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Visitors Comments made during the month of February 2004:

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The site is great!

Allan Alves Pauletti from Brazil

Feedback? you don't need it!!! you are the greatest masters of didjeridoos in world!And look that I've searched,because here it is very difficult to get some sort of thing. Congratulations...

Anonymous from United Kingdom

It's the best site on the planet! Plenty of info, didges,etc. Well set out.

Anonymous from USA

You site was the first place I had ever experienced the Didj. I have really enjoyed the learning experience and history.

Anthony Narvaez from USA

The structure and content is always evolving. you have so many gorgeous didges! I am so happy to have found your site! there is also so much more than didges here. a great place to learn about what your buying and where its coming from. thanks for everything.

Anonymous from France

It seems to me to be very serious and attractive and I would die as a French guy to see affordable didj like the one you have in France. I think that if you play didj you can't buy it by internet even if the site is as good as yours. [OUR COMMENT: we are glad to note that thousands of didj players could buy from us and are glad that they did]

Bob Brault from USA

Fair dinkum, mate!

Bonnie Day from USA

I love this site so much information and I have learned allot

Brad Cole from USA

I really appreciate the beauty N wisdom shared on your site.

Anonymous from Australia

There seem to be a lot of over seas sites but it is great to find such an good here at home! looking forward to buying my do's from you!

Brenda Shields from USA

I love this site and am saving my money for one

Brian Fields from USA

The best sight for didj enthusiast

Chris Yerlig from USA

It's great. I wish I could take more advantage of it. My computer isn't sound-enabled and I don't have the funds to send for something yet. It is clearly the best way to go for buying a didge. I did buy a didge from Oz once, but I was never sure of the quality because there was no system of evaluation like you have, where you can know just what you're getting.

Anonymous from USA

Very interesting and brings back great memories of Ayers Rock visit

Cyndi Shattler from USA

I love your site and visit every month. The info you give out has helped me to learn so much I didn't. I am still working on my breathing and find if I get into a meditative state it flows naturally. Thanks for all your hard work on this wonderful site. And we will keep playing on the world meditative healings.

Dan Reimers from USA

I appreciate all you do from making traditional didj's available to all of the resources on learning to play and the facilitation of the worldwide meditations. Thanks, Mates!


Its the best didge site I have visited that you can buy didges on.

David Gratiot from USA

Sweet web site! Really helped me out with buying facts and Found the people to be very helpful

David Smith from Canada

This site is most helpful and wonderfully laid out. The depth makes it a very important site for me. It is now among my top favorites. If only others I had been to where as comprehensive. Thank you so very much one and all.


I love your web sight. It Has just about everything you ask for.

Anonymous from France

Your site is a completely refreshing experience of thoughts and meditation...

Anonymous from USA

I think it is the best Didj shop around! Never seen better.

Anonymous from USA

Best Didj shop out there.

Anonymous from Brazil

The most complete web site I found about didje till now.

Ewoud De Ruijter from Netherlands

Your site is one of the finest sites about Didgeridoo's. There is a great range of products, not only for didgeridoo's, but for the complete aboriginal art's. It's great to view an d to listen

Geert de Coninck from Belgium

Still the best / even in 2004


Great web site, beautiful products

Anonymous from USA

Great web site! I was so excited the first time I found it.

Hilton Gossman from USA

I first heard one when I was in school. I loved the sound. your site is very nice. I'm so glad I found it.

Ian Hakker from Netherlands

Fabulous. Was in Oz last year, no, end 2002, but couldn't fit a visit to your shop in. Like reading the stories, try to motivate my people here to join in events such as Didj World Healing. Wish I lived back in Oz (am from Sydney, now live in Europe)to be able to join some of the gatherings...sigh.....Thanx, Ian.

Jan Nemecek from Yugoslavia

Fantastic site, keep up the great work!

Jefferson Nessmith from USA

The web site for the Didgeshop.com has to be the most informative and, in my opinion, the most honest that can be found. Where else can a person select a didge for eye appeal and then hear it! Also the other comments pertaining to the "eyeballed" didge are straight forward and honest. Where else will a person find honesty that will tell a buyer, "This didge is a 'Clunk', but is a great wall hanger.

Jeremy Johnson from USA

The most informative and all inclusive Didj site on the web. You have helped me learn a lot!

Anonymous from USA

Loved the site

John Hogg from United Kingdom

Superb site! Gives me a lot of vital information on the didge involving; keeping the didge safe, the different keys and types of didge's, for example 'The Orcher'. This site has allowed me to experience the great thrill that is playing the Didgeridoo.


Great site! Great looking didjes! Very up to date and informative.

