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Visitors Comments made during the month of August 2005:

Online name


Anonymous from Canada

Seems like the best shop out there

Andreas Engebrethsen from Sweden

It seems genuine and trustworthy and the people responding to my mails seem to really know what they are talking about and you get the feeling they love didjeridoo music. I'm about to send in my first order af537. Thank you for a really good web site!


The Best

Anthony from Australia

I never knew didgi's are used for more than just dancing till I got here.

Anonymous from Portugal

I'm still knowing the web site but for I can see it is planned thinking at first in the didj and the player and only after in the money (I even read an explanation in the site about how to make a cheap didj myself). It has a lot of useful information for someone who is beginning to learn about the didgeridoo.

Antonio-elias Vale Tavares from Brazil

Sincere honest and frank a sincerity site.... congratulations

Audrey from USA

I love your site ~ it's one of the few I look forward to reading when I see it on my web site. It is organized in a way that is easy and comprehensive. I love the news the shopping and all of the information that you include. I think you have done a marvelous job with your site!

Bart from USA

Easier to decipher links and move around/between pages than some sites. I prefer simple layouts and clear navigation indicators.

Bradley from USA

U have a great site with beautiful didj's. I will definitely be purchasing one in the near future.

Carlie from Australia

I really like this site it is really good how its an all around the world thing That's what makes it special I believe.

Caroline from USA

I love getting your monthly newsletter. It is so much more than just a sales pitch. It reminds me that I will go back to practicing didgeridoo eventually when I'm not as busy with college and work. Thanks for putting so much work into the newsletter and your web site.

Craig from Canada

Best and most informative site on the web. keep up the good work

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Excellent site not only can you listen to the didjes before you buy but excellent info on them as well such as size etc. Also do a great job highlighting and supporting aboriginals who historically have had & are still having a rough time from the white man!

David Dunley from USA

Excellent site and store. Certainly the best on the web. The email newsletter is wonderful as well

Fintan Doran from United Kingdom

You really have a well balanced site. I like the monthly newsletter; good balance of personal comments with general information and aboriginal issues are handled without sounding like propaganda. If I ever visited Australia I feel like I could visit you guys and would be made welcome :-)

François Rey from France

Didjshop.com is great because we learn maybe things on Aboriginal art. There is a fantastic choice of didgéridoo and you can buy some very good didges. I have bought one and it sounds exactly like I heard on the site. I really think Didgshop.com is the best didge's site on the net!!

George Harrison from USA

I must say that I have been very impressed with the amount of knowledge that you have on your web site .I am also very pleased to and excited to bi involved in the healing of the world in september. I feel that positive sound is very important and the voice of the didge is one of the most powerful sounds available. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

Heidi from USA

This site has been a huge help and has inspired me even more to pursue the didgeridoo.

Ian Marshall from United Kingdom

It showcases a very professional web site. that shows a trustworthy company. I also applaud the fact that you really care for Aboriginal issues their people and their culture.It's nice to find a well run business where pure profit doesn't seem to be the number one priority. The links you have regularly introduce me to new sites I wouldn't otherwise find and names I wouldn't come across. Keep up the great work I'll be buying again when I can!

Jackie from USA

Your web site. is very well constructed. It is easy to read follow and understand. It's wonderful that you have so many sound clips! I love it


This site is fantastic; it is the only site I know to provide a wide range of genuine didjes as well as important and interesting info on its surrounding culture

Jason from USA

This is a very informative web site. It prevented me from buying a bamboo didj and taught me how to make a PCV one instead. Also gave me an idea of how to circular breath

Jennifer from USA

I adore it. Would love to be able to spend hours and hours on it; and would love to be able to spend lots of dollars here too someday.

Anonymous from Australia

I love the web site. without it there would be no one to share my passion with.

Joe from USA

I like your thought and theory's about how you run your business.

John from Norway

I feel the Didjshop web page is very good and well laid out. I have bought two of didjes from this web site. and found the service and quality to be second to none. Unless I can get to Oz to choose my own didjes this is the only place I would order them.

Jorge Rivera from USA

I find the web sites faq to be very informative. I found many helpful tips for the didjeridoo.

Anonymous from France

I like the quality of your presentation your precision in presenting didges samples too. It feels you are closer than we are actually as we might be the furthest on the globe ! I like reading the stories of Dreamtime about the paintings on your didges... You are not only a shop. Thank you for giving us a way to your knowledge.

Anonymous from Canada

I like this site a lot. It's very motivating and informative.

Justin Kaysing from USA

Well laid out well maintained comprehensive. Truly one of the best out there.

