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Visitors Comments made during the month of March 2006:

Online name


Adam from Australia

Easily the best didgeridoo site I've seen especially regarding quantity and quality of didgeridoos and information/history etc

Anonymous from USA

I enjoy this site more than any other one because of the layout easy access to info and the ease of the site. I am in the technology and entertainment business so its good to see a didj web site up to date.

Andre Ramos from Portugal

Didjshop.com is growing site on understanding beginning and Full-inner-sense of the Didj's Nature's own personal phenomena

Andy from United Kingdom

The Didjshop Is a very good if not the best Didj site very well put together easy to navigate / and the best thing about the site and the shop is that you run a very reliable service to any where in the world ( Fast Delivery on all Didjes )

Anthony from USA

Your didge recordings have always been high quality. Your site design and didge search filter system are great benchmarks for any search engine. I love receiving the newsletters. I will buy a didge from you someday when I have the money.

Anonymous from Australia

Much better than any of the other online didj shops I have come across.

Carlos from Costa Rica

The didjshop web site is the best site that I found in internet to know about the Didjes.

Christophe Michel from Switzerland

For me this is the best online shop for Didjeridoo in the world. Easy to use and professional.

Claudia from USA

Very informative especially for the newcomer. I feel confident that I found the right place to buy my didj. I love the fact that they come from Australia harvested by the Aborigines and they are hollowed by termites. The photos of the artwork fit the beautiful sounds made by these instruments. I get a sense of integrity from your web site.

Colin from Canada

Yes. I like I like. I did find however that I had to jump between different price points a lot. It would have been nice to be able to search all Didj based on Sound Quality only. I was looking for something in between $400 and $600 and had no real preference for painted or plain. It would have made it easier to compare....but like I said I think the site is very good. Professional honest informative and fun. Hell I wasn't going to buy a Didj until I started playing around on your site. Now I have a Concert Medium on it's way. I guess it did everything a web site should do. Well Done Colin [OUR COMMENT: you can do a search for sound quality only and even narrow it down to a certain price range - check out the search function]

Darren from United Kingdom

What can I say everyone I know that has purchased a didge from you guys is so pleased never heard a bad word yet. more info than any other didge site on the net very friendly and helpful and the guys on the forum are great.

Dave Te Sligte from Canada

I STILL love your dedication to the Aboriginal people not to mention the rating system and love the sound bytes for each didj. I'm not a serious didj player I mostly just scare my dog but I find didjshop fascinating. Keep up the good work! If I ever get serious about playing as far as I'm concerned didjshop is the ONLY place I'll buy!

Donald Cassel from USA

Very well done and informative. I felt confident in buying from this site.

Douglas Vroonen from Belgium

Your web site and your shop is like a gem you can look for a long time for what you need but quickly you realize that not many web sites and shops get the same quality of advises and information.

Edward King from United Kingdom

I found it a really informative web site web site It was full of information and it will help me to explain and tell people about the beauty and history of the Didgeridoo. It is lovely to look at and I would recommend that people who are interested in Didgeridoos visit and take their time going through the site.

Esteban from Argentina

Thank u for let us know this magician world. for bring us this nice vibration

Eyal from Israel

I think its an awesome website..if I find now that I can order mouthpieces also...perfect!

Fabian Damanet from Belgium

Clear graphics not flooded of information. nice photography sounds and descriptions. a great variety in the types of the instruments I think every one can find a good didge for him. forum community etc.. communication seem to be important for you. lot of people need it. in one word " GREAT" thank you Fabian

Florian from France

Very complete you are good people who precise well the importance of the aboriginal touch to don't be abused by cheap didgeridoos made by white people who write "aboriginal art"...That's a bad spirit which you fight against it's good thank's for everything and for them

Ian from Hong Kong

A very thorough didj resource. I have used it to connect with other didj players in my city. Thanks

James Cornelius from USA

I like the fact that you take the time and effort to educate people about didj's. I have looked at other sites and yours is by far the most professional - you are not focused totally upon selling a didj to a novice.

Jared from USA

I think its one of the best didgeridoo sites out there. I really like your section on how to make your own didge for under $10.

Jay from USA

Well laid out friendly informative and obviously dedicated to providing excellent didj's with care and consideration for often undervalued native artists and for the environment.

Jerry from USA

It is excellent. I was very pleased regarding the process of purchasing my didj through didjshop. also I look forward each month to receive the newsletter.

Jim from USA

A great place to learn a variety of information regarding the Didge and love the community forums

Joao Limberger from Brazil

Cool web site! Great internationalisation!

