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Visitors Comments made during the month of May 2009:

Online name


Anonymous Well done!
Anonymous It seems quite interesting but I did not visit that much yet.
Andy from United Kingdom Good layout. Knows it's stuff.
Ayrton Farias from Brazil By far the best I've seen. Lots of information sound-files pictures... Too bad are didgeridoos are so expensive otherwise I would have already bought some of the products available.
Beryl from New Zealand I love looking at the Didgeridoos and reading about them. I would love to have one but cannot afford one.
Brad from USA Found your site to be the most user-friendly. Best products and most historical and educating information.
Charlie from United Kingdom I'd like to be able to see the Didjes more easily. I'm trying to find out how good mine is - and I think it's an A but my tuner reads a Dsharp (ish)
Anonymous I like it... simple... efficient... full of info...
Chris from USA It's a little tough to find the didj's for purchase.
Chris from USA I think didjshop is the best out there loads of info a great community and plenty of help
Chris Smylie from USA It is simple and well designed. I found what I needed very quickly.
Cody from USA Your site is very well organized and its the only site that's gives the information I need
Conrad from USA I am impressed with the site.
Craig from Canada Best site on the internet. The most informative and the best newsletters.
Anonymous from USA It is rather expansive and quite informative.
Dave Snyder from USA Still playing around in it; very impressed!!
Dennis from USA Very interesting I was looking to the didj for meditation and relaxation and found this website has many answers.
Anonymous I like your web site very informative. I agree with the view of the Aboriginal people. Happy 10TH Anniversary!
Emily from USA I had to give away my homemade didge when I moved (for transportation and storage reasons) and may just take a look at your stock.
Anonymous from USA Colourful seems like a great place to get info
Frank from Australia Interesting enough for me to keep looking through it a whole more.
Geoff from USA It is professionally set up; well-done with good descriptions photos and sound samples of didges for sale.
Graham from USA Great website informative as well as moral.
Greg from Australia Easy to navigate not sure if I like all the comments all down the page makes it like a blog and a bit busy. earthy colours are good though. could throw in a few pictures too! for aesthetics.
Anonymous from Canada I find it really interesting and full of information about Didgeridoos.
Anonymous from USA Very informative
Joao Sousa from Portugal It's great!! I cannot find anything better because didjshop can give us all that we need concerning advise on buying and even on other didge issues like the best way to play musical keys circular breath etc... The staff are outstanding. Very nice people!! They are always willing to help you!
Johnny from Ireland Absolutely excellent a fine combination of background information cultural awareness and all you need to know about purchasing the Didgeridoo for you
Anonymous from USA Its good I like the genuine honesty and what you seem to support.
Joshua from USA I haven't looked yet but plan on it. Saw that I would have a chance at winning the beautiful one in the picture so I did the questionnaire.
Anonymous from USA Excellent
Anonymous I like information sent to my email
Anonymous from USA Great site
Anonymous from Spain It's very well put together. Everything is easy to find and the prices of things are all reasonable - nice to see that neither the consumer nor an indigenous culture is being exploited like with lots of things you can find in the US about the indigenous folk there. Also like the colour scheme and the logo is cool
Anonymous Good
Lisa from USA Excellent site
Anonymous It's easy to navigate & use for information.
Lu Pierro from USA I like it very much. You give very good information. Well done!
Anonymous Very well put together and organized. easy to navigate.
Anonymous I really like it it is very informative
Anonymous The most comprehensive site and store I have ever found online. Keep up the excellent work!
Anonymous from Slovenia Great info noble mission but prices not many can afford on an instrument of such little complexity that can be even made at home
Anonymous from Germany Your website is excellent. The most competent far-ranging and authentic site and the most serious and trusty shop.
Matt Charbonneau from Canada I've only just browsed over it. I only allow myself to do "digital window shopping" once in a blue moon. If I can't afford it there is little reason for me to be looking at didgeridoos.
Anonymous Its great and I love how you can hear what different didj's sound like
Matthew from USA Lovely resource with heaps of good information. Decent layout too.
Anonymous from USA I like it very easy to get around on.
Michael from USA It is very helpful to people starting and also people that have been in to it a while! I am looking forward to buying one from this site soon!
Michael from USA Good
Anonymous This is my default website for didgeridoos. It is a wonderful site and inspires me to keep learning how to play the didgeridoo. I have a blast looking at and listening to all the didgeridoos you show.
Anonymous Very informative and successful on to propagate the Aboriginal Australian culture.
Anonymous I enjoy your site because you care about the products you sell and also have good knowledge about everything surrounding the didgeridoo!
Nasir from New Zealand Nicely set up easy to navigate high quality pictures.
Nic Wright from Australia Layout was not bad but a tad confusing at first it wasn't until emailed that it became clear (when I was given codes)
Patricia from Spain It's nice
Peter G. from Canada So far = excellent
Pierre from Switzerland Nice to use especially to hear the sounds.
Quinn from USA Very well put together user friendly knowledgeable.
Randy from USA Well organized and informative.
Anonymous Informative I learned a lot I didn't know about the instrument.
Robert Smithee from USA Exceptional information and products will be back many times.
Robert Stotts from USA Very informative and well done
Roberto Mojica from Puerto Rico Very intuitive a lot of information and good resource to learnt
Robin from USA I like it!
Ron from USA Seems okay
Ronald from USA Overall quite functional. A bit hard to navigate.
Santiago from Colombia It has a lot of good information about Didgeridoo and offers good didge to
Anonymous from USA I found it user friendly and informative.
Sheldon from Australia Fantastic website with heaps of information
Simon Tannock from Australia I find this site easy to look at and the info given is informative when I'm browsing. The sound files give you confidence in what you may buy as well as ideas about things to try on the didj.
Stefano Brutti from Italy I like very much your company politics! You have a very big range of chooses from participants to veterans!
Stephan from USA Great website! I can't wait to explore it more.
Anonymous The BEST!!
Steve Bradshaw from United Kingdom Very good site easy to find your way around not long been playing so a site like this helps in any way possible
Steve from USA The one I always come back to. My business expenses (liability ins. malpractice ins. equipment lease supplies repair...) has kept my cash flow below what you are asking for didges that I think I would like. I had a friend play sound samples for me and most that I like are over $800.
Tamara from United Kingdom Very interesting.
Thomas Ryan from USA Well I found my way here first by searching for a good mouthpiece tutorial. I found yours to be the most professional and helpful. This website has a great amount of original content as well as the didge shop. So its a pretty great one-stop didge place.
Tony from USA By far the most thorough and comprehensive site! A great resource for learning about the didge and Aboriginal culture--and a source I will consider when it's time to invest in my next didge! I will certainly be visiting the web site frequently! I have it bookmarked!
Anonymous Very interesting
Anonymous I like a site that gives away free stuff
William from USA Your site is the first one I've clicked on. I'm doing research for vacation Bible school theme (Boomerang Express). I think you have a great site for shopping and instruction as well as educational.

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