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Visitors Comments made during the month of January 2004:

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Aleksandar Arsov from Macedonia (FYR)

It's getting better and better with time

Alex Bloomfield from USA

I trust your web site because it is so thorough. I hate to say it, but I feel a lot of didj companies are just trying to sell product, but the best product usually sells itself. The didjshop staff was very patient and helpful to me when buying a huge bell didj. I chose ae285 and it's on its way now!

Alexandra Logotheti from Greece

This site is by far the best, most impressive and most organized didji site I have seen on the Internet. Really!

Anonymous from New Zealand

Heaps of info, quite helpful. and some really wicked didges for sale. Awesome site.

Anonymous from USA

I really appreciate that you are more than just a store...this is a great retail site, but more than that it's a resource and inspiration. I love the global meditations.

Andy Morrison from Canada

Really friendly and lots of information about the sticks. Audio samples are really useful.


This is the best didj site I've seen and it gets better every time I visit.

Anonymous from USA

I like the news letter a lot, it's good to have some info on what's going on with didjs in the world.

Ayeshah Munshi from United Kingdom

Great site. Easy to navigate, good, clear information on a wide range of subjects to do with didjing.


I like that it tells you how much the cost is in USD. Some sites don't have that, and they don't have good pictures and summaries of each instrument shown.

Anonymous from Germany

Thank you very much for information. Last year I really appreciate the date for the world-wide sunset-playing...

Bill Murphy from Ireland

I have been impressed with the development of the site over the last few years. In particular I like the photos and the music clips.

Brad Lackey from USA

Great products. When I'm ready for another didj, I'll buy it here.

Brett Daniels from USA

A superb web site that is efficient, easy to read and well thought out. I am recovering from burn injuries and received a didje healing ritual from a friend. I need to win a real didje so he can teach me how to play. =)

Brian James from US Minor Outlying Islands

I really like the site, the ease with which you can view different types, and the ability to listen to how, the ones you like sound. The news letter keeps me in touch with what's happening and makes me feel closer to the people who produce these wonderful instruments.

Bruce Thomson from Canada

I really enjoy your site and find it highly informative. As a Canadian First Nation person (aboriginal) of the Metis Nation I find the news interesting, the good news exciting and the bad news makes me even more determined in my pursuit of Human Rights for all people.

Carl Hirschfeld from USA

Once you come to the didjshop why would you go anywhere else :-)

Anonymous from USA

Very informative. I especially like the news about aborigines. Buying authentic didjs are very important.

Cherisse Cooper from New Zealand

Such a great web site,outlining every detail of your products with knowledge and wisdom. You've designed didjshop to the advantage of all future and valued customers and visitors worldwide. Every feature and links to information is so encouraging to read it drew my attention for sure. I find the outlay easy and accessible to navigate. Pictures are great, which gives a buyer a clear view of what they are interested in buying. I'll be passing the word on about didjshop to friends and associates. My only regret is that I didn't find this web site sooner. I've found out so much about didjeridus that I never knew before, which has become a fascination of mine now to explore more in depth. The didjshop is designed to the advantage of future and valued customers and visitors. Thank you for such a great journey through didjshop it has definitely been an experience that will ensure my return here often.

Anonymous from Germany

It is great. Go on in that way!!!!!!

Dan Kilbury from USA

I feel that the web site gives me the assurance that I would be buying my 1st didj from the right place.

David Birmingham from USA

Aside from being a store; the site is a teacher providing insight on an ancient culture and the beauty of its music.

Anonymous from USA

You have a terrific web site! Lots of information, easy to navigate, lots of fun! Be proud! (I am in the computer software business, have hired professional web site developers, and spend considerable time on the internet.)

Doug Stoker from United Kingdom

It is a site that you look forward to visiting. You surf around and one or two you go back to from time to time, but the Didjshop is the regular one to visit

Douglas Michon from USA

This is the best didj site out there.

Douglas Vroonen from Belgium

I am amaze by the quality of your services, when I first found your web site, I wasn't thinking to buy a didj, but I ask you anyway your advise, and you did kindly and professionally answer to me, and I did follow your advise and at the end bought the AD652, since I have it, I play at least one hour a day, and I did improve dramatically my way of playing. From the moment I ordered the didj till I had it in my hands everything went smoothly and fast (it took four days from Australia to Belgium).

Ed Ed Steever from USA

Fun to look through. Your hearts in the right place.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Excellent reference site and the best didj shop I've found on the internet.

