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Visitors Comments made during the month of March 2004:

Online name


Anonymous from USA

Great web site!!

Anonymous from USA

Your site is a great retail site, providing a wide range of priced instruments. But I also appreciate the other resources and information on the site, which makes it more like a community.

Benny Klein from Brazil

I love you didjshop! very serious work with conscience that the whole world really needs. go on with the good work!

Bill Steiner from USA

Excellent site,helpful staff and very nice products..very high quality!!

Brett Dackiewicz from Australia

I have tried other sites but yours is the most comprehensive site... excellent for beginners like me who are a little overwhelmed by the diff sorts and types avail...very good explaining...plus heaps more didjs too

Brett Lamarche from USA

It has changed my life, I've been practicing all the time, I've learned a lot about the didjeridu and the amazing healing properties of it's music.

Chris Spencer from United Kingdom

Great selection of didges, and items - great advice and generally all you need to know about the culture and instrument under one web site. superb!

Christopher Weber from USA

Great site!!! Looking forward to newsletters and all info I can get. Hope to purchase another great playing didge this summer.

Colleen Way from Canada

I think your web site is fantastic. Covers all aspects of the didge and also includes great stories about what is going on in your part of the world. No other site is as varied or interesting.

David Carmichael from USA

I am very pleased to see that you are concerned about fair trade principles and giving proper respect to Aboriginal culture and cultural property rights.

Dylan Martin from Canada

This site is THE web site to go to if your learning/buying the didgeridoo. I've received one from didjshop.com and it plays great!!!

Edmund Ong from Australia

This is a fantastic web site! I'll put this web site in my favourites folder and look into it regularly. I feel so happy that I'm part of the didj community now! I feel so special to be a Singaporean (Studying in the Gold Coast currently) learning how to blow the didj. Cheers!


I like didjshop.com because it is a very easy web site to find your way around. I think it is awesome that you can really find the exact didg you are looking for. All the didj categories are really helpful. It is a treat to see all of the high quality exquisite didgs you guys carry.


It is the best didj web site I have found. With a lot of details on all aspects of the didj (playing, repairing, choosing, culture...)


Fabulous, easy to work through and very user friendly.

Fokko Ebbens from Netherlands

I is getting better all the time! Pitty you guy's are so far away! ;-)

Gabriel De La Parra from Chile

Very cool site, very nice pictures, the instruments shown here have taken me to practice again (I left didjs for a while) and now I'm practicing circular breathing, thx for the site ^_^

Guillaume Ducarme from France

It's THE web page of didgeridoo


It was a great site. Glad a friend told me about it. I will be back and check it out.

Anonymous from Japan

Your web site is an absolute treasure trove for didj information and I like the growing aboriginal art sections. It is the only web site I keep coming back to regularly.


I never knew about the healing music about a didj and it awakened my awareness.

Jacques Lasselle from Canada

Just a great place to Buy or Visit

Jacques Richard from Canada

Very nice and practical! one of the very best I have seen! The biggest choice of quality didjs that I have fund yet!


One of the best web sites I have come across. I particularly enjoy the photos and recordings of the didjs. A very educational site that has been a great help to me as I have worked on technique.

Jamie Toms from USA

Didjshop.com is a wonderful site full of culture and pride for culture. The site is a honour to even look at.

Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from United Kingdom

Found the information given is excelent.out of all the sites I've visited this one has the best choice of everything. Added it straight to my favourite web sites

Jayme Allen from USA

I think the didjshop is great, I haven't had the pleasure to business yet, but have found priceless info here on playing, and also some on healing that was very beneficial.

Anonymous from France

There are two things that bring me back to the site: The simplicity of choosing and buying a new didj. You can see it, hear it and the people are so nice with professional advice to help you narrow down the right one for you. And 3 days later you get your didj! I live in France, they live in Australia and still they can make it happen which is not what you could say from most of the large online store. The second thing I specially love is the newsletter since I'm most of the time on the road, it gives me a break in my busy life. Well, I'll be a father in few months from now and I found with my little niece that didjs are good sounds to them especially when tey are doing their teeth...so the healing will go on :-)

Anonymous from USA

I like the web site a lot It gives a lot of feedback and doesn't seem to chase away beginners like me. I feel a lot of sites look down on you unless you are a pro. Also your prices are really good. I plan on buying a didj pretty soon.


The FAQ page was informative. It is a very professional and comprehensive site. You obviously love your didgeridoos.