Ken from Ireland

Very informative. Easy to use. Good sales service

Lee from United Kingdom

Best didj site on the web I wouldn't buy from anywhere else

Lionel Durupt from France

I'm very surprise to have find that site I'm very happy to see that all the didj can be hear before buy it I think that you are very professional and that you really blow to ours mind some aborigine spirit and really share a little piece of original australian culture... Thanks for that! Lionel

Lloyd Cosway from United Kingdom

Didjshop is certainly an oasis on the net I was very happy finding my way here and astonished by the way so much info. is so simply and effectively laid out. the thought of purchasing a £500-600 didj from the net is daunting but not here where you get so much info. of your prospective purchase...well done to those responsible

Lori Nikkel from Canada

Loved it!!

Anonymous from Germany

Your side is very good informative and in so much languages available. Thank you for this side

Mark Boyer from USA


Marlo Murphy from USA

I like it a lot my husband is on here constantly and he's always playing his didjes so I just naturally followed suite. I think it's the most professional site I have ever seen; that's not only with just didjes but in all musical instrument sites

Matt Meers from USA

Your site is the only one that I suggest to people who are interested in my playing. I bought my first yidaki from your company about three years ago and have been joyfully playing almost every day since.

Michael from USA

I love reading the comments and find myself reading them all the time. They tell me that you really know how to bring a smile to your customers I look forward to shopping here :-)

Michael Thiesen from Germany

The best Didge Shop Site on the net. Serious Site!!! If I'd buy a yidaki via Internet than it surely will be you!

Anonymous from Finland

I've just stumbled upon this site but it amazes me with the huge amount of information from buyer's guides to aboriginal culture. I'll sure spend a while browsing all the content! On the usability it takes some time to realize how the left menu works - that it's actually a submenu of the top bar.

Oliver Stadler from Germany

What I like most about your online shop is that each of the didges are showed with all the details necessary. Each didge in here is absolutely unique and that's what makes this online store so unique. Now I placed my order here and I really can't wait to get the didge :-)


Cool!!tres cool!!complet et vraiment interessant!!

Pete from Australia

A great advocate for Aboriginal culture and rights!

Petri from Finland

It's one of the best didge sites esp. if you want to see pictures of beautiful didges and compare their sounds.

Randy from USA

Excellent site bought my didj from this site

Rick from Australia

An excellent site with good information and reasonable prices.....an easy site to find your way around!!

Robert Heller from USA

I think that the Didjshop web site is by far the best site that I have been on. The instruments are first rate and I have been able to find an answer to every question that I have had on this site. Its amazing!

Rod from Australia

Excellent. I have used it to give my overseas students an introduction to authentic Australian music.

Roy from USA

This is a very complete web site lots of links! Just realized you could send cards from here! My two didjes were actually loaned to me by my sister in-law and I'm hoping to gain some knowledge in picking out a didj of my own by looking at various web sites. Thanks for some great info!

Roy Lang from United Kingdom

Good site full of information and knowledge 10 out of 10

Ruud Dirkx from Netherlands

Good and honest information and good for original australian people and their culture

Sarah from USA

I think this is the best didj web site out there! Its the first one that has ever been able to give me a survey and then help me make my first purchase!

Satch from USA

I'm a web designer and I think your site is fine. It's easy to navigate and very informative. I'm a home musician and I have a great appreciation for "offbeat" instruments.


Very neat site. Love the sound of the diji's Very calming for the most part. Grounding would be a good word for the sound.

Anonymous from Finland

The most professional and the best didgeridoo and aboriginal culture related web site.

Thomas from USA

One of the better easier to use web sites for the didj. I bought my first didj on this site due to its ease of use and great information.

Tobin Caldwell from USA

I only come to Didj shop .com if I want real info. its quick and easy and I love the way you can tell how enthusiastic everyone is about the dij.It makes me feel like part of something bigger

Todd from Australia

Very good site. The forum is great and to listen to the didges for sale is a step ahead of most other web sites selling didges.

Tommaso Timperi from Italy

Seems genuine to me and objectively stately-of-the-art updated. So useful your make-your-own-didje section: my fantastic plastic didj (built after your instruction) which I call THE TOOL (the wooden one is called THE INSTRUMENT) enlightens my living room and is a grand companion.

Toru from Japan

This site is the real Didjshop on the web.

Victoria Maxwell-davis from Australia

There is a lot of content but it is easy to navigate the site to find what you are looking for. It has a good vibe and attitude. It is full of interesting nuggets of information that I didn't previously know. I'm trying to think of some constructive criticism but can't find anything I don't like about it!

