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Visitors Comments made during the month of September 2003:

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Anssi Vilkko from Finland

Very good site easy to navigate. Only didj site in my bookmarks.

Anonymous from USA

Hey there buddy your web site kicks ass I love the way you guys have everything organized and I don't have a hard time finding things Thanks Didjshop.com

Avner Florebthal from Israel

Wonderful - I was shocked by the fast and private costumer help!

Anonymous from USA

I'm actually a web designer; and I think this is a great; functional and appealing site. Great work! I'll be back plenty of more times!

Anonymous from USA

Very well designed site. Great information. With a touch of morality.

Carl Bishop from USA

I find your web site to be excellent. It has aided me tremendously in my studies of didj history and music. I live in rural Arkansas and play several other music instruments. I recently became interested in playing didj however I knew of no one who played. I have caught on quickly thanks to the tips on your web site. I have one eucalyptus didj and am currently in the market for another. I wish I had discovered your web site sooner. It most certainly would have changed the way I bought my first didj. I first learned to play on bamboo didj's I constructed myself. Some of them play quite well but they certainly lack the resonance and soulful vibrations experienced through the playing of a real eucalyptus did. Keep up the good work. I'm sure your site has helped countless others like me.


One of the more reasonably priced on line stores

Catherine Gutsche from Canada

I love it. So much to select from. So much info that I never knew.

Dale Jackaman from Australia

I've just started looking. I was impressed with the topics presented and the depth of the info available. Of my didjes 2 have cracked so I was interested in the section on buying a didj. The info was excellent

Dane Jessie from USA

This rocks. I am very new to the world didjeridus. I would love to meet more people that play. This site is an amazing resource. I have already learned much that I didn't know before.

David Hill from United Kingdom

Having just heard/seen some amazing didg playing at Rolf's 50th anniversary bash I thought I'd look into learning to play one of these amazing instruments. This site I have to say has been a great source of information.

David Longster from United Kingdom

Excellent site with the most relevant information I have ever come across

Anonymous from South Africa

Very professional.

Doug Esch from USA

A wonderful place to get info and shop

Drew Tardiff from USA

Nothing parallels this web site in its ability to deliver all elements required for finding the right didjeridoo for the individual. This is the only place I need consider to shop for a didj.

Dubravko Lapaine from Croatia/Hrvatska

No doubt the greatest didge site there is. definitely the biggest offer and everything what can be put in words; picture and sound about the didge can be found. also the feeling of authenticity is very emphasized here. the site itself has nice atmosphere. and it is now much more convenient for searches. I was a bit lost with the old versions of the site which didn't work as perfectly as this one.=)

Emile van Wely from Netherlands

Good place for interested starters with playing Didgeridoo .and it's very informative for visitors. it also was helping me to learn the most difficult part the circular breathe technique

Eric Gold from USA

I like the Didjshop web site a lot. It's a great resource and is continually improving. It's amazing how easy it was to get a didge from halfway around the globe.

Anonymous from France

That's a very nice site. And the didjes...WOW

Gabi Ziolkowski from USA

Pretty good. I like the colors and design. It has lots of information and I don't feel pressured to buy anything so I might.


Great content

James Brady from USA

Great site- I enjoy the monthly emails too. I usually check the site for new stuff after I get the newsletter. Love the artwork and shields. Keep up the good work.

Jean-Paul Zagarola from USA

It seems a good page to bring didge players together.

John Elliott from United Kingdom

I look forward to each newsletter; which I always follow up with a visit to the site.

John Heusler from USA

I found the shop to be very well informatively laid out. Without question it is the best sight out there. Anyone can surf it with ease. There is no doubt of the sound quality of each Didgeridoo available with all the details given. Great prices and excellent variety. Kudos!

Jonathan Benham from USA

You are great; other sites don't come close to what you do; the information you provide is a great service.

Joshua Messier from USA

It's an awesome web site with some crazy cool didgeridoos

Anonymous from Belgium

It's very useful!

Kate Kenlock from United Kingdom

Great site with lots of useful information - especially for a beginner like me! I looked on your site for help both with learning to play and care of my Didj - wow what amazing in-depth information you have provided! I eagerly await my newly ordered Didj bag.

Kevin Gilmore from USA

I think that the web site is fantastic; and I am planning to purchase another didge in the near future. Your products and web site are fantastic; and leave a purchasing foreigner (USA) with the safe feeling that your company is extremely reputable and honest.

Lloyd Smedbron from USA

A swell site good info for the true didj community I'm glad I found it.

