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Visitors Comments made during the month of October 2004:

Online name



It is amazing. The options to hear the didj and to read it's specs have really helped me in narrowing down my purchase options. I'm excited to finally pick out my didj and learn how to play better. There are very good links available also.


Very good

Anders Winlund from Norway

Doubtless the very best and honest site about the didjeridoo. I feel I can believe in all your information about your didjes in that way I don't suspect you wanting to sell me crap. One day, when THE ONE shows up, I buy it!

Anonymous from USA

I think its a cool site. Also creative/nice.

Arpad Toth from Hungary

Definitely useful,without it,I'd have gone to Australia to get THE didgee. I appreciate it so much ,and the newsletters are just incredible. Well done! Thanks!

Brett Lyons from USA

It's amazing! The ideal resource.

Anonymous from USA

I love the openness of information; I am a teacher and am looking for information for cultural units. This sight has been very helpful in finding accurate information.

Anonymous from USA

Wonderful site, love all the didj's. I enjoy the setup, and the info has always been extremely helpful. Thanks a lot, Sincerely, Chris Henson

Anonymous from USA

Well run and organized. the best didji site I've seen so far

Chris Szymberski from USA

Your web site is the best retailing 'Didjshop' that I have come across on the web. It is well organized by price, type, style, and sound quality. When I find the one I am looking for, the ability to listen to the didj before I buy it is essential when trying to find the perfect didjeridu. Your motto, "Keep on Didjing", is encouraging and will always be on my mind when I pick up one of nature's best products, The didjeridu.

Christopher Lalime from Vanuatu

The Didjshop site is truly the finest on the net. In addition to the site itself, the customer support is second to none


This is totally awesome

Anonymous from Australia

I find the web site informative, topical and insightful. It's great to hear perspectives on Aboriginal culture and affairs other than the selected pieces of "news and views" fed to people through main stream media and government.

Dave Burlingame from USA

We spent 1 month in australia in September ...one of the highlights was listening to a Didji the last week we were in Sydney ... the Didjshop will give me time to look at several instruments ... learn more and then make an intelligent decision.. without pressure ... So far I'm VERY impressed with the site.

David Shriver from USA

The best didj site ever! I love coming here to just window shop.

Debra Hocking from Australia

I think this web site is fantastic, it is clearly set up, interesting to read all the info, really enjoy being informed this way. This is one of the most helpful sites I have accessed.

Donat Callens from Belgium

Still as nice as when I first browsed it. No, make that BETTER...

Anonymous from Finland

Wonderful site

Eric Guiry from Canada

I am very pleased with the site u have created. over all it is professional and informative. I have learned a fare bit about my didge lately and I can honestly say a fair portion of it came form various parts of this site, making my daily practices much more rewarding. Thank you


Very nice site. Amazing to look at the Didjes, to see each one of them and so on. Easy to find price in Norwegian currency. Large selection of Didjes.

Anonymous from France

Didjshop is a really good didj web site and it's one of the best I've seen it's amazing to see what we can buy there because here we can have nearly all the objects of the aboriginal culture

Anonymous from Australia

I think it is wonderful, your prices and selection are amazing!

Anonymous from France

-very complete; easy to use -very pleasant -great choice: you'll certainly find your termites treasure


IT's AWESOME!!!! keep up the good work


You can show the didgeridoo fan's mails, so we can meet this people if they are in our countries, because here in Colombia not to many people know didgeridoo, so it would be nice to meet didgeridoo fans in my country. (I'm sorry for my English, it's not good, I'm improving it) [OUR COMMENT: check out our Didjnet]

Jeff Bottjer from USA

THANK YOU!!!! I'm glad you're here--to be able to see and hear the didjes is f***ing great! You've also got reasonable prices! I haven't bought a didj in a long time because here in SF, CA, the good ones cost around $450.00. Now I can shop again!!!

Jeffrey Pittman from USA

I decided I wanted to buy a didj several weeks ago and I have been shopping around the internet ever since. Your site is by far the best I have visited and I just bought a didj from you today. Well done, you seem more authentic, more professional, and more enthusiastic than any other internet-based didj organization that I am aware of.


