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Visitors Comments made during the month of June 2009:

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Bradley from USA I really enjoy visiting your website. As I stated above I have visited your site more than 100 times and I keep returning because it is SO thorough.
Brian from Canada I enjoy the history and current affairs info that I learn here. I've been getting the newsletter for a few years now.
Brittany from USA It provides a nice balance of the online-store atmosphere with all the information needed to make an informed decision on buying a didge.:) I also love how it promotes Aboriginal art culture and awareness which in my opinion is the most important. You can't enjoy Aboriginal art without knowing what goes into it.
Anonymous from USA Love this site! Best complete information and sounding!
Anonymous I'm always a little bit nervous about internet shopping. So when it comes to something like buying a didgeridoo I was feeling a bit timid. From the first moment I hopped on your site I was filled with confidence about the quality of your product. Everything about your site made me feel like you weren't just trying to hustle a bunch of product to the teeming masses but that you are truly trying to help people find the right instrument for them. The more I surf around your site the more I get educated about didgeridoos.
Darren from Australia I have bought all three of my didjes through your shop and have recommended you to all who show interest. Nothing more needs to be said. I will be back again and again
Dave Moore from USA I think you have a nice selection with good descriptions I plan on adding to my collection soon and from my experience you give the most accurate info to make me not worry about spending a thousand bucks on a didge. I would love a free didgeridoo and it would be cherished for generations but that is not why I am doing this I just love the didge and want to spread it to the world so if you agree with me on the subject please publish my answers in the hope that even just one person will see them and change the way they think about the didge and make the right decision before they buy a didge that is all thanks dave
David from USA Best inventory and easy to navigate.....mate
Devorah Sugarman from Canada I don't use the computer very often but this is fast becoming my favorite site!
Edward Olson from USA I like it here as it is an "all-in-one" didj location.
Flemming from Denmark It's THE greatest didj site. Period.
Graham from New Zealand Absolutely love it
Grayson Turner from USA Easy to navigate excellent articles I love the site I frequently read it for entertainment
Greg Thorn from United Kingdom Very easy to navigate uptodate news on events and aboriginal life fantastic selection of arts crafts and Didjes. and supports aboriginal beliefs:-)
Henry from USA I strongly appreciate the easy to follow interface as well as the expeditious customer service.
Jeremy from USA I have just recently had the opportunity to sit down with a didgeridoo and play with one. Though I have been a fan of music produced with and just the overall sound of the didge in general for some time know I have started my quest to find what I as a musician will be happy with in quality of instrument. this site I have to say as far as I have come in my search for a good didge has not only been the most helpful and most reliable in quality of instrument but also seems to be the the only site where the actual culture of where the instrument comes from is taken into consideration.
Anonymous from France I like it because it's one of the website which is the more in respect with aboriginal people and culture.
Jim from USA Best information; shows true respect for the Aboriginal culture and the importance of fair trade practices
Anonymous from Canada By far the best! you are succeeding in making what I thought impossible possible! I never thought I would consider buying a didj without ever actually playing it. you succeed at this.
Kathy from USA This is the most informational site I have visited and have saved it to my Favorites list. As a person newly-interested in playing the didgeridoo this is just what I need!
Anonymous SOOOOOOOOOO much better than the others. I haven't found any that sell Aboriginal made items.
Kevin from USA Designed very nicely. My favorite site by far.
Levi from USA The first thing I thought was the way they explained why someone would want to be a customer at this site was excellent.
Loren from USA It's interesting I've never thought about owning a didgeridoo but now I want one.
Mac from USA Nothing can really compare to selection here and care given to ensure the customer is given the best satisfaction. there are always so many didgeridoos to select from and I always find myself in the unusual shapes category. The website and customer satisfaction are second to none. I also really admire the ethics of the site and the attention given to making sure all the instruments are genuine artifacts.
Matthew from USA Its nice and its the only place that sells truly authentic didgeridoos and that's why I'm purchasing one
Anonymous from USA Very nice site that is not just a store. I think its really nice to be able to read about history of the aboriginal culture as well as their instruments. It seems like this site seems genuinely interested in the well being of the native australians
Anonymous I found information here which I couldn't find in other place.
Myroslav Makashov from USA Your web site is amazing. I am saving money to buy some great didgeridoos but still can not afford it.
Pedro from Portugal The most complete
Anonymous This is a fantastic website. It is so informative and should be a 'must' for anyone wanting to study the uniqueness of Aboriginal instruments.
Ray from Australia Very professional and informative the site covers the whole didge experience from the learners Didges to the most pro didges it also keeps us up with all the news in the indigenous peoples world. great site
Anonymous from USA Full of information I like that you have a buying guide and playing guides and that I can hear a didj before actually purchasing it and you show pictures of people going out and finding the wood. for a first time buyer I feel confident that what I get from this website will be top quality.
Rudi from Belgium IT IS VERRY GOOD
Sean Jackson from USA A great source of info didges and all things aboriginal.