I like the quality of the content. it's a very good resource.

John Masters from USA

I love your newsletter, both for the didj information, and feeling connection with a country halfway around the world from me.

Jonathan Mrowka from France

I think that a good and necessary site... A example in the didgeridoo's world... Thank you very much, Didjshop !!!

Julien Joubert from South Africa

The site has really gotten much better, I have not visited didjshop.com in a while, but it is really nice now, more stuff.

Kenneth Shapley from United Kingdom

You know I am not too good with all this surfing the web stuff but I've found your sight really easy to use , enjoyable its easy to hear all the sounds and you certainly stock some amazing looking didges and clearly respect the people and their culture. I will recommend your sight to all my students. Good going guys.

Kyle Hatanaka from USA

You guys have got it down. Peace.

Logan Marshall from Canada

Very extensive from what I have seen so far, no other web site really offers such indepth explanations, physics, how to, sales, and history.


Thanks for the web it's great, serious and fun.

Melissa Hunt from USA

I love your site! I do a lot of dreaming and window shopping while there. (smile) I really enjoy looking at everything and am hoping to soon be able to purchase a 'real' didj. Mine is made of bamboo and just doesn't sound the same.

Menno Den Hartog from Netherlands

The site is ,I think, the best in his way,worldwide. I love to look in to it, and dream to have a really good didge . Even I have a lot of didge s by myself I still dream of having a C Class didge to surprise myself and other people(I hope) ,when they listen to the sound of it.

Anonymous from USA

Very nice.


Lots of good information on the web site Feels very helpful and gives a sense of safety and confidence in purchasing even from overseas.

Anonymous from Australia

The site is a little slow to load initially but once its loaded it has good speed - not sure if this is typical of all connections but as I'm on broadband it could be an issue to modem users. In terms of the content, its excellent. I am particularly impressed with the extent to which you describe the physics of the didj and dispel some of the popular myths regarding keys, length etc. Most of all, I respect you attitude towards authenticity and acknowledgement of native craftsmanship. Well done.

Neil Dobson from United Kingdom

Love the site and the most helpful for me. I have started learning to play one of your instruments from a workmate on a shipwreck project I am involved in as a marine archaeologist. www.shipwreck.net. My friend brought out his instruments. He is very good and teaches. I started straight away and he said that I am a natural. I am hooked and want my own instrument.

Pamela Hansen from USA

Loved it

Patricia Denobile from USA

I find the Didjshop site to be very professional, attractive, very informative, interesting and fun!

Raul Cantin from Spain

It is the best didj page I have seen. I like hearing MY future didgeridoo, and it will have a great chat, I hope so

Raul Perez from USA

I am really impressed with the didjshop.com web site It gives great info about the didge as well as some of the most beautiful didges I've seen online. My friend and I were also really impressed with the quality of the didgeridoo he got from your site.

Anonymous from USA

Love It ! Best didji info source around.

Ricky Pryce from Australia

This place is fantastic, and importantly Authentic. It is something that its creators should be very proud of, Aboriginals and Australians alike should support the creation of this unique musical instrument. This site has inspired me to lean more about the didj and hopefully save up for a quality didj so I can learn to play.


It's the little things that count. For example, I submitted the wrong credit expiration date on a purchase-the staff called (they did not have to do that I considered it a courteous gesture), it was corrected and my order was on the way.

Rose Hannum from USA

It's a great web site. I will buy my next digi here.

Ross Field from Australia

It's the only site that I keep coming back to.


Your Web Site rocks the proverbial"Cazba" so to speak. You guys have really done a great job, and I love the sound previews. Keep up the good work!

Scott McMurry from USA

Amazingly comprehensive! tons of info, photos, explanations, and Sound! need to do my research on what didj will most serve my own resonance....


Very informative and very truthful. I was going to buy a didj then discovered your site and am considering ordering from you.

Thomas Gordon from USA

Its the best site I've come across yet.........

Tom Leurent from France

Great quality, great price, quickly at home, great test...

Toon Van Craeyevelt from Belgium

This is very detailed internet-site where buyers have a choice of a whole range of didgeridoos (+ the sound clips with every didg are a plus!!! ... and the extra information like weight, length, ... VERY NICE WORK!!!

Tracey Crosby from Australia

I love the way we are promoting our history through this great web site It's awesome!