Your site is a shoppers hazard. Once you click into the site, you can be stuck in there for hours browsing through some of the most amazingly beautiful useable artworks. The only thing missing is a bit of history about didgeridoos in the Australian aboriginal culture... for example, isn't it actually the sound that's the didgeridoo, while the instrument is a yirrikee (sp?)? I find it amazing to see the effect these instruments can have on children, leaving them spellbound, captivated. This is a fantastic site with amazing products and I'm forever raving about it to anyone and everyone. Check it out!

Joe Pino from USA

The deep commitment and passion for the instrument and the culture surrounding it is communicated beautifully on your lovely web site Always enjoyable to visit and browse.

Joe Quick from USA

I actually enjoy it. anyone I know that plays the didgeridoo I at least try to mention this site. I will keep coming back here.

Katie Boney from Australia

Bright and friendly site

Kyla Houchens from USA

Filled with information, enjoyable nice photos. Thank you for hosting this contest.

Kyle Stoner from USA

This web site is a vast resource for the cross section of society interested in didjeridoos! It has all a person need to know about didjes, AND sells them. *THE* Didj Shop would be the only better way to describe it!

Lachlan Macpherson from Australia

I love visiting Didjshop.com. It's a pleasure to see such a comprehensive web site dedicated to a form of music which, for me, is not really present in my everyday life. I have only got one 'didj' which I made out of pvc pipe and taught myself to play! I am yearning for the day when I can get a real one and Didjshop.com will definitely be the first place I visit! Keep up the great work!

Lars Ley from Luxembourg

Great site, and I will certainly order a didj at your site sooner or later.

Anonymous from Canada

I am SO impressed with your web site I cannot afford a didge at this time, but it is a must for in the hopefully not too distant future. I practice on pvc pipe at home and try to learn circular breathing (not there yet). I have a variety of drums I play and am serious about learning the didge from both music and healing. (does this mean I need two when I can't even afford one yet?). [OUR COMMENT: you can have one didj for both healing and music]

Anonymous from Australia

It's awesome

Anonymous from Brazil

Man this is the coolest site of didjs I ever seen

Anonymous from USA

I absolutely love your site, I wouldn't change anything but maybe adding some aboriginal paintings not on didjs [OUR COMMENT: check out our canvas art section]

Paul House from USA

It is a wonderful site.

Paul Sinapiades from USA

Didjshop.com has shown itself to be an invaluable resource for both the beginner and advanced Didgeridoo player. The didgeridoo selection offered to customers by far outpaces any other Didgeridoo web site I've seen, and the forum is a great online community! I hope to do business with Didjshop.com in the near future!

Anonymous from Portugal

It's the best site I've ever seen. I can hear didj, see didj, learn how to maintain and how to make didjs.

Rachel Brown from USA

This site has a lot of great didjeridoos at reasonable prices. Very nice.

Rafael Acuna from USA

Its awesome. I was so happy to find that it promoted nature awareness discussed aboriginal culture. But, the greatest thing of all was how you can listen to the didjes when your scoping them out.

Raphael Godard from Belgium

This site is really good.complete and all that. I like the "ethic" of this shop.

Anonymous from Canada

You obviously love your craft! To us here in Canada, it's pretty exotic, the sort of thing car companies use in the background in commercials (latest Mini convertible ad has a great example)

Robbie Sinclair from Canada

An informative web site that outlines useful information very clearly, and effectively. It's been an excellent learning tool for me!

Anonymous from USA

Good to find out authentic Didjeridoos and helping culture of Aborigine people.

Robin Dark from United Kingdom

Excellent site just what I was looking for

Ron Card from Canada

I find your site very easy to navigate and the level of detail provided for the sound characteristics of each unique Didj is extremely helpful. I must comment that not only is the Web site top notch, but the product quality, pricing, and support are of the same level (by far not the case with other vendors I have unfortunately dealt with). I've not seen another company anything close to Didjshop!

