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Visitors Comments made during the month of January 2013:

Online name Feedback
Anonymous from Australia I really like the sound files very clear and easy to see which ones are the ones I would want to purchase
Barbara from USA Have not gone thru it yet
Anonymous from United Kingdom Very informative as someone who plays the harmonica (not very well) it only makes me want to go out and buy a didge and get blowing.
Anonymous from USA Very nice. I visit it often
Chas Holman from USA It's quaint.
Anonymous I have enjoyed what i have read so far and will continue. Very interested
Colin from USA I've known about it for some time but have not really checked it out until now that I am shopping for a better didgeridoo! Love it!
Connie from USA I haven't looked at the website in a while.
Daniel from Sweden Some "back to basics" but feel original and authentic
David Carmichael from USA I enjoy seeing the range of instruments
Anonymous Nice site
Anonymous Fascinating information.
Anonymous I love the website and have found that it is highly informational.
Deborah from USA I like what y'all are doing promoting music to people who are interested
Anonymous It is very informative and helpful. I love that!
Anonymous Looks good so far!
Anonymous from USA A bit confusing at first but overall a comfortable site.
Gabriele Stoppa from Italy I'm very happy to have found this website: it is the first in depth "guide" to let the world know about Australia and its Native people's tradition and culture as well as exchange of information between fond of didgeridoo people furthermore it gives the opportunity to buy a REAL aboriginal-made didgeridoo.
Jamie from USA Nicely organized lots of information great selection of instruments.
Jason Cook from USA It is a nice site. I like it I like all the information
Joel Dressel from USA Excellent website. very informative and I know I will be visiting your site often.
John from Australia Very informative
Jon from USA Good resource for learning and improving your abilities.
Anonymous from USA Very easy to navigate informational
Joshua from USA Overall good. It does however look a little old school style but seems trustworthy and legitimate not hard to use. The shopping page should have links for didgeridoos on the main page instead of the sidebar because I did not at first notice that the shop page had its own version of the sidebar links.
Anonymous I can now appreciate how much work goes into a didgeridoo from how they can smell the aborigines can smell the termites and tell which branches and trees are hollow to the artwork depicted on each piece and the sound is like no other!
June from USA Nice! I love the color photos of the instruments.
Larry from USA Extremely informative and honest
Anonymous from USA Very helpful and informative. Set up very efficiently. Not much else to say yet I just heard about this site from a friend today so after signing up I'm checking out the forum to interact with other didj lovers!
Anonymous from USA I found the website to be very helpful in many ways.
Anonymous from USA It's a great and informative website that I plan to explore some more.
Anonymous I don't know what to say so......boring
Luke Pena from USA I think it's very well organized and easy to get around. Many websites for non-western instruments tend to be a little bit dated and unorganized but you guys have a well made site.
Mark Sweeney from USA Great and informative
Mike Stanley from USA One of the oldies but reliable and hopefully will be around for decades to come.
Anonymous Nice!! Easy to surf around. So many information about your products also the aborigines.
Anonymous Seems wonderful
Anonymous from USA I find the information quite useful. I learned much about what an authentic didgeridoo really refers to.
Oliver from Canada Looks awesome I just wish I can find where to buy termite eucalyptus branches to make my own didgeridoo
Ossie from Australia Pretty cool
Anonymous It's perfectly fine and it will be if updated periodically. I don't know if it's updated or not because I meet this website recently.
Pamela Ruigh from USA I found it when I googled didgeridoo and heart rate. Your website is awesome. I will explore it more when I finish here
Ray from Australia The Didge shop web site is Informative and interesting to browse. The didges are of great quality and reasonably priced. From learner to master there is always a didge to suit.
Riccardo from Italy New fresh and interesting
Anonymous Very interesting
Robert from Canada I find it very informative. Like looking at the didjes for sale and dream.
Robert Froton from USA Lots of info and best didjes out there!
Shannon Kenyon from USA So far I find the site full of experience and knowledge and easy to navigate
Shaun from United Kingdom I am currently working my way through the site. I have so far found it informative and interesting and it's given me the kick I need to try and play better.
Anonymous Very nice
Steve McCarthy from Australia Selection box above on Didj playing does not fully show selection text. Just found your site tonight it is excellent great info and links.
Terrill from USA Very good information and many resources available to the didj player including the aboriginal background.
Terry from United Kingdom Brilliant good to navigate
Tomasz from Poland Didn't get a chance to look through it but intend to when I have more time.
Anonymous from Australia Just found it seems like a great resource.
William Main from Australia It fantastically laid out very resourceful:)
Yuri Zhdanau from Belarus I like your page but I have to use an on-line translator because I don't speak English. My friend helps me to talk to you and writes to you but it would be great to find a Russian language option of your website some day!

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