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Visitors Comments made during the month of July 2005:

Online name



Didjshop.com is beautiful

Amber from USA

You rock!!

Andrea from Brazil

Very helpful


Truly blown away

Arlena from USA

Wonderful site. It is not only informative but also makes me anxious to finally own my own didj

Ben Demory from USA

I am very impressed with the dedication to an instrument that deserves more respect and recognition. I have sent to the link to many of my friends and hope that they do the same so more people can experience and perhaps join in the world of the didgeridoo - something that my aboriginal friend has convinced me; "Heals the Earth when you play it".

Bridget Walker from USA

I love it! You are so blessed to have the clarity and awareness to approach this project straight from the heart. Wishing the Didj team everlasting love. Hare Om!

Cheryl from USA

I'm fascinated with all things didj. It's a fantastic instrument. You can really feel some ancient cord that attaches present day humanity with the past. It's fantastic.

Christopher Holmes from Australia

I'm new to " E " technology but have had no trouble at all navigating your site. It's in my favourites list...

Damien from Australia

Without peer. I have found Didjshop to be the most genuine and informative site I have ever come across.

Dave from USA

Great site I love the sound files and images. Also the newsletter is so informative and keeps me up to day with Didj happenings around the world.

Doug from USA

This is an awesome community! tons of great information. thanks much!

Eric Fuehrer from USA

I have so much respect and admiration for the didjshop. 3 of my 6 didjes are from the didjshop and you can REALLY REALLY tell the difference between a didjshop didj and the "others". There's a sense of pure tradition that sounds from these didjes!!!

Eric Klaus from USA

Didjshop.com is such a great informative fun site. It seems you are always adding something new. The selection of didjes is amazing and being able to listen to them is an outstanding feature!

Anonymous from USA

Very good and informative also a great newsletter. made a pvc didj as well according to your directions. I also really like the fact that you can listen to the didgeridoos. thank you for putting the effort into it.


I think it is a nice site because it gives to many people the possibility to buy a didgeridoo at a good price. It is also good for the large amount of information about the world of the didj and of the aboriginal tribal history

Anonymous from USA

It is the best web site I have ever used to purchase goods.

Harold Duggan from Canada

I think your rating system is great there's no sound bits at work so I can't listen. The craftsman ship seems superior and I like the sound quality break down

Hawk Henries from USA

Your site is like a candy store to a child...I want all of the didg's on it. I like the lay out of your site it is easy to find specific types/prices of didg's. Also the info about Aboriginal culture is priceless as it connects those of us outside Australia with the conditions that Aboriginal people are dealing with. Knowledge is important.

James Mott from USA

It is absolutely the best site for everything didgeridoo. And the information regarding the aboriginal culture and their struggles to maintain their identity is great. I have been a fan and supporter (I bought all of my genuine didges from here) since 2003. My only "fake" didge is a replica of an Irish bronze age horn.

Jason Hoover from USA

Really cool site!


Didjshop.com seems to be reasonably price for the quality of merchandise they provide. I intend on purchasing a didgeridoo soon and didjshop is looking like the place I'll make my purchase.

Joshua from Australia

I think it is great it has explained how to make the mouth piece. It has given us great advise and is easy to use.

Justin from Canada

Wow I didn't know about the greeting cards my friends will get one now that I know About it. I am so obsessed with the didge but can't afford a real one. my dad died moneys bad. well the plastic one is good enough.

Keith from United Kingdom

Very impressed with the depth of wording will visit September 05 and make a point of finding you.

Ken Rath from Denmark

I think it is easy to use and overlookable

Kenny Wysong from USA

Well maintained site vastly informative a great source of information.

Kevin from USA

Fantastic site. Can not wait to own my own personal Didj

Lisa Shara from USA

The web site is clear informative and fun; it feels current and the passion for the instrument is evident.

Mac Regan from United Kingdom

You are insightful and helpful you guys seem to know what I want to know and how to tell me. I could browse your site for hours and usually do.


