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Visitors Comments made during the month of January 2009:

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Alexander Lavrishchev from Russia Greatest site I've ever know!
Andrew from Australia Very professional looking and easy to navigate. The newsletter's are always informative.
Angela from USA Love it
Angie from USA Your website is very helpful. Packed full of information beautiful pictures and I love the sound clips. Super easy to navigate to find what you need. And it's a great resource for didj players like myself who are interested in staying connected to didj community.
Antonio Mara from Italy Is an excellent website where can I listen to didgeridoos and see them in detail... and dream of playing! There is also a wide choice of models types and costs.
Brendan Moloney from Spain I get your news letter and I love it. I feel connected to the rest of the world and their Didgeridoo experiences. I feel that there is a lot of work put into it and a lot of heart not like some web pages.
Carolyn from Australia Find the website interesting... always some good up to date information about aboriginal issues. Didn't know about the didj sound greeting cards.. am about to have a look and send some:)
Cindy Roma from Australia 2deadly first time for me. but it wont be the last
Dana Bleitz from USA Thank you for providing such an excellent site!
Dana from USA Wonderful thanks!!
Dave from Canada I have found it very interesting and informative. I can appreciate that you really want to share the beauty of didgeridoos the culture of Aborigines the social justice issues surrounding that culture and making fair-trade products as opposed to simply being a site that only tries to sell a didges.
Denny Simpson from USA The best didj site bar none!
Dominic from USA Your site offers a large range of authentic instruments and is rated highly among fellow didge players. The information offered about the instruments and the Aboriginal culture is among the best online.
Garry from Australia Your WEB site has grown to be a wealth of information. I can spend hours looking through your site. I try to avoid the Didj 's for sale as the temptation to buy another is to great.
Greg Furbish from USA Your website is a comprehensive and fantastic resource for all things Didj and their relations to indigenous cultures. You are a voice for those who are seldom heard. Keep up the good work.....cheers
Hannah Wenger from USA I really enjoy this website. It is easy to navigate. I might have missed the page but maybe a page could be added that gave say 5 beginners tips on how to play the didgeridoo. [OUR COMMENT: have a look at 'Didgeridoo Playing' in the 'Information' section]
Howard from USA Great website. The most complete information on didges plus I like the connection and support of the Aboriginal community
Anonymous from United Kingdom It is fantastic and always a great resource for aboriginal info. I love the newsletter!
Jan Stanek from Czech Republic Comprehensive nicely dressed + worldwide meditation is great
Jan Vlach from Czech Republic Your website is easy gives confidence and are professional
Anonymous from USA The most informative one out there.
Jay from USA You guys are great. I've bought all my didj's from you. My next didj will also come from you. What more can I say.
Jeff from USA Thorough informative and fun.
Anonymous from USA The best I've visited and the first place I go to if I need to know anything.
Jesse from Finland An excellent site the best didgeridoos I have ever seen anywhere well there aren't any didj shops in Finland.. such a shame.
Jesus from USA Love it
Anonymous from Canada Really cool and comprehensive. I'm a bit of a math guy too. So all the technical stuff you have on how sounds and frequencies move through the didge is super cool and I'm impressed. You're obviously genuine and I love your sound quality ratings good stuff. I check your didge selections every day because I'm ready for my ultimate dream didge. I want a Concert h with 5 in everything and for it to look good too. I'm seriously considering coming down there in person sometime around June from Canada just to find the right didge for me. It's time I've wanted to do this for many years and I feel somewhat ready. Your site and your shop are inspiring me to that direction.
John from USA It's simply the best didge and didge culture site around. The forums are great and I wish I had the money to order a stick from you!
Jonathan Coote from Canada Didjshop is a must for me in learning not only more about my didjes but the cultural and heritage of the Aboriginal Peoples.
Laura from New Zealand I'm so glad I found this website and that I can feel good about my purchase. I would never want to be part of any exploitation.
Liam Skeates-udy from Australia Its fantastic to see you guys and girls have put this site together after reading through a tone of the comments you realize that people all over the world are becoming interested in the culture and music of australia
Anonymous from Brazil By far the best didgeridoo website on the net contains all important information about Didgeridoo culture and helps to promote it.
M from USA I appreciate all the information community events and free e-card. Thank you
Marc from USA I like it a lot! Especially what you do with connecting people to take part in the didgeridoo meditations on the solstices. A couple parts of the website that I especially like and find interesting are the sections on didgeridoo and meditation and didgeridoo sound healing. I find it fascinating! Thanks for the great website!
