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Visitors Comments made during the month of April 2012:

Online name Feedback
Anonymous It's nice.
Anonymous This website looks very interesting and I will definitely be learning more about didgeridoo's.
Amber from USA Very nice.
Anne Owen from USA I like it! A lot!
Anonymous from USA The website's aesthetically pleasing and quick.
Anonymous Haven't checked it out yet
Anonymous Love it! spikes my interest!
Anonymous Very cool
Charlie from Australia Didjshop.com is amazing! I love my music and Didjshop has helped me carve my path.
Chris from USA Its a lot of fun and informative.
Christian Robby from Germany First impression is very good!
Christian from USA Awesome!!
Anonymous It's nice
Cnoah Davis from Uzbekistan I like your attitude and commitment to the Aboriginal People.
Dana from USA Love yall
Anonymous Lots of information on the pages kind of busy. Not necessarily bad but overwhelming at times.
Anonymous Looks good
Anonymous Very Nice
Anonymous Groovy! When I can save up some I will totally buy from you.
Anonymous from USA Nice setup
Anonymous Very nice appearance!
Anonymous Very complete website with lots of information and didjes to buy!
Francisco Tataje from USA Not bad. I wish we could chooses several properties at once.
Franklin from Panama Excellent page
George from United Kingdom Very informative the layout is simple and looks just a little dated but still good and easy to navigate
Jacob Thomas from USA I really love your devotion to the Aboriginal people and culture. You have inspired me to learn more about it.
Anonymous It looks nice
Jeffrey from USA Interesting
Anonymous Great stuff
Anonymous Very thorough given the limited subject and small sector interested!
Joel from USA Lots of good material!
Jose Fley from USA Very informative and user friendly.
Anonymous from USA Your website is very interesting and I am learning quite a bit. I was unaware of the didgeridoo until recently and will continue to frequent your site until I learn more.
Anonymous Very good useful and easy to navigate
Kyle Heckler from USA Its very nice
Anonymous Your website is very useful in learning about the didj and how it was made and what affects the way it sounds.
Anonymous Looks good
Anonymous from Mexico I find it very useful but it should have more propagation
Anonymous Haven't spent much time on it
Markus from Germany Best shop that I found. Helpful sound samples. Good categorization and great quality rating scale. Here not every single didgeridoo is said to be the best ever most awesome didgeridoo for every conceivable purpose as many other shops state all the time. This builds trust and gives a feeling of honesty and transparency.
Anonymous Cool. Had no idea until now.
Anonymous from Mexico I love your very precise and detailed explanations! I'm really new about Didgeridoos well I've just met them today and really hugely loved them!! I was actually thinking of buying myself an instrument and learning to play it. And when I just listened to the Didj sound God! I just fell in love!! And the truth is I haven't found any other page So complete like yours!! I hadn't even thought of the possible Didj cracking while traveling!!! Thanks a lot for all the information!!
Anonymous Interesting informative and easy to use.
Norman Gilbert from USA Like it very much.
Anonymous Yup its good
Patsy from USA Love what I have seen so far.
Paul Chapelle from Canada I think your website is fantastic. For a completely new to didges person there is lots of information. The greatest single thing I have found and I really appreciate is the entry level info how to make your own didge to learn on! instructions! Your website is for ALL levels. That helps to get people started!
Anonymous Very easy to use website and I like the australia on the logo:)
Paul from USA Very informative and fun
Anonymous Very useful
Anonymous It is very nice and informative
Anonymous Its great
Anonymous Easy to read
Rolf from USA It works great!
Ronald from USA Very well done website. I know it's not easy keeping a web site updated (I'm web master for a car club) and I'm impressed with the quality of this one
Roo from United Kingdom Your website is full of information and a very useful source of reference.
Anonymous Still looking at it - this is my first visit.
Anonymous Lots of info good resources
Saul from USA Very fast it is about the Didj & would like to learn more and owen more of them!... I bought my first 1 in seattle washington.. And seeing Yothu Yindi in Alaska!
Sheryl Granholm from USA This is a wonderful site! I have always been in love with the Didgeridoo and I didn't realize that I could learn so much about them here.
Stan Terhljan from Canada Great info - keep up the greatness!
Starr from USA Lots of useful information...was checking into for boyfriend who loves Dr. Didj
Stuart from USA Well laid out and easy to navigate. Full of useful information. thanks!
Tanner Saylor from USA It is a very good website with some elite looking didgeridoos plus a fair amount of aboriginal products that are fun to check out without breaking the bank. It leads to the forum which has useful information on it. I also like the t shirt I got from you guys people love to see it.
Terry from USA I loved the site. Full of information and interesting explanations. It it because of your site that I purchased from you.
Tom from USA Good information
William Macgavin from USA The Physics section is most helpful for me

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