John Wylie from USA

I think it is a great site and wish that this shop goes far and wide across the world :-)...I just want to tell you guys what a great site this is.

Jon Wright from United Kingdom

Excellent site, clear and very detailed. Extremely good service.

Justin Boling from USA

From what I have seen so far on the web site I would say that all of you at www.didjshop.com have done a tremendous job on creating this site. Everything looks very professional and also very laid back at the same time. Nice colors, very easy on the eyes. Reminds me of Australia. I appreciate all of the information and help that all of you have put in this site. Thank you

Justin Jones from USA

You know, it's been a long time since I've been here, as the newsletter's have been going to my rarely checked Hotmail account. I just switched the subscription to my current email is how I ended up here today. so I'll have to take a look around. I'm real interested to see what info you have about didj healing. but for what it's worth, I always really liked the site. and I always felt that you all were trustworthy didj sellers. I've also really wanted to get a didj from you some day when I can justify the purchase because you have some truly amazing didj's.


Its the best didgeridoo web site I've ever visited

Keith Herman from USA

My first visit. Very cool site, I'm looking forward to coming back to explore more. The FAQ's page was a bit overwhelming. Thank you for the contest!

Kyle Schab from USA

The didjshop is the most informative helpful and useful web site on the subject of didgeridoos that I have ever seen< I ordered a didgeridoo about a month or two ago and received it within three days< I also received a tremendous amount of help and courtesy while choosing a didgeridoo that was right for me< the didgeridoo itself was even more magnificent than I had imagined< I can now instantly enter into meditation and relieve stress<

Anonymous from USA

Great - glad to have found it.

Anonymous from USA

I think your site is totally FUN! It is informative and has some BEAUTIFUL Didj.

Luca Toscani from Italy

The best site for buying and seeing beautiful instruments, I'd got more didg if the best weren't so expensive

Luke Jackson from United Kingdom

Its good..probably the best site I've been to for info on didgereedoos.and good warnings about how to choose the best didj. Could do with a section for didj players to sell their recorded stuff....

Lynton White from United Kingdom


Anonymous from Spain

I like it very much and it's great that I can change language. It approaches me to aboriginal culture that amazes me.

Marion Twibell from USA

I found that through conversation with staff and visit to the web site that the Didj Shop is by far the most complete site. I feel that the Didj Shop maintains the highest respect for the Aboriginal art and heritage. I like that "credit given where credit is due".

Anonymous from USA

Your web site is impressive! The descriptions of each individual instrument, along with photos, sound qualities, key, etc. is especially unique.

Matthew Bergstrom from Canada

Probably the best didj site on the net (haven't seen ALL of them...), and I like the focus on aboriginal equality and self-sufficiency. I am happy that we have improved as a society in that more people don't see different kinds of people as animals, but we still have a ways to go. This site is one example of where globalization isn't all bad, I wish more people were like you guys. God bless.

Melanie Close from Australia

I love that you can listen to each didj and that you have what key the didj is in. I enjoy getting the newsletters & the updates on Aboriginal issues.

Michael Griffith from USA

The Didjshop web site has to be one of the most useful, informative and fun web sites I have ever visited. The wealth of information contained in your web pages conveys the respect, care and passion you have for this unique instrument. The hours (yes hours!)I have spent on your web site has allowed me to be a better informed consumer. Your respect for the Aboriginal history and cultural reinforced my appreciation for your business. A job well done.......(Griff)

Nathan Hutchison from USA

This is the best site that I have been to and I intend to buy my first didgeridoo from you. If money will allow.

Nick Gann from USA

This is an awesome web site! Everything is out front and easy to find. There is no need to spend hours searching for what you want to look for; the site is very straightforward. I like web sites like that.


It's a fine site and show great respect for the people and the instrument.


Excellent web site.

Paul Roberts from United Kingdom

Very helpful, easy to find things and the pictures and sound clips are fab. The buying checklist has helped a lot and the whole web site has got me very much interested in the Aboriginal way of life. great job. THANKYOU

Philip Kilpatrick from United Kingdom

Great site visit often and have just bought a new didj from you

Pieter Benoot from Belgium

It's the most completely site I've seen. I have much learn today about didgeridoo thanks for this. Didjshop you must go on... greetings tripiedro

Anonymous from USA

What a beautiful site - what a beautiful instrument! I'm entranced. Thank you for this intro into a wonderful new audio world. The craftsmanship is awesome too.

Renee Kane from USA

Great site. Not just selling something. Didjshop.com seeks to educate on the value of genuine Aboriginal didges.

