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Visitors Comments made during the month of February 2012:

Online name Feedback
Alexandru Calin Ocolisan from Spain Non
Alexey from Ukraine It awesome thank you very much!
Andrew from USA I think it is well laid-out and I think this website has quality didgeridoos.
Angelo from Canada Nice. Something for everybody educational fun and informative. The art is very nice.
Anonymous from Canada Your site informed me about didjes. If I win one I would be able to teach my class about didjes too.
Anonymous Great website
Anonymous from USA It is where I bought my Didgeridoo
Anonymous I absolutely love the quality of information your site has to offer for it's customers. Keep up the great work!
Charles from USA Interesting
Anonymous A LOT of info on it
Anonymous from Italy Yes
Conleth Buckley from Singapore I'd say it's the most informative and user-friendly site I have used in a long time. The ethics of the business really come across very strongly. First skydive seen that gives off a definite good vibe.
Dan from USA Very helpful to someone just getting interested.
Anonymous I love visiting this website
Dave Ste-croix from Canada Really useful for a beginner trying to learn the art of playing a didgeridoo.
Anonymous To cool
Anonymous from USA I've never played didgeridoo before but I'm looking around at all the places and I was wanting to find some real wood expert made ones so I'm glad I found this site
Anonymous Very well organized with plenty of information.
Anonymous Its cool.
Anonymous Looks good
Anonymous from Italy It's amazing
Gary from USA You have a great website the best for didge players
Anonymous from USA Great
Anonymous Na
Gregg from United Kingdom Fantastic source of information and the shop is really useful as it breaks down into quality
Anonymous from France Very helpful good advices
Ian from USA It is very well-organized and has some incredible information on it.
James from USA Seems user friendly
Anonymous from USA Very nice site
Jennifer from USA Very informative
Anonymous from USA I think it is great to have the useful information that you do. It is a big help.
Anonymous Interesting
Anonymous I could improve it a bit more if you need it to be improved let me know.
Anonymous from USA Cool but it would be good for me to hear professional sounds to work towards.
Anonymous from USA Pretty cool... A new experience
Anonymous Interesting nothing we can find here in Florida...
Jordan Shepherd from USA Great! I'm looking for your care and repair section now could be a bit easier your site is great no complaints every new page is an adventure with more places to go than you had thought. you've made a well up image of yourselves and your cause are helpful and human and HAVE DEPTH OF CHARACTER which is what I mean to say by all of that most important of anything at all.
Anonymous from USA Nice layout
Anonymous Very well organized
Keven from Canada U should had more sound video for all the didge u can buy
Anonymous from Cyprus Nice site.Many information. thank you.
Lydia Gilchrist from USA I really like the organization and easy access to diff types of Didjes
Anonymous from USA Just checking out the Didjes before visiting AUS.
Mark from USA Found it looking for a bull roar very nice.
Melanie from USA I've been fascinated with the didgeridoo for a little while now and just found out it is used in meditation. I plan on spending more time on your wonderfully informative site.
Anonymous from USA Good
Anonymous Very unique. I almost bought a Didj at a thrift shop but I could only make a sound like a sick cow.
Mireille from Canada Be more descriptive about the items your asking questions about. Like didj Did want to hurt anybody feelings but what is a didj so you see what I mine
Anonymous It's neat and informative. Learned a lot.
Anonymous I really like the setup of the site.
Anonymous Great
Patrick from USA Very nice selection and very helpful information for selecting the right didj.
Anonymous Website?
Peter from Canada The information on here is great! A little hard to find exactly what you want at times But over all great!
Peter from USA I've just found it.
Anonymous from USA It is very interesting.
Anonymous from USA Good
Anonymous Awesome stuff
Samuel from USA I like the things you say and the way you say them! and the things you ask... you're funny.
Sean from Canada Well done
Steve from Australia Great website lots of info not only about the didgeridoo's but about the origin and history of the didj and the aboriginal people.
Steven from USA It's a rather gentle site because of the pastel tones. Plus: informative. I should visit more often.
Susan McCarthy from USA Looking forward to visiting
Anonymous Haven't seen it
Anonymous Its the best one around. Great didges and great info.
Todd Rumsey from USA Love this place
Tyler from USA Its very simple and easy to navigate!:)
Anonymous from USA Informational
Uwe from Germany Sehr informative hilfreich vieleicht könnte sie irgendwann in deutsch sein

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