Mark de Roode from Netherlands

In short: it's so far the best one I've seen; on your site I can see; and hear what I want to buy. And there's a clear separation in the kind of didges you're selling; I.e. learners; concert; healing; and of course the kind of artwork; or lack of it. It's the best alternative next to go to a "real" specialised didge-shop (if there is one in holland...:) so: THUMBS UP!!

Matteo Mayer from Switzerland

It's very well made helpful end useful. A must for people interested in Didgeridoo.

Anonymous from Finland

Great pages!!! Gonna buy one from you soon

Anonymous from Finland

Somehow I keep coming back to this site...


Great selection awesome detail and amazing didges... among the best sites I've found

Nicolas Aubry from France

A great shop with a lot of choice the delay of expedition was very short and I haven't got any problems with the reception


The web site is so cool...the pictures are incredible and the information is so good !!!


The web site is very good and has loads of information about ancient Australian culture and aborigines. Shortly the best site about didjeridoos.

Peyton Leung from Canada

I love the amount of products and information you provide - you even tell us how to make our own didj! This goes a long way in supporting your belief in your own merchandise. I'm definitely keeping an eye out on your site for the didj of my dreams.

Phil Watson from United Kingdom

This is an excellent site which gives you so much information that short of physically playing the didj yourself answers any questions you would wish to ask.


Very well designed. I plan to buy one didj at one point through this site. It looks very serious and nice.

Rik van Luijn from Netherlands

It's a great site with a wonderful variation of didges. Now I am able to buy a good quality didge without having to go all the way to Australia (other side of the world for me because I live in Holland)

Anonymous from USA

Very informative site with lots of educational features. Best Didj site I've found.

Scott McMurry from USA

...what can I say? It simply keeps getting better and better!! keep up the great work!

Shawn Vickers from USA

God; I wish yall had been around when I first began learning; but then again; the web wasn't really around then either! Although I have some good didj's; I don't think mine compare to what you have. I'd give anything to play some of them. This web site is concise yet profuse with information. You all have done real justice to the most primal instrument in the world using the most advanced means - computers and the internet. If and when I get to Australia; my trip will definitely include a visit to you all. Texans already feel some strange connection with Australia; and you all have cemented that feeling with the thoughtfulness and hospitality you put into this site. Although I do not have the extra funds at this time to purchase a concert level didj from you all; you can bet that when I do it will be from this site. I love didj's some much; winning one from this site would be like someone giving me a house!

Simon Cantin-D'André from Canada

Very great site with many useful information I love it


This is the best site I have yet seen for didgeridoos. I like the selection and the ability to search by several possible criteria as well as the rating system and mp3s.

Tim Quick from United Kingdom

Awesome I want to buy them all. Very professional very user friendly.


I feel It's an honest shop because I have found too much information about the didjes and his characteristics the culture of Australia and from Didgeridoo I think is a base that unite the common ground of all human beings I live in Mexico and I see that the didj experience explains the philosophy of the ancestors of simple and nurturing life thanks to your land for give us a gift to our souls.

Tom Sloane from USA

I wish I had found you sooner. Absolutely the top flight operation in this arena.

Tommy Koziol from USA

Excellent reference and learning site. A must read for anybody new to didj's. An easy to use classification and buying search.


Interesting I'm an aussie born and bred but I still learnt something.


This is awesome I am going to learn more about the didj

Will Lyon from United Kingdom

Great; fantastic site; very informative

Anonymous from South Africa

Very professional; very informative; really nice web resource; and some really special Didges. Thanks for putting in the time and effort.


Although I have not visited Australia my husband was there for three months on business a few years ago and loves it....This web site is really interesting!

Andrea Toniolatti from Isle of Man

It's a good web site

Andrew Procter from United Kingdom

All in all the best Didj web site I've seen so far. Haven't finished trying but had a bit of trouble trying to buy a didj. Couldn't get to the part where you enter in your credit card details. Also wondering if you deliver to the UK?

Anonymous from USA

The web site provides good information on Didj's


Sounds interesting

Anonymous from USA

It's pretty cool place to listen to didjes and to buy some and a lot of other stuff but you should have some cheaper ones for those who don't have a lot of money


Wonderful site and resource

Audrey Stollings from Canada

It is very informative. I can't wait to visit the shop when we come to Australia


Very nice if ya like that sort of thing


I only used it to enter the sweepstakes

Brenda Shields from USA

I am so interested

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Really really useful - I'm about to get into Didj playing and there's all sorts of help here

Cheryl Moulton from Australia

I love the site and visit often; I really wish that I could participate in a festival; sound hearing and/or a circle

Chiara Ubertino from Canada

Very interesting instrument...Have been fascinated by didjes since I was young and hung out with people that played them. your web site is as infinitely rich as the sound of didj's themselves.

