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Visitors Comments made during the month of December 2010:

Online name


Alan from United Kingdom Very good easy to get around loads up very quickly and never had a problem with connecting to it
Andrew from USA Excellent
Barney from USA Have always found your website a delight to visit. Informative and interesting.
Bill White from USA This is one of the coolest and informative instrument websites I have ever seen****
Anonymous from USA Excellent
Anonymous Excellent resource
Byron from USA Your rating system of didgeridoos and sound of each is great.
Carol from USA Wonderful information on how to breathe. Your newsletter provides reliable information. Thank you.
Christopher from USA It is well written out is very easy to navigate and is a blast to go to
Christopher from United Kingdom Excellent.
Christopher from USA The best didjeridoo related site that I have seen.
Connie from USA I like how honest you seem to be when describing what to look for when purchasing a didj. Makes me want to buy from you b/c you just want me to make an educated choice whether I buy from you or not. I like that.
Dan Lombardo from USA Love how this website focuses on so much more than just the beautiful didjes. Covers all aspects of aboriginal culture and truly shows the passion for the subject matter. I frequent the website often just to learn a little bit more or stare at the Didjes I wish I could play.
Daniel Johnson from USA The first and only source I'd trust for my didj shopping.
Daniel Niles from United Arab Emirates It's a fantastic website thorough interesting unique.
David from United Kingdom The web site is the best site for didge related information that there is. It's easy to navigate and the pricing is clear and configurable for the different international currencies.
Anonymous from USA There is allot of work that goes into this website. Not only is it informative it is visually pleasing. It makes you want to click on the different categories. To sum it up - you got the WOW factor going on
Anonymous It is very informative and one of very few didge websites that do more than sell didges.
Derek from Canada Your website is transparent which is very relieving. I would like to purchase a didge as soon as financially viable
Anonymous from Kazakhstan Your site is comprehensive and I was able to learn most of the basic stuff about didjes. Because your site is so comprehensive it is trustworthy and I know that what you sell is genuine. Thank you.
Dustin from USA It is very user friendly and has great authentic Didjes.
Ed Olson from USA I think didjshop is one of the most valuable resources/tools for those who play the didj and for those who are interested in learning more about aborigines and their culture.
Eric from Canada I think this is the best didj resource on the web.
Fred Ashplant from USA I have visited several websites dealing with the didgeridoo but none comes close to comparing with the quality and excellence of your site.
Graham Monteith from USA You have THE BEST didgeridoo website. I love it!
Hans from Netherlands Very nice website! Compared to others very educating.
Hugo from United Kingdom The best didj site by far
Anonymous A++
James from USA Some awesome didj's for sale and quite informative!
Jason from Canada Great website and great company.
Jeremy from USA I love your website. I am always interested to get on and see what new didjes are for sale or what the news articles are talking about. your website is a great tool for didgeridooers everywhere!
Anonymous I like the focus and completeness.
Joe from USA Still nice and smart
Johan Pot from Netherlands Wouldn't miss it for the world.
Jorge Alberto from Mexico Its simply incredible its fascinating. I love it.
Julio Peña from Paraguay Is perfect. Because it give me all the information and knowledge I need with quality.
Katarina from Serbia The best
Kathleen Byham from USA You have a unique website that promotes the use of unique and beautiful instruments. It's easy to navigate and find information regarding this beautiful instrument.
Kyle from USA Friendly and well constructed. Really appreciate the tutorial nature of the writing
Anonymous from Canada First website I have found that I would consider ordering a didj of the internet from.
Luis from Portugal It is really very good. it offers a great variety of info about the didgeridoo and aboriginal people as well as the opportunity to be involved in that world
Manuel from China (pr) It is an interesting website for expanding the aboriginal' culture and didj knowledge and gives people the opportunity to start learning and playing didj for an affordable price.
Mateus Zica from Brazil The site is easy to navigate. Very informative and have many great Didjes
Mike from United Kingdom Very useful in keeping up to date with aboriginal issues. Excellent shop front with amazing Didjes for sale. Great way of promoting production and sale of genuine Didjes and possibly helping politicians understand more about needs of aboriginal people.