Anonymous from USA I love the greeting cards and being able to hear the different sounds.
Shannon Svensson from USA Love the meditational information. I've always loved the sound and like it even more because of the healing aspects of didge playing
Anonymous from Australia I find your website to be more informative and interesting looking than others I have looked at. There doesn't appear to be much on the web selling authentic didgeridoos but you certainly appear to do so.
Tommy from USA Love it!
Vincent from Canada It's a really complete website for everything related to the didj. Keep it up!
Volney from USA By far the best great information the information opens a door to trust between the purchaser and your website
Anonymous from Spain De las webs dedicates al didgeridoo esta me parece de las mas serias y comprometidas con los aborigenes y su cultura. Y no es por quedar bien con ustedes.
Anonymous Excellent info your product before I saw this website I did not know about didjeridoo or aborigines of australia. I enjoyed learning about this instrument.
Andrew from Australia Very informative and easy to follow
Anonymous It was extremely informative. I found other sites to be limited to the sound attributes
Bob from USA Very informative and interesting. When I manage to save up the cash for a real didj will definitely buy here. One thing I would change: On the details page for the didgeridoos it would be convenient to have a legend or a obvious set of links to the ratings and definitions of the ratings. [OUR COMMENT: thanks for the feedback, we will do this]
Anonymous I like it - nice easy layout and lots of information!
Cody from USA Nice
Dan from USA I like the way its set up easy to use and to follow and to navigate.
Anonymous I think it's great you can really hear the sound of the didjs. The design is quite Spartan but that's not so important.
Deana from USA Needs a makeover....has great info but looks a little cheesy
Dehan from USA It's friendly easy to get around.
Drew Grimes from USA It's absolutely fantastic! Though since I don't earn much money I can't buy a Didj but make my own and dream of playing a real one.
Earl Tharp from USA Packed full of information.
Enrico from Italy Well done!
Gareth from United Kingdom Easy to use and having mp3 files is great.
Gary Kendrick from USA Perfect.
Anonymous from Australia In the top half of the sites I've visited but can do with updating and more interactive styling. Music downloads alongside cd sales (like itunes) and shops locations. Also some good documentary style articles on artists and there art with photos and video etc...
Anonymous from Australia Very good when you get the hang of it
Anonymous from Hungary It's a solid work I found it really good.
Anonymous from USA Interesting and informative..... Doing UBS at church this is why I looked it up....;-0)
Anonymous from USA So far from what I've looked at I like it a lot.
Jeremy from USA From what I have seen it seems like a great site. Keep up the good work.
Anonymous Great stuff. Informative. Great quality didges. Reasonable prices. You should check your 'search' though. Many times I punch in a item code and it doesn't give back the find even though it is on your site. [OUR COMMENT: searching for individual product codes will not work if the item is sold, ordered or reserved]
John Mathieu from USA Great site and very educational
Anonymous I found it very informative
Jonathan from United Kingdom Very informative and a nice reminder of the best trip of my life so far
Josh from USA Awesome selection... I must say very original but expensive.
Anonymous Very nice. Some difficulty in finding pages such as the previously sold gallery. It would've been nice to have the sound bites available for the sold Didjes.
Anonymous It is a well organized site. Informational and still interesting I quickly found what I was looking for and enjoyed browsing.
Laura from USA Very informative and I will be back. As a teacher I want to learn as much as I can about these beautiful instruments.
Liz from USA It is very nice.
Lou from Australia Very detailed and informative
Michael from USA Nice... instructive... interesting... culturally enriching... I often feel sad that I might not ever get a chance to play / own /experience a really quality didj made by an Aboriginal person.
Anonymous Very nice. Easy to navigate and easy on the eyes. Colours flow and text is easy to read.
Mike from USA I like it
Anonymous Its very easy and laid back
Mylene from Chile Es bueno y sencillo deberían mostrar mas de sus diseños.
Ossi from Finland A bit confusing to navigate but loaded with useful information and nice didjs!
Anonymous More multimedia would be great
Paul from United Kingdom It's very comprehensive and full of great and beautiful yidaki that I would very much like in my flat.
Peter from USA Lots of content and info.
Peter from USA Great site
Anonymous from USA Well done good job
Anonymous from USA Pretty nice
Sam from United Kingdom Very impressive although could do with a more obvious link to the shop page.
Steve from USA Great site - great resource. Can I open an "annex" in Yellow Springs OH? I have 20 years sales/marketing experience. Played didge for 18 years.
Thomas from USA The site could use a organizational overhaul. All information is available to be found but could be grouped/labeled more logically or clearly.
Tim from USA Very informative gives me a sense of confidence in you.
Tim Reinhartz from Austria Haven't seen much yet interesting questionnaire here:)
Anonymous Nice
Anonymous It's cool. I would like more info on who created the Didjes and more details on type - yidaki or mago etc. Also it is a little difficult navigating back and finding the sound quality. You have to click on each didj.
Anonymous Impressive.

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