeridoo with a very good sonorous quality. Atte. pedro.

Pedro Ramos from Portugal

It's one of the best sites about didgeridoos... thank you for giving me a chance of entering in this competition... to have a original didge is a dream to me...

Peter de Jong from Netherlands

Beautiful site and like receiving your mail letters keep up the good work!

Rae Demoisey from USA

This web site is very useful for the new to Didgeridoo player. I am seeking information about making and playing as well as purchasing a Didgeridoo and your page seems to have it all. Thanks.

Rick Butler from USA

Nicely laid out...technique and sound bites are very helpful... I refer to them often. My current didje is a PVC build-it-yourselfer, based on the info from this site. My wife thinks I'm nuts, but my kids love it.


Great site, nice instruments, done in a great user friendly format putting it in my bookmarks for sure.


Nice work for those who really care about didgeridoos (or how the heck do you spell it).

Anonymous from Australia

Love it. The ultimate try before you buy for instruments.

Sheila Daughtry from USA

I have learned a lot about didjs and plan to explore the healing powers and more about meditation. I would love to learn to play one. They are most fascinating and would be a wonderful resource to share with my students.

Steven Verrees from Belgium

Very organized site, find lots of useful info, keep up the good work guys



Tim Whalen from USA

This is my first time here,but I already feel a great love and dedication for the didg.Any time that happens for anything it is both beautiful and powerful. I know I can learn much from those who put this site together,and am looking forward to working with you in the future as I hope to further my skills. PEACE, Tim

Anonymous from USA

Very extensive!

Tony Casalino from USA

Very unique. Glad I looked!

Anonymous from USA

Excellent..brilliant sound recordings I'm very happy with it

Tuomo Istermaa from Finland

Love for you!

Anonymous from France

A complete web site, with few pages in french (it would be great to have all the pages in french :o) ) Nice shop and lot of information (physics)...

Anonymous from USA

Good web site with a great variety of didjes and awesome sound bites, very informative too

Alex Gracia from USA

Cool site, lots of devotion to the didj

Alexis Gagnon from Canada

Really interesting for the beginner and for the experts too!

Alisha Suer from USA

I like the web site it's got good colors and great pictures. also loads of information!! there is a lot of wording however and it's a bit overwhelming at times. the links to click are kinda hard to see too. however with all the info I can't really think of another way. but the quality and craftsmanship are unbeatable. also it's great to have a place to get true authentic instruments and pieces of art.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

It is a a nice place with a lot of information

Ameet Gauher from United Kingdom

So far so good, has some good references and has helped me with my research :-)

Andrea Marelli from Argentina

La pagina me parecio muy completa, y muy bien informada.

Andrea Venica from Italy

Good boys thank you

Anonymous from Argentina

I think it is a great web page because it doesn't only gives useful information, and sell quality items, but also it does it in an ethical way.

Antti Kemppainen from Finland

It's very neat. Wish I had al least one didj, so I could learn to play.. It's a great thing You're doing here so I send my best wishes and good luck with the future!

Anonymous from Philippines

Informative and interesting. I will be coming back again for sure.

Belmira Becirbasic from Canada

Very good


I signed up for the affiliate program, I plan to buy a didj through my aff link, but want to make sure that's okay first. I registered a domain - digeridoo-store.com today and will give it a whirl. I do search engine optimization for other stuff. This would be a great thing for me if it converts. I love the didj and my old/first one cracked. It was a gift and I don't think it was a great one. I can't wait to get my new one from you all.

Anonymous from USA

This web site is DOPE!

Cameron from Australia

Very good, informative and detailed.

Charlene Sieffert from Canada

Would love to win, as I do not believe there is ONE in Canada, & I should be the first "owner" :)


Good site! Credit for sound examples!!!

Christi Hubler from USA

Very colorful

Anonymous from USA

It's great

Claire Orr from Australia

The web site is set out well, has a good variety of information and the colours are appealing.

Claudio Vidussi from Italy

Very good, genuino, perchè non traducete tutto anche in italiano????? (TUTTO!!) Vi risponderebbe anche chi non parla inglese. Ciao.

Dan Vallely from Australia

Very good.

Anonymous from USA

I find the Didjshop fascinating. Though I could not afford a didj at this time I hope to visit australia some day and purchase one then I do.

Dave Tighe from United Kingdom

Top site and top didges, something for everyone

Anonymous from Canada


Anonymous from USA

Nice site

Deslandes Francois from France

Very good. just a lack of MP3 records...

Dillin O'Dell from USA

I Think that this site is a great didgeridoo web site and I think that it is really cool that you give people a chance to win a Didgeridoo.


