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Visitors Comments made during the month of January 2004:

Online name


Francois Deslandes from France

Very good site with very good didge ;) listening before buying is really great.

Frank Lovecchio from USA

I find the site easy to use and the MP3 cuts very helpful.The site can become addicting.

Anonymous from Brazil

This site is very good and I've been learning a lot about the Didgeridoo here.

Gaye McGill from USA

Very nice - beautiful instruments, interesting information.

George Corey from USA

I think you have a really cool site. I actually went here originally looking for a two person didj I have seen one online but haven't found it again


I like the colors. Your selection is very good. See previous note.

Gina Lusby from New Zealand

Very well displayed


Looks great so far.

Gregory Jepsen from USA

Excellent web site!

Anonymous from France

A very good site, You seem to have some of beautiful didjs I ever seen...I am waiting for a date to come and try some of them. It is hard to stay here and see your shop, 'cause here in Paris it's very difficult to find such good didgeridoo...

Gustavo Wiesel from Brazil

Really interesting and different. High quality in products and diversity

Hanuman Zhang from USA

I like the wonderful graphics (Goo' design, mates) & its web surfers' friendliness (esp'ly to us who have ol' glorified, desktop-sized PDAs for 'puters.

Anonymous from Canada


Hugo Bezerra from Portugal

That's a very good web page, that shows people the myth of the didgeridoo and teaches us to play and to enjoy the oldest wind instrument. I think personally is the best didgeridoo page I've visited, but we can always improve our performance and try to make a page even better.

Ian Stork from United Kingdom

Great site enjoy looking at the many different diges u have on site

Jack Arlanda from France

It's a very good web site, but there are so much to see! it looks like very professional and I enjoy all the explications given from cutting the piece of wood to the selling conditions. if I had to buy a eucalyptus didg I will do it with you, you can be sure of that ! when you buy a didg from didgshop.com you know what you are buying because of the description of each didg in the shop ,plus those you can ear ! very good excellent, you can be proud of you.

Jacob Jacob Collins from USA

It's very educational, colorful

James Davis from Canada

Excellent site very informative, a great resource

Jan Ryom from Denmark

It's hard to find any pages in danish - or just some in english which are easy to use. But this site has a good manoeuvrability. Furthermore, I like the Didgeridoos that are shown on this site, and the didgeridoos on this site looks like the most professional on the net. And last, but NOT the least, the one I have heard sounded great - good recording too...


Little less confusing

Anonymous from Canada

Not sure first time visiting

Jason Ksepka from USA

I am still a little new to this and it is rather overwhelming, but I intend to get to it more often and perhaps make or buy a didge before years end.

Jason Lukjanenko from Australia

Best site for purchasing genuine quality didj's. Something to consider would be putting downloadable audio files of didj sessions on the site from a variety of players and styles [OUR COMMENT: we are working on it!]


It's a good site but I am french and I don't understand all what it is said. But very good.

Jeffrey James from USA

I like your site the best of the ones I have seen. The Lay out is easy to use and that site seems well maintained.


Great site

Jerry Cowan from USA

This is my first visit and I'm enjoying myself. I recently bought an Australian coat and hat so my daughter suggested I visit your site.

Anonymous from USA

Keep up the good work

Jessica Harris from New Zealand

I think it's a awesome site and how you have got your competition page.

Jillian Barrett from USA

Wanted to make a point on circular breathing... I can do it just fine with a cup of water and using a straw, but I can't seem to generate enough pressure to keep the sound going on my didj... so I'd have to say that I "can" circular breathe but I also "can't" do it on the didj. Frustrating.

Jo Bamberger from United Kingdom

very easy to use and informative.

Anonymous from Germany

It's a good site with good information, quite different to all these european-new-age-bullshit pages. I'm quite astonished about the mass of didjes offered for sale, a friend of mine 's been selling a few hundred in the region, but you hardly find someone who's able to play!

Jodie Merrill from Canada

Great shop, lots of background knowledge for those not experienced and unaware of all the potential.

Joe Banko from USA

Your web site is great. It is one of the first that I found after becoming interested in didgeridoos.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Nice site, good navigation, plenty of information.


Easy to navigate and visually appealing definite source for sound.

John Fisher from USA

I love the site, would love to visit in person, someday.


Web site is fine

John Robinson from United Kingdom

I visited the web site looking for downloadable didj music and inspiration for a CD photo album I am doing of my holiday to Australia.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

The best yet.