Russell Shorey from USA

Great web site.

Ryan Archer from USA

For a neophyte that was researching a little about this instrument, this web site answered all of my questions. What is nice is that it addresses everyone from the curiosity seeker to the professional player. Great web site, keep up the good work!


Its a good site I will be visiting often

Simon Clutterbuck from United Kingdom

I think you have the best Didj web site I have seen. It is so comprehensive I don't think it could be much better. The idea of hearing a Didge before you buy it is brilliant. You just don't know what you are going to get until you here it played. I did not realise there was so much difference in the quality of the sound and differing notes. The amount of choice you offer makes it so hard to choose which instrument one likes best. Unfortunately for me its always seems to be the ones that are at the top end of the price range and unaffordable, that sound so magical and haunting that they make the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, and I would probably not be happy with anything less.


I like it a lot.

Steve Weber from USA

I think your web site is great, especially with the pictures and sound bites. You know what you are buying, there is no unknown.


Its a real pleasure to have a look to the didges you offer! An interesting web site, many information and good sounds

Tim Meyer from USA

A great site and easy to navigate!!! I will definitely come back and buy a didj from you guys when I get some money!!!



Ulana Zahajkewycz from USA

I love it when sites have sound bites of instruments! Listening to the audio bite of the Didjeridoo was wonderful and I can understand why people might meditate to the sound. I didn't realize how healing it can be. Looks like I need to some research.


Awesome site. I'm really looking forward to exploring it more. I'm really hoping I can teach myself to play it, since I don't think there is a large amount of players in Canada.


Good site

Aldo Lauricella from Italy

It's a good site of didjeridoo ...good information ...very interesting ... the only problem that I have seen it's that a part of site is not translated in italian language

Amine Benbrahim Ansari from Morocco

Oh it's a interesting web site and especially full of good news and good didjs offers


Very informative!

Andrew Sloane from Australia

This is the first time I've been to the site, and I'm sure I'll come back!! maybe to buy a didge, but if not, to by cd's or have a browse!!

Andy Ley from Luxembourg

Great site, well done, very informative

Anonymous from USA

Excellent resource/reference-hope to buy one or more soon!


Great site. Using this for teaching of Didgeridoo to elementary students in reference to study of Australia. Know they will enjoy.

Anonymous from Germany

I like your web side. You are offering a lot of high quality didges. The best are the detailed infos for every didge and the sound files. The only info I missed is about the mouthpiece. Is it Wax, real sugar bag or pure Wood (I prefer playing on pure wood).

Bjarne Holck Pedersen from Belgium

I find your web site very informative in all assets of pre-buying and after-buying a didgeridoo, which is very nice and I'm probably going to buy a didg from you site in the future.

Bruce Moreton from USA

Very nicely laid out and easy to follow.

Anonymous from USA

You have a wide selection of didji's and accessories. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous from France

Tres beau site bien espliquer et donne vraiment envie de vous encouragez pour la suite. desolee je ne suis pas tres bonne en anglais


Very informative, its certainly taught me a great deal about the didj.

Charles Quick from USA

I actually like it. it gave more of an insight on how the didg is made along with the great quality. also other items out there such as art work and the bullrunners.


The web site is very well made and the didjeridoos are well described. I like the fact that it is possible to listen the sounds of each didjeridoos.


That's a good web site Great information and very interesting.


I'd love to win this for my music students and also when presenting workshops to other teachers. Sound is such a part of "place!"




Very informative

Diane Davie from Australia

I really like your web site, It is so interesting and informative, I will visit again

Don Rich from USA

Its great. I pray for a sound healing

Douglas Burson from USA

Haven't had much of a chance to investigate it, saw the didjeridu "sweepstakes" and felt I should be playing it, so I've spent most of my time entering....I'll go back and look more. I could use an easier to play didj!


There is an easy way out.

Emile Coevering from Netherlands

Its nice that the has good info about the didjeridoo..so I can learn from it!


It's good and informative.


