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Visitors Comments made during the month of December 2003:

Online name



What an incredible web site, and a beautiful instrument!


Wow what beautiful work unbelievable

Amanda Hawes from United Kingdom

Really honest, helpful, and easy to find our way around. Good advice and instructional videos etc.


It's the best and most comprehensive

Andy Kranz from USA

I ordered my didjeridu from didjshop and am very happy with it and with the service.

Angela Green from USA

It's nice to have an alternative site to hear some didj music and read about other's experiences

Armando Ramos from Spain

I've bought my didj here, because your web site has much more information than other I've visited. Really I've bought it personally not in the web. Do you remember?

Barnaby Parsons from United Kingdom

Fantastic web site and Fantastic service. I've recommended it to a few friends. I placed an order on a Saturday morning and the didje arrived from Oz to Uk in only 10 days, quicker than the Royal Mail.

Anonymous from USA

Excellent sight! Lots of info and help when purchasing. Great selection.


It's a real awesome site that offers quality products.

Chodok Kittitornkul from Thailand

I always come here to look at the Didjeridoos and read some information about Didjeridoo because I don't really know a lot about Didjeridoo,and I think your web site is more different than the others and I think your didjeridoo look much more better than others as well. Thank you.


love it!!

Anonymous from USA

I have heard that the didj is a wonderful healing tool during surgical operations ....much like they sometimes say about using "classical music"
I recently heard some Tibet Monks say prayers and they used their voices to sound very much like a didji ...it was fascinating and spellbinding.

Anonymous from USA

Kewl Site!

Darren Lack from Australia

Very informative, particularly for a "newbie" such as myself. The didjeridoos are fairly priced and the description and pictures provided are great. I also found the "links" page very helpful in finding out more on the craft of making, playing and generally enjoying the didj.
10/10 for me

David Hoffman from USA

Very Cool Site !

Anonymous from USA

Its a wonderful site, with more info on Didjeridoos than anyone could ever need! 2 thumbs up!!!


The didjshop is a very well presented and easy to use web site. I love it.

Anonymous from Argentina

I like it very much. I think is the most complete in the web.

Douglas Vroonen from Belgium

Wonderful, helpful, professional

Anonymous from Spain

It's a very good reference point for the lovers of this marvelous musical instrument

Eric Boucher from Canada

This site is by far the most complete user friendly site I have ever came across. Thank you for sharing so much life with us out here, surfing to find the wave of your site.

Ewoud de Ruijter from Netherlands

It is a great site. Lots of information. Great pictures, very good prices and too many things to buy. (I can't make a choice)

Gordon White from USA

I have purchased 3 didjs through Didjshop, and both are of very high quality. The service and shipping were excellent. I most enjoy seeing and hearing the didjs online, which assist with me selections.

Grant Summers from Australia

I think your site is really good and have become a regular visitor

Anonymous from USA

Sure glad I found this site, learned some thing new and interesting


Awesome stuff

Irek Rychlewski from Poland

Best shop ever seen . I live in Poland and didj is not that popular like in other countries even European it's still sort of underground music . I hope that will change soon :) I'm planing to carve my own diji out of birch and oak. I've already got them cut down ( they were already down of course ) and just have to be patient for few months before I start with hollowing. If I only collect the right sum of money the Didjshop is the only place on earth to get diji from.

James Brennan from USA

Without a doubt it is the most informative as well as easy to manoeuvre web sites I have ever seen, with an ample amount of links to follow up on related subjects

Anonymous from USA

I think it's a very comprehensive site. I am quite enjoying all of the features

Jason Bennington from United Kingdom

Getting better and better all the time

Jeff Bright from USA

Best didjeridoo site I've seen

Jim Barrett from Sweden

Looks real good.....very high standard of instruments and genuine about the culture behind the instruments.For anyone who is serious about playing the Yidaki and understanding where it comes from this is a good site

Joachim Hentschke from Germany

Best didj site in the world

Joe McMackins from USA

Very excellent site with intuitive layout, love the search comparison feature and got speedy helpful responses from the staff, special thanks to Miss Davini Burrows for her help

Joe Romano from USA

I thought the didjshop web site was the most informative and user friendly didj web site I've ever been on. It really helped in selecting the didj that was right for me.