John Weiler from USA

Best Didj info and shopping in the WORLD!


has every bit of info that is needed to keep informed

Jon Martin from USA

I love the site, not only does it have beautiful pieces but it has some good information too.

Joop Nohlmans from Netherlands

Pleasant, written by didge lovers not only traders. Makes you comfortable to order a didge by internet, although I haven't yet. (Its better to win the 2004 didge. It looks perfect and sounds like an orchestra!!)

Jordan Mills from USA

It is so cool too!

Josef Roeck from Germany

A good site from you,a lot of information about Australia,the people and the beginning of a didgeridoo. warm regards to your team...

Joseph Compton from USA

I want one!!!

Julien Lejour from France

The Didjshop.com is the greatest web site I ever seen. Not only for didjeridu selling, but for all the information you can learn about the Didjeridu and the Australian Aboriginal Culture. Congratulations !! :))

Justin Codd from Ireland

Very informative indeed...... enjoy browsing through the different didjs. Even though I can't quiet afford a real termite-hollowed didjeridoo yet !!!

Anonymous from Sweden

Great with so many different languages. Easy to find things, nice pictures

Karl Whiteford from Australia

This site is great.huge range of products and sound files to listen to the didges is awesome




very interesting and nice to look through, good ideas for next gifts for my friends


Very nice site..always a great selection of didgeridoos to look at

Kelly Slate from USA

It's always chock full of everything I could possibly want, from didjes in every key imaginable to bullroarers and artwork. It has a very easy-to-follow layout, and plenty of information. Great site!

Anonymous from Canada

Easy to find my way. I love that I can here the sounds of the Didj and your explanation on the quality scale

Ken Ralph from United Kingdom

I am just wondering how you can make it any better, the information is outstanding, the sound....well how about making a .wav available for those with broadband? much of the resonance and tweets are lost in .mp3

Kevin Ringer from USA

I love your web site. So easy to get around in, and so much useful information.

Anonymous from USA

I love visiting this site. Keep up the good work!

Le Perkins from USA

Like the web site. I would like to see some artwork on t-shirt for sale. Thanks


Looks really neat!!!!!


The web site is great! I like all the didgeridoo's you've got. This is also a good site for information about the didge.

Lindsay Upcraft from USA

This is the most comprehensive web sites not only for didj lovers, but also for people who have just recently discovered didjs. It's really nice to find such an informative site that is out not only to sell quality products, but to educate about them as well.


Unique, nouveau. merci mp3. le didj est malgré tout réspécté, avec toute la tradition dont il fait partie

Anonymous from Canada

Very interesting

Anonymous from Canada

I liked it. It was interesting.

Anonymous from Canada

Looks good might purchase

Anonymous from USA

Sure like all the info and ideas, hope to build my own soon.

Lynda Routley from Canada

I just think it is wonderful, and will visit again.

Anonymous from Canada

Great site...you have some gorgeous instruments!

Malcolm Reynolds from USA

Looks great. If I don't win, I'll probably order one. You're bookmarked.


Great site

Anonymous from Germany

It's a great Shop with many Information about the didgeridoos. Very great is that you can hear some didgeridoo sounds. Cool page, will visit it again.

Mar Mar Devine from Canada

I just love your web site and your newsletters. I read them completely and save them. The first time I heard a didj was on the very first Survivor Show. I was mesmerized. My friend has a few CDs and I listen to them often. I do not own a player so cannot play them myself. Your web site offers so much wonderful information. I just cannot afford to purchase one even if it would make my dreams come true. I keep praying that I will win one. That is the sad truth. I am a poor lady who dreams large. Thank you for that opportunity.

Anonymous from Sweden

It's a good site for newbies

Marian Eselson from USA

I would like to see some graphics on different didgeridoos.

Anonymous from USA

Very interesting. Maybe have some music that one could listen to playing didgeridos?

Mark McNevin from Australia

Excellent and informative web site, I will be visiting this web site again.

Mary Daly from United Kingdom

Congratulations you have a wonderfully easy to use web site that really does contain great features such as pictures, measurements, much needed practical advice and even the sound of the didge in some cases. A terrific selection of instruments and accessories. I love it. Thank you.

Mary Franklin from Canada

Very nice sight-good graphics


Something different, would love to win one!