Ric Boston from Canada

This is likely the most informative web site on Didgeridoo's and other Aboriginal information I have see to date. Excellent sound files, and pictures. When funds permit, I have every intention of purchasing a Medium or High Concert Didge in C#. I've made didges out of ABS, PVC, and over 15 different local woods. But none compare to an Australian Euc. didge. I've played a few of them... and love the sound! Excellent work on your part. Keep the magic alive!

Rich Walton-smith from United Kingdom

The site is great guys...well laid out so that you can find any particular didj type and the mp3's are an excellent idea. There's just so much information on the site, that I have to keep coming back in order to get through it all!

Rick Mason from USA

Interesting, especially the mention of meditation stuff.

Anonymous from USA

This is an excellent site, I haven't found one better.

Rubén Puertas Blanco from Spain

Simply MAGNIFIC!!!

Anonymous from Australia

It is FANTASTIC...I really like all the usable links and lessons. I am a music teacher and will definitely refer my students to your page. It is really easy to get lost in all the didj info on the net...especially as a lot is in other languages.

Scott Taylor from USA

Its the most informative site on the subject I've found

Anonymous from Australia

You have very good looking didj's ,you can see they will play well!


Excellent very informative. I learned a lot

Simon Priest from Australia

Lots of choices to buy. A lot more info on individual didjes than other sites. Gives confidence I'm looking at authentic didjes. Affordable

Stephan Broecker from United Kingdom

Very informative - lots of content. Great. Very professional - even the translations must have been done by native speakers!


It's a good site that sells didjeridoos in an environmentally sound way and in a way that help aborigines and that's good.

Anonymous from USA

Excellent products and great evaluations

Anonymous from USA

Great site with some awesome didjeridoos!

Sylvain Mora from France

Serious, nice, professional...a great team and the only best didge web site.

Takis Papazoglou from Greece

The best site I have ever visited (and keep on visiting) so no feedback at all

Anonymous from USA

I think it's great. So much information I find myself on it for hours at a time.

Tom Mccurry from USA

Wow, an actual site devoted to didj. Is your address in heaven?

Tomás Bown from Chile

I like the Newsletter, they keep me informed every month and especially I like the idea of the World wide Didge-meditation. I will do that the next time with some friends.

Anonymous from USA

Enjoy wandering thru the site. just decided to go one step further and fill out survey, and ask for help in selecting a better didj for my personal use.

Zach Armstrong from Canada

It's an excellent didj resource

Anonymous from USA

I think your site is extremely informative, and would recommend it to anyone interested in the didj.

Abdelillah Ennahas from Morocco


Adam Carsey from USA

So far so good. I am very impressed and think it is wonderful that you can give away an instrument. I hope I win

Adrian Talens from Canada

Nice layout with good features

Albert Russell from USA

Thank you for the monthly newsletter

Alberto Rodriguez from Spain

It is the best

Anonymous from Argentina

La pagina esta muy buena no cambien nada

Alex Grossberg from USA

Very interesting.

Alexander Iturregi from Spain

I'm not really into didg pages but comparing to the ones I have seeing is absolutely great distributed. The organization of all your work is great and easy to find what you are looking for. Great job!!111

Alexandre Vincent from France

Ce site est super. Je compte bien m'acheter un didgeridoo

Alexis Brouiller from France

The most complete and agreeable web site to discover and learn many things about my passion.

Anonymous from USA

The subject matter of this site is very interesting. I'm going to look around and learn more.




I would like to see if this is the thing for me


I am just interested in the contest.

Andrea Kushner from USA

I like the digeridoo. it looks like it would be fun to play if I win

Anonymous from Italy

I first saw Your shop and I am very impressed about it. Good work!

Anonymous from Germany

It's a great site with a lot of choice. Keep on going like you are today.

Andy Laing from USA

List a complete discography of all modern recordings of the didgeridu


Good site

Angie Erickson from USA

Just learning will let you know later.

Anonymous from USA

It's easy to navigate, but mostly I was struck be the beauty of the instruments and the many uses to which they are put.

Barry M. Hancock from USA

I like your site very much because of your beautiful pictures, your sound samples, your didgeridoo information, your emphasis on authentic instruments yet also your acceptance of those of us who play on homemade ones. One of mine is made of glued up strips of wood. 8 others are PVC pipe.

Bart Boogaard from Netherlands

Well........its a fuckin beautiful huge complete site that has everything I'm looking for and way more then I hoped for...keep it up truly great and inspiring site love it thanx guys........


This is my first time on this site. I will be a return user for sure.

Bede Watts from Australia

I think it is great,but wish there where some instruction on how to get the sound out of the didj. I have tried with the side & the front of my mouth but not any good. regards Bede.......

Anonymous from Spain

God site and didges.


Good site.

