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Visitors Comments made during the month of September 2010:

Online name


Antoine from Colombia El Didj alimento para sanar mente cuerpo y espiritu. No a la violencia armada Si al Didj...
Arun from New Zealand Its great
Anonymous A website with a lot of information about the culture of the aboriginals and the didgeridoo
Brock from USA Wow its great..!!!
Carl Martinez from USA I enjoy slices of culture from the other side of the planet.
Anonymous Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about didgeridoo
Anonymous from USA I think its cool that you give people options on so much culture information and stuff! Its good to see that not everyone is consumed by Consumer America! I almost wish it was a real place. (Hoping that one didn't sound too nerdy/geeky/cheezy)
Chris Bailey from New Zealand I love it how you can listen to the different didjes you have for sale.
Chris Miller from USA The site is very helpful and informative to a newcomer like me. I am on disability so money is very tight so ill probably have to build my own didge and look to the site for help when I do.
Anonymous from India Not very readable the columns are too wide too many different fonts it looks a bit cluttered. Content is good!
Dana from USA Very nice website
Anonymous from USA Very well put together. One of the better didgeridoo websites I've visited.
Darren from Australia Great site. I have bought 3 didjes from you guys over the years
David from USA Very expansive. I like the online store and the MP3 samples of different didj sounds.
David Lassio from USA How very informative on the Aboriginal Culture and the skills they possess how very wonderful.
Donald from USA Its great.
Anonymous from USA Very informative and you seek to get feedback in a way that doesn't feel like am in school taking an exam
Anonymous I love all the historical information!
Fred Simon from United Kingdom Good
Gary Niki from USA I truly enjoy your website!...
Goran from Croatia/Hrvatska A lots of interesting things about Aboriginal culture. I like that you protect their heritage.
Grady Carp from USA You've done a great job with limited resources -- but I'm sure you could make it awesome in exchange for some product!
Hans Eirik from Norway Great site
Anonymous from Australia Good - having sound files is a great idea - with a photo it provides enough info to enable an informed purchase
Anonymous Great
Jacob from USA Very interesting wish I knew about this before I bought my first didgeridoo.
James from USA I like it and would like to receive more information about the Didgeridoo
Jamie from USA This website is excellent. Very informative very well laid out very enjoyable and certainly a bookmark on my computer now.
Jason from USA Great I just found it searching!
Anonymous Great website.
Jessica Wilson from Canada Thank you so much I love it
Jim from USA Very nice. I particularly enjoy the sound samples and viewing all the different instruments.
Anonymous Informative and well presented. Didj pages are excellent in particular the grading and sound files
Anonymous Its great
Jonathan from Australia Really a great website. The effort put into grading the didjes is immensely helpful. One piece of constructive criticism: When listening to each didj sound the listener is navigated forward a page. It would be handy if the sound file was on the same page as the information about the didj so that you could read through the classifications while listening.
Joseph Carringer from USA Your site is the most comprehensive didge shop and credible source of information and quality instruments in the world!!
Joy from USA Interesting
Justin from USA I have yet to explore it...
Anonymous from Australia A bit hard to find the link to go shopping. Otherwise very good information
Keith from USA Great site-- would buy another from your. Love those concert didjes
Keith from Ireland Uncomplicated
Kenneth from Australia Its a good site. If it was done up more professionally it might get more hits. The didgeridoo website for example is really nicely done.
Laura from USA Comprehensive good photos
Lauren from USA Love it! Keep it up!
Licia from USA Fun I am enjoying it and am interested in learning more
Lindsay from USA Just discovered you today VERY impressive
Luke from Canada Its a great website and every once and a while I come to drool over the really beautiful didjes and dream about the day I can afford to own one.
Anonymous I enjoy reading the material and checking out the sale items.
Margaret from USA Attractively laid out easy to get around in I appreciate that you address aboriginal issues.
Anonymous I just discovered it and I find it impressive.
Matt from USA The information on how to play the didge is superbly presented
Michael Benner from USA Like a candy store. Love to shop even if I have no budget at the time to buy.
Michael from Germany Clear competent interesting to read about Didj tradition and aborigines.
Mike from USA Excellent source of info.
Milos from Slovakia Best website on the web concerning this topic very informative nice design great people behind it
Nathan from USA I like that it is easy to get around but I would like to see more pictures of the didgeridoos with sound files. I really want to get another didj from Australia and want to know what I'm getting.
Anonymous from Australia Cool website!
Anonymous Première visite et il a l'air très cool
Paul Gristwood from United Kingdom Firstly I have not told anyone of your site because I am a singular player so rarely connect to other players...its a sort of personal connection for me so I'm sorry for that and I'm not a big computer person having more of a need to connect to the natural world so have not looked into your forum yet.... but I feel your site to be a valuable outlet for not only didj playing and knowledge but also a great source of education for aboriginal issues and culture.. I also feel your site to be a great shop that offers natural products being made in the place they originate from and supporting the aboriginal economy.. its always a pleasure to know people like yourselves are out there..
Richard Appleton from USA Great it is not just a online shop but an education to cultures lands, art and instruments
Richard Hinkel from Us Minor Outlying Islands Nice selection!
Richard from USA Love it easy to navigate
Robin Dark from United Kingdom Nice site easy to navigate
Robyn from Canada Lots of information I was/am unfamiliar with
Russ from USA Informative. I WANT TO LEARN MORE
Anonymous from USA Every time I visit get inspired to purchase a didj. Confused on the best way to get started.
Anonymous Nice quiet site not shouting or busy
Scot Magnuson from USA I like the fact that Didjshop dwells on the Aboriginal culture and knowledge thereof.
Scott from USA I am planning on purchasing a didj in the next few weeks and have considered this website along with one or two others for my first purchase!
Sean from New Zealand Simply awesome
Seth from USA Excellent design very easy to use. Has good resources.
Anonymous Very nice love the art
Anonymous from USA I think it is interesting
Anonymous from Australia I love it though it could be made to look more flashy as well. A little less 90's in appearance.
Anonymous I like your focus and integrity. When I searched other sites there were lots of hand made didj makers but none supporting Indigenous people.
Tim from Japan Excellent for finding information about didges information on didges for sale also excellent. Don't like the design personally but I do like that it has an an Australian / aboriginal theme. Find the navigation too hard to use. get lost in certain places.
Xavier Bellay from France Your website create a real community and you keep and you send in aboriginal heritage Minds

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