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Visitors Comments made during the month of May 2013:

Online name Feedback
Anonymous Just new to it...will check it out when I am done with this.
Anders from Denmark Great site with lots of useful info.
Andrew from USA Lots of good information and resources.
Andy Maloney from New Zealand I enjoy checking it out occasionally.
Anonymous Very easy to use
Bernie Nicol from United Kingdom I was given the link from a very good friend of mine in Australia and found it very helpful.
Carl Binneman from South Africa Pleasant colour scheme and very informative.
Anonymous It was one of the first places I found about didj only wish I could get one! Learning about them I would only get one from here!
Damian from Australia Interested to learn more
Anonymous It is very interesting and useful.
Anonymous Cool and the best didn't find something better on Google
Anonymous from Italy Cool!
Frank from USA To many questions
Anonymous Very user friendly
Anonymous from United Kingdom I like the way the detail is made on how they are made and the fact that each is identified as individual I like the quality assurance and the way you honestly rate the sound of each didge. It is why I bought from you.
Gustavo Henrique Miranda from Brazil The site is amazing really helpful for people interested in didjes
Harold from USA Very thorough & informative - especially like the examples of specific sounds produced by different didges
Anonymous from USA I like that it is a site for a community of players rather than just trying to sell a product.
Jake from Australia Nice to find a proper aboriginal website selling didgeridoos
Anonymous I found it very informative
Janice from Canada Looks very interesting
Jason from Australia Took a while to find the shop needs a big SHOP button on every page.
Jeffrey Moss from USA Very interesting.
Anonymous Fantastic! So user friendly.
Jerry Novelli from USA Excellent-easy to navigate
Anonymous Good
Anonymous from Australia Basic but all you need is there
Anonymous Great
Jimmy Paul Silva from USA Very specific and helpful.
Anonymous Enjoy great selection of didjes
Juhani from Finland Your website is a fount of knowledge for anyone interested in didgeridoos and aboriginal culture and an important resource for anyone who wishes to start playing the didj.
Karolina from Australia I have not been there yet but I will
Kristin from USA Awesome and unique
Anonymous from Australia A good site loads of helpful info. Came here trying to learn about Aboriginal instruments so I could help my little bro with an assignment and was amazed about the amount of detail.
Marcelo Votre from Brazil Loads os interesting info about the culture sorrunding this amazing mistical instrument
Marcio Pereira from Brazil Very easy friendly...
Max Levy from United Kingdom It's pretty good if I can think of anything to improve it ill let you guys know
Anonymous Your website was very helpful. I never knew that so much love and effort went into the making of a didge. Thank you!
Michael from Germany A lot of very good information about didgeridoo and aboriginal culture - I like it!
Neil from India Easy to search for information and very traditional colours though needs more.
Paul Chapelle from Canada Fantastic information love the helpful information. Has captured my imagination. I think about making didges. I wish to become a much better player before attempting making didges with local Canadian wood varieties.
Peter Mccourt from Norway Effective and no-nonsense.
Roxy from USA Very knowledgeable and beautiful didjes. I feel comfortable making a purchase from your website knowing that I'll be in good hands.
Samuel from Australia It has a lot of info on the Australian culture
Anonymous Its easy to understand and contains a lot of information about didgeridoos and some stories
Anonymous from USA I like the depth and comprehensiveness.
Anonymous Very informative
Anonymous It is very colourful and informative:)
Anonymous It's cool to bad the low price didges have so less mp3 files
Anonymous Very good
Travis from USA Very insightful and educational.

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