Eran Heller from Israel

Seems like you put a lot of effort in the web site, which makes it fun to visit. It is great that you try to create a Didg players community

Eric Kovach from USA

It's a very nice web site Lot's of interesting and pertinent content. It's easy to navigate which is very high on my list of features important in a web site The content is sectioned into categories in a very effective way. I would say your site ranks among the finest storefront web sites I've browsed.

Eric Richman from USA

It is without a doubt, the most comprehensive and informative site that I have ever visited. The range of selection is incredible. I only wish that I had bought one less didge while in Darwin last year so that I could have purchased a Brad Gosam piece here. $ permitting, I will.

Eric Shindledecker from USA

This is the greatest site that I have ever dealt with. The customer help is past what words can explain!! Anyone who plays the didj or is interested in the didj needs to find out about Didjshop.com!

Gabe Churray from USA

Once again, you guys are great. Every Didg is professionally made, and more importantly, they sound amazing. The business conducted on the web site is top notch, and communication between buyer and the Didjshop is always friendly and professional.

Gianfranco Tedeschi from USA

You people have done a great job. full of information and easily manoeuvrable. most sites pull teeth to provide shipping costs. EXCELLENT. LOVE THE SOUNDS. BRILLIANT MOVE.

Helen York from USA

Around here, northern new england, most of the good didj players are native american musicians who play them in addition to wood flute and traditional mouth bow, or drum. the didj's I have seen have largely been functional but not decorated traditional aussie style...so it's fun to see a whole site with some beautiful instruments.

Irek Rychlewski from Poland

Best didjshop ever seen on the web !!!1

Jaime Parker from USA

I really like the history and other peripheral information that your web site provides. I would like to see more sections of that type. Also, some downloadable drum tracks to play along with my didj that I bought from your company would be really neat.

Anonymous from Canada

If you love didgeridoo's it's the place to be !!

Anonymous from Spain

I like your philosophy, taking care of the land and the aborigines. I think I won't visit any web more after yours. (Sorry for my bad-writing)

Jeff Nelson from USA

I love your web site and the news letter you send out. It keeps my interest in the music going, as I scrape and save to be able to afford a didge other than my pvc one. When I have the funds I plan to make a purchase from your Company as it is the best I have ever seen. Both in the product you provide and the dedication you have for sharing the experience. PLease keep up the good work!

Jeph Gilfillan from USA

I think the site is great! When I was shopping for didjs online I stopped immediately after I found didjshop.com. I must say that I don't think I have yet explored the entirety of this site but I really do enjoy the way didjshop organizes its didjs. It was easy and I am now the proud owner of a genuine termite-hollowed, concert quality didj. It's the best didj I've ever played.

Jesus Perez from USA

I enjoy your newsletters and love your didj. Can't wait to buy another.

Jim Barrett from Sweden

The Didjshop has a great range of the highest quality Yidaki in one place I have seen. They are genuine articles with the indigenous culture of Australia being supported through their site and sales.

Joe Schacher from Canada

Honestly, this is a really well organized web site anyone I know that is interested in didgeridus gets sent to your site.


Will inform others of this site

John Elliott from United Kingdom

Great site, musically, informational and ethically.

John Lolis from USA

The extensive features are very well laid out, easy to navigate, and quite pleasing to the eye and ear. Well done!

John Watts from USA

I Love your site it has tons of info and great Didges,at good prices!!! Keep Up the Good Work!

Anonymous from Germany

For my grade off information it is the best shop. Its the first time I'll have a good feeling about the truths of the information, because I can hear every didge you want to sell.My next didge I'll buy by your shop. Greetings from Black Forest/Germany Juergen

Kent Olson from USA

great, I bought my son a didg from your shop last Christmas because of the sound bytes. The only problem is he wanted one but I am the one that ended up playing all the time and searching for new cd's for help on my techniques.

Laurent Baig from USA

I think this is a great site. I love looking at all the wonderful didges, and being able to hear them. It would be nice if you could search for all didges by key. But that would be my only suggestion. Cheers, and thanks for the didg I bought from here (ae391 I think). It's both beautiful and sounds good and arrived in great condition! [OUR COMMENT: you can search for didjes by key]


it is a excellent web site for reference and purchasing

Marcelino Andipatin from France

I am willing to buy a didgeridoo for years now. All the one's I have found in France are junk one's. Not even completely hollowed or good for decoration. Very expensive for fire wood, they come probably from Taiwan, or India... Really please to find such a fine choice of real didgeridoo's and wide scale and the sound tracks to choose also!