Nicholas Pottle from United Kingdom Brilliant so informative
Anonymous from USA It has some awesome didjes I almost bought one but it sold before I could get the money saved up it get it
Omar L. De La Tejera from Mexico So far the best web site I know
Paleki Phaphapeuneua from Canada Your web page is one of the most comprehensive that I have found to date covering both didj information and aboriginal affairs. Being from Canada I find this an invaluable resource to find relevant information all in one spot.
Patricia from USA Awesome
Patrick from Australia I LOVE it missed the Newsletter a lot this year but I visit the website as I have it in "my favourites"
Patrick from USA I really enjoy your website I think its very useful and interesting and I haven't seen another didjeridoo website like it. I've only just discovered it but I'm definitely going to check it out some more.
Pedro from Spain A myriad of information. It manages to offer quality Didjes quality information and at the same time raise awareness about the aboriginal culture and the need to protect and preserve it.
Petri from Finland The best didgeridoo site there is!
Rob from USA What a great website! Sometimes sites have good information OR are organized well; the didjshop site has more in-depth didge information than any other site I've seen and it's accessible and clearly laid out. The forum is a useful place as well.
Roberto Mojica from Puerto Rico Best online shop on the web
Ruben Dewulf from Belgium It's very good website in the meaning it's good organised you fined lof of things back around aboriginal didjerido stuff. It's better than some years ago. More up to date up to the time where living at.
Anonymous I think you guys do a great job of spreading awareness about the instrument and raise consciousness about the aboriginal culture. It seems you have a genuine interest in it's preservation.
Safaa from USA It is the very best I have ever seen on the web and I love the descriptions the quality and beauty of them and I show it to all my friends.
Sergio from Colombia Really cool.. many Didjes good explanations everything is just fine
Steffen from Germany They are the best!
Susan from USA It's beautiful and informative. I was drawn here by Googleing "didgeridoo" because I am looking for some CDs. I like your Greeting cards and sent one.
Anonymous from USA It seems to be one of the best sources of traditional instruments. Musically there are an incredible number of people making wonderful didjeridus but it's important to have a trusted resource for the original instrument
Anonymous from Australia Totally awesome
Anonymous from USA Always enjoy getting the newsletter
Timothy Gatehouse from Us Minor Outlying Islands I am pleased to see someone purveying the work of the aboriginals to the world. I see it as a way to not only provide the instrument makers with income but as a way to allow players an opportunity to own a genuine hand-made instrument. I feel this is a worthy effort.
Todd from Australia Best site I know of.
Tony Kubiak from USA I like your website a great deal--nbice combo of information products and cultural news about Aboriginal issues.
Anonymous Beautiful colours great information and pictures on each didj as well as resources for the interested amateur player.
Anonymous from Canada The best of the kind.. I still haven't gathered enough money for a good didj but I've been convinced for a long time that this is the good place do buy it!
Anonymous from USA It's great! So many great looking didjs
Adam Perrett from Australia Great website. Full of awesome info. Like the newsletters. Would be hard for me to buy a didge. Too much of a personal relationship with a didge to order online and hope for the best. I believe one needs to speak to the player.
Al Hepworth from Finland Educational and traditional
Anonymous Na
Alexander from USA It is easy on the eyes and easy to navigate.
Allan Klausen from Denmark Very nice layout and very authentic
Anonymous from USA Thanks for having a great drawing!
Anonymous It is simple and I like simple.. unlike other websites that have way to many distractions..
Audrey Wong from USA It is very informative and the display of didgeridoo is impressive.
Barry Williams from USA I enjoy browsing at the different Didjes that are on your website
Anonymous from Netherlands I like your website as it is easy to navigate. A great way of being able to select the didge you want through the sound files you provide.
Anonymous from USA Great
Bernard from USA Very attractive and user friendly
Bill Lockett from USA Very nice. Great selection
Brenda Rodriguez from USA Appreciate all of the information and mostly check on prices and styles to see what is available.
Brian from Canada Well designed with plenty of info.
Brian Pflanz from USA Interesting
Brooke from Australia It seems great.
Cam Maclean from Canada Very well designed love the sound portion help me decide on the didj I wanted
Cameron from USA Very helpful for new players but it could look more professional.