Bradley Thompson from USA

I think it a very informative web site that has a lot to offer the customer. Please keep up the good work.

Brandon Cutler from Australia

It has great information & I really enjoy the sound files.


Very informational. I discovered new and interesting information about the didjerido

Anonymous from USA

I will certainly check out the CD's for stress relief/meditation

Anonymous from USA

Neat web site

Byron Searle from USA

Great looking web site, I would love to hear one or even see one.


Very interesting, never heard of it before


Very interesting instrument

Anonymous from Australia

You are doing a great job and you offer a great range.


Great site




A very fun place and informative too. I love seeing the different and beautiful didjs.


Thanks for sponsoring giveaways on the Web!

Chris Benoit from USA

I like it tremendously. Well laid out and easy to locate what I was looking for. Hopefully the right didj for me at this time.

Chris Bowmaker from Australia

The Didjshop web site is better than most didj related web sites for usability and ambience (i.e. photos). The competition is a good idea if only it makes visitors feel like getting more involved (interactive).

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Great web site, don't change

Chris Welsh from Australia

Ginnagay guuggoo didjshop.com web page is a good learning about the korry culture

Anonymous from USA

I like it.


Great site!


I t is very informative


Nice and interesting

Cliff Mansfield from USA

Well done - interesting

Clint Bullock from USA

Good stuff


Keep up the great work

Clive Reed from USA

It was informative and a great showcase for Didj. products.


Great site



Craig Lunceford from USA

Very nice

Dan Russell from USA

Looks good. Well designed, simple and to the point. I like being able to hear the various instruments as it guides me towards an eventual purchase.

Daniel Geh from Germany

Didjshop.com is a really good web site with much information and it's easy to navigate through the contents. The Shop is great.

Daniel Luscomb from USA

Keep up the great work.

Danielle Molnar from Australia

I LOVE this site.... I am from the states, and have sent a lot of my old friends this site as well.

Daovet Limmen from Netherlands

The shop has a large amount of products and for everyone the didge they need and more


Very interesting site and informative.


I'll be back

Dave White from United Kingdom

A very well presented site , and some great looking sticks.

David Basile from USA

Nice site

David Born from USA

Great, informative site......always enjoy browsing........will buy one of these days.

Anonymous from USA

Its a cool site I did not know there was sites like this!

Anonymous from Canada

I want to comment on this survey. There should be more opportunity to add comments. For example, I'm not sure how to answer circular breathing questions. I learned the basics (without a didj) very quickly. It took a while to get it on a golf club tube. A little longer for my didjeribone. I still can't do it on my euc didj. Soooo, kinda hard to answer. Web site is great. I like the newsletter, especially stuff about the natural world in Aus...like your report on the rains. I've gotta look for the sunbird pics.

Dawn Thorp from USA

It was very informative, I'll be back

Anonymous from USA

Nice, light touch.

Debbie Jewczyk from Canada

Great site!!! I've learned lots.


Very interesting. I'll definitely show this site to my sons. We have drums, guitars, and CD's going all the time. My kids band practices down in my basement. I'm glad I found this site. Its time to introduce a new sound in music.

Anonymous from USA

It is very extensive. Thanks for the sound files.




Thank you




Best I have seen

Denny Simpson from USA

Great site!


Really neat

Dirk Dube from USA

I am very impressed I love Australia and anything that has to do with it I really enjoy playing the didgeridoo.



Donna Hays from USA

It's very good. I'm searching for my sons, they love all types of musical instruments and play the drums, guitar and keyboards, they need a new musical challenge

Anonymous from Canada

That is such a wonderful instrument. I would love to learn to play it.



Dougie Mann from Australia

This is a great site, it has informed me on everything I wanted to know about didj's

Douglas Mizzi from Australia

Excellent, informative, and I am now cancelling my trip to Fraser island and coming to Cairns, with $$ in my pocket to buy a concert yigi yigi. The didge shop will be My highlight in FNQ... thanks for the inspiration


Nice work

Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from USA

Great site


Very informative, well designed

Eddy Santa-María Arés from Spain

I think this web site is amazing, before I read a book called "Mutant message down under" by: Marlo Morgan, my passion for the culture of australian aborigines has increasing.

Edward Dunn from USA

I enjoy learning about music from all over the world ie peruvian, south africa-- I am a musician and I always look for new sounds to add to my music

Eric Greenberg from USA

Looks great - this is my first time looking up didgs' on the internet in several years - A lot more info available now, and in this store in particular.

Anonymous from USA

I think that it has a lot of great info


N/a have no knowledge

Ethel Burnham from USA

I have so much fun browsing the whole site and reading all about the uses of the Didj. I love seeing the many different instruments and the sounds you provide on your site.

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