Mario di Giulio from Italy

I think it's a really good site, always changing in better, and I'm really thankful to svargo for how treated me in that bad situation!

Mathieu Dube from Canada

Simply the best place to buy a didgeridoo. For beginners or pro musicians this is the shop!!!

Matt Chacey from USA

Your web site has improved to become an outstanding tool for picking out the perfect Didj! I was impressed with the service and time it took to get my Didj.

Matthew Brewster from United Kingdom

Easy,clear and a joy surfing.This is the best site related to the didj world and after getting my first didj through the site I would encourage everyone to shop at didjshop.com Thank you, keep it up

Michael Corcoran from USA

I like the wide range of products available. I also like the informative content of the site. The customer service is astounding.

Michael Goulding from USA

I find it an excellently laid out site, and particularly like the fact that one can hear the various "classes" of didjeridoo. It is very easy to quickly locate exactly what you are looking for.

Michael Lowe from USA

Great site. I was about to buy a Didj from a shop here in Denver, Colorado, in the US, but your information made me rethink that purchase. I want to support those who make these instruments in the tradition, and I the one I was about to buy, I'm sure, was not crafted in the traditional way. I look forward to getting a real Didj from your shop.

Mike Magnet from USA

It's great. The FAQ Helped me out with learning to play my didge correctly. Though I'm still doing it, you provided a great help. When I do learn well, I will purchase a superb didge from you! Thanks, Mike

Mike Sands from USA

I love to look at the new didjs on the site; I like the organization and features of the site. Also, not related to the site directly, your newsletter is very good.

Nol Caine from France

I don't know how many hours I've spent on your site, I must have listened to every didj by now. I've almost got the sequence off by heart

Norman Quednau from Germany

I like it. I like the Idea of worldwide Didj-meditation. Easy to find what I want


Thanks, why it has helped me in my learning

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Excellent site. Sound files are a great idea. When I bought my didj from the shop service was quick and efficient - no problems. Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous from USA

Great web site I think the newsletter adds a lot to the whole community experience. This is a great example of function over beauty.

Pierre Martin from Canada

I have purchased from you guys because of your site. Thank you

Anonymous from USA

Simply put. This is a great web site I have learned a great deal about the didgeridoo as well as the culture from which it originated.

Anonymous from Austria

This web site is very well structured, giving a good overview and from my point of view enough information about the instruments. The pictures are great - and the didge I ordered is perfect!

Randy Wilson from USA

I love the detail that you go into about the descriptions of each. Most other sites are very ambiguous about their descriptions. They would describe a lead pipe and a concert almost identical. "Good all around player."

Renaud Warson from Belgium

I find it the best resource for didj info. As well, I'm very satisfied of the didj I ordered through didjshop. My only advice would be to make the access to the info a bit clearer and user friendly. AS well, giving more advices to "advanced" players on how to improve would be great. Indeed, it's easy to find how to start, but later we all have to find by ourselves...

Richard Grossman from USA

It's awesome! I think it's the best laid out didj site on the web. I appreciate your level of honesty about the sounds of the instruments, the way they are graded, the excellent sound samples, and the beautiful quality pictures of the didj's.

Anonymous from USA

I honestly think your web site is amazing. My father is a web designer, so I think it's fair to say that I am a respectable critic. I think it is very well organized and I also appreciate the wonderful sense of passion and sincerely that radiates through this technological universe in which we communicate.

Robert Caluette from USA

This is a very expansive and informative web site This is the best way to shop for a didj, next to holding one in person. The best thing is that you have photos and sound files of the didjs with an excellent rating system. And the rating system is accurate and meaningful. The web site is far, far more than just a place to shop for a didj. It has a wealth of information about didjeridus and Aboriginal news. The only complaint I would have about the web site is that there is so MUCH information that navigating to a particular page can be difficult at times. ie: where did I find that? how did I get there? As the proud owner of a Didjshop didjeridu, I can say that the care and attention taken in finishing and shipping is awesome. It is my very favorite didj ever. I spent weeks looking at and listening to high concert didjs before making my decision. I kept being drawn back to this one particular didj. It is just right for me. I have definite plans to buy another one from didjshop in the near future. Thank you! -Loping Buzzard

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Amazing site, it has allowed me to contact people in my area via Oz ( how about that ?) & I could spend forever looking at all those wonderful instruments & art work.


Best web site for didj info. I have a link to it my site.

