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Visitors Comments made during the month of June 2008:

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Amadeus from United Kingdom

Its excellent. It always has been and I have been a fan for a decade. I love the sound clips and the way you break down the qualities of the instrument.

Anonymous from Australia

Very interesting and informative

Brian from Canada

I love the forums its helped me get some interesting takes on different techniques.

Casey from USA

It's one of a kind. Not only do you provide a unique and masterful product but you are able to simultaneously encourage promote and spread cultural awareness.


I really love it. It's helpful it has chances to win prizes and Its a good place to buy quality didgeridoos

Christopher Kosek from USA

Very easy to navigate and the most beautiful didges I've seen

Chrystal from USA

It's great thank you for helping people get started with very little money and for all the information.

David from Canada

Very helpful so far...

David from USA

I have nothing bad to say about the website. Designed great easy to use and I think your ecological and ethnic ethics are perfectly emphasized!


It just rocks!!!

Gabriele Parrillo from Italy

Very beautiful and with a lots of complete information it seems that there is a deep and strong willing to communicate something that can help the people not to destroy the world but to love him

Hilary from USA

Most comprehensive and helpful didj website I've seen.

Anonymous from Australia

Very impressive range of useful info - I will be back often I think

James Nesbit from USA

I have learned so much from the didjshop. I really like the fact that you have kind of a buyers guide for what people need to look for. I would have to say that this is the most informative website that I have found. Also the selection of didjes is top notch.

James from USA

Very helpful and informative. Inspires a great deal more confidence than any other website I've seen.

Anonymous from USA

I like the layout and the wonderful didges.

Julio Serrano from Mexico

Very interesting all about the origins and actual status of the instrument. Congratulations for maintain this culture in reach of any body. Thanx a lot.

Magda from Australia

It's very informative and user friendly as evidenced by the number of International users.

Mandela Van Eeden from USA

Very excellent. I love the colors and the content. I really enjoy listening to the different didjes you have on here even if I cannot afford them I love listening to the concert quality didjeridus. It would make my year to win a didjeridu that nice:)

Mark Mondier from Belize

The best and most detailed

Martin from Netherlands

Keep on going! Very nice and good website which made me playing the didj again! Thanks!

Matthew Brewster from Guernsey

The best most informative with a huge selection all in one place and great helpful staff too

Michael Melvin from USA

What I like about this website is your thorough description of the didjes sound quality and your many features.

Nick Gaylord from USA

Awesome site. everything is easily found and accessible and a brief background is given on the products which is nice

Pablo Beler from Ecuador

IS great is the most complete site of didgeridoo I know very interactive.


Nice Site. I googled and found it straight away

Philippe from Canada

It looks really good. I like the fact that we can hear the instrument we want to buy before we do it. The ratings of each didge is especially useful to know what kind of instrument we want.

Rhiannon from USA

Great selection of didgeridoos at good prices. Easy to navigate.

Anonymous from USA

Incredibly informative. I'm gonna be getting my next one from you guys probably. seems quite the safe bet.


Quite good very complete trustful

Anonymous from Portugal

Definitely one of the more complete website about didgeridoo but as in every didgeridoo website I think the spiritual/meditative way of using didgeridoo is missing BUT the Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation is one of the best Ideas of the world I wish anyone told me about before so I could already have helped the earth a little bit more... I think it should be more divulged despite it's free Mother Earth will thank you all the way she can [OUR COMMENT: we have invited thousands and will keep inviting more, but please feel free to help spread the word, we'd love to see thousands or even millions to participate]

Steve Pickering from Australia

Very informative only place I have found with info regarding tone quality backpressure etc

Thomas from France

I find this website well designed and very interesting to learn about the didgeridoo. I generally trust that the didjes are authentic ones.


It's cool.

Anonymous from Canada

I think this website is the best didj selling place on the net.

Alexandre Nogueira from Portugal

I liked... necessary more images from Australia

Amber from USA

Inspirational and detailed. I'm sure I"ll visit it many times while I am learning and growing.

Amy from USA

Lots of questions!


Seems good but I came straight to this page

Annetta from USA

It is very user friendly and inviting.

Atticus from Australia

A lot of questions for a draw but aesthetically pleasing

Brett Makowski from USA

It is extremely welcoming to outsiders which for someone like myself is meaningful. I think your site seems to want to educate people properly about the Didj which has been helpful and insightful.

Charles from USA

Needs to be designed. You could have a much nicer site.




Your web site is easy to navigate and I wish I had the money to purchase your products.


Very nice

Claudia from Italy


Conor Kelly from Australia

Great easy to use and very respectable to our native people. and I'm only partly sucking up

Curtis from USA

Nice and simple to use

Daniele Baldan from Italy

I think is a good site. With serious and aware information. There are other sites with different infos: I like multi-informations and I think is better to have specific notice in different specific sites. Not in only one.

Derek Rusinek from USA

It has a very easy to figure out design. I feel like you should have more information about each didgeridoo though. A picture data and a sound file are more than most sites offer. However if you included more information on each didgeridoo and the artist that created it I would be much more satisfied with you website.

Edward Olson from USA

I have found this to be the most informative site to date.

Guido from Italy

Interesting-I don't speak english well. sorry


Its great. easy to use. very simple.

Harold from USA

Looks really nice so far

Ivor Carter from Australia

I like the competitions!

Jeremy Page from USA

I like the look of it. I must be honest though I haven't done a whole lot of searching through it yet. But I do believe in first impression. And you left a good one.

Katie from USA

Your site rocks


Very clean easy to follow and educational.


Lots of good information easy to navigate.

Luis Anillo from Spain

Spanish server...what else? hummm nothing more to say here. XD

Maarten from Belgium

It looks quite ok am still exploring will let you know if I dislike like stuff

Anonymous from USA

It is due for an update - better cleaner more efficient design. Better more user-friendly categories and navigation.

Nicole from Germany

It is great! Everybody who I know and is into Australia gets to hear about it! Great selection of goods.

Niko from Finland

Very nice. All I would want more is the sample sounds for the cheaper Didjes too.

Paul Putman from United Kingdom

I like it. would be good if there was links to iTunes so that albums and other didj music could be bought for my iPod player

Anonymous from USA

Nice site. easy to navigate and search. pricing tables are a little confusing...


So far it is nice but I am a beginner and am not sure if I want to spend more than a hundred dollars on my first didgeridoo. But I did learn about the didge and how its made

Tanner Fitzgerald from USA

Great it looks pretty good you had to have paid big bucks for this much bandwidth


Its cool.

Wesley from USA


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