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Visitors Comments made during the month of March 2010:

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Adam Snow from USA I love your site! So many different didgeridoos and and not enough money to buy them all.
Anonymous from Cyprus Very reliable on different aspects; finding and buying a good didj with confidence easy access on other products of high quality too.
Alan Murdoch from Australia Nice functional site.
Anonymous Megusta consultar posibles dudasy creo que aprendo algunas cosas al entrar en ella
Anonymous from Switzerland I just found your page today!!! But I like it and will visit your page again and again!
Andrew from USA I like the way your web site is set up. I like how you have the prices split up and that you have a variety of other products also.
Anonymous I like the colours the links could be cleaned up but I found it very helpful.
Anthony from USA Very much information
Betty from USA Love the site yours came up first
Bill from United Kingdom The website is informative with a good FAQ page.
Brendan from USA Wordy but informative and well laid out
Carol from USA It's gotten better...
Carolyn from Canada Fabulous website! Lots of useful information with an easy to use format
Anonymous from Canada Excellent information sound clips very important. Sometimes it is difficult to find the form or search I am looking for but now know how to navigate it
Anonymous Your question and answer section is very helpful to anyone who has concerns inquiries or is considering getting started.
Anonymous It's cool
David from USA Beautiful didges. The sample sounds of the didgeridoos are pretty weak. can't really tell how they truly sound because they aren't loud sound quality
Anonymous from USA Very informative
Anonymous from USA It is cool and interesting
Anonymous from Canada It's a lot better-made than other didj websites I've seen in terms of design.
Donna Waterman from USA From what I've seen it looks good. Haven't read it all yet.
Eric from Belgium I still discover it! Most of the time I watch the didjes for sale now I'm about to read about the stolen generation... It's a good site it makes me improve my english too;)
Anonymous from United Kingdom Always something interesting
Jean Bruce from USA Awesome
Jesus Antonio from Mexico LOVE FOR ALL
John Byram from USA Your website is extremely informative and prior to visiting I did not know that there was such a difference in sound qualities between instruments. I enjoy the selection of instruments and the ability to both see and hear the instruments played. I have not gone through your entire website but I do plan to.
Anonymous from Ireland It's very nice
Julia Lee from USA I love that your website is not filled with "SOLD" pictures that you also include pictures and places where the sold didge's have gone. All information shows the love you have for the people of this wonderful culture.
Karolina from USA Well organized accessible nice color scheme
Kenneth from USA I find it to be the most reliable for quality selection and information.
Lawrence Lee from USA Awesome
Linda Easley from USA Neat place to learn things
Matthew Lepage from USA The nature of the website: the didgeridoo(or for aesthetic purposes I prefer Didgeridoo (what is the correct etymology?)) awesome. Logistics structure and interact-ability: also awesome. prices: not my favorite;( I support fair trade though!:)
Michel Cabardos from Canada Am still working my way through it but seems one of the most valuable resources out there.
Anonymous Good stuff
Anonymous I like it it was very helpful because it has a lot of information
Patrick from USA As always it's an excellent website.
Paul Rogers from Germany Very well done. I appreciate the extensive information about each instrument.
Anonymous Well organized and current.
Rita Miller from Canada Awesome. it is unusual intriguing unique and emotive
Anonymous Haven't check it out completely yet
Ryan from Australia Awesome. I gotta admit I was a little worried about how truly authentic you guys are but it seems like u are genuine. great work the didjes. its terrific that you are spreading the sound of this land and its culture throughout the world
Anonymous from USA I like this website. I will definitely be coming back for my didj needs! Very good layout - easy to find things and informative.
Anonymous One of the few sites about didj and aboriginal culture..it's necessary to say more?
Shaun from United Kingdom Very user friendly and has helped me with understanding some technical aspects as well as leading me to a variety of ideal other menu's to surf and become immersed in.
Shawn from USA Good site easy to navigate
Anonymous It is a wonderful website. I wish I could afford a good one like the ones you carry!
Anonymous from Canada Nice. Good explanations of concepts and construction!
Taira from Canada I think it's a fantastic community and online ref/buy guide
Terry from USA Layout of didj selection along with being able to listen to them was a big plus when shopping for my didj
Trevor from USA I have just started looking in to getting my own didgeridoo and have just stumbled on it.
Anonymous Very informative.
Anonymous Great site very informative instrument descriptions. Buying a didge is not like buying a guitar and this site makes the process much simpler. Fantastic categorisation too:)
Wesley from Canada Don't know much about web site construction but for and information group oriented site it seems fairly understandable and relatively cleanly formatted. little bit nerdy and 'old R/C flying man' siteish...lol
Zach from USA It seems very well set up. I've only been on it for a few minutes but I can tell that I will use it in the future.

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