Sara Johnson from USA

You have an excellent, user friendly site with tons of information and a fantastic selection of great didgeridoos. Thank you didjshop for all you have to offer to the growing didgeridoo community!

Sherry Mason from United Kingdom

The site is the best didj site on the net! Well put together and heaps of informative articles, stories, aboriginal news and an excellent variety of didgeridoos, excellent photography too!! I could go on and on, but I think the site speaks for itself! Thank you to didj.com for putting all this on the net!


It is a very good web site, didjes are real instruments and when we ask for a question, the answer is sent very quickly! a lot of nice didjes for a lot of roots people. respect to Aborigines

Stephen Procter from United Kingdom

The web site is fantastic, and if anyone says otherwise, don't believe them :) lol - everything about your company as a whole impresses me and I think other shops aspire to be like yours!

Suzen Vizzoni from USA

Why you even need to ask for feedback amazes me. You know you are the best! It's your ethics, your authenticity, the way you grade your instrument which is why every now copies you, your from what I read, your service. I wouldn't dream of buying from where else on the net but from the didjshop! [OUR COMMENT: we need to ask because we like hearing it from you :-) thanks to all of you]

Will Fish from USA

Excellent. It is easy to use and has exciting products, etc. It looks and feels authentic. It is very helpful to the customer and just visitors.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Feel choosing dif is personal thing...needed more guidance before shelling out.[am student!!] possibly objective difference between different woods else very good

Adam Clark from USA

It is a great site and I love to learn and this site has helped a lot,,,thanks Charly

Alan Salz from USA

I like the fact that you give the ability to hear the a wave file of the didje.

Alejandro Alvear from Chile

It's a really good place to learnt abut aborigine music, congratulation for this spectacular page


It's ok

Amy Smith from USA

It gives a lot of information about didges. The links are helpful as well.

An Detemmerman from Belgium


Andreas Goeransson from Sweden

In all I've found the Didjshop.com web site to be pretty well made with some pretty good tips on how to care for the didj.


Great web site I hope I win the didj I've always wanted one but they are hard to come by where I live!

Andy Gerzina from USA

I like it. Cool stuff.


I have seen few other sites but didjshop is the best it's easy to navigate

Angel Cruz from USA

seems like you have a lot of info to digest

Anthony Aleman from USA

Didjshop is a wonderful web site because you guys have a lot of different didjeridu's and good prizes good job didjshop!!!!!Great work.

Anthony Collet from Australia

really well done and easy to go through with beautiful pictures of didj

Antonio Torres from Spain

Is the best didj web site that I can found.

Anonymous from USA

It's a great web site for people who like to learn how to play and to get tips there a little expensive but hey if want a real one there you go


Very interesting

Ashley McGehee from USA

This is a good site with lots of different, beautiful didjes to choose from.

Aurélien Palacios from France

I think it is a complete site, but you can add some mp3, or video... And for the french it is sometime difficult to read and understand all the things which are explain...

Barbara Dye from Canada

I feel like I've been to Oz again!!!!!!!! I loved it there; if I didn't have children here, I would live there. My birth family is all there.

Ben Schiettecatte from Belgium

It's just damn good!!!

Bill Radel from USA

I would like more information about the keys and how I can hear it on my computer.


It is very informative, a lot of information. I am now looking into to where I can purchase a didji

Anonymous from USA

I like the site, good job.


It sure is interesting.

Anonymous from Canada

Very original


Still exploring but so far seems to be educational and inspiring. I have seen some of the nicest looking art on the didj in a long time.

Caleen Haun from USA

I have just heard of this sound healing concept and am very intrigued. We just came back from our first trip to Australia and heard the didj music for the first time. I am looking forward to learning more about it and the amazing qualities of its sounds.

Camilo Carvajal from Chile

I don't understand the word "feedback", but I give my opinion about de web (I bet "opinion" and "feedback" have the same meaning.): it's a very complete and funny web site have all the elements and stuff to be an excellent and an interest web, and with the all stuff you have, it's enough to converts a person into a real "didje-man". I like too the long list of the countries you have to distribute your various stuff (Chile for example, alright!), and the web is centralized only in the sell of australian artisan. Finally, is the best didje-shop that I seen, so don't worry, you are the best!.


Love the site. REEEEEEally want to win the Didj. Not sure if I (a woman) should play but would love to see my hubby try. As for me I just love them as works of art.

Cheryl Free from USA

Thanks for sponsoring giveaways on the Web!