Its spectacular I really enjoyed looking around

Vyara Vladimirova from Bulgaria

The site is very well organized. I especially like the colours that you have chosen (warm and earthly). It also makes good impression that the site although representing a shop does not look very commercial and gives links to other sites that deal with history,culture etc. I would really like to know that you treat the people who produce these fine didges and other artefacts with respect and that the whole process is environment friendly! With kind regards, Vyara

Warner Recabaren from USA

You have by far the best organized didj web site! I enjoy seeing you add new products.

Alex Martinez from Spain

I think that didjshop is one of the best url to buy a very good didj. I'm from Barcelona, Spain, and here, there are some very great players, and they are the only way to buy a good eucalyptus didj. A web like didjshop, help us to do a personal decision of our favourite didj. There are a lot of didj, and I think that is the didj who try you... Very good job, friends and sorry for my poor english. See you

Anonymous from USA

I don't like the colors but that's a personal problem

Anonymous from USA

It was very informative and helpful. They had very authentic one-of-a-kind didjeridus. The site offered many extras, for example, how to make your own didjeridu.

Anonymous from USA

I loves it good. especially letting us-we people hear the sounds of all the didges, that is way cool, and you guys deserve a sandwich.

Anonymous from Brazil

Its a nice site, well done and very helpful for a beginner like me...Thanx...

Barb Liptak from Canada

Interesting and unique.

Benoit Haroche from France

It's very good site. I find answers for my questions and easy to practise.

Benoit Roussel from France

I think that this web site is very complete. It's one of the best web site. I like the Didjshop.com web site because I dream when I watch the didjeridoos of this web site.


Some reference and shop ... good site

Blair Taylor from Australia

It is great

Bob Rudy from USA

I have found the Didjshop web site to be very informative. It seems to always be up to date, covers news and happenings of the didge world and appears to have some great didges. You are to be commended.

Bradley Keegan from USA

Very informative on the exact process of didje making.

Brian Hearn from Canada

It is a well laid out, very user friendly web site I enjoyed my visit there. Will be visiting there again.

Bruce Rich from USA

Great site, good rustic colors, very genuine and honest site with lots of information.

Anonymous from USA

Very nice web page. Professionally done. I like the lay out and all the features very much.

Carol Karajohn from USA

An interesting an informative site.

Catherine Pierowicz from USA

I'm anxious to visit the shop and see what it is all about!!

Anonymous from USA

I think it's a great resource for beginning, intermediate, and advanced players.

Chris Pereira from USA

I think this is an awesome web-site! Very informational to those who don't know about Didjes and great for those who know a lot about them. There is also and amazing selection of high quality Didjes for beginners through the most experienced. I love it!

Chris W from Australia

Where all the blackfella's see to many people cashing in on blackfella's culture it all oversea's web pages & links come there ya address listed or are you white skin group people cashing in no blackfella's?? Show pictures of craftsman it the spirit that in the didj when it crafted & played for you to make money off feed back is good to help get it write for our people.

Anonymous from Australia

I love it its a great way to find a culture and respect for that culture and ways.

Claire Bruyant from France

It is a very interesting , very complete web site. I am searching a didje and rightly I found information on your web site.

Anonymous from USA

Great site, lots of information.

Corrado Bove from Italy

Molto interessante mi interesserebbe capire in che modo vengono costruiti perche mi ci sto cimentando anche io...

Craig Fowler from Australia

I love this web site! I haven't played a Didj for so long and you're web site has inspired me to buy/win one so I can teach my whole family to play.


Very comprehensive and informative, very user-friendly

Dale Sicily from Australia

It is a very good and comprehensive site with lots of good information . . . . I have added it to my favourites list

David Acuff from USA


Anonymous from Australia

Easy to use

Anonymous from Canada



It's nice to see a web site devoted to traditional instruments.


It a good site

Diana Hopkins from USA

Great site for information; I'll come back.

Duarte Verissimo from Portugal

It's a excellent web site, I visited almost every day to keep informed about this extraordinary instrument...I'm from Portugal and its difficult to find information and appropriate shop about Didjeridu. It's a dream for me won this Didjes because I love this sound and comforts my soul. Greetings for Azores Islands in Portugal Keep the good work...


Nice clean look. very informative.

Eddie Arriola from USA

Really good layout. I especially love the categorization of didgeridoos by price, painting, playability, etc. To improve your site, maybe more historical information about didjs?

Edgar Erber from Chile

I don't now what a feedback is! bud the page is excellent.


I think it's the best page in internet where I could lear how to play the didj. Congratulations

Erin Opalek from USA

It's nice.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I really like the site. I like all the information and I love the sound files. I am sure I will return many times.


