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Visitors Comments made during the month of September 2013:

Online name Feedback
Anonymous from USA Love all of the fantastic content and very easy to navigate
Beatriz from Costa Rica I like to check it from time to time most of all it is very handy when I check the variety of instruments prices etc.. dreaming with the day that I can buy one or two! jjejj maybe next year...
Bill from Australia Like reading about didjes and listening to them. I find them fascinating.
Calvin from Australia Great to bump into it.
Carl Martinez from USA Art and culture from the other side of planet.
Christopher Weber from USA Can't wait to check it out today!
Anonymous Bellissimo e molto interessante
Daniel Rennert from USA Website looks great. Some didgeridoos are a bit more expensive that I first thought. But they look hand made and original.. Not like a plastic made one. And yours probably sound better too. Which validates the higher premium pricing.
Anonymous from USA Very well done
David from USA Helpful and very user friendly.
Anonymous It is very informative for those that know nothing about didgeridoos
Anonymous Eslo mejor k e encotrado
Edward from United Kingdom I find the website really cool and easy to navigate around.
Eric Kubisch from USA This website gets me more interested in playing and emails remind me to practice. With my busy schedule I often forget. I enjoy playing.
Anonymous from Russia Interesting informative
Anonymous from France Good website but it could be more efficient and clear about navigation
Filip from Austria I have just discovered it
G Hobart (bart) from USA I find it to be quite excellent. There seem to be inconsistencies in the sound quality designations. I did not see an "m-h" or "l-m" in the explanation for instance but on the instrument pages I find those designations in the @$400 didges.
Genevra from Australia Great
Gerhard from Austria Very nice although it would be interesting to know a little bit more about the artists and may be some comments about the didges they produce
Anonymous from South Africa Cool website with lots of information in a very approachable manner
Grace from USA WONDERFUL! Thank you for your very refreshing honesty about the instrument & directing beginners to start with PVC pipe. That really impressed me and led me to read a great deal of information that you generously provide.
Graham from New Zealand I look forward to the newsletters and website info
Greg from USA At first glance it was a little hard to navigate. I wasn't sure as to the purpose of the site (e.g. was it an informational site did they sell things did they point the user to vendors?). Later I got the hang of it.
Anonymous It's ok
James Miller from USA Wished I could visit or work in your shop.
Jared from USA I love this website it's a lot of fun to check out new didjes when I'm bored
John from USA I feel your site is one of if not the best on the web.
Jonathan from USA Whenever I've used it (not often) the website was pretty easy to navigate and I could find didjes that appeal to me (never mind being able to afford them).
J├╝rgen from Germany Very clear
Kai Lehrke from Canada I have used it for many things it always teaches me and connect me the the spirit of the Aboriginals. I love how much you guys care and try help with aboriginal issues.
Anonymous from USA Would love to learn to play it
Kurt Jones from New Zealand Your website is great and will spend more time there
Lee from USA I have not explored it. Just read your guidance about buying a didge and found it sound and reasonable.
Leila Ross from USA I like it thank you.
Anonymous None at this time
Margaret from USA Looks pretty good.
Michael from USA One of the best I've found!
Michael Spring from USA Good site
Anonymous from USA I don't know it to well but from what I do know this site is amazing
Anonymous It's very easy to navigate and very informative. I love that you are able to listen audio samples of different didjes.
Rich from USA Adequate but could use a redesign
Richard Lesko from USA I think your web site is well laid out and easy to navigate.
Richard Martin from USA Awesome
Sue from USA I am glad I get the emails.
Anonymous Excellent
Tom De Vlieger from Netherlands I never saw it before..
Tony Mosley from USA The Website is where I go to learn more on didgeridoos

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