Very interesting.


very good web site... congratulations I'm a new young french player since christmas... it's a great present but it's hard to blow into the didj as if my teacher says me I make a progress... see you soon...and in French : "bravo pour votre site" mathilde

Matt Banks from Japan

As I am very interested in didgeridoo sound, I would like to see more samples on the site. It would be great if players could post their own short recordings. [OUR COMMENT: we are working on it]

Matt Risell from USA

I think it is awesome that there examples of how each didjeridoo sounds, so you hear it before you buy it.


Your extensive selection is impressive. I could sit here all day listening to the Mp3's of the various didjeridoos.


I love all person I love didj

Matthew Cribley from USA

It is a good presentation of the content.

Matthieu Bourdon from France

I think your web site is the most complete site about didj! go on!


It is a wonderful informative site.

Merv Frye from USA

The best Didj site I've found to date

Mich Andrews from United Kingdom

This is without doubt one of the best didge web sites I have found. There is so much on here. Awesome !!!!!

Anonymous from Canada

Looks great

Michael Duffy from USA

Great site, I have bookmarked it and will be back again


The layout is nice and the site is very well kept, keep up the good work!


very interesting place....one of the sites that you would come back to more than once


Its a very good web site,it's simple and well design and it has a enormous variety of products such as prices, well done

Miguel Cuesta from Spain

Great, I thought that such a place would not exist and that nobody would be interested I such a magnificent instrument. Thank you

Mike Albers from Netherlands

Nice site lay out and easy to find the subjects of interest.


Good site, lots of stuff, I like the mp3 sections so you can compare sound quality


I like the site.

Anonymous from Netherlands

it's clear to follow and looks very friendly! it's nice to be able to find different kind of information on it

Anonymous from New Zealand

Its a wonderful site, my brother owns a didjeridu, he brought back from aussie many years ago, but I saw a lot on your web site, much more beautiful than the one he has, I did'nt realise the amount of work and love that goes's into them.

Nicola Johnson from Canada

Looks good, if you could simplify things a bit more, more generic links leading to more detailed list of things might help direct people to where they want to go more quickly

Nicolas Dolfus from French Guiana

I am french. I am happy to have found the right place to learn about the information I was looking for. I feel respect of the material, subject and people on the web site Spiritual dimension is there. Absolute necessary ! nico.


Nice site, appropriate to the instrument.

nigel mason from United Kingdom

a good range of didges, from plain to well decorated. I like the chance to browse at the ranges you have. when looking it is possible to be very specific ie up to 400$ key of A plain. though as yet I haven't bought one from you I find it exciting and enjoyable just window shopping.


Very interesting

Omar L. De la Tejera from Mexico

Great great. I think it is the best site.

Anonymous from Spain

I think is a very well thought web site, because tries to give the maximum information and service to the people who likes this world.

Pablo Bertone from Argentina


Pascal Durand from France

A nice and complete site

Anonymous from Australia

I love it. It's great looking at all the different didjs. I didn't realize that they come in different tones and shapes and I live in Australia. One thing is I never hear of females playing the didjs. I think it's a challenge.

Patrice Masthoff from Hungary

This site rulez! I never thought there'd be a site that would sell didjes, and especially not as much, and cool ones as you do!


Never thought about playing one - could be interesting!

Patrick Golliot from Canada

Very impressive and interesting

Paul Bishop from USA

I loved the site and the information about the instruments and artifacts

Paul Fletcher from United Kingdom

Great site plenty of interesting and instructive advice.

Anonymous from USA

Nice site. Lots of didgs. I appreciate the sound clips. thanks


Informative.must be amazing to know how to play one.

Per Hultquist from USA

Great site


Well put together

Peter Rookyard from United Kingdom

It gets better every year, It always amazes me.

Polly Hall from USA

Great site

Ralph Huizinga from Netherlands

A suprisingly good and informative side,which is a really enjoyable side to watch and read

Anonymous from Canada

Keep up the good work

Renée Guenette from Canada

Will come again

Anonymous from Canada

This site is truly a good respected site for needed information.


Li migliro sito sul digi del mondo

Rick Baldwin from USA

Great site, good information

Rick Gonzalez from USA

It gives plenty of an insight of the Didgi and what it is about.

rob spear from USA

I drooed on many of the pics and will use this site as a database

Anonymous from Canada

It is interesting and I never Knew that this site existed before

Rodrigo Viterbo from Portugal

Great, lots of interesting didges, if I win the competition, please send 'em all to me, ehehee

Roel Adriaensens from Belgium

It's great to have a descent site on the subject.