Mark Leipfert from USA I love that I can find not only the history of the didj but how it is made how to care it and good prices.
Markus from Germany The best one. Your sound examples are gorgeous. Your rating is gorgeous. Good general information. Ecologically responsible! An advanced search able to search all data fields and sort the results however you want them would be fun. I would also like to see a section with didgeridoos made of anything except eucalyptus. Though I do not know how many suitable hard woods or other materials you have down under... Also I would like to listen to sound files comparing a poor/great eucalyptus to poor/great bamboo didgeridoos (made with the same recording equipment and the same player).
Matt Salvage from United Kingdom I think it's excellent. The way you get everybody from around the world playing at the same time. The artists you can look at there history and background. The range of Didgeridoos you do and a are very good.
Anonymous from Norway I think it is a great website. You have lots of valuable information.
Anonymous It is as good or better than any I have seen.
Renaud from China (pr) Well structured. Useful information and advices. Good and reliable products. A good forum to find information and share experiences.
Anonymous Cool cool cool cool
Robert Quintarelli from Australia I think its the most professional and interesting web site of all. I'm totally honest it's easy to go though you have a great variety of things reaLLY GOOD PRICES and for sure your lovely and great people
Ryan Deirmendjian from USA It kicks ass: )
Scott Hazen from USA It is a great source of information and authentic didgeridoos. Please keep it going it is my only source.
Steve from USA I enjoy the layout and the toolbar on the left creates a very easy user interface.
Anonymous from USA An excellent site and morally responsible.
Susan Levy from United Kingdom I love the vibrant colours used and the ease of the site.This is one of the friendliest sites I visit and not just on this subject. This is an all round delight to browse around I feel welcomed in here. well done.
Anonymous Truly an inspirational didj site
Tanner from USA Very professional entertaining and informative.
Thiago from Brazil It is always a pleasure to visit it. It brings me closer to far-away Australia and Aboriginal culture.
Anonymous Very nice layout and very great products!
Tony from Australia I like its functionality and enjoy the sound clips. You have organised it well in terms of didge classification.
Troy from USA Didjshop is a great place... not only to shop for didgeridoo's... but learn about them and the Aboriginal people as well... Didjshop does more than try to sell an instrument... Didjshop is proclaiming culture... when I first subscribed to Didjshop's newsletter... I was anticipating a sales letter with maybe promotions... I was surprised to find Didjshop's newsletter seemed to be more focused on informing people about what's going on with local and global aboriginal community... I'm enlightened. Cheers - Didjshop.
Veronique from France When I open your website it is like friends coming in my home and telling me the last news of family
Wayne Cook from Australia I find your website to have all the information I need thank you.
Anonymous from Canada It's really nice I like the didj classification the sound samples the info about aboriginals and the organisation of worldwide meditations ++. Seriously it's one (if not) the best at the time.
Al from Australia Great can't work out where to look at/listen to didj's for sale
Anonymous I find a lot of useful information. Here in Argentina is quite difficult to find Didj information or didjes. Almost nobody sells or have original Eucalyptus didjes. The only way to reach is international shipping and its very expensive for me. This web is a possibility to receive one also!!
Amy from USA I love your web-site. I would love to own a didgeridoo and clap sticks.
Anandini from USA I think from what I have seen so far that it is very thoughtfully done. It seems you have considered what the authenticity of the instruments are and that you want to provide to others instruments of genuine quality. It is very informative and sensibly done.
Andrew King from Australia Its the only forum I have trouble leaving messages and navigating around. But in general the website is pretty good. Only the forum lacks. [OUR COMMENT: sorry about that, it was partly our last server, partly the software we choose. We will fix the forum soon]
Andrew from United Kingdom Very informative been the same style for a good few years though
Anonymous Excellent
Andy from United Kingdom The best determined to buy an original aboriginal one when kids become less demanding.
Anonymous Good site
Anonymous from USA It is immediately eye-catching!
Anonymous from Australia Very smooth to surf I like it.
Anonymous Super
Audrey from USA Your website is very well thought out and informative. It is also very easy to use.
Anonymous I found your website very informative and helpful in finding out facts about didgeridoos.
Barbara McCrea from USA I love your website and all you do to help the public learn more about the plight of the aboriginal people of Australia
Bas from Netherlands Very clear and straightforward website without too much eye candy or "flaming logos". The emphasis is clearly on the amount and quality of the information and other content as it should be.
Anonymous Lots of places to go still looking through it.