Chris Brazier from United Kingdom

Very well laid out and informative. Great give-away competitions.

David Acuff from USA



Always liked the sound of the didj but didn't really know what one looked like or how it was played. Your site has helped inform me.


Looks great and must sound great too


This is the first time I have visited the Didjshop.com web site. I have seen Didjes in Australian movies before; but this is the most information I have about Didjes.


Came up in Google!

Anonymous from USA

Love the site & the amount of information it provides. Would like to learn more about it. For instance is the site fully controlled organized and directed by Aboriginal People? [our comment: no the business is owned by non-Aboriginals, we just have a policy of buying didjes and artifacts only form Aborigines]

Fidelis Orozco from USA

Very nicely organized. Having sound samples of each didj is a nice feature. I've wanted a real didj for the longest time.

Fokko Ebbens from Netherlands

First of all it needs more Dutch! Second; create a chapter for advanced didj techniques for which circular breathing is a minimum requirement. Try to describe how advanced didj-play can be achieved! Make an instruction video for advanced didj-playing! (techniques) Third; Where is the space were I can type-in my Web page address? Which is by the way: http://home.planet.nl/~ebben931/


Very good

François Rey from France

J'ai commandé un didj au didjshop; il y a deux semaines et l'ai reçu en parfait état de marche. Je suis extrêmement content de la qualité du son et conseil votre site à tous les didgéridouistes.

Anonymous from France

Cool site! I'm French; I've been living in Australia for a bit more than a year and am going back to France in January. My didje is not so good; I had no idea how to choose it when I bought it; I wish I knew your web site before! Now I want to get myself a good didje to really improve (if I have the money; my travels have eaten up most of it...) I recommend these two websites in french : http://www.ventdureve.net/ http://www.francedidgeridoo.com/ two french communities of didje players.


Excellent content

Giacomo Albertini from Italy

Ottimo! Molto utile per l'acquisto degli strumenti e soprattutto complimenti per l'assortimento! P.s. I'm sorry but I'm tired and I can't translate my comments!


Very complete web site. A real link to find with all securities a termite-hollowed didje from Australia not and-maked by white people in other part of world.


Great site I'll return on this site more often.


It is a good site with good info and nice pics

Hiero Parth from Brunei Darussalam

Very interesting

Hubert Shrader from USA

I think the web site is outstanding and your shop is the one I'm considering buying my first Didge4ridoo from. By using your very informative site I have figured out what I want. It is very important to me that the aboriginal people are involved in your product.

Anonymous from Australia

It's is a very well presented web site. I enjoy it very much.


Very nice and informative site!

Anonymous from Indonesia


J Marshall Reber from USA

Extremely well organized and informative web site My wife teaches middle school and will be delighted to suggest it to colleagues.

Jack Anderson from USA

Very nice! Very informative as well.

Jack Carreno from USA

I like looking at the pictures of some of the fine didj craftsmanship and see how many different styles there are

James Hoege from USA

I make and play Native American style flutes; and find this instrument very fascinating.

James Lange from USA

It's cool ...where are the prices ?

Jan Vermeer from Netherlands

I live in Holland and like to know the price;s in euro. the site is very interesting and give me the feeling to buy ; but again;;;;;for me it is not clear what is the prices in euro so I doubt I;m very sorry for that. greeting Jan Vermeer


First visit too soon to have much to say about the site either way.

Anonymous from USA

Like the site. Spend a lot of time looking.


Looks like a great site for didg enthusiasts

John Roberts from USA

Very interesting


too many questions


It is very complete...


Think . is really cool . fro people from along way of Australia . like . me an Argentinean . I got a didjo an I want to play. I love aboriginal stuff . and life. so I'm really into . it . thanks guys. keep on .

Josh Sloane from USA

I think your site is a very informative and interesting site. The sounds are impressive and helping me clean out my didge is a good thing.



Justin McCauley from Uruguay

I have found you site to be put together very nicely I very much like how you can hear each didje. the info and background you give is also very nice. I have heard didjes on movies but never really knew what they were. one day I was blowing into a PVC pipe and got somewhat of the sound. I decided to get a little info about what it was that sounded so good.but it was hard to find. I had the basic idea so I made one out of bamboo. it picked up very quickly and I've learned to breath. now after I have heard some of your samples I am making some new sounds. your sight has giving me a little insight into something I have grown to love.


I love didj's

Anonymous from USA

It's different.