Jon Westwood from Australia

This is a great site that offers a wide variety of information for every level of didge player. It has a global feel and incorporates the whole of mankind under one roof.

Judy from USA

I am very impressed with your web site. I am also very happy with contact I have had with your staff. You make me feel like coming back:) Thank you!

Kaylene from Australia

Now I know its here I'll definitely be back. My husband wants a didj with a really deep base sound and so far we haven't found one deep enough in this area.

Koichiro from Japan

Every time I enjoy this site. It is very fun to see various type of didgeridoo.

Lloyd from USA

I found the Didjishop.com site to be far more informative than I originally thought.

Luke Jackson from China (pr)

This web site is probably the best didjeridoo web site on the internet.

Lynn from USA

You come across as genuine/authentic caring/concerned and I am impressed overall with your aesthetic sensibilities: environmentalism respect for the aborigines and making sure your products are true authentic works of art created by the indigenous peoples of Northern Australia.

Anonymous from India

It's nicely made with lot's of info. I love the meditation and healing section of it a lot.

Marcus Holm-Petersen from Germany

Beautiful! and its not difficult to find out that you guys really love your work...

Maria Herrera from USA

I love your web site! Love the greeting cards especially because they're unique!

Mario from Austria

Great Style very informative great Didjes:

Martin Eddi from Argentina

Very good site very clear and have a lot of things thanks very much

Matt Tanquary from USA

So far I have spent the most time here and have had the most interesting time browsing the site. Rich content! Gotta love it!

Nick from USA

It's great so see such a competently organized source for didgeridoos. I'm so glad to know a reliable ethical source for these instruments and I really appreciate all the sound clips

Nicolás Harambour from Argentina

I love it! Very insightful! It inspired myself to play more often.

Anonymous from Lithuania

Great site god shop and big respect for that you doing!

Anonymous from USA

Awesome.... just deciding on which one I want and I'll be placing an order!

Peggy Adams from USA

Love it

Renato from Brazil

Its wonderful and very informative

Riku from Finland

Very good and nice sites!

Ron Greenberg from USA

So far I love the site. I still have to explore it further and I am looking forward to checking out your products. My friends usually ask me which sites I like best and I will be sure to share this one with them.

Anonymous from Finland

The web site is clear and easy to use or as people have said it "user-friendly". Didgeridoos are easy to find because of brilliant search system didgeridoo types and dividing by price. There are also lots of information about Didjes: from unique items to the background information. I must also say this is quite addictive. Once I visited this site I have visited it every day.

Scott from Canada

This Site Seems very knowledgeable and has been very well planned. extremely simple to navigate and a great resource for players of any skill level

Scott from USA

Excellent content on this site. Great FAQs.

Shari from Canada

I can't wait to send a didjshop greeting card! I find the sounds so soothing and peaceful.



Sue from USA

Wow- I think I have just visited another world that I didn't even know existed! I will be back and looking at your didgeridoos.....

Teresa from Australia

Its a great web site. I was actually looking up bush tucker and came across this page. love the lay out the colours reading material a very interesting site anything to do with my culture I'm there

Thomas from USA

Perfect and getting better all the time.

Tiana Lee from New Zealand

It's nice to know that the aboriginal art work and musical instruments and being played and noticed all over the world as I am a maori I like seeing native art/instruments in other parts of the world.

Tony from USA

Great site! I come here fairly often. Lots of info for to make informed choices when buying. Unfortunately however my visits so far have been window shopping. Talk about dreamtime...!

Vicki from Australia

I love this site and will definitely be back to use some of the features.


Really good site. a lot of information. I keep it in my favourite.


I like it so far!

Adrienne from USA

It is a blessing and gift to me.


Easy navigation site. Good 'look and feel'

Alexander from Germany

Great site especially the sound-samples




Very interesting

Benjamin from France

It's now a big big web site completed! It's may be a bit to big... sometimes it's a bit confusing about the forum and this kind of staff. But it's still the best web site shop online! Keep on!

Bill from Canada

Great site easy to navigate and a competition to enter too what more could I ask for?


This is my first time but it seems to be the most complete site on the web. A great place to learn.

Brett from USA

Very helpful taught me a lot about didgeridoo's and about their heritage.Also very handy in helping you chose the right Didj for my self.

Bryan from USA

Nice site lots of information and good history lessons. Not just a retail site.

Candy from Canada

I enjoy your site and love to check out the beautiful instruments you have for sale waiting for that one to catch my eye!:)

Cat from USA

I'm glad to have a place to learn about a fabulous instrument.