Warner Recabaren from USA

Your web site. is the most complete didge related web site. in the world. Didjshop has made great use of pictures data and sound files in the sales section and offers great information through the forum articles and newsletters. The August 2005 Newsletter stands out as the best ever.

William Ferguson from United Kingdom


Wim from Belgium

Great site with lots off relevant info. I'm just beginning to play and I've made my first PVC didge with the help of the info on the site Thanks.

Yann from France

The most complete site for buying and taking information about didgeridoo; I enjoy the newsletter. note : 19/20 cause everyday we can do better than yesterday

Alex from Australia

Having information about didjes is a good idea because people will surf for the info then buy because they happen to be here. Maybe you could add an mp3 of really good playing to the front page so people can hear straight away what it sounds like if they don't know.

Amanda from Australia

Easy to follow and browse which is most important

Andy from New Zealand

Brilliant. I'd be stoked as hell if I won that didge.

Andy from USA

This site answered questions I had about the didge as well as helped me buy my first termite hollowed didge.

Anonymous from USA

A very well organised site!

Apollo Bair from USA

It is great and I have learned a lot form you great people keep it up

Ben from USA

Nice site. Of course any site that brings the didgeridoo community closer together is a good thing.

Benjamin from France

It seems to be a good web site. I do not have visited it all yet.


It's a very complete web for all the didj lovers I've learned very much from this web it's a very good guide for the didj players

Benjamin from France

A really good shop with a lot of choice! the most interactive!


Good site- interesting! I never knew that these existed!

Anonymous from Canada

It seems very thorough and offers a lot of good advice to beginners

Brent Hilton from USA

Very informative. The display is very professional and detailed. I like that there is sound clips incorporated into the sight

Brian from USA

Nice site ..beautiful didj's

Brian from USA

Great site! Terrific information and the way you display your didjeridus is very helpful. Love the photos and sample mp3 files. Nice work!

Bruce from USA

Interesting and informative

Anonymous from Brazil

Eh o melhor site sobre didgeridoo com os melhores e mais tradicionais didgeridoos que eu conheço.

Cameron from USA

I enjoy the aboriginal stories I hope to come to Australia through a exchange program.


I like the design and the organization.

Christian Wewerka from France

Different languages good point structure clear and simple didn't found good quality slide didge perhaps you could propose more different kind of didgeridoos (glas metal plastic ceramic)

Cindy from Netherlands

I like it because I like didjeridoos. It give me advice about how to breathe because its very difficult. Thank you


Good site keep on

Craig from USA

Very interesting and informative

Anonymous from USA

It's easy to navigate and looks nice I don't think there's anything bad to say about it.

Anonymous from Canada

Great Site

Daniel from United Kingdom

Great informative easy to navigate


I think the didjshop.com web site is pretty cool and I really like the didgeridoos I see on the site.

Darren from United Kingdom

I think it's excellent that you've got sound clips for each (most) of the didj's available. I've told my friend about it who play didj in a band here in England.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very good web site full of info. Good selection of quality didjes


I found it informative as well as easy to use.

David Moulton from United Kingdom

Superb site a real wealth of information.

Denise Lewandowski from USA


Derek from USA

I really like it it has been very helpful and interesting to me I love this site and I really hope I win this didgeridoo.

Eddy from Netherlands

Nice site. Easy browsing.


Can you get the web language on spanish?


This is one of the most remarkable sites I have ever visited. I certainly will be back soon.


I like it a lot but I can't figure out how to get to the store

Anonymous from USA

It is a great web site. Info is great. Could use more music clips to help selection on CD. Music is different and people will want more exposure. The traditional music is not that attractive to me. I wanted to hear more of a modern application. Instructional CD or DVD is better than Videocassette.


Great site well documented thus very interesting for me

Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica

It's a great web site. keep it like that!



Frederick from United Kingdom

Great and very informative site

Gareth from United Kingdom

Love it! Couldn't ask for much more

Gary from USA

Excellent five star

George from Australia

Awesome will visit again and buy from the shop

Gerhard from USA

Nice site can't wait to get a hold of one of your didges

Gilbert from Australia

Well put together and very user friendly

Henrik from USA

All good so far - hope to win this baby as I'd really like another didj. I feel I'm starting to outgrow the one I bought in Australia in -96.

Howard from USA

Great site! having the mp3's is especially helpful in making a good decision!

James from USA

It's a great web site. Pretty easy to use. Lots of good information. The one thing that was confusing was that the menus on the left changes based on the page that you went to.