Yeah pretty surprised about your site good vibrations I'll come back


It's interesting that there is a web site It's a spectacular instrument.


Nice stuff for something not so usual

Anonymous from Cap Verde

It's pretty good site if your guys were more serious about it you'd include some better pictures of like the world wide meditation; designs for drawings.... mmm can't think of anything else right now........... thks


From your web site I can see there is quite a variety of didjes.


Sound clips are great I only hope to get as good!


These look really cool can't wait to really hear one

Anonymous from Austria

Great site lot of useful information !!


Seems very nice but at the moment I am just getting as much information as possible on what kind of did to purchase.

Maxine Pate from USA

I think didjs sound fascinating.

Michael Räse from Germany

Sehr gut


I like

Miguel Macedo e Silva from Portugal

It is a little bit difficult to fund this site in this country (POrtugal)

Mike Clayton from United Kingdom

It seems to be a well stocked and comprehensive web site shopping facility.

Mike Gibson from USA

If there are tips on circular breathing they should be easier to find. If there aren't tips I think it'd be something useful to add to the site.


One of the best sites available. I am not allowed to download your sound files on my work computer; which is the only computer available to me.


I have not had time to explore the web site yet. I wanted to purchase an instrument when I was in Sydney but was concerned about shipping it back to the USA

Mr Spider from United Kingdom

Great site very nice pics of didgs just wish I had one


It is very nice and gives lots of variety of didjis.

Pablo Rada from Spain

I like because it permits me know didj and tribal world

Patrick Denby from USA

It is a very well designed web site with a lot of information for people interested in didgeridoos.

Anonymous from Netherlands

First visit... what can I say??



Ramón Ruiz Fernández from Spain

It's a really nice information what you offer; it's also an amazing world; the didj world; but; the design is not very attractive....that's all; I love this site!


Very nice to see all that beautiful stuff


Treès complet mais pas assez de francais


Very interesting Didje music for relax


Very intriguing


I love the site!!! I do have a question though. I have bought my first didje for only $16. After doing some research I've found out why it was so cheep. It seems to be unfinished. The walls are very thick and covered with shavings that are still attached. This of course dampens the resonance to a great degree. How do I go about removing some wood and smoothing out the bore properly? Information on this subject seems to be very scarce and opinionated. Any response Would be appreciated. The Warmth

Ronald Pirovano from Netherlands

A very good site; with all kind of didjes. I surf many times too your site for listening and looking to the didjes.

Roy Armstrong from USA

This place is awesome! I'm looking forward to winning the didj!!!!!!!!


This is nice and very good site. clearly.

Sam Caldarera from USA

Very good although the pictures of the didges make it difficult to get a good description of them.


Interesting; I've definitely learned something

Scott Archibad from Australia

Best site I have found so much interesting information and extremely informative. I love the shop. Keep up the great work.


Great site ;but quality ones are always sold out;new ones should be added every week rather then all at once


It looks good.


I love your web sight and wish I had seen it before I ordered a didj from [an American supplier] But they served us well. Your prices seem fair but I do have a problem being that you are so far away but that is my problem. I do plan on getting another didj but first I have to prove that I can learn to play one first. You know the money thing.

Steven Southern from USA

Great site lots to look at and read thanks steve

Takis Papazoglou from Greece

Mo feedback at all guys. Keep up the good work.


I found this site to be very helpful; I make didjs just as a hobby and this site has given me some helpful tips...thank you; tammy

Tero Ipatti from Finland

Your web site is clear. It is easy to find what you are looking for. There is one thing though to improve the same as in every web page related to didgeridoos. There is never too much information about didgeridoos and aboriginal culture the rituals myths and ceremonies of the aborigines. Normally those are the things that are the most difficult to find information about. And I'm sure there are lots of people on the other side of the world who are interested. Anyway one of the best didge sites.


I think the site is fantastic. I am an American and would absolutely love to win a didjeridu and learn how to blow it. I have always been fascinated by them. Thanks for a great web site Tom Pizza; United States (New York - upstate)

Tina Volz from USA

Wonderful site! Photos are great; show real look of the didjs. The detail in the didgs are beautiful.

Tom Buell from USA

Great site. lots of info and nice looking products.

Tomasz Rakowski from Poland

Good professional site. I will visit this site few more times at sure. It is pleasure to watch so many didjs hear sounds of them and get so many information about instruments...

Tony Kiser from USA

I really like it.

Anonymous from Canada

Very interesting


I love your site even though I have never played before!!!


Cool! Stacks of info!

Anonymous from Czech Republic

Really good one

Yan Darma Darma from Indonesia

Twice times

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