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Visitors Comments made during the month of June 2010:

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Aaron Lewis from USA Looks like the best one I've been to so far I read most everything on the site and you guys seem legit the 100$ shipping though is what stopped me from buying a didj yesterday though...
Adam from Australia So much information. I'm learning so much about many things. I highly recommend it to anyone.
Anonymous I love the website one suggestion it would be great to be able to sort your didjes via backpressure I know we can sort them via sound quality and backpressure is one of the criteria (I think) Though for the many learners out there backpressure is a BIG ONE for me personally it would have helped me find the right didj:)
Anonymous from USA Pretty good. I really like hoe you can sample some of the didges. I think you should sample more of them. Also I wish the forum were a bit more lively and up to date. But overall very good!
Anonymous Its simple and functional and has some really interesting stuff.
Anonymous N/A
Ariella Trotti from Italy Well done exhaustive by the aboriginal side
Audrey from USA I have always enjoyed your letters posted in Didjshop.com and have even shared them with friends. It is an interest I have developed after visiting Australia.
Bart Boogaard from Netherlands Great!!!
Betsy Sauther from USA I like it very much because you provide sounds and good details.
Bill Hollingworth from Australia Absolutely marvelous and this opinion seems to be shared worldwide.
Bob from USA Very comprehensive with all things didge related. A great resource to anyone interested or in the need for a didge.
Brent Shifley from USA Lots of detailed information here. I highly enjoy your site
Brian James from United Kingdom The site is user friendly and full of information you can enjoy browsing or learn techniques from the vast knowledge in the forum
Anonymous Seems easily navigable and very informative
Célio Melek from Brazil Este site é otimo assim se conhece outras culturas e o mundo dos didjs
Crid Jack from France Very good job to the creators of this gathering of information about such a wonderful instrument and its culture developed by the Aboriginal people. Also to all the people who give great information on the forums some questions that I thought could not be answered are spoken of! Thank you.
Anonymous Excellent and I like the aboriginal updates
Dana from Canada Fabulous!
Anonymous from Canada I just got here 15 minutes ago but it seems very informative and I am going to bookmark it as a place to come back and learn more about the didj
David from Australia It is the best I have come across by far
David from USA Great!
Deborah from USA Great
Diamantina from USA Your website is very informative and interesting. I have yet to visit all of the information you have on your site and am looking forward to taking more time to check everything out. It's fascinating--so many things I'm not aware of!
Dianna from USA This site has it all. If anyone is even slightly curious about the didj I would tell them to look here. Awesome.
Dionisio from Spain Very very very care. Professional. easy.
Anonymous Very informative
Anonymous Good website a bit slow sometimes
Drew from Canada Awesome and well done!
Eddie from USA From what I have seen so far it is fantastic- filled with excellent info to help select the right didj also some good but very basic cultural information. of the few sites I have seen- that is 5 sites I give this one top billing you have done an excellent job to anyone interested from the novice to the professional. The personal touch shows that you have spent some time really" thinking this site out and are I believe truly connected to what you are trying to accomplish. for me you have succeeded.
Erik Putnam from USA It is too tempting to look at... I am a broke American and can not currently afford to purchase:(
Anonymous from United Kingdom I'm amazed by the time it must take to source test record etc every Didgeridoo. There can't be any other retailer giving as much detail on your prospective purchase. There also can't be many retailers that are so concerned with the issues relating to their product and not just the money.
Gabriel Flores from USA One word... fascinating. I have learned a lot of what I know about the didj by reading things on this website and then that sparked my interest to find out even more information about the instrument.
Gabriel Florez from USA Brilliant. Although I haven't bought a didj from here yet my friends have and they are definitely the best quality and best priced didjes on the market. I got mine from an Aboriginal friend in Australia and can only compare Didjshop Didjes to the one he had made for me. Great service well educated people tons of information Great site!
Garry from Australia It has grown over the years into a very informative and enjoyable website.
Gary from USA Presents facts NOT sell-pitch
George from Cyprus Sorry not sure what to say:)
Graham from New Zealand VERY Informative on the instruments happenings and the indigenous issues!!!!!! Love it.
Gregg Nardozza from USA As I have stated many times before your website contains a wealth of information is easy to navigate and contains the best authentic didjeridu collection for sale anywhere.