It is a good site


Great site, I will be back, that time for buying me one didj!

Fiorino Fiorini from Italy

Nice site, full of interested articles and full of nice didj

Anonymous from Spain

It's interesting and very good web site

Frank Patterson from Australia

It has a wealth of info. its great



Fredrik Arvidsson from Sweden

I really like that you can listen to the didges and that there are close-ups on the artwork. The chance to win a didge is also a good reason to visit your site! It's easy to find what you are looking for both prize and size... Good job, guys!

Fulvio Adorni from Italy

Is a very good site... the best !!!

George E. Walsh from USA

I've spent hours enjoying the sounds, trying to hear the one just right for me. No yet, but maybe later when I can play better, I'll figure it out.

Giacomo Albertini from Italy

Let me win the didgeridoo!!


Very nice site I think you do a very good job one thing that would be great if you added it to the site, is a collection of mp3 of some of the didjis playing a complete "song" in addition to the test sounds you have now. it would make the decision between. (I selected 4 didjs as the better choice to buy from the test mp3s, but the decision between them was very difficult, they where all key C and m or h concert, and it would be very helpful if I had the chance to hear them really play a tune. I 'd also love it, if someday I could find in your site some mp3 with drum beats to help me learn to play in a rhythm, I have no friend who can beat a drum decently you see... thanks and keep up the good work

Glenn Nowak from USA

I appreciate the audio tracks for all of the didgeridoos. In addition, I would like to learn more about the quality of a didgeridoo that makes it fall into the category of "healing" didj. The phenomenon seems very interesting, yet alludes me.

Guido Demeulenaere from Belgium

I'm happy to have find your web site There is a lot of very interesting information, also for a beginner.

Harold Chambers from USA

This is a really well done sight - I love that you can hear all the different keys and qualities of sounds before choosing a Didj. Blessings!


Good use of colour, informative.


I think it's cool that you offer this online to people


I think it rocks and I will probably buy some stuff.

Jacobo Salleh from Mexico

I love it absolutely amazing I live in mexico and I still can't believe that I received a didj from australia its a dream come true my son really loves Svargo he is a really awesome person

James Arrington from USA

Wonderful - now if you will only provide some audio tracks of each of the various CDs so that we can hear the sound. Your text is fine, but without the additional sounds, it is VERY difficult to make a choice.

Anonymous from USA

It's great!

Jeff Fullmer from USA

Didjshop, was the first didgeridoo web site I ever found. I was out looking for more information (I was going to buy one but didn't and still don't have any money) and I stumbled upon didjshop. Your web site answered all of my questions and I used your links to begin learning circular breathing, I'm still in the process of mastering it, but when I get enough money to buy a didj I want to have that much down.

Jeff Meyer from USA

Great selection, great pictures and info on the didges, love the sound clips to hear the different didjes

Jeff Phillips from USA

You are all doing a great job!

Jenny Hebert from USA

What a wild web site


This looks really cool. I hope I win!


I love the authentic instruments

Johan Thaens from Belgium

Best thinkable source of correct and useful information

Anonymous from USA

Very nice! I'm glad to get some information about didgi's.

Jon Page from USA

Very well put together web site, easy to navigate and appealing to the eye.

Jose Delgado from Peru

Well, I think you're doing an important work in sharing all of this information you give here about these original hollowed didgeridoos and all what refers to it ,what's more you really make me want to buy (if I could afford it)an original beautiful didj which I guess is the other purpose of this page and I am sure you're doing it very well,that's why I'm amazed to know that you price people with one of this beautiful didjs every month at a free cost!!!.I do meditation with these sacred instruments with some other guys none of us have these original did'js and when we play we fill this basic energy of what everything is made flowing trough us ,we wander what thinks more would you fill with this hollowed didj's and that's my feedback for your page, I mean could you please put more information about aboriginal concepts,ceremonies,legends,etc,I know they are sacred and some very secret,but could you give us some of these,thank you. [OUR COMMENT: We cannot give a didj away every month and do so only once a year; the monthly price is a shopping voucher]

Anonymous from Yugoslavia

Very nice!!!

Anonymous from USA

Great site... I will save in favorites. hope to go to the Didj Festival near Palm Springs this October!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very good resource for buying yidaki, and good idea to include sound previews of each one.


Neat site!

Anonymous from USA

Neat web site. I am interested in learning more about didjs and other Aussie stuff, because I have a family member who relocated to Australia.

