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Visitors Comments made during the month of June 2001:

Name Country  Comment about The Didjshop          
Bill Murphy Ireland I think the web site is easy to navigate and the photos really help in deciding what to buy. Also the links are very useful. Well done!
M.J. Faust USA I was glad to see someone go into such depth about the creation and spiritual value of didgeridoos.
A. E. Germany Website is ganz ok !
Ben Loftus Australia Very impressed... Congratulations! Site is very interesting and informative, and it is nice to see Aboriginal Culture and Art promoted so well.
James Jones USA by far the best site for authentic information on didgeridoos
Susan Vizzoni USA The best part about your website is your concern with authenticity and QUALITY. These two issues keep me coming back for more. It really shows when people are dedicated and pure in their intent. Keep up the good work.
Rich Hobson USA Good Site. I hope to look around and obtain more knowledge on didjeridu and music healing.
Sean Rajnic USA I think the website is great ,I realy like this kind of stuff my friends think I'm alittle weird because of my intresting tastes
Chris Bishop USA I love being able to hear the didj before I decide to buy it... As soon as I save up the cash (I'm a student, and money don't come easy) I'm planning on buying a couple more didjes, even making my own
Gerry Purcell Canada Great website - well thought out great audio and educational experience
Judi Thompson Australia This is wonderful, I am a teacher and love learning about different cultures and sharing my understanding. I like to encourage the children to research for themselves as this is can be more meaningful.
Adam Dreamer USA I came to this site the very day after I picked up my first didj and have loved coming back since.
Craig Roth USA Not much to say besides 'Great site!' I love being able to hear what they sound like before I buy, and I like hearing the comparison between the different qualities.
Steve Roberts England It's nice to know that such a basic instrument can be so mysterious and thank you for giving people the chance to check it out man!
Jeff Arensberg USA I think it is avery informative website about a wonderful instrument
Kerstin Callum Australia I don't really have any comments other than to say that didjeridus are beautiful pieces of art that a lot of effort has gone into making
Garth Reed USA I really had a good time shopping on your website. Infact I keep returning to show friends. Thanks for the professional, wonderful, informative site!
Parker Stovall USA This is one of the best recources about the didj on the web. Execellent content, visuals, and layout.
Scott Wardrop Australia Great site - a real eye opener to this wonderful instrument.
Kim Burgin Australia I am very interested in aboriginal heritage as I have an indigenous background that I was never allowed to relate to I will be visiting again thankyou
Hans-Joachim Gerek Germany I really like it - what more can I say?
Jonas Lund Sweden I really like it, the most simple way to get an real didjeridu if you dont have to money to go to australia, thanks
Kim Kelly Australia it's great- what a find...
Doug Taylor Australia I didn't know it existed till today but I will be visiting often
Florian Charriere Switzerland Realy well done. The best site on the web that supply realy interresting record sample
Stephen Bowen USA Great site. Lots of info. Helped me contact other didjers in my area.
Pantea Mohajer USA very convenient, very informative, very inspirational
Karen Eyles Australia It is fabulous! I LOVE that you can hear the didjeridus before you buy.. and you can get as much information as you could possibly want. Well done... keep up the good work!
Philip Coppoolse New Zealand One of the best I've visited It covers a huge variety of information about the didge ,from Aboriginal culture to very good sound files.
Dominic Leroux Canada It's a fantastic site. Head and shoulders above the others. Well laid out and informative. I like the fact that you highlight the issue of aboriginal peoples making the instruments. People in other parts of the world may not be aware of this topic until it is brought to their attention.
Patrick Galt USA Its pretty good. I have just recently bought my didjeridoo and am looking at MP3's at the moment. I really emjoy the sound of the didj, I think it's amazing how you can make all of those technical sounds.
Patrick Sibbett USA this is a really cool site ...I'm 15 and need a way better didj I'm so into it and I play non stop for long periods of time...a new one would be real nice...yours look great
Jenkins Michael USA I think your website is great! I was looking for general information on didjeridus by doing a search using google.com and found your site. Now, I want to learn to play and, of course, buy one!
Daniel Williams USA It's very impressive, I like the idea of holding a constest, it gets possible costomers interested, I came for other reasons but it obviously got my attention!
Jan Avery USA Best didj shop I've seen. The ability to have experts pick out a didj for you is unbeatable.
Michael Katz USA I can't believe how thorough this site is. I came online to do some research on didjeridus, fortunately this was one of the first sites I came across. Everything I wanted to know was here. Before now, I would NEVER buy an instrument online. The fact that you can hear the sound of each didj is amazing! The fact that Didjshop has such high ethical values regarding the Aboriginal people and their art makes a world of difference to me where I buy my didj. It is encouraging to know that there are still some people in this world who aren't only in it for the money regardless of who they exploit. Best of luck to you!
Nikolaus Sands Canada you are wonderful people and I learned much from you!
Graham Place England Excelent and makes me want to re-visit Austraila and learn more about the Art and Music
Robert Hinely III USA Love the site. Want to win !!
Justin Jones USA Great site. Great didj's. Really appreciate the sound files. And I REALLY appreciate your responsible business practices. Would've bookmarked if I had my own computer.
Jared Robinson USA I love your website with the history, pictures,and MP3s'. I first learned of Didjeridoos on a Discovery channel program on the aboriginal peoples. Your web site has broadened my understanding and appreciation of such a remarkable instument, Thank you!
Louise Wahl USA Factual and informative...very well put together with terrific art and graphics. I am a didj beginner and learned a lot just from reading the info on the website. You will have all my didj business!
Eric Moonchild USA excellent; full of info and good vibes :-)
Maaike Hurst USA I agree with your stated ethics regarding the collection of and rating system for didjeridoos. I appreciate your method of display.

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