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Aaron Talbott from USA

This is a great site!! You have beautiful instruments and sell for a great price. I am happy you are so aware of and protective of the Aboriginal culture. The sound clips are good too.

Anonymous from USA

You have a wonderful site. I have become very interested in the didgeridoo. You provide a wealth of information. Keep up the great job!

Adam Popa from USA

Awesome site. extremely honest feeling informative and nicely arranged


You have a wonderful web site full of knowledge about the didj. I am very interested in learning all I can about these instruments and learn to play very well. your web site has given me the basis for what I need to know and want to learn.

Al Guild from USA

I searched through several Didji web sites and found yours to be what I was looking for. I had a problem with the first thing I ordered from you by credit card and a lady from you company helped me efficiently and quickly. The problem was on my end not yours. I was impressed and this week I ordered Didj ac596 from you. Can't wait to play it.


Too many didjes to choose from it can be hard with such quality! I must come over and dream someday! I am very pleased to see such an ethical site which works with ONLY Aborigine instruments. The way it should be. Well done!

Andre Martinez from Portugal

I'm from Portugal and as everything the aborigine culture is only well known about a couple of years. Still there's only one australian men that came here once a year for a festival that bring with him didj to sell. This site is almost perfect it have the most beautiful didj I had ever seen and a lot of them. I had already planed a trip to Australia to knowledge and buy a didj but this site... I still want to go to Australia but now I know that I don't have to go there to buy a didj thank for that. If possible put some more info about the art the meanings of the symbols that are in the painted didj and a bit of history too so that every person that plays didj know the meaning of what is doing. Didgeridoo is not just a musical instrument... most grateful for your site please continue. Greetings Portugal.

Audrey Herman from USA

I enjoy the newsletter. I find information about the Aboriginal people of great interest. I appreciated the information on the didji as well and would love to learn of CD's using didji music that are available for purchase. I have used my didji for several art classes in our local school showing the artwork of the Aboriginal people and explaining the process of a true instrument having been hollowed out by termites etc.

Bianca van den Hooff from New Zealand

Love it!!!! I bet this won't be the last time I'm here can't wait to get the newsletter and I'll definitely buy more stuff here in the future.


I think it is a great site I have searched the net for a while now and this is the most comprehensive of didgeridoo sites. I like Charlys as it has feature where you can play the diggeridoo online..I followed a link from Charlys to find your site.

Brenden Vieira from USA

Your site is definitely the best didj site ever. All of my didjes will come from the didjshop.com. No other company comes close to the service and quality.

Carlos Salmon from Mexico

It is a very reliable I really like it because it is complete enough to find what I want. And the staff is very nice they have answered all my questions.

Charles Nash from USA

It's important. Keep it up.

Christophe Michel from Switzerland

For me it is the best web site for Didj. For the shopping of course but also fro information. I learned many things about Didj with your web site. Thank you for your improvement.

Chuck Micallef from USA

I love your web site. It is very informative. Especially in regards to Aboriginal culture and community. Your site continues to improve. Thank you.

Curtis Daughtry from USA

This has got to be the most extensive site I have ever seen. I wish I had known about it before I purchased the 2 didges I own.

Dan Jones from USA

great look and "feel" nice selection of instruments and I like the additional non-didge articles as well

Debbie Wentzel from USA

It is very informative. The layout is great. The variety of info is very good. The people are great too and very helpful. I like the fact that you can hear the sounds of each that is for sale. I bought one for my son and he is very happy. Thank you.


Your site is cool

Doc Savage from USA

The shop and Web site look great. Things are easy to find and the information is comprehendible to a novice like myself. Thanks for all your hard work.

Dominique Brack from Switzerland

This web page is fantastic. I often browse trough and listening to your MP3 files and feel better and better.

Douglas Stoker from England

Checked out many many sites and bought from you little else to say.

Edward Hill from England

It's absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!

Fábio Wollstein from Brazil

My english is bad but I like the didjshop.com to listen the masters didji player in mp3..and I study my didj style.....

Frank Lovecchio from USA

It is the best most honest and knowledgeable that I have found. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous from USA

I think the web site is fun and insightful with loads of charm!

Gordon Alcorn from USA

One of the better web sites I've visited any where on the Web (I spend an hour or to a day surfing.)


I thought it to be very informative especially the sections on aboriginal culture

James Mathieu from Canada

I think that you have a lot of info compared to all of the other sites that I've been to, considering that there is not much known about these amazing instruments.

Jason Mustard from United States

This site is great! I come here all the time. I love my didj that I bought here. Hopefully I'll get my circular breathing figured out sometime.