Anonymous from Germany Excellent structure meaningful descriptions / sound examples
Anonymous It's a good site just one remark: the language I use (Dutch) is sometimes automatically changing to English
Harry from Australia It looks pretty good and have commented back to you by writing before to you
Anonymous from Netherlands Its a little bit too complex.
Jack from Antarctica I think you have a great website. Musically it'd very informative and you offer some amazing instruments for purchase but you also highlight Aboriginal culture and current happenings / issues / etc.
Anonymous from South Africa I love the fact that everything is so well put together it is well organized and gave me better insight in the effort that goes into making a didgeridoo
Anonymous I love your website. It is very informative. All the information is easy to navigate.
James from Canada I find this website to be quite interesting and useful; I used it to find out how to make a new mouthpiece for my didgeridoo.
James from USA Very informative easy to browse and easy read
Anonymous from USA It's nice looking.
Jeff from USA Very easy to navigate. not only a store with TONS of product but a good information resource as well.
Anonymous from USA It's well-designed
Jeffrey from USA Best Didge site.
Jessica from USA I have enjoyed all of the information and the ease of use.
Jim from USA Outdated style but functional
Anonymous Love it
Anonymous Your fonts are a little small.
Kristi Edwards from USA Easy to navigate beautiful products.
Anonymous I like sharing your website with my Art students.
Lionel Mouesca from France It is complete and neat.
Anonymous It is nice to being able to listen
Mark from USA Great. I love the photos and sound recordings.
Mark from USA Since I learned of it I think in '05 its come along. I have noticed the prices have gone up significantly [OUR COMMENT: in fact we had only one price increase during the last ten years and that was for less than 10%]
Mathieu from Canada Best Didgeridoo web shop out there!
Anonymous Top notch. very good
Matthew Neenan from USA Great layout great products!
Michelle Brough from USA Very informative and easy to navigate!
Mike Meyer from Israel I like the colors and simplicity. What I will add (to the didj list) though is something signifying if didj has a sound sample.
Nick from USA I enjoy reading about the artists who make the items you sell - its gives a personal touch and connection that other stores don't have. The information and history on your site is also an enjoyable and educational read.
Anonymous Very informative
Anonymous Great site full of everything one needs
Peter from New Zealand Great stimulating site.
Phil Weiler from USA I have been searching for high-quality informative didj websites and have bookmarked my favorites. The didjshop site is by far the most complete.
Pierre from Canada Guys seriously it's great site.
Randal Wilson from USA I love the website. Very complete. Every time I hear something about a didge or aboriginal culture I come to this website to make sure it is indeed true.
Robert Kennedy from USA Your 'didj buying advice' and forum are irreplaceable and have helped me greatly in understanding my instrument and learning to play/ care for it.
Roberta Hobson from Canada It is well put together and very interesting
Robin from USA I'm fascinated by your site and the cultural lessons I learn there.
Roger from USA Well laid out and easy to navigate
Roger from USA I appreciate that most of the Didges have a sound bite and rating. This has helped me decide on the correct Didge for me.
Ronald Ballard from USA Have seen it twice like it
Samantha Davis from Australia I found it rather enlightening
Sanford Webb from USA Cool
Anonymous from USA Great! Very helpful I love it!
Anonymous The best for product and culture recognition
Sean Jackson from USA I like the information you share along with the didgeridoos
Shawn from USA This site is very thorough and well put together. I know it would be difficult but more MP3 files of more of your Didjes would be awesome. Many of the Didjes I looked at didn't have audio files.
Anonymous from USA I love the fact that I can hear the didges I am interested in.
Steve from United Kingdom I love it! I not only come here to look for Didjes I come here to learn. That's something incredibly important to me.
Stuart Sills from Australia Very good the best I have seen!!!
Sundeep from USA I wish more web-stores were as neatly categorized. I can cross check quality description price and get a chance to view and hear each instrument. It's incredibly individual.
Thomas from Germany Very informative
Timur Paltuyev from Kazakhstan I like it
Tommi from Finland Your website and this is a designer's view is very Australian. It is coloured with elements of the Australian land combined with the sunshine and moving air. The functionality is one thing I prefer too.
Troy from Canada I found it as informative to me as anyone. Easy to get around and knowledge of the project is great.
Wayne from Australia Great web with excellent photo's and information for the budding Didj enthusiast.

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