It's awesome~

John Gray from USA

Awesome site, I love the mp3 part. I will buy one and it will be from you.

John Kalii from USA

I am Hawaiian and am amazed by the aboriginals and their culture. their survival is inspiring to say the least, unlike my own whose history and culture has all but been completely erased through other people's greed and self profiting agendas. I would pray that your web site shares the same feelings as I, which is to enhance and promote the culture as well as sharing and educating the world about these beautiful instruments. thank you, john kalii

Jose Luis Martin Mas from Spain

The best meeting point for didjeridu lovers all around the world :)

Josef Roeck from Germany

This is an excellent web site! Congratulations.


It's really neat


I love it. Of all the didj sites this is the most in depth and very well done. What a selection and with sound chips as well.

Katsumi Kaneyuki from Australia

Your reputation for my question was quick & excellent. Thank you.


This is a great site. I just stumbled upon it doing a search and I love it!


Cool. Everything I need is here ... and even more !

Lee Dixon from Australia

Its a Wicked Site you Guys ROCK :)

Anonymous from Uruguay

It has the best selection of didge and also is very easy and well organized



Margaret (warri waru) Corrie from Australia

As a Wiradjuri woman (NSW Aboriginal) I appreciate it, I have recommended it to others also as it is an up to date (approximately) Aboriginal news site.
I am grateful to be given the opportunity to visit and and will do so more often, thank you.
As a wiradjuri woman I am forbidden to place the Didgeridoo to my lips, but my sons play it often as are their sons in the process of learning.

Anonymous from Argentina


Mark Spitzer from USA

Your site is very informative and displays a lot of effort and the fact that you really care about more then just the commerce. Hope to be a customer soon. Your prize is so marvelous that even though I am just a PVC beginner, I had to take a shot.
Very generous of you.


I'm hooked! I sent it to several friends

Maurizio Cardamone from Italy

Very good site, plenty of useful information and well organized. I like the pictures and precise description of the didgeridoo's.
The site is one of the best I have found also from a pure web-technical viewpoint.

Michael Brooks from USA

Best Didj and/or Aboriginal Information resource I have found, including print material!


Fantastic!!! :) just ordered my first didj here!

Paul Vriesacker from Belgium

Didjshop.com is THE web site for the didjeridoo lover because it is the most clear and complete web site about the didjeridoo.

Anonymous from Ireland

It is very good and gives you a great insight into the didjeridu.


It's very informative and concise. What I love most about it is the very human feel, even though virtual. Very few web sites give more than just the cost and maybe a pick of the product. Your site transcends this. What a beautiful job you've all done.

Anonymous from Canada

This is the best didg site found so far. I truly wish you all the best with this site. I will certainly invite friends to visit this site. I am not a wealthy person but I have been saving for a good didg now for a long time and plan to do business with you in the near future. Thank you and congratulations to the next winner.


It is awesome!

Rickey Delcambre from USA

I like the web site& find it easy to use.
I really like the grading & sound files of the concert quality instruments. I am particularly interested in the continuing focus on the healing & meditation aspects of the site & the didges


I've own a didge from the Didjshop...
pretty nice didge ! (med concert class)


Love it

Taynia Bennett from USA

This has been one of the most interesting sites I've stumbled upon in months. I love that there's so much information as well as the didjes themselves.

Tiffany Riley Crane from Greece

Your didge site is a welcome harbour to any surfer,its full of earthy love, very nourishing XX


Superb site, quoi ! Translated in several languages ... I appreciate the effort ! Lot's of information ... and I like the colours. Very aussie ;-)


I love the site!