Challenging questions but directed more toward the experienced not the newcomer

Francesco Bova from Italy

I think is really interesting, cause is so hard, especially in Italy, to have information about the didjeridu world. I would like to have more information of the real aboriginal music because for me, now, is impossible to know original aboriginal people

Anonymous from Australia


Gray Connolly from Australia

Unique just like the didge

Gregg Sherburn from USA

I have always loved the sound of this instrument. I had, however, never even thought about owning one. my wife is learning guitar, and I was on e-bay looking at related supplies. I came across a didji by accident, and bought it instantly! I have been looking for information ever since. I have many questions and would like to correspond with someone who could tell me about my didji, or where I could find larger ones. (mine is 17" long) I don't even know if it is a real instrument or a display item. any help would be appreciated! thank you, Gregg Sherburn

Guenter Eichinger from Austria

This site is very fantastic! A lot of information,beautiful didgeridoos,fine music.


Very sweet

Anonymous from USA

Very informative!

James Harding from USA

Very informative, indeed!

Jeff Brandow from USA

I haven't visited a lot of sites but this is the best one I've been to so far. (and the only one I've been to where I could win something).


Cool stuff

Anonymous from Canada

I'm very happy to have found the site. They look very well crafted.


Thorough site with lots of information. Thank you. I've always wanted to try playing, but hate to go to the expense unless I know whether or not I could do it. So, I lurk on didj web sites and wish. Tee hee.

Jérémie Terral from France

I've seen and heard very famous didjeridoo

Jim Allan from Canada

A very well organized site, that the layman and professional, can locate information and techniques for Didj's.

Jodi Okeefe from Australia

Very interesting and informative I enjoyed browsing through it, Thank you

Joe Shaddalack from United Kingdom

Didjshop is the place I turn to.


Very nice web site and products

Joshua Snodgrass from USA

Really like it! Feels welcoming and comfortable to look around. Feels more like a real store than a web site...


Very good


I love Didj very good site

Kurt Kurt Bendl from USA

The audio clips make the site totally involving for me! Sound quality is what I'm after, and the clips allow me to hear more of what's important to select an instrument.

Lennard Carter from United Kingdom

Very interesting, packed with useful information on didj playing and the background of the instrument.

Anonymous from Australia

I think it's great


I have a 14 son who is very interested in learning how to play. I hope some day to get him one.

Ludo Jouin from France

It's interesting

Marc Van Den Berg from New Caledonia

It looks good, pretty to watch en hear, keep on going, I will visit you more after today

Marijo Plavac from Germany

Very good!


Lots of stuff

Matthew Foster from USA

This web site is very informative and easy to navigate. I'm ready to progress so I'm looking forward to playing something other than my homemade plumbing device.

Michael Pierce from USA

I feel that it is a great service to the people who want to get closer to who the really are

Anonymous from USA

Your site is great! There is a lot of good info and it helps in learning about didgeridoos.

Monica Coffey from USA

I love your site and I am thinking of purchasing a didgeridoo for my husband. I am still researching.

Myrna Arnault from Canada

I love your site!


I think it's awesome that you promote such an amazing instrument.

Nik Van Extergem from Belgium

I really liked it,because there is a lot of information about how it is made it and the measures and prices

Patricia Briones from USA

Very interesting-I have been to Australia and it is a unique sound

Paul Deuel from USA

I love it, expand on it and keep up the good work.


Informative site!

Ryan Brooks from USA

I hope I can really use this as a resource when I start playing my new didj. Thanks for the great web site!

Sandra Staats from Netherlands

The best so far because you have sound prices of the didges, it makes it easier to those your favourite


Good site. I need to check it out some more.

Sharon Galea from Australia

Great site,will be back.


Good colours

Stefan Fredin from Sweden

I haven't got time to look at the page yet, I went straight to the competition page!

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Good site easy to navigate


Cool site, very interesting learning


Pretty good good to find always liked to have a didjeridu

Tim Smith from USA

Your web site is great. I love all the information you offer. I wish that I lived in your country so that I can have more readily available access to some of the things you have.


No se

Yain Eyzenga from Netherlands

It's straight forward....I like that!!

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