Chris Burd from USA

Beautiful products

Chris Fleming from USA

I believe the didjshop.com is the best web site I've seen or any of my friends have seen the sell didj's,boomerangs, aboriginal art, spears, shields, bullroarers, clap sticks, and so on.

Chris Pieplenbosch from Netherlands

This is a real haven for young people like me, who are very interested and want to learn more about diji's and CAN UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING HERE! you guys are great.

Chris West from USA

It's cool (60's jargon)

Anonymous from Canada

Great site layout

Anonymous from Canada

It is good



Claire Hutchinson from Australia

Unusual & Interesting

Anonymous from Italy

Almost perfect, very easy to use and full of information.. however, the majority of people I know like didjeridoo don't speak english, so they can't use this site easily. Bye.


The didjshop has been very informative and highly entertaining. I enjoy reading about all the news.

Anonymous from South Africa

Excellent site. Well laid out, good selection

Clive Workum from Australia

Loads of features other shops fail to give, like maintenance, wax, and keys. I love how you can listen to each Didj. I was disappointed though when I did a search of Australasian Didj events that it came up with one from the UK and one from the US

Cynthia Tierra from USA

This web site is very informative and well presented.

Anonymous from USA

I like it. It's really easy to use.

Dan Kaplan from USA

Very cool web site, I am a big fan of Bungeroo Trevor Peckham of the Wiradjuri Tribe


Very interesting


I find that the didj shop is very good, because it is easy to find what ever we are looking for...! What I think is a shame, is that when a didgeridoo is sold, it should disappear from the shopping list, mostly they are the ones I want! Otherwise I also think, it's great to listen to the sound of the didgeridoo!!! Something else actually is also what I miss that you can enlarge the picture, but only a part of it, it would be great to see the whole one! That's all!

Dave Colontino from Canada

It is somewhat complex. I am still not through it all yet, but I planned to try to make my own Didge first and learn. This is why I visited the site.

Dave Johnson from USA

Great site, but I would like to see more features for beginners, learning to play & vocalize with mp3 samples. I really like the selection & the mp3s offered with each didj.

Dave Robinson from Canada

Very interesting. Never heard of this instrument before and found it very intriguing.

Dave Tighe from United Kingdom

Superb, informative, friendly and wonderful to look at.

David Hunter from USA

Very thorough. Good info on acoustics

David Ponicki from USA

Very interesting and informative.

David Scruggs from USA

Wonderful Resource for a wonderful culture !

dean Humphreys from United Kingdom

One of the best sites I have visited, informative, with loads of choice!


It is my first time here, but will come back again for sure. unique site

Deborah Schamann from Canada

This site is very interesting. I didn't know it could be used for healing purposes. You learn something new everyday!

Den Grosjean from Belgium

Very interesting to choose a didjeridoo, and to learn more about "them". I think I will visit frequently this web site, and like to buy a didjeridoo!


Very well thought out and tastefully done


This is a very unique site.

Anonymous from France

Great web site a lot of information and of course great didges

Don Schraier from USA



Interesting Site,,,nicely laid out

Douglas Ellis from Canada


Dragos B from Canada

Well it's my first time here and so far so good!


Nothing to change :-)


A most informative site that has ,and gives a lot of help to those interested in the didge, as well as having a base for us to reference, an easy site to manoeuvre through


Fun site

Anonymous from Canada

This is a wonderful web site. I have learned a lot and will return again as I now have you book marked.

Eldon Graves from Canada

I think your web site is very nice !

Enrico Lai from Italy

Is a very good place to find information about didgeridoo's world!


I like the Didjshop web site and have recommended it to several people. It's really the best didj resource on the web.

Anonymous from Canada

Best place so far

Anonymous from Canada

You seem to have a lot to offer here.

Eric Young from USA

Your web site's great, the pictures are wonderful and the didges are beautiful. Searching the site is easy too.

Anonymous from Canada

I love it! I will be sending my Dad the link. He fell in love with Didjeridus when my parents first visited Australia in 1992-93 and has a huge didjeridu of his own.

Erin Langley from USA

This seems like an awesome resource. Lots of variety and dedication. I'm about to explore it some more and check out your didg selection. Thank you for this site.


Intriguing and very interesting

Evan Stanfield from USA

I really like it, there is a lot of info for those who are interested in the didjeridoo and it is very helpful for those who are just getting into them such as me.


Its not bad, I seems very trustful.

Francois Deslandes from France

Very good site with very good didge ;) listening before buying is really great.

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