Cheryl from Australia

Great..shows what didgeridoos that are available

Chris from USA

The site looks great functions well and is easy to navigate.

Anonymous from USA

Beautiful site.

Cory from USA

I am happy to learn more & have the opportunity to win one I can't afford instruments so I play pots and pans I would love a Didgeridoo. Thank you

Dan from USA

I'm just glad to have found it

Daniel Horne from USA

Looks Great! I am most impressed with the commitment to the Aboriginal artisans.


Good site - very encouraging and beautiful didges

Anonymous from Australia

Very nice site I like the fact that you have to go looking for the info and didges for sale makes it more of an informative site not just another site trying to sell as many didges as possible.

Doug Cole from USA

Wow Ariel's advice was on the money. I will purchase something from you after I make my own PVC Didj as per you instructions. I play trombone and am familiar with circular breathing.

Douglas Michon from USA

It is great! This is where I would buy my next didj.

Ed from USA

Enjoy navigating the site. wish you could explain better (more effective) playing techniques. [OUR COMMENT: for more playing techniques please check our forum]

Eduardo Filgueira from Argentina

Beautiful I put in the page some colors but its fine



Eric from USA

I think this site is just great! I just found it by google.


Very complete I like the news letter

Fabrizio Pellegrini from Italy

Perfect well organised user friendly and it's very easy to find out the right information without wasting time..could you advice me who designed it?? so it could make the same for me the site is fantastic. [OUR COMMENT: the design of this site was contributed to by at least six people]

Francesco from Switzerland

Beautiful site for didj people. I like to read new information about Didj world!

Fred Stevens from United Kingdom

Very informative quality products great to see how much importance and awareness is put on the aboriginal culture. It's not just about the didge!

Gaston from Canada

Very good web site

Anonymous from Australia

Interesting I'll visit again when have more time

Gorazd from Slovenia

Good work...keep it like it is


Very informative

Harald from Austria

I like the web site because there is a good structure so you find everything you're looking for quite fast. What I like best is the classification of the didges

Helge Egil Seime from Norway

I have yet to explore this site at it fullest but so far I'm satisfied.:-)

Ignacio from Spain


James from United Kingdom

Very good web site with plenty of useful info

James Galbraith from Canada

I found the site to be informative and very well laid out compared to the other didj resources out there. Great work! Also I was unable to rate more than my first consideration for didj buying....

Anonymous from Australia

Well thought out easy to use

Jan from USA


Joel from USA

I like the organization. But I need more information on the importance of some of the characteristics such as pressure (strong medium) and how that affects a beginning player and the sound; same with the wall thickness mouthpiece size length and bell size. [OUR COMMENT: most of that info is available for each didj, simply click the 'more info' button]

John Webster from USA

It's a handy useful web site

Jon from USA

Very impressive. It's easy to find what I am looking for. I like the organization and quality of the didjes (and other products)

Jos Vandenbroeck from Belgium

Many kind off didges nice prices good sounds.

Joshua Wolfson from USA

Excellent and informative web site Thank you.

Juha-pekka from Finland

Everything works nicely.

Julian from United Kingdom

Its just a really good site good information.

Justin from USA

It is good. It helps you learn about the didgeridoo. It also helps you make a selection when buying one too.


It is great to have a choice to view however my son is now interested in a concert version I hope one day he can afford one or if I am fortunate I will win him one. Thanks for your site.

Karl from Australia

I love the site! Very informative and I hope to buy a Didj real soon!

Keith Wallang from India

It'd be good if you could give some real practical & informative ways of making didges out of bamboo. I ask this as we live in bamboo country!

Kelli from Australia

I'm really impressed. My brother got a didj in england last year and I took a mini one home for my nephew last september so they could learn together. I've forwarded your site on to them.

Kerrie from Canada

Wonderfully informative easy to use welcoming!

Anonymous from Norway

Very good

Kristie from Australia

To be perfectly honest I haven't looked at the site much... I did notice and what came to my attention first were the many languages that were available for the site which I found great for an international -'all welcome' sense. What convinced me straight away about your products was the first line stating that your didgeridoos are 'genuine' I liked that- I like that they are genuine. I also had a look and noticed that you are environmentally aware which really intrigued me! that's GREAT- really nice and reinforced my idea of the didgeridoo and the kind of people that it attracts- people that respect the earth and nature! It is so nice to know and to be reminded that there are like minded people in the world trying to change the world for the better- THANKYOU!!;-) The picture of the didgeridoo up for winning looks beautiful! and that is also why I am here...wow- really nice didgeridoo!