Anonymous from Canada I only receive your e-mail...it's content is comprehensive
Anonymous from USA It is fascinating
Anonymous from USA No comments at this time
Charles Yount from USA Weird
Cheryl from Australia This is my first visit I will be back for more knowledge
Anonymous Very nice makes me want one
Anonymous from USA I find your website informative and easy to navigate.
Cindy from USA Well organized site with lots of information.
Cliff from USA Very informative but still trying to learn how to search it and find what I'm looking for.
Clint Beedy from USA I really like the setup and how easy it is to navigate. I am seriously impressed by the amount of unique didges you sell.
Col from Australia It is very detailed and informative...sometimes it seems it is too detailed as I get overwhelms with the amount provided.
Craig Coussins from United Kingdom Very helpful colourful and most of all interesting
Crystal from USA The website is VERY informative - I am looking forward to spending much more time on the site to learn so much more about the didj
Anonymous GREAT SITE.
Anonymous I always enjoy coming to this website and looking and listening to the different didj's
Anonymous from Canada Easy to navigate
Daniel from Germany Great!
Dave from Australia Easy to navigate and helpfully tips
Anonymous I really like reading about what is really going on in Australia and how the people are really being treated I like seeing the pictures you show.
David from United Kingdom Well constructed easy to navigate
David from United Kingdom So many to chose from so little money:(
Des Holmes from United Kingdom Excellent all about didges and you can purchase if you want to!
Anonymous Fascinating...
Doug from USA OK
Douglas from USA Very informative!
Ed Huntley from USA Interesting and educational
Eddy from Australia Very good well drafted.
Eduardo from Ecuador Is quite interesting and provides very helpful information to people new in the topic of didj and aboriginal themes.
Eric from USA Easy to navigate
Eric Westman from USA Have not been there yet
Erica from USA The site seems well-organized. I'm still learning about what to look for in a good instrument so it's helpful that each are evaluated and ratings are listed.
Anonymous This is my first time and still reading
Ewoud from Netherlands Antilles A great website with a lot of interesting information and beautiful didjes.
Fred from Netherlands Love to take a look and read some interesting news.
Anonymous from Brazil Your website is really straight forward. I like that. The photos and sounds of didjs in the site are very important too because it will determine if I'll buy or not a didj considering its a online shop. The only downside I found is that some didjs dont have a sound file with their sound.
Galen Wood from USA It's simple
Gary Siegle from USA Lots to explore. Looks helpful so far... Will have to get back to you on this one...
Glen Bzdel from Canada Very informative
Gonzalo Gregori from China (pr) I love it but was a little bit disappointed to see that the mp3's are not available on-line anymore. Looking for the right didj it was a perfect feature that is not an option anymore as I cannot call to the hotline from China... [OUR COMMENT: sound files are now available again]
Greg from USA The web sight is very insightful of the world of didgeridoo as well as keeping a few Aboriginal culture customs. I think it is awesome that the sight wants to preserve that heritage that has been with us for so long.
Guido Cifali from Australia Most versatile and user-friendly. You're doing great!
Harry from USA Love it
Helen from Ireland I have not visited it much recently but have previously found it very informative and easy to navigate.
Howard Williamson from USA I find new information every visit. I wish I could afford a better didj.
Anonymous Very informative
Ian from Canada Great site to gain more personal information and insights about the didj
Isabelle from France It's a little bit hard to read in english (not a mother tongue for me). I really like your burned didjes.
Israel from Spain I found it in the internet because I wanted to buy an eucalyptus didge but finally a friend travelled to Australia and bought one for me. I told him all the characteristics it should have thanks to this page I was looking in the shop section for several days hearing them to learn which note I liked most. And that's is what I like more in your web
J from Australia I quite enjoy your sites informal and relaxed way of communication.
Anonymous I like it simple so I can find exactly what I'm looking for quickly.
Anonymous I like it
James Miller from USA Lovely instruments. Too bad shipping is more than a basic didge.
Jeff from USA It's great I like it
Jeff from USA Good
Jenelle from USA I've never been here before but there seems to be a wide variety of instruments.
Anonymous I like it a lot. Spent some time in WA and reminds me of thee there
Jeshurun from USA It's very well put together and easy to navigate. Welcoming.
Anonymous Lots of info
Joan from USA It is nice. My son showed it to me.