It's wonderful to get a shop so far away from me in the antipodes os Azores islands where I live. I'll buy one for me in a few minutes. Congratulations for your very nice and hopeful web site

Mario Carranza from Mexico

I like it so much well I think its ok it has lots of information and I feel it takes care of the aboriginal thoughts and tradition

Mark Earhart from USA

I loved the unbiased lines on healing. As a massage therapist and body healer I have toyed around with playing the didjeridoo over beings that were greatly moved from the experience. I hope to push the area of chakra opening with tones/frequencies and I found the didjeridoo to be a great tool for this.

Mark Ford from United Kingdom

Fantastic web site great didgis!


Pretty cool- Really like the way it's growing... Kinda like the prices LOL

Marsh from USA

Wow not just with the info on didjes but with native aussie history and mythology. Great site!

Matt from United Kingdom

Great site I keep coming back because you provide MORE than just a shop and I'd shop here because your shop provides more than just didges (ie. lots of info and professional care for all the didges).

Anonymous from Canada

Great site! I heard just came across this web site while looking to buy a didge after hearing Xavier Rudd perform. Everything here is very well laid out and has all the info I would ever want. I will soon buy my first didge from here. Thanks.

Michael from USA

I like the site it's simple but quite informational without being over bearing

Michael Sands from USA

Far and away the best site on the web; I enjoy receiving the newsletter viewing the beautiful didges for sale and of course listening to the sound clips.

Mil Grindstaff from USA

Didjshop has s very good selection the ecological/political/humanist aspect also attracts me. (Maybe I mean Human ecology?) Great pics and selection. I get a strong sense of the spiritual side of the didjeridoo and it's sound from the web site That's a good thing!

Moses Frederic from USA

Very well constructed site well thought out grading system and excellent community building. Your enthusiasm for the instruments and the arts surrounding them really shows and gives great credit to your efforts. I will keep exploring your site it is filled with interesting pieces of information and displays the philosophy behind your project.

Nathan Barnard from Australia

This is a fantastic site very informative no other didj sites come close. And you have some excellent didjes for sale

Nick from USA

Very thorough the base site for didges

Nicolás from Argentina

Its a great web page

Noah Lomax from USA

I enjoyed it. I only wish they had a base in the US so it won't take so long for my order to get here. But it's all good! [OUR COMMENT: it only takes 3-5 days...]

Numa Lallemand from Belgium

It s great and my temptation of buying every week is huge but I can t afford it for the moment

Olivier De Comarmond from Mauritius

I try to send a didjshop greeting cards but I can't because I couldn't find my mail-address for the friends... I confirm that the web site is excellent and nice. I'm gonna tell friends who like it.

Paulo Moya from Chile

Mm didjshop is my dream...

Peter Jackson from New Zealand

Fantastic inspiring site especially as far as supporting Aboriginal people and their culture are concerned. Great didgeridoo promotional site.

Philip from Thailand

This is the best of all the didj sites I've visited I have a didj and 3 of my friends bought a didj from you after I told them of your site.

Ravinderjit from Malaysia

User friendly easy to navigate and interesting

Ray Higgins from Australia

This is my first visit to didjshop and I am about to explore your site so far it looks great just the site iv e been looking for

Richard Hinkel from USA

Seems comprehensive... and has a giving spirit


Like that it is real time and I trust your rating system.

Anonymous from USA

I am very impressed by your web site I have read part of it and have bookmarked it to allow me to finish reading it at a later date. I read the article on the production of Didjes and the number of non authentic that are produced as well as how to make a PVC one - that's what got me here - I wanted to make some with some kids.

Anonymous from Spain

It gives plenty of information and the forum is a great idea. And this questionnaire will make me check some more things like sound healing which is pretty interesting. Maybe once I can visit you in Queensland!

Sara from USA

I'm really glad to have stumbled upon your site. Its seems to offer everything I was looking for. I was playing my friend's Didj just last night straight from Australia and I'm in love and addicted!