Billy from Brazil Hi!! My name is Billy Map I'm Musician from Brazil and I love Didgeridoo sound and this site!!!! I want a Didjshop Didgeridoo!!!!
Brad Cole from USA This is a typical monetarily motivated site driven to gain sales. [OUR COMMENT: while it is true that we need to sell didjes to make this site possible (we spent way over $100,000 on it), we are sorry about your failure to notice and enjoy all the info and services we provide, which is clearly way beyond "a typical monetarily motivated site"]
Brenton Roberts from Australia Excellent although it would be good to see ratings for all the Didgeridoos
Candy from USA Very good and informative. Like the sound clips very much. Its help learn more about the "musical" talent of the instrument.
Anonymous Easy to navigate would like more views of each didge
Cheri from USA It is so informative!
Chris from United Kingdom Very good and informative
Anonymous Very nice lots of information
Anonymous from USA I think its great. The placement on the search engines are great as well. Seems easy to use.
Christian Hens from Germany It is a very nice website because you can learn much about didgeridoos and the aboriginals. Also you can buy wonderful didgeridoos
Anonymous from Austria Really awesome website but s
Anonymous Very informative and interesting. The instruments are beautiful and I like to look at them and hear the sound.
Anonymous Love it!
Anonymous from USA Nice
Dave Feetam from Australia Easy to navigate and full of info
David from Canada I love looking at the new didj's!
David Veal from USA Very informative. It places the need for understanding above the need to sell didgeridoos.
Anonymous Very interesting...I will be back
Anonymous Great site. Love the pics.
Eddie Daughton from United Kingdom Enjoyable 'specially the mp3s
Eddie Govender from USA Well presented and easy to understand
Eduardo from Ecuador It's very nice clear and have some pages in spanish which is cool
Francisco from Chile Es exelnente ena pagina muy completa donde e encontrado muchas cosas que me an servido demaciado
Anonymous from France Quite basic but very convenient and rich
Frank from USA Nice site the sound bites from each unit are really helpful for getting an idea of what each instrument will sound like. The color scheme 4I wouldn't have picked although it's well done. Thanks for running a great site with plenty of 'free' info and for being contentious in offering these awesome didges!
Frans Essers from Netherlands A lot!
Anonymous from Canada I like browsing the didj's
Gary Phillips from USA You guys are great and when I arrange the funds I look forward from buying a Didgeridoo from you and for my sons.
Anonymous Great site
Anonymous from USA Love it. Wish the didges were less $$$'s
Gerard School from Netherlands I like the nice pictures and the possibility to hear the sound of many didges
Gerard Tegenbosch from Netherlands Looks profi to me I like dealing with people who know what they are talking about
Graham from New Zealand First time and impressed
Gregoire from France It's a good site it seems respect the values of the origins of Didjes
Anonymous You have a very wide selection of instruments.
Isabel from Canada I love your website and it is very easy to navigate I am so interested in buying a didgeridoo soon! but if I can get someone to teach me even better!
Jack from USA Your site seems like the "original". Other sites have didge instruments made of PVC pipes for example...obviously not the real thing!
James Parker Iii from USA So far so good!;->
Anonymous from USA Great web site - I have learned a lot and will return many times I am certain.
Jan from Netherlands It a good site with a lot of information.
Anonymous from USA It is very welcoming colorful and inviting. Also this site is helpful in finding anything I am looking for pertaining to a didj.
Jared from USA Informative and multi-faceted.
Jason Aken from USA It is easy to navigate and I love the mp3 sound bites to hear all of your didges.
Anonymous from Canada Lots of good info. Need to update your look.
Jean-pierre Gay from France Very interesting easy to navigate complete
Anonymous It is great
Anonymous from USA This is a very informative website.
Jeremy Iparraguirre from France Good
Jeremy from USA I like it so far seems to be well organized and it doesn't hurt your brain to look at it like it does with many sites lol...
Jim Wafer from New Zealand Very well put together. Would you be interested in selling ebook copies of my book "Ancient tones of Light"? I am thinking of making it into an ebook sometime later this year. [OUR COMMENT: no thank you we re not interested in selling books]
Anonymous I like the layout
Johan Thaens from Belgium Great source of info up-to-date nice and efficient
John from USA Nice layout. Easy to use. I like the filtering of didgeridoos by type.
Anonymous Love the variety resources and the sound clips of great looking/sounding didges. At times a bit too much text/clutter on one page.