Anonymous No comment new to website
Anonymous Love the site; great looking didges and well documented
John from USA Very interesting. Pictures of didjes are interesting to view and wish for.
Josh Snyder from USA Have just discovered it
Judith from USA Was impressed and felt it had a lot of knowledge so that I could learn and understand about this unique instrument that I want to become familiar with in my life
Justin Castillo from USA Amusing
Karl from USA It seems nice It appears there are many resources to learn about aboriginal culture and the many uses and effects of playing the didgeridoo
Kevin D Babiuk from USA It is very easy to navigate. I have no trouble finding what I am looking for.
Anonymous I like the format. Simple use is very important
Kim from USA Love the look of these instruments.
Laura from USA Very informative
Levi from USA I like the layout it doesn't waste any space and it also holds true to the Australian color themes.
Anonymous Nice
Lourenco from Brazil Just wonderful! I just discovered it and I spend eno
Anonymous from Argentina Excellent! easy to use and to explore the website very interesting information.
Marc from USA It's very interesting and informative as "pleasure reading."
Anonymous My first time it seems most informative
Mario Bortoli from Italy Very functional and well organized
Mark Galvin from USA Sometimes hard to find a specific subject I am looking for - no worries because I am slightly dyslexic.
Mark Leipfert from USA I like the setup. It is easy to navigate and find what I am looking for.
Mark from USA Little hard to navigate but very informative
Matias from Argentina *-*
Anonymous Beautiful didjs on offer with excellent layout.
Maximiliano from Argentina Has a complete information but has too much links and menus
Michael from USA It is very nice.
Anonymous from USA Its easy to navigate
Mike from Netherlands It is a real complete site about the didgeridoo. It looks great too.
Mike from USA I haven't visited the forum and see that I need to do so. As to the site I enjoy looking (listing) at the didjs and listening to the examples
Mike from USA Very complete
Nathaniel Curtis from USA Informative but poorly laid out.
Neil from Australia I love it it's full of great information. I love checking out all of your Didjes.
Neil Gee from USA I plan on buying from you guys when I finish graduate school. It is my present to myself for completing my degree.
Patrick from USA I like seeing and hearing the many varieties.
Peter Kraan from South Africa Great
Anonymous from United Kingdom Very informative I have used it a lot.
Piergiorgio Fiorucci from Italy Fantastic but needs more mp3...sounds is all
Anonymous from Australia I have not been there for some time.
Richard from USA I like your website. I hope to buy a decent didj someday and surprise my friends by playing in our jams with the didj.
Richard from United Kingdom This is the first time I've come across your site and I like it thanks. You have some incredible looking instruments too!
Anonymous Thank you so much!
Anonymous Thanks
Robbie Orth from USA Very well put together the pictures and sounds are very helpful
Anonymous Cool
Rod from USA It seems well set up someone knowledgeable put it together.
Anonymous from USA Lots of information
Rose from USA Very informative and well done. Keep up the good work!
Rual from USA I like it
Sam from United Kingdom Its pretty good but looks a bit messy
Shawn from USA It is nice.
Stefan from USA I like it. stumbled upon while researching indigenous australians
Anonymous from Germany I like it but still have to see all of it
Steve from USA Very well done and informative
Stewart from USA I visit often. didjes are like drugs I'm always looking for my next fix.
Anonymous Interesting
Telfair Leimbach from USA I've checked out the didjs for sale and enjoyed the artistry of their designs.
Tex from USA Great website - easy to navigate
Thomas from USA So far looks great and very informative
Thomas from Germany Good - and the idea with the mp3-files is just great
Anonymous I like the layout and the images of the didges.
Anonymous I've found many great links reading in the Forums. Never posted there tho.
Tom from United Kingdom I love the simple attractive layout. A great source of info for a didj nut like myself or a curious beginner.
Tony Miller from USA I like it a lot. Sadly what I want I cannot afford. Shipping seems to cost more than the magnificent didj instruments that are shown. I also like reading up on what's current in your neck of the woods.
Vance Blow from USA Awesome ... shopping or browsing is a breeze except if you live in usa.
Anonymous It would be nice to hear more of the different didjes
Anonymous I find it easy to move around on but a bit difficult to isolate specific information.
Wilder Betancourth from Colombia Very interesting and beautiful
Yves from Canada I find very informative

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