Sarah Arnett from USA

I love your web site...You offer a vast array of products and services that I will definitely use...Thank you for your hard work and wonderful energy.


A beautiful site but most of the good didges always seem to be ordered before one is notified should release them at spaced monthly intervals

Stephane Guerraz from Canada

I like the information on each didj because it seems objective not necessarily tied to the price of the didj. As a result I wonder how you set the prices. Nice layout easy to find the info and ramping up!




You guys are great I send your link to all my friends and people who see me play. Keep it personalized and spiritual

Anonymous from USA

Just the best there is... none better.

Theresa from United Kingdom

It think your site is terrific. The best one I've found so far so much so that I'm recommending it on my web resource directory (yes I intend to affiliate!) in my Sound Therapy section. The information on how the didj was used by the Elders for healing was just what I was looking for and the other references to using sound for healing is great. Perhaps if more people knew about this kind of stuff - how beneficial it is for you on a number of different levels they'd use it more and dance more and we'd be happier healthier more chilled out and in tune with the Energy of Life!

Tim from Australia

Think your web site is deadly keep it going...

Todd from USA

I love it.Its a very honest site and the tribal craftsmanship shows pride in their work. I need to get something better then the crappy bamboo things I'm playing now!

Vittorio Montieri from Italy

You're my number one not only selling but sponsoring the aboriginal traditions and soul. thanks Vic

William from USA

Great Site. I cannot wait until my didj (af578) arrives

William from France

This site is very pleasant and we can feel that you consider very much the aboriginal culture and try to conserve it developing a market of authentic products made by aboriginal people. I'd like to go to australia!!!!!!!




Probably the best didj sales site on the web

Anonymous from Japan

More japanese!!

Alan from Canada

Lot of info. thank you


Concise and informative.


A very good site very complete and interesting


Organise the shopping page so it I easier to view.

Anthony from Australia

Great site easy navigation comprehensive information.

Belmira Becirbasic from Canada

Your site is very good

Bob from USA

Looks pretty cool so far.


Its a good site it has great instruments and sound clips


It's great! I would change a thing!

Anonymous from Australia

Very good web site I would love to learn how to play the didj so I searched through an engine. this web site seemed quite appealing.

Anonymous from Australia

Very informative site I have bookmarked it because I will continue to check it out definitely one of the better sites I have been to.


I like this site in french!

Anonymous from USA

It's very interesting and I would like to learn more.

Chad from USA

First time and haven't really gone through completely but looks to be informative so far.

Anonymous from USA

It's a great site with a lot of useful information.


Interesting information about the didj.

Clement from France

A very great site about my favourite instrument. Very interesting.

Anonymous from USA

I am impressed by the commitment to the authenticity of the instrument and the sanctity of its history

Craig Snyder from USA

Good all around didjeridoo web site

Damon from USA

Enjoyed the site dudes!!!



David from Belgium

I don't know a lot about sites but this one is handy learnfull nice ....

David from USA

Great site. Thank you. Dave Dolson

David from Spain

It's a nice web site about didgeridoos and aussie culture. I like the sound and instrument as well as aussie culture and this web site shows you some of all this things. I have just find it and I like it!

David from France

I haven't had time to visit all of it yet but I enjoyed what I've seen of it.

David from USA

Great easy to navigate site!

David Watts from United Kingdom

Very good easy to navigate around and interesting and useful sections

Dean Fargo from USA

Great site!

Dennis from USA

It is a very informative site with much to offer the beginner as well as advanced player.

Di from Australia

Hi I'm a teacher at a child care centre in taree nsw we are basing next weeks program on kooris n music wonder if you can help ??site looks great thanks bubbies are 0-3 :)xxx

Dominik from Germany

Your site is a good place to search for didj information. Now I know where to find everything around the didj.

Donald Unruh from USA

Looks to be very interesting and informative. I am currently shopping for a genuine termite-hollowed didj.