Anonymous from USA

So far it has been interesting and very informative.

María Isabel from Argentina

Very nice page


Excellent site! My husband loves it! It is a great reference for those interested in the history of the Didj.


Cool site - very nice Didjes

Mark from United Kingdom

A very interesting web site with a lot of useful information that answers just about all questions you need to know when buying a didgeridoo

Mark Gelatt from USA

It has been very helpful and informative. I epically appreciate the emphasis on the spiritual aspect.

Mark Hickinbotham from USA

You have a lot of neat information and products and the site is attractive.

Martien Hovener from Netherlands

It was my first visit and I places the url under my favorites. My attention was immediately drawn to the competition


The is very informative. the information seems pretty reliable. it has all the info need for/about didgeridoos on one site.

Matt from USA

I like it. It would be interesting to list more info about individual makers.

Michael from USA

Interesting and informative.

Michael from USA

I found this site while looking for how to make a pvc didge. Lots of awesome looking instruments that sound just as good. This is definitely where I'll buy my first real didge.

Anonymous from Canada

Very well and complete

Michelle from USA

Very informative easy to shop easy to navigate

Mike from USA

Seems to be a well thought out easy to navigate web site

Mitchell from Australia

Great site. Haven't had a huge look around yet bit intend to.

Olivier Nguyen from Canada

Great. I like your letters too they are fascinating and pretty positive. I wrote this letter about Kuranda to your minister after you sent me the letter the other day. Positive behaviour is the key to cure our Earth I guess.

Patrick Kearns from Australia

Hope they are done by murris [OUR COMMENT: yes all of our didjes are made by Aboriginal people and so is all artwork]

Anonymous from USA



I find it easy

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Well presented site with lots of information for all viewers whether interested in the Didj or not.

Rhogan Aitken from Australia

I found the site interesting and informative

Ricardo Aste from Peru

Un sitio excelente en donde se puede aprender mucho sobre este arte y cultura del didgeridoo.


I haven't seen it all yet

Robert from United Kingdom

Looks pretty good. If I was considering buying a didge on line it would certainly be somewhere I'd look.


I have not understand my english is very bad

Ron from USA

Really neat and interesting

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Great site. I learned a ton of stuff I didn't know before. I really like the sound clips (although I wish they could be longer....)

Rosemary from New Zealand

I love this site I will definitely buy one.


I like the ability to see and hear the didj before you buy it. I also like being able to see the artists

Ryan from Australia

Its great easy to use

Samuel from USA

I am satisfied with the material available. As a young didgeridoo player your site offers information and links to everything I want and more. As I become more experienced and spend more time exploring the internet for didgeridoo material I will most assuredly offer more insightful feedback.

Anonymous from Chile

I think it's pretty well structured and friendly.


I like this site for information. about the didge

Sergueï Skrypnikov-Laviolle from France

I don't know what's feedbacks are but if u tell me about it I sure give u information u need! Ciao and like my brother says:"Play it again!"

Anonymous from Canada

I like the fact that you can see the didjes and hear their sound before purchase

Stéphane from France

The web site is very complete as everybody says. I think there should be more mp3 about the didges we can learn and it should be the same sequences in order to compare. thanks to you hope I'll come one day in Australia so far from home...

Stephen Barton from United Kingdom

The web site is extremely well laid out easy to use and to hear the didjes before you buy is fantastic. Great site.... keep it up!!

Stephen Malcolm from USA

Interesting and informative - I have only just started exploring and I wonder about links with the didgeridoo store in Sydney in the Rocks area [OUR COMMENT: we have no brick and mortar retail shops, only this virtual one]


I like the selection and information about the didj.

Steven from Belgium

Nice site couldn't be better

Sue Taylor from Australia


Tannia Angulo from Peru

Me encantaría ver videos de festivales del didge en la web. Tambien sesiones de meditacion en video.

Tara from New Zealand

I am still finding my way around - but there are so many valuable and interesting pages on here I think I will be looking for a very long time.

Terry Balde from Canada

Very good site

Thomas Macat from Germany

Very informative very good Didgeridoo and simply super

Tom Stone from United Kingdom

Very well organized and a good lay out.

Tommy from United Kingdom

Looks good to me the didge in the prize draw is mouth watering. Also looks like a good place to get some info on didgeridoos and aborigine culture as I don't know much at the moment


I really like how your shop is easy to understand and follow when making a didge purchase.


Nice colours sensible layout easy to navigate




I like it. It's easy to use.


Easy to navigate

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