Joseph from USA Nice site thank you
Anonymous Interesting
Anonymous First time I have seen your website but this instrument is a very nice cultural piece of history new or old
Keith Black from USA The site is very interesting and exciting
Anonymous Love it.
Anonymous Very cool very interested in buying a didj.
Anonymous from USA I like your site. My husband plays and visits too. We just have cheap pvc type ones to learn on.
Kyle from Canada I love the site it is very informative always good to let people know what there getting into before they start something new and for those who already play its a good stop to know more of its background and history
Anonymous from USA Very informative
Anonymous from USA Great site--not only do you have beautiful Didjes but you explore the cultural history and current issues faced by the Aboriginal people.
Anonymous Great site easy to use and easy to order from.
Anonymous Well done
Anonymous It is very interesting and it is informative and it keeps up to date on what is happening in the Didjes world.
Luis Antonio from Mexico Here the magic begins. It is only question to close the eyes and to blow.
Anonymous I like it because is's clear.
Marc Thomas from United Kingdom Very informative and well laid out
Anonymous from Germany Toll - Einfach spitze!
Mark Dunne from Ireland Very helpful. there is a lot of good info on choosing a didj
Matt Chacey from USA You do a great job in keeping this website very clean and flowing. I like all the added info it gives you on culture and the sound clips are the best since you can't really test a didj out unless you live there!
Matti Virtanen from Finland Your website is clean and understandable. However it does not look as professional as it could. It gets the job done but doesn't convey the authentic message that well. It makes you double think for a scam - You never know what is authentic and what is not these days. That's something you should focus on if anything. Something to shake the doubt away. Feel free to ask for more detailed input through mail if you wish.
Anonymous Fantastic. well organized.
Michael from United Kingdom Looks good
Michelle Simons from USA You have so much information here and I love to learn from it.
Anonymous from Spain A great and useful website
Anonymous from Finland Its informative
Anonymous from USA Nice site.
Nathan from USA I like it but my computer is kind of slow
Neil from Canada I like your site. And I'm sorry to say that I don't know how many other sites I've visited. It has been a few months...
Nicolas from United Kingdom Very informative and helpful. Would like to see more about the aborigine life style true life and how they live from the land and so on. Aborigine marriage? if their is such a thing Do they christen their children in some way. What are true aborigine names? just things like that to help people understand their life better.
Anonymous from Norway Great site!
Anonymous from USA Love it it teaches so much about the didj
Patrick Bodine from USA Very easy to use and navigate
Anonymous from USA Wonderful experiences from the site.
Paul from United Kingdom All though I haven't bought a didge from you ( sorry! ) I love looking at your site. Its the variety of didges you have that impresses me the most.
Pavel from Russia It's interest a lot of information
Penny O'brien from USA Looks very nice and easy to use
Peter Richards from USA I read every word.
Phil Kotofskie from USA Very informative and easy to find things. Lots of information. Thanks!
Raymond from USA Fantastic don’t need change a thing!
Rex Womack from USA A LOT of information!!
Richard Elms from Australia Interesting and informative
Anonymous from USA I think it is informative and quite wonderful really.
Robin from USA I like it very much see all the didj that one day I hope to buy
Roger from USA Great site
Roxy from USA It's friendly and informative; easy to use and gives you lots of choices when looking at Didjes to possibly purchase.
Ruslans Rubcena from Ireland I like to play didgeridoo & will advise same for everyone who interested.
Anonymous Very nice
Scott Stewart from United Kingdom Very informative. I like the informal non-corporate yet professional style
Scott from USA I love that you include information on Aboriginal issues. It makes learning about the didj that much more meaningful.
Sean Lake from USA I find this website very nice and helpful and it is laid out nice
Severin Bisewski from Switzerland Not bad
Sid from USA Your site is very interesting to browse. I have learned many things that otherwise I would never have been exposed to.
Stephen from USA The site is a wonderful source to learn and be inspired in regards to the didj and the people this tradition comes from. Keep it up!!!
Anonymous from Canada Excellent
Anonymous Very interesting and full of information to teach to my class
Terry from USA Informative well laid out. Found you by Google about beeswax mouthpieces.
Anonymous Nice
Anonymous from Argentina A little bit messy but great content
Will from USA Very nice from what I've experienced
William from USA Its very easy to navigate and the colors are pleasing
Zach from USA It has always been very easy to navigate and honestly rather fun. I really enjoy the sound bytes of the available didjes
Zack from Australia Deadly could use some background tunes though (but that's only 'cause I have a fast server!)

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