Douglas Brunker from USA

I love the didjshop web site. Even if I cannot manage to find any didj music I can at least come here to get a small taste. I am confident that I will be purchasing a didj from you soon as that you give complete information on didjes. You guys are truly a blessed web site. [OUR COMMENT: we give more information on each didj than any other web site and have sound files for all concert class didjes]


Great variety and ease of browsing

Ezra Hein from USA

This is really a pretty good web site

Fernando Gamez from Mexico

Es una de las paginasweb mas amistosas que he vistiado.me agrada.

Anonymous from Germany

Great Web site but hopefully other important sites like the Terms will be translated in German too!

Francesco from Italy

Good site full of useful information

Franck from France

A good place to find information about Didj's spirit and techniques...

Francois from France

Very interesting and educative. Also easy and pleasant browsing.

Gareth from Australia

So far very easy to navigate the links seem to all work and I get to hear the didje-great

George from USA

Great site! Thanks you for all the background information about the didj and the culture. I'm saving up for a genuine didj while I learn on a PVC didj.

Haffiz from Singapore

Informative details easy access. Perhaps you should include more sound samples of different keys and of different types of didj.

Hauke Kellner from Germany

Nice portal uhm I think I have to look around first but I don't want to miss the chance to win a concert - yedaki!

Anonymous from Australia

Great site!!!

Anonymous from Singapore

Maybe you could tally up the total order price including the shipping costs. [OUR COMMENT: we do display the shipping price before we ask for your personal information]

Anonymous from Germany

Good structure and many information very useable. navigation is great....but a few flaws are also there: 1. the categories don't work always...see didge ad288 - it's said to be found in "bells" and "cheap learners"...but if you open "bells" it's not listed. 2. the web site"forgets" that you changed language after you detail-viewd instruments

Jeff from USA

It is a most informative site for understanding the plight os the Aboriginals and as a source of GREAT didges. I only wish I could afford another Didge in "C".

Jeff from USA

There is a lot of talk on the site about healing OTHERS with the didjeridoo but check this out it might even be good for YOU: Vibration of human skull as produced by loud vocalization exert a massaging effect on the brain and facilitate elution of metabolic products from the brain into the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF).... The Neanderthals had a brain 15% larger than we have yet they did not survive in competition with modern humans. Their brains were more polluted because their massive skulls did not vibrate and therefore the brains were not sufficiently cleaned. In the evolution of modern humans the thinning of cranial bones was important. -K. F. Jindrak and H. Jindrak "Mechanical Effect of Vocalization of Human Brain and Meninges " Medical Hypotheses 25 (1988) pp. 17-20. And this is just talking about speech. Think about what a didj can do.



Anonymous from USA

Cool web site I am glad I found it

Ji from USA

It's a great site. Lots of good information here that I'm using to learn more about didgeridoos.


Haven't looked at the site properly but I'll pass it on to my dad. He owns a couple of didgeridoos and would be interested to view this site.



John from USA

Very complete well done!

Jon from USA

You're doing great work. Please keep it up!


Deberian traducir todas sus paginas

Joseph from USA

Great web site Good source for information.

Joseph from USA

I found didjshop.com to be rather resourceful and easy to move through.


Very interesting

Lee Davies from United Kingdom

Really good site

Louis from USA

Very interesting. I will be visiting Australia at the end of February and am looking forwards to see all the sites and sounds of your country.


It is a informative site. keep up the good work


Lots of good information about didj's keep up the good work.


Nice one and interesting

Mark from United Kingdom

I think its great been practice circular breathing. couldn't find a mike edwards cd though

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Good information

Mateo Ripple from USA

I came here to look for inspiration on creating didge bags. I feel that the ones I am creating are far more beautiful than the ones you guys offer however I instantly fell in love with many of your didges.

Max Perusse from Canada

It is a very inspiring site. I made two didjeridoos (pvc and bamboo) that I painted myself based on the model I"ve seen on your site. Since I"m not rich enough to buy one I make my own...

Anonymous from USA

It was a really cool site I'll be back

Melody Bobisuthi from USA

Still gong over the site.


Lots of information which is great for the novice or for someone who knows all about didjeridus...