Kevin Cooke from USA

Great source of info

Leo Dobbelaere from Belgium

Great site!


I was fascinated the first time I visited your page, because I was entering in this world and everything was new for me. I hope didgeridoo's world would continue surprising me so much time.


I begin to learn how to play the dideridoo, circular breathing reading your web page.And I read some information about other things like the aborigines, Australia,...

Martijn Van Den Aarssen from Netherlands

I like the site and hope to find more music samples

Anonymous from USA

Nice site, wish all where this nice

Anonymous from Australia

Well, I didn't get lost or trapped in, which is very good.

Anonymous from Australia

I had no idea this existed until a friend told me about it. I am fascinated and plan to return many times.

Anonymous from USA

I love it. I enjoy it a lot. Lots of information.

Michael Ivers from USA

I think it's great. The resources are incredible. For instance, I'm learning all about the physics of the didj right now. Thanks!

Anonymous from New Zealand

I am glad that I looked you up. My son is very interested in learning the Didj and I would also like to do so. I have a great love of breath assisted (Wind) instruments and have a mastery of three.

Anonymous from Portugal

Didjshop can't stop prey the message of the didgeridoo in the world! if every one play didgeridoo e think the peace in planet earth will finally exist ! so keep up the good work see you soon for another didj tone

Nick Gill from Australia

It is well set up to allow easy access to plenty of info on the didj. I'm impressed with the diversity of the site I'll be here looking heaps as I get to know my didj again. thanks

Nicolas Reese from France

Well-made, easy to find out what one wants, it is a very good site

P.J. Belic from USA

So far so good.


I really enjoy looking at your web site I am constantly adding to my collection of Aboriginal instruments and history.


It is good site...but I think that dids are much expensive...


I think it is a very interesting site and a great job from the webmasters. I can't speak english very well so I can't write much..

Anonymous from Germany

Für viele wäre sie besser in Deutsch

Peter Langer from USA

Where are the mp3 files?

Renee Borders from USA

It's a totally new instrument to me, I look forward to learning more from this web site:)


Enjoyed my first time here I'll be back thanks

Anonymous from Israel

Very good and professional site. I learned a lot and very glad to have discovered it.


This is a great web site lots of info

Rosiland White from USA

While I was registering for this item I went to the web sites

Anonymous from Australia

It is quiet good. I went to it as we are making movies and need some did music to put in the movie. I got more interested in the web site the more I looked at it. Well Done


This site is a great site for the australian cultural industry and is great for items..love it

Sarah Wentz from USA

Very interesting and easy to navigate. I'd love to know more about circular breathing.


I was very happy to find you.It is very useful at the beginning to find webs as yours,so I could learn many things about didgi.


I really love the graphic on the front. it makes the instrument look really interesting

Anonymous from Greece

Very nice site with lots of things and full of information about the world of Didj

Anonymous from Germany

This web site has a very clear arrangement and many information, so that you can learn some new thinks without a new didgeridoo book


The site is clear you can find all you need.more pages in french could be better for me.


Great site and sounds. Lots to offer.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I find it fascinating and interesting I will certainly be visiting again and would like to purchase a didge once I get the hang of circular breathing

Anonymous from USA

It is very interesting. I had never heard of a didjeridoo before today.

Thomas Myers from USA

Great setup. The strongest part of it, is the didj reviews.


Its a good web site and I would buy one if I had the money too


Very nice web site and products

Anonymous from Finland

Very good site!

Twenty Three from USA

Looks like a typical site to me.

Vincent Rouby from France

One more good site for aboriginal and their didgeridoo

Wesley Kraszewski from USA

Gave me useful advice on replacing my wax mouthpiece, which melted into the cloth back seat of a car, on a hot, sunny, Wisconsin day!!! This would be a good tip for your site -- never leave your digi in a hot place or in the sun, and especially don't let the wax touch fabric -- my wax is now a permanent part of my friend's car seatback!!! I think I'll order the video on how to play. I can't circular breath, and I'm not sure if it's because my digi is low-quality. I'm going to re-form my mouthpiece and see what happens. I can get good sound, though, just can't sustain. Thanks and bye!

William O'connell from USA

I enjoy the quality of this web site. Especially like the Aboriginal / Historical information. Also the Art work.


Nice web site It would be nice to get a didj and learn to play.


Great site, interesting cultural experience

Zach Davis from USA

It's nice.

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