Good didjes and I really like all your sound files


I love it

Roxann Gatliff from USA

User friendly, with a lot to see. I teach art to kindergarten through 5th grade, and was looking for reference material when I came upon this site. I will be teaching a unit on Australian Aboriginal Art for the next few week.

Ryan Beach from Canada

This site is AMAZING. I really like how there are many pictures of didjes, for currently I'm trying to construct my own didj and I'm looking around for art work to paint onto my didj.

Ryan Muff from USA

Keep up the good work. It's the best site on the web.

Sachin Singh from India

I think I had a great time. Its like very friendly and not at all pushy; buy this, buy that. I loved hearing all the mp3 files( especially) of those really good and (expensive) didj's. The fact that some one selling original didj's is not threatened by informing starters on tips to make their own didjs says a lot. I really think that the sheer amount of information which is Freely available reflects the sincerity and effort that has gone into making this into a live e music shop. Keep on Dreaming the Dream of love and peace. Take care Sachin

Sarajayne Morley from United Kingdom

Very good site, lots of interesting stuff on it.


I'd really like to see more views of the didjs for sale. I can tell a difference with your new web master - he's doing a great job! You have a very easy site to navigate.


I liked it, but I think it could be improved. In my personal taste, I would use more ethnic and aboriginal images as a support of the image of the site

Anonymous from USA

Great site - well planned out. Easily navigated. Enjoyable.


I feel that there needs to be a few more samples of didj sounds.

Sterling Green jr. from USA

One of the most informative sites I've visited.

Anonymous from USA

I really like the classification system and the ability to hear each instrument. This takes the risk out of buying remotely.

Steve Trowbridge from United Kingdom

Very good site


Great site

Anonymous from Canada

It is very unique

Anonymous from Canada



I love the beauty of the look & sound. I'm in awe of people who can play them. I didn't know there was a web site for these instruments. I had to call my husband over to look as he lived in Australia as a young boy & it brought back memories. Thanks.


I did not now this instrument had so many uses!

Anonymous from USA

The products are wonderful, and the selection great



Tijmen Veen from Netherlands

I do like to be informed regular about all of the didge and didge players.

Anonymous from Netherlands

It's a very good site nice keep this way thank you

Tom O'Brien from USA

When I first came across your web site years ago, I thought it was by far the most extensive didgeridoo site on the web! I still do. One thing I've noticed, though, is your price increases for all the didgeridoos. They used to be affordable but now it seems that they cost MUCH MORE than didgeridoos I can get from Djalu himself! How can you justify the prices of your didgeridoos? I doubt that I will ever buy one from you when I know I can find concert quality didgeridoos elsewhere and find them MUCH cheaper than what you have to offer. [OUR COMMENT: Firstly our prices are calculated automatically based on the data of each didj and that algorithm was changed only once quite a while ago, resulting in an overall price increase of less than 10% which was required to not operate at a loss. We put our didjes through over 25 processes other don't do, pay top price to our Aboriginal suppliers and sell cheaper than most. Secondly, you can find so-called concert quality didjes everywhere, but until you actually play a Didjshop.com concert class didj you cannot compare and you obviously never did. We do not fear comparison with anyone, we respect and honour Djalu, but the best Djalu didj I could find in Darwin is what we barely call a first and it cost me nearly triple what we sell our firsts for (I just wanted to have a Djalu and looked at quite a few). We are certain Djalu and his family make some wicked didjes, but they are not cheap and as with every other didj maker not all are wicked]

Tony Krogh from USA

I've always thought the site was great. I've learned a lot about the didge and also the culture of the aboriginal people on the site. The info is great. The selections are awesome . The prices are very reasonable and your ethics are right on. Hopefully someday I'll be able to do more than just window shopping.

Tony Rickett from Canada

I teach Pilates and thought that the Diji would work quite well as background/ and meditation Ever been done ?

Travis Brisini from USA

Your web site is great, but in actuality, I enjoy the regular e-mail Newsletters the most. It's convenient, well laid out, and helpful.

Anonymous from Canada

DIDGERIDOO !!!! Feel the Earth

Anonymous from Canada

Well laid out, loads quickly

Anonymous from Slovenia

The side is a really good one. Very similar, fast and not complicated to use. I like it much.

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