Love it I have told other about it because of all the work you all put in. it is a great thing. thank you jason


I loved to know about your web place because since then I knew that my devotion to this instrument and its magic sound is shared with so many people in this world. I never saw so clearly what I wanted: to spend my days playing that healing sound of the didj

Justin Peterson from USA

It's nice to find something so genuine on the internet a group of people providing such a positive product with mounds of information within reach!

Kathy Clark from USA

I like the easy way for navigating. And you break down the categories very nicely. It makes sense unlike too many other sites on the Internet.


This so far is the best didj site I have found. I bought my first didj about six months ago and searched the internet to learn how to play. After finding your site I have practiced everyday and have learned how to play.(I still have a lot to learn about technique though) Thanks for the help.

Anonymous from USA

what an incredible place. in the vast sea of internet didj shops where it is impossible to weed out the crap from the genuine- didjshop is the real thing with awesome didjes great customer service and excellent links to interesting info about the things an aspiring didjer like myself wants to know.

Lee Greagsbey from England

Very nice site I like the way it is set up nice and easy to use and find your way around. Help pages are good a lots of pre answered questions which is helpful.

Lindsay Upcraft from USA

I have found the web site to be incredibly informative as well as fun to explore. It's rare to find a business web site so informative and helpful. I've also found it fairly easy to navigate. The pictures of the didj's are beautiful and the charts help you know exactly what you'll get.

Mark Elliott from Jersey, Channel Islands

I have visited many didjeridu sites before some I have stored in my favourites page. This particular site is by far the best I have seen and visited! This didj site has everything a new visitor could possibly want regarding history and information about the didjeridu. The didjshop.com web site also has what I would say is by far the most comprehensive largest and best choice of didjeridu's for sale for a novice player like myself to the expert. This is one didj site I have definitely added to my favourite's list in fact I would not need to look any further! Well done didjshop on an informative site!

Marlon Fuller from USA

It's great. you people are great to deal with.

Martin Hodgetts from England

Excellent. I first got info about didges and how to make my own from your web site (I wouldn't have bought a genuine one if I hadn't got experience first).

Marty Magnini from USA

Great site!--I love the didge I bought from you!

Max Jackson from USA

I love Didjshop.com. Living in the city in the US its hard to find good didjes or info on them. I showed a friend your site and he bought a didjeridu from you. Its the greatest didj I've played yet. Someday I hope to own one of your authentic didjes. I like the worldwide didj meditations because it gives me a way to get together with other didj players in the area.

Peter Viljanen from Finland

It's mega cool! =) and the didges looks real nice.. I'd like to own one...

Richard Savoie from Canada

I have just pass through your site and I am deeply touch and sad about all the business made on the back of aborigine people as a canadian painter myself I am touch by what is going on with this didg and art circus. Now I will only buy my didgeridoos from australian native. And there should be law protecting aborigine right vote by aborigine people and gave them back what belong to them. As to the didjshop approach about didges they are top professional and the best site by far I have seen since I began my didge journey. Please excuse my broken English.

Rick Rick from USA

Love the quality and ease of navigation.

Roger Schert from USA

This is a good site. It is obvious you care about the Aboriginal Peoples and their culture as well as your products. My "Personal Reference" has purchased several of your Didj's.

Anonymous from USA

fantastic site with an almost unbelievable number of photos of your beautiful didjs. I also really like the fact that the instruments can be sorted by different criteria very cool.


Great site great didjs

Sean Duncan from USA

Your site is as informational as I could wish for as a clueless yet interested didj researcher.

Anonymous from USA

I use this site as my homepage. I also frequently tell interested friends to check it out. It is a great place to learn about the culture varied aboriginal artifacts and how to make a didjeridoo. A must on the didj circuit.

Stuart West from England

Brilliant site Svargo and still improving

Su Armitage from England

It's getting better all the time

Anonymous from Australia

Fantastic site - the didjs are wonderful and very reasonably priced

Sven Op de Beeck from Belgium

I'm always happy to receive your newsletter it makes me visit the web site more often than not although this is rather frustrating: all those nice looking and sounding didges I would like to try and buy... but they are at the other side of the world goddammit! Anyway I find the site informative and fairly easy to navigate so keep up the good work!

Terry Karrow from USA

Great site and I love the didj I got from you.

Anonymous from USA

Where to begin... from a consumer perspective the sight is both a commercial and artistic success. One can navigate the sight easily the links are well maintained and the system is quite responsive. The information on Aboriginal art & culture makes a nice combination with the artefacts you offer for sale. I am sure all of this is due to your diligence and willingness to "do things right". The greatest single impediment to retail commercial progress is the high degree of difficulty and frustration encountered by the consumer. You have conquered this and should be proud of the results (NOTE: I am a e-commerce product analyst for a large U.S. company so I have some experience in this area).

Tom Law from England

a really great find for any didg player!

Tom O'Brien from USA

Your site is awesome and I wouldn't change a thing! Keep up the great work!!!

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