Michael Forster from USA

Very educational and extremely comprehensive to this novice. Most of what I've learned has been sketchy and word of mouth from didj players sellers and two teachers. This has so much info I'm quite literally overwhelmed -- a little info overload. However this is definitely a positive. But it would be useful to me to have an more condensed overview for the novice without detracting from the completeness of the site. I love the sound samples of the didj's you have for sale. One last thing. It would be prudent in my opinion to secure all personal information being used for orders or questionnaires to be entered only on secure web pages (https:).

Michael from Australia

A great site to explore the many different types available and a great source of information. I learnt a lot about the didj just in the last 15 minutes!!..

Mike from Canada

I liked the layout of the web site but myself being a moderately skilled web site designer I found that the links at the very top of the page distracted from the content.

Natalie from Australia

I like the design it's very fitting! The colours are calming. The info is great.

Nuno from Portugal

Its another great web site of didjs.bless you I'm in this web site about 1 hour reading and seeing photos and now I'm waiting for my luck. Keep on going the great work

Anonymous from Sweden

Keep up the good work! it is so nice web site and didges are my absolute favorite instrument


Awesome web site with the didj

Paul Woodcraft from United Kingdom

It is very informative& easy to follow all the links & covers just about all you would need to know.

Pete from United Kingdom

Brilliant site immediately bookmarked for future visits. Just bought my first didj at Ashton Court Festival in Bristol UK. Now it's all down to practice !!!!!!!

Petteri from Finland

Nice place...just being in Australia in spring 2005 and kept many didjeridus in hand...but never purchased one. Now I feel a little bit bad of it. This site at least gives a great information sounds and of course change to get own any time.

Phil from USA

I very much appreciate the support your business gives to Australian Indigenous artists. I do think though that you could do with some info on didjeridu history in your info section particularly the origins of the instrument in Northeast Arnhemland; also info on traditional playing styles such as those found in Northeast and Western Arnhemland. Very good work overall though!


Very Awesome Site

Richard Gillis from USA

Very informative and easy to navigate - pleasing to the eye. Your web site covers every range of of interest of not only didgeridoos but additional items as well. And I'm pleased that you're sensitive to Aboriginal rights and causes. Thank you for entering me in your contest I hope I'll win.

Robert Bogan from USA

Too cool!! I'll be back!!


Nice to find one

Anonymous from France


Rowan from USA

I find it pretty easy to navigate. Very comprehensive.


I think it is good because shows details of didjeridoo making process and gives lots of information.

Samuel from Belgium

Great site lot of information about didge and music

Saskia from Switzerland

Interesting site with lot of information. great!


I really like you site. I hope to learn how to play better and buy a better didge from you some day


It's a really good web site easy to navigate.

Shane Cox from Australia

I really like the site. It has everything you would need to buy a didj and I like that you have mp3s of the sounds of the didj

Sherry from Australia

Its a great site is my first time to visit its full of great info.




It is very interesting. I didn't realize they could be Concert Class didgeridoos.


This is a wonderful site full of awesome pictures and information they make me want to buy lots of didj's so I am going to be asking for one from my mother for Christmas and I get what I ask for so I can't wait.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

It is filled with everything you need to buy the didgeridoo you want

Thomas from France

This site present a lot of didj

Tom from Germany

Very informative good overview quick findings

Trey Williamson from USA

It has a lot of information on how to play

Tyler Loube from Canada

As a Graphic Designer I prefer the (Non-Flash) created sites. The layout is clean and crisp. My only suggestion would be for your tool bar on the left hand side. I f you were to create a table. and have the tool bar as a locked cell. and the information cell (the right side) have its own internal scroll bar. Surfing your site would be more beneficial.(my opinion only) Instead of having to scroll the whole site to return to the tool bar.



Victoria from USA

Cool place will be back.


No french version

Vivienne from Australia

I like the aboriginal art on the didjeridoos.


Awesome stuff. probably the best site I've been on. Gives good advice.

Anonymous from Brazil


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