The classification seems to be very helpful


It is very interesting and instructive; it is a good beginning to know the didjeridu

Franco Brockelman from USA

I think your web site is very well set up.. a suggestion I have though.. is to be able to arrange the search results by price or length sorted with the highest at the top and at the bottom. .having two choices.. I think that would be helpful.

Gérald Sundermann from Belgium

Very good site


Cool stuff hope I win

Greg Rushlow from USA

I love the site, and found much information that would allow me to make a good judgement for a future purchase of my own Didj. This should be within the next few weeks, and cannot wait.

Hasrul Redwan from Malaysia

I found it very intrusting as it can help me learn more about this unique musical instrument. I'm from malaysia so the didj is new to me. I need to learn more.

Helena Simões from Portugal

O único defeito neste web site é este questionério ser em inglês pois não sei falar inglês...


This site has wide variety of info. And pictures. It's great!

Ivana Tikvicki from Croatia/Hrvatska

Very unusual and exotic - extremely interesting

Jaime Andres Gomez Lopez from Colombia

I don't speak english, but the Spanish version is good, and complete, and have good's links and a loot information


I can find almost everything about didj's but site can be simpler too. 1-10 rate I give 8.


Cool site. Cool tunz.


Good one!!!!

Jeffery Bardin from USA

This is a nice web site it tells a lot about didjeridu.

Jerry Brendle from USA

Well done!


Nice web site helpful!

John Webster from USA

Looks interesting, need to check it out more

Anonymous from USA

It is informative and easy to navigate


Interesting, bat I hop all the information were, in spanish language

Anonymous from Canada

The web site is very nicely done with lots of information I think what would help would be to choose a color that matches the instrument for the web site

Kelly Hutchinson from United Kingdom

I think its a great web site with some of the most amazing Didjeridu's I have ever seen with some equally amazing prices. There is so much to look at and so much to buy its a great source of everything didjeridu and I will be linking it to my web site at www.didjeclub.co.uk


Very interesting I still come again but I can not write very good English by talk :-) no problem (but write :-( / )

Kreis Holland from USA

This site is amazing. As soon as I get the money, I'll be buying an unsanded didj.

Kristie Pfaff from USA


Lance Isakov from USA

Thank you so much!

Larry Scott from USA

Nice site. Good quality pictures.

Lennart Jönsson from Sweden

Its my first time here so.. but it looks great :P

Linda Linda Moeller from USA

Very interesting!!!!

Louanne Baelde from Canada

Great site! Very interesting!


Everything looks great!, never had a didj, but I want one so bad!! I would love to mix this heavenly instrument with some House music of my own. The one you guys are giving away is beautiful!

Marvin Tweedy from USA

Very interesting

Maximiliano del Rio from Chile

I have a web page in Chile (www.deepchile.cl) and we make a lot of cultural events for young people and I would like to introduce the australian didgeridoo to all the people here in Chile. Maybe we can do something.....if you have ideas. [email address deleted]

Anonymous from New Zealand

It is fascinating to see the range and descriptions of these instruments!


Its awesome, can't wait to circular breathe, hopefully ur info will help me thanx

Mike Coffey from USA

Great web site, I wished I knew more about didj's

Mike Rose from USA

Amazing works of art! Do I mount it or play it!

Anonymous from Finland

This is a great site, I wish I had the money to buy one of your didj's

Oscar Perez from USA

This is a very comprehensive site- it made us more comfortable buying here- a word of advise. In the US it's comforting to see the lock in the status screen when you're buying- I didn't see the lock in the status bar when I bought from you- but I took my chance since the site is so deep. [our comment: you will see the lock in the status bar on pages where you enter personal information - we have our own Thawte Security Seal]

Anonymous from United Kingdom

A well laid out site with good and useful info


Great site


Great site to find out more about didjs, but not only that permitting us to get more intuned with the old roots.

Rawson Coleman from USA

I's well laid out.


So far it has been very informative

Sandro Reinhardt from USA

It's great and emits a friendly 'vibe'. I like the mp3's

Sarah Thomas from Australia

Looks good to me

Anonymous from USA

Clean design.

Shaun Smith from Australia

Its Ok, not much information. How about some history of the Didgeridoo and Aboriginals? that would be good.

Anonymous from New Zealand

The first web site I have been to that is dedicated to just the didgeridoo absolutely wicked

Anonymous from New Zealand

Very informative, haven't read it all yet, but will do for sure


Looks good

Steve Hannum from USA

Enjoy the information

Anonymous from USA




Anonymous from USA

Nice site.


I think it is a great web site, my only problem is that the currency convertor does not work.


Very nice

Anonymous from Greece

Nice site. Very good pictures

Anonymous from USA

I like it

Wendell Hicks from USA

I thought it was informative, interesting and motivating.

Yury Martinen from Latvia


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