W. Dance Farrell from USA

I love your site! There are so many didj shops out there, but you guys really show us what we are buying! Thanks!

Zoya Martin from USA

Absolutely fascinating and very accurate info


I like it


Trés iformatif et agréable à parcourir.


Great web site

Alyce Dupont from USA

Cool site

Anonymous from USA

I only just found your web site, but it looks to be a place I'll be visiting much more frequently!


This is very different

Anonymous from USA

It's definitely different!!

Amy Henry from USA

This is a very interesting site. DIdn't realize this could be so in depth. Thanks for a very informative site!

Anonymous from USA

Seems very interesting.hope I win,would love to get a chance to try it.


I found it very interesting.

Andrzej Kostaniak from Poland

Very nice page, especially photos of didge for sale. Not many pages have style like this. Very clear description of didges and examples of sound. Prices: rather to high for me :)




Very interesting

Anonymous from USA

Very interesting and lately after talking with some college students my interest is rising, so I keep returning to learn more.


Fine. Easy to find the appropriate didj. Vast subjects all round the didj.


This is so interesting, I'm glad I found out about this! Thanks!


you have no address if people wanted to know where your Didjshop are. [our comment: our address is online on 'About Us' page]


Great site sure would like to win

Annette Benz from Germany

Your web site is very informative and it is a pleasure to visit it.

Ariel Lizzi from USA

Well Organized and informative with a great selection

Ashika McInnes from Australia

Quite interesting, but I'd like to learn how to play a didj.

Anonymous from USA

Hi, we've never seen didjeridoos before. We're interested to learn more and will probably look around for more info.

Barbara Briggs from USA

This is one of the most interesting sites I have visited in a long time, and I certainly expect to return in the future.


I can't write long in english and that's the default of your site, there is no translation in french! What a pity! But I'm sure you'll change it very soon, whatever, I'll continue to visit it. Bye!


This is a first visit. I just saw an article about didj sound healing on another site. I am VERY interested in learning more about it.

Barry Hancock from USA

I love browsing your site occasionally. I enjoy the beautiful photos and sound samples. I also like reading biographical sketches of the artists.
I would like to mention that I was introduced to didjeridus by Martin and Scott, a husband-wife team from Arkansas, USA. He plays the didj and
she the flute. They were superb at the Plymouth, Michigan "Art In The Park" event, summer 1999. They sell CDs of their music, including recordings made while travelling in Australia, busking with Aussie didj players and other musicians. I play their CDs frequently. I can maintain about five or six minutes of circular breathing and I am practising to increase that.
Thank you for a splendid web site.


Reminds of my trip to Australia fro the Olympics in 2000


It is fine


This site is very nice on the eyes and easy to navigate. Absolutely love the Didj


Great site!

Ben Echols from USA

I am a little tired of the one song that ends in a blast.

Ben van Rijswijk from Netherlands

I find it a very complete site.

Anonymous from Austria

Pretty good one - rich in professional information - keep on breathing!!!


I like the site. Please include more history on the Didj.

Bill Bell from USA

Most unusual for an old southern country boy


Any web site that will give me a chance at a new didj has to be a good one.
OH some info on the 'sounds' used wile playing would help a new player.

Brian Laibl from USA

Looks interesting

Brian Machan from USA

Very interesting


It looks great!

Bridget Shirey from USA

This is too cool! I'm so excited to find your site! I love didjeridoos! I don't have one currently but always look at them wishing for one!


Cool site

Buddy Garrett from USA

It is very interesting

Caleen Haun from USA

This is cool! I just came back from my first trip to Australia and now can't get enough! I found your site from a friend's search online.

Canden picard from USA

I love the web site, Its very easily navigable(spelling ?)Lots of colorful didjes, I like the fork didjes.


It's very good.

