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Visitors Comments made during the month of January 2010:

Online name


Anonymous Great website. My first time visiting and I'm impressed.
Alexandre Uebersax from Switzerland Didjshop is in my opinion very well made I found many useful information that helped me or will in choosing my future didj
Anonymous A bit hard to navigate around.
Anonymous Very complete
Anonymous from Finland Nice website.
Betty from USA Cool stuff
Bob from USA Excellent site =full of interesting and valuable info
Anonymous from USA I like it
Anonymous from USA I really like it but how can I have a better chance of winning one because I can't afford to buy one? [OUR COMMENT: for more ways of getting tickets in the draw please see the competition page]
Anonymous from USA Great resource
Clay from USA I just stumbled across it but I definitely like what I have seen so far and will probably end up getting something from the site.
Anonymous Cool
Dale from USA I enjoy visiting your website. I find it informative and interesting and really love the products you carry.
Daniel Glancy from New Zealand Full of very good and interesting information easy to follow
Anonymous from USA Educational
David from Canada It's incredible! Really thorough! I could spend days here!
Dawn from USA Very easy to navigate very much information is available and it is very interesting
Anonymous from Canada Cool
Don Fecteau from USA Very thorough
Anonymous Very nice and easy to use
Anonymous from Canada I like it!
Edward Guertin from USA Can not. Never visited it.
Anonymous Nice site
Anonymous Interesting
Hal Stepanich from USA I'm glad I happened onto it. Just visiting your site and browsing lifts my spirit
Anonymous Amazing-I always find nice things to read and learn.
Anonymous Great selection
James Miller from USA The best didge website ever. is the only one I have bookmarked on my computer.
Anonymous Great website
Anonymous I have not visited enough to make a comment.
Anonymous from USA Great website with lots of information. probably the single best musical website I have ever seen as far as amount of information available for specific instruments
Jezz from United Kingdom Straightforward - focusing on the reason for the WebSite to exist makes for a successful site. Nice one.
Jim Robinson from USA Its nice.
Joey Peter from USA I really like how I can sample audio bits of different Didgeridoos
Anonymous Great info
John from USA Great info.
Anonymous from USA None
Joni Huuhtanen from Finland Overall very good website and this is an area I have some expertise in.:) I give you 4 stars out of 5.
Julie Bothmer-yost from USA I think it could be easier to find the store section. It should be a large obvious link.
Julie from USA I'm interested in learning new instruments including non-western so this website seems to be a very good resource
Anonymous I am from Australia and have always loved the Didgeridoo I did not know this website existed until it was put onto the contest site
Keano Martinez from USA Your website seems legitimate. Like your not trying to con people into buying fake genuine Didgeridoos
Anonymous Cool
Kevin Cote from Canada I have viewed a lot of other sites and you have one of the best selections and your descriptions could not be beat. I feel I know exactly what I am buying the day it comes when I can afford it.
Anonymous Well organized with great sound clips of items for sale
Kevin from USA Love it!! Wish I knew about this sooner.
Kim-adrian Rasmussen from Norway Its easy to find different didges and its cool that some of the didges are mp3 sound on the sites so you can listen before you buy it.
Anonymous from Canada Very interesting.. learn a lot that I didn't know before about Didjes such as I didn't know there were gatherings to play Didjes together! I've always had an interest in Didjes seeing as I pick them up every time one's around. I'm not very good but now after visiting your site I would really like to learn more now
Anonymous from USA It's my homepage and I tell everyone I talk to about the didj about your website. I've passed a lot of links along
Marilyn from USA Very informative
Mark Niglas from Canada Great! Initially hard to navigate to the didgeridoo shop. Really love the comprehensive evaluations and sound samples of each didgeridoo for sale
Anonymous Not at this time
Anonymous Interesting didn't know there were so many types of Didj's
Anonymous from USA Bad layout but very informative
Anonymous Nice website
Anonymous Very nice
Anonymous Nice
Rob from USA Lovely
Anonymous from USA Very nice
Anonymous Great layout
Stanley from USA Easy on the eyes
Stephen from USA Prize giveaways are a nice way to get more people to visit.
Steven Harnie from Reunion Island Great don't change it!
Susan Alles from USA Love the website
Susan from USA Interesting I've bookmarked it and will return
Anonymous Confusing.
Sylvain from French Polynesia I learned a lot about the legends. I took many pictures of didj in case I find a hollow branch and fill create my didj.
Tanner Saylor from USA Very easy to use. The greatest compilation of authentic aboriginal didgeridoos.
Tim from USA It's basic but functional. If I were you I'd find some appealing background to place behind the storefront info. boxes.
Trevor from Canada I love the form systems. No other store or community I've ever seen has such a comprehensive feedback system or interactive guide for getting information on instruments. It's great keep it up!
Zachary from USA It's very fascinating I could spend hours here

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