Jamie from USA

Great informative site! Thanks

Janel from USA

I never knew a site like this existed

Jeff from Belgium

Is een heel leerzame en prachtige site zal er nog dikwijls van genieten prachtig

Anonymous from USA

Good pictures and a lot of products


Sharp store as well as reference site. enjoyed my visit here.

Jeff Kimes from USA

Very comprehensive. I appreciate that quite a lot.

Jeremy Erne from USA

Well set up easy to navigate very informative

Jess Horricks from Canada

It seems alright as far as web sites go ....lots of info on didgeridoo's

Anonymous from Australia

Didn't know it existed but it's a great site. I'll be telling my family about it

Jim Dexter from USA

Best web site. so far. All of the ratings given are very helpful. I am not sure which one I will buy but I know I am not going to buy a bamboo didge. I play the trombone as my main instrument and am looking forward to owning a didgeridoo.


I'm excited to know these are for sale on the internet.

Joel from Canada

I think it is a really cool web site because it gives information on the didgeridoo and I can learn more and more about the didgeridoo

Jon from USA

Its great. Having the sounds of the actual didjes is great. The rating system is great too. I wish more people would come thru here. -Jon

Anonymous from USA

This site has an authentic feel to it. I like the personal connection between the artist and didj.

Anonymous from Netherlands

FAQ had useful hints on maintenance for my Didj and some nice tips for playing.

Anonymous from USA

Great site :)


Wish you would give away more didjeridu's

Julia from USA

I've only been there once very informative tons of info.

Anonymous from France

Good site your Didgeridoos are magnificent.

Anonymous from France

Very good site the fact that you can listen to mp3 of each didj is a very good idea products are authentic

Julio from USA

Well organized easy to navigate

Karen Milward from Australia

I think it is a great educational site for everyone. The didj is well known all over the world as one of the traditional communication tools used from the beginning of our people through to now and is entertaining to all who play it and hear it.

Anonymous from USA

Great site

Keith from USA

Good sight-- wooed in by the sound recordings of each didge at first. Then motivated to buy a $700 didj when I recd a $50 coupon.

Ken Pincince from USA

Very helpful and easy to navigate.

Kenneth from USA

It is easy and colorful.

Kevin Paul from USA

I come here often and marvel at the beautiful yidakis. I have picked up quite a lot of information on what to look for and to look out for. I think you run a top notch site. Thanks

Khabir Shareef from USA

I've linked it to my site [URL deleted]; I'm an affiliate

Kurt from USA

I"m just starting to look around but I'm quite impressed so far and look forward to spending some time browsing and hopefully finding that perfect didge for myself!

Laura from USA

Wonderful site! I love it very easy to navigate very informative and just a wonderful place to be I am very excited to have found it!

Laurent from France

Very good web site !!!

Leandro from Argentina

El mejor. por lo general los sitios comerciales son pura basura buscando tan solo vender. En este sitio conoci mas cosas sobre los aborigenes australianos que en ningun otro lado. y los recursos que tiene son barbaros. Sigan asi!!! Leo desde argentina.

Lieber Rodrigues from Brazil

I liked it......... good information available........ truly engaged in didjeridoo world..........

Lindsey from Austria

Informative and helpful

Anonymous from France

Well built and intuitive

Lone Macloud from Australia

Very entertaining informative professional and interesting! Highly recommended especially for the uninitiated & overseas visitors!!

Loris from Italy

My compliments it's very interesting and beautiful

Lucy from USA

Quite welcoming

Luis Figueira from Portugal

It is very organized and easy to work

Malcolm from United Kingdom

Very comprehensive site on the didge and related subjects. I would recommend it to anyone remotely interested in the didgeridoo.

Manuel Bayardo from USA

Love you site very detailed and specific data about the items you sell help me be more comfortable about purchasing online

Marcel Solca from Sweden

Very informative and extensive. Well organized user friendly and inviting. Warm colours.

Martin from USA

Awesome site. And I really like your support of indigenous peoples.

Martin Couch from Canada

Very helpful and informative

Mathieu from France

The records (.mp3) of didjes are of bad quality because of microphones I think:-(

Matt from USA

It's a very nice site and the mp3 files for each didj help a lot


Bo ???!!!

Michael Buckingham from Australia

Think it great. Looking to learn the didge and your site has plenty of info.

Mike from Netherlands

Nice web site. Easy colors for the eyes and navigation is good.


Easy to navigate. Good layout. Being able to hear a didge for sale is a bonus.

Nick from USA

I really like it I love the information about the history and how they are made. I can't wait to look around the site and bookmark it which I'm gonna do as soon as I submit this.