Anonymous from USA

It was really excellent. I've found some didjeridoo classes here locally, but my piece is so big it's hard to take with me.

Carl Steinberg from USA

Very thorough

Carla Thompson from USA

It is something I had never heard of. Pretty interesting.


Very complete, and a lot of information!! nice!!

Carol Drury from USA

Interesting site

Carol Greene from USA

Really informative-easy to use


Interesting site..beautiful instruments.

Anonymous from USA

This is my first visit. I seems interesting.

Anonymous from USA

This is a very informative web site Thanks!


I love the sound this instrument makes and would like to learn more.

Anonymous from Ireland

It is just great


Very interesting stuff, I love the sound of the Didj and am interested in trying. There are some beautiful didjes available.


I love australian items-thanks for offering.

Anonymous from USA



Nice place to visit.

Anonymous from USA

You sure have a long survey with your sweepstakes entry. I better win!


This is a really neat site and I think this contest is great !


I learned a lot about Didjeridoos

Christie Baldwin from USA

Very nice site.

Christoph Berenotto from USA

Very informative and well structured


Good site!

Anonymous from USA

Looks interesting


very informative looking forward to a new learning experience and now I know what to look for in a didj.

Clara Wells from USA

It's all very intriguing.......as a Celt, it would be an interesting instrument to learn.


Lots of questions???

Anonymous from USA

Didjes are cool instruments, very neat sound, nice site, a lot more information than I've seen before on the Didj




great selection!

Anonymous from Italy

I'm really happy that your web site exists because you are the kind of person that I really would like to meet when I'm gonna be there, in Australia (I guess it's gonna be in two month from now because I don't wanna meet the bad season). The reason why I'm gonna come in your country it's because I really would like to begin an activity as your, here in Italy. This is because I found a hard time to get a Didjeridu here in Italy and especially here in Rome and I think that I'm a good person to do this kind of things: first because my mother came from Australia (Canberra) and I really love that country, second because I really love the aborigines people, the way how they treat and love life on this planet and third but not last reason it's because I don't want to open up a place like the place that you have for money reason but just to give the chance to the people that really wants to get to know aborigines well as I really want to do; and I can tell you that there are a lot of people here in Italy that really wants to do that.
I hope that my english it's not to bad and I hope that you can understand all I want to tell you.
Bye bye and thank you for all information that your web site gave to me to know where I want to go there in the downunder country.

Dale Petrie from USA

Never knew there was this much to know about didjeridus.

Dan Hilfiger from Switzerland

Very usefull infos, great links.

Anonymous from USA

Very Cool!!! While living in Boston we took part in several years of something called "World Music", with performing artists from cultures all over the world -- missed out on seeing any didjeridoos, and I remember wondering if anyone (promoters, etc) had been able to bring this sound to cultural venues... Good to see you on the Internet -- now I'll have to dig around and find something I can't resist!!

Daniel Bermudez from Costa Rica

It's a great idea that the information is available not only in english, but also in Spanish.. my native language.



Anonymous from Spain

It's very beautiful


Interesting, I will check this out again.


Great site, I've learned a lot.

Darlene Thomas from USA

Very interesting

Darran Buckley from United Kingdom

I've learnt quite a lot on my first visit. It's a starting point for my didj playing knowledge, there's so much I didn't know about buying and owning such a fantastic instrument. Many thanks.




Very unique

Anonymous from USA

I had never heard of this instrument...this is really interesting


Nice site!


It was a didj blast!


Fast loading and I had never heard of a didgeridu before today but it looks cool

Debra Hernandez from USA

Wonderful web site! I am a geography teacher and I stumbled upon your web site while I was doing research for my students.

Denise Reilly from USA

These are beautiful.

Diana Bierer from USA

Very interesting


Not bad


It's a good site


I saw many other sites. This side pleases me very well it gives much information. Very good !!!

Donald Heikkila from USA

Couple of tinnies and I think I could do it

donald senterfitt from USA

I just found the site and I think it's great.

Anonymous from USA

I have heard one before and find them fascinating. If I win I promise to send a pic of me learning how to play it.
Thank You for letting me enter
Donna Loper

Anonymous from Ireland

I loved it. it was so good


Great info and shopping site I will return

Edna Woodruff from USA

I like it. I've never seen a didji. But I have heard of a Didjirido. I always thought they where something made up. False. I like playing instruments. I play violin, oboe, and trumpet or coronet. I would like to learn how to play this one, also.


I don't know what to make of this...

Eileen Locke from USA

I have learned quite a bit in my short visit. Music and sound can be very healing.


It's new to me but very interesting.

Elia Burkhart from USA

I like it, informative and easy to navigate

Elise Moslander from USA

I heard about them in the summer of 2003 and absolutely fell in love with them and their sound. I have a friend who is in the process of making me one, he uses PVC pipe, and I can't wait to get it. Until I get one I love looking at them and listening to any MP3's available. Dijishop.com has really helped me do that! :) Its a great web site, full of information, and awesome pictures and sound!




the didjs are gorgeous

Ellen Lopes from USA

very interesting.........I learned some things

Fabian Lim from Singapore

Excellent site and in the promotion of this ethnic musical instrument!

Anonymous from France

-very complete
-good made
-the principle of running (with sounds and fotos)is very good


It's a great site, very informational but slightly difficult to navigate

Gabriela Palmieri from Argentina

it's my first time in this place, so, I can't say to much. but I promise after seeing very well, I send you a commentary.


very interesting. my brother in law has an instrument as such & so when I saw this web site it made me look further because of him.

Gaye McGill from USA

This is a great site and I'm glad I found it. My daughter collects musical instruments (as she can afford to) and she'll love seeing your products. Way cool! Thanks.


Wow! Must make more time to learn about didjshop

George Richard Casson from USA

Very unusual and interesting site to say the least & I'll be back. Thank you and please enter me in the contest.



Georgia Cruz from USA

I still have to check it out but I have seen movies about "dream time" and the Aboriginals and their Art is so beautiful. They are a beautiful people. I understand they knew secrets of the stars before modern technology could know it. That's amazing but I believe it.
I'll want to learn more. Thank you for offering this contest


Great site

Gladys Paradowski from USA

I am fascinated by the instruments. I had never heard of them. The one you are offering as a prize, is beautiful.


Since I've found the web site I have visited it daily and think is cool I am building myself up to buy a new didj but can't make my mind up which one to buy I am listening to the down loads but as I can't play properly I don't want to part with to much cash but will decide soon


This is a beautiful site!


Will be looking at it more later - very interested - have never even heard of a didj before.

Hank Lawrence from USA

I know very little about this, but I find it very interesting

Hazel Salazar from USA

It is interesting to me. I am interested in all things musical.

Anonymous from USA

I love the art painted on each didjeridu. So unique!

Anonymous from USA

Hello :) Now that I know your here...I'll visit more often!! LOL

Heather Simone from USA

Very nice web site The graphics where good and I love the picture of the didj. It makes me want to learn more about this.


When I visited your site, I was thinking of getting didj. I haven't been there so often since then. I cannot afford more didj.


This brought me a new awareness.

Anonymous from USA

The didgeridus are beautiful!


Not jet, but I will on my own PC.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Great site found goods I want very quick


Very nice

James Baker from USA

I liked it because I just like australia and most things about it.


Great site. Not much info to be found locally when you live in the United States like I do.

Anonymous from USA

It is a pretty cool site, it's nice that you have sound samples.

James Thomas from USA

Very nice site on didgeridoos.


sounds interesting

Jan Verbist from Belgium

As I am a complete novice on this I is hard to judge but I definitely would like to learn to play the didj. It is a dream for many years. This site gave me a lot of information just from the shelve. I plan to buy one in the coming months.

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