Patricia from USA

Love the site

Patrick Norris from USA

A little difficult to negotiate at first there is so much information. Searching for didges and comparing them is time consuming but the pics sound samples and sound grading are helpful.

Patsy Yarbrough from USA

I think your web site is wonderful. I needed to know how to make a mouthpiece for my Didges and there you were with all kinds of information. I have to learn to play and I know it will be good for my breathing and health. Didgi's are so beautiful and sound like nature should sound. I'm a real fan of your web site. Thanks for everything.


A display of the symbols of credit cards taken would be a very quick way of finding out. Easier than searching for methods of payment. Otherwise a great site.

Phil from France

Cool site. Very informative. keep it up!


Great site


Very cool site with lots of information about didjes that I didn't know even existed keep up with the good work.

Remco from Netherlands

It is a great page with a good level of didges and you can hear the didges on mp3 probably I will buy a didges by you? great site

Rhonda from USA

Very informative. I didn't know how a didj was made before.

Ric from Canada

Being able to hear the didj's before purchasing is a huge bonus!

Ricardo from Portugal

It's a very nice and complete site. Hope your didgeridoos are as good as your site because I'm thinking on buying one. I'm sure they are. Best wishes and hope that all visitors see their passion for didgeridoos as a starting point for loving nature.

Rick from USA

I have tried to get into this site before with no success. This is the first time I succeeded. I got here this time by googling "didgeridoo altered states consciousness." I am pleased to find that you have some info on that!


Thanks for the music and preservation of indigenous culture.

Rien from Netherlands

Great site


Nice site!

Roy from Australia

Overall it's clean easy to navigate and quick to load. I like the logo too.

Anonymous from USA

It's a very good web site and very informative.

Ryan from USA

The MP3 examples will help me decide which didge I should purchase next

Shaman Charles from USA

Gonna send a digicard right now to my girlfriend up north .I love your healing tools and they give off a vibe .the tool is one of a kind everytime.it is a great healing tool that I would love to get my hands on. I had a healing tonite I was in desperate need of. I went to go bless some things for my medicine bag at the institute of mental physics here in j.t. I was greeted by a kind soul who told me the place was having a concert so I could not go driving into the preserve(healing grounds) like normal. I was broke as usual so she invited me at no charge. I am so glad I went. I got to bless my medicine bag items and also get a healing. I want to learn that healing tool. I have learned my ashiko and it's powers already time to move on for more healing abbilities. Thank you for listening as I know you are.my best wishes for you and your loved one's sent. practicing shaman charles kaihewalu

Simon from United Kingdom

I just got a didjeridoo as I always wanted to try and play one. of all the web sites I have looked at this is the most comprehensive and helpful

Stano Betak from Slovakia

Very nice. many information. nice didges

Stephan from United Kingdom

Very comprehensive and informative - always worth a visit. Keep up to good work!


The web site is very informative with clear descriptions and pictures. the information given is very good.

Steven from Australia

This is the most awesome web site

Sue Radlett from United Kingdom

I think that it is informative and well designed.

Sylvain from France

Very nice site.

Terri-ann from Australia

I think its wonderful...of course I'm fascinated by indigenous sounds and music so I enjoyed "wandering around"!


Very interesting

Thomas from France

When I come for the first time I was surprised by the relation between the aborigine and you. I am student in environment durable development and I appreciate these sort of action; thank you!


So far so good. I have you bookmarked. Thanks!

Anonymous from Italy

Ottimo sito

Tobias Devinck from Belgium

Please give us some more understandable information about buying if you live in europe greetings from belgium


Nice work very genuine.

Tom from USA

It is very well laid out and has very interesting content.

Tony Morris from United Kingdom

Damn good web site

Tracy from USA

Overall I think its a great site I like the color palette you chose very earthy. The text is sometimes a bit small and hard to read easily and quickly but all in all it is fairly easy to navigate.

Tristan from USA

What I've seen so far has been very helpful.

Umi from USA

Nice sometimes hard to find things that you previously found

Anonymous from Canada

Slick site and a great contest....I have been looking to purchase a didgeridoo.


It looks like a great site. I am considering purchasing my first didj which would actually be the first instrument I've ever purchased. Your web site. seems fully informative and helpful. It is likely that I will eventually purchase from your business. I appreciate that you give business to the native people.


Extremely well organized. Wide selection.


Very professional and user friendly

Will from USA

This site is great I'm not really into the spiritual side of the Aboriginal culture but I am fascinated by its people and art. I bought my first Didj a year ago its not authentic but I still love to play it. You guys did a great job on your web site I like that I can listen to the didje that I'm interested in I also hope to purchase one sometime in the near future.

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