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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

Below you will find comments left by visitors when entering our questionnaire.
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Visitors Comments about Didgeridoo and Meditation made during 2008:

Name and Country

Visitors Comments about Didgeridoo and Meditation


I find that many musical experiences have brought me into meditation including the didj especially the 4-footer. It's very expressive and while it does require effort to circular breathe there's also a very engaging personality to the process.

Adrian from Australia

I use the didge for meditation and find it a great way to relax and get great visuals/insights

Alex from Portugal

I love play didj in front to the beach and my mind lost in the water

Amanda Hall from Australia

You relax easily

Andre from Germany

I'm feeling absolutely relaxed and I forget all around me and all the problems which I had on this days

Andrea Valentini from Italy

I play it in a warm dark room... just put my lips on it and breathe-... the rhythm start after some minutes of just breathing

Andrew Hodge from Canada

I find I can sit with my eyes closed and let the drone and vibrations take me away. I let my breathing and the drone create the rhythm.

Andrew Murray from Australia

I use my Didgeridoo in worship when I pray. I play to glorify my God Jesus Christ.


It takes me to a place of zen like nothing else ever has. I loose myself for hours just letting the didge guide me

Ann from Canada

Sitting quietly and simply droning is one of the most relaxing things I do for myself. The benefits of the breath work and the focus required to try and do circular breath are great tonics!

Anne from New Zealand

That's what I'd like to do


It is amazing way to relieve stress.

Aury from Brazil

Sim temos muinta experiencia na pratica de meditação

Barbara from USA

It has such a calming effect on our whole household even the dogs and chickens.

Bart Devos from Belgium

I often use the didge for preparing or starting a meditation. It opens up the vertical channel starting with playing base sounds slowly and deeply. When I feel my belly opening the rest usually follows. It can best be described as a warm blanket falling over you coming home into your own body opening up. It also has a strong influence on my chakra's eventually I start to feel the "flow". Because of practicing with other ways of nature meditations ( eg. tao) I then decide to stop playing didge or continue with the didge according to what I intuitively need most at that point in time. I also play very intuitively using a lot of variety and ending with deep base sounds. I almost always become very quiet afterwards and when there is time I continue still meditation.

Bart from USA

Unfortunately I still have to concentrate on playing and can't really say I am meditating. I'm improving though.

Anonymous from Australia

I wish to use it for this purpose as well as healing

Bill Woodward from Canada

I have RSD and use the didj for relaxation and to control the severe pain bouts that accompany this condition.

Bob from Australia

Still learning

Brian from USA

I'm working on it.

Anonymous from Australia

I find it easy to stretch and lose track of time when someone is playing the didge while I do so. Otherwise I find it hard to concentrate and am rarely motivated to do so. That's the only vague meditative experience I can think of other than the regular meditative state I find myself in after playing for a while.

Carlos Andres Muñoz Diaz from Chile

Ponerse a tocar con la luz apagado mientras se introducen muchos instrumentos en consigo y se ase una meditación mas qnada musical en donde todos introducen un poco de si en la música


Useful to calm the mind and invigorate the body

Chad from Canada

Locally we have a science center with loads of different tools for learning about our world and ourselves. My wife and I often partake in one exercise where a "receiver" belt goes around one's head and it gauges each of our ability to "relax" via a ball on a table. Every time I win by thinking of my personal didj rhythm!!


It take very little time to just sit blow and listen...

Chavis Three-sticks from USA

I would love to but don't play it well enough.

Chris Bittner from USA

I would say that I enjoy playing it meditatively which is relaxing.

Chris Glover from United Kingdom

I have used it many times for the purpose of meditation and relaxation from the daily toils when I have come home stressed I go into the conservatory sit and play and completely entrance myself

Chris from Australia

I love it.

Chris from USA

At continues playing the low frequencies of vibrations and overtones moves me to another place deep in trance and more in touch with my soul. Letting the rich tones elevate me to levels of consciousness I have never known to exist.

Anonymous from USA


Colm O Nuanain from Ireland

I do play a lot to clear my head of daily stress accumulated. I try to maintain steady controlled rhythms to help focus my attention and bring my awareness to the present.

Cory from Canada

I quit smoking and whenever I feel the urge or get pissed off I grab my didge and honk on it for awhile

Damien from Belgium

Only with the WWDidgeridoomeditation




It is a great healer

Dave from Canada

I use it in many ways. I play during the solstices and equinoxes and was quite pleased to see that you organize the Synchronised Worldwide Didgeridoo Sound Meditation so naturally I am part of those. I play to send good energy to friends and family members who are either going through hard times with stress and/or health and of course for their family and friends. I do this for operations and such. I enjoy this thoroughly.

David Clark from USA

( See Above - it's a restful rejuvenating experience for me. It "Centers" me.


It's a long way to reach real meditation I've learn that. I take my time. But I can say that I sleep better.

Dennis from United Kingdom

The drone is ideal for meditation it quickly trances you out

Drew from USA

I am a Christian and I use it for quiet time. Its not very quiet but I still feel it gets me closer to God. No matter what is going on in my life how bad it/the world gets when I hear the drone I can tell with God leading the way its all going to work out.

Ed Obermeyer from USA

Each evening I play in my studio.

Eddy from Australia

I am not sure about meditation but as I am becoming better player I am starting to think there is something in the meditation part.


I most do zen meditation or transcendental and do some breaks to play didj

Flemming from Denmark

I sometimes play for a group of people which is very deep into meditation. and they have very deep and profound experiences with the didgeridoo sound. I sometimes play by my self and get in a very deep state of being where I only can feel my mouth and eyes the rest is out there.

Francis from France

I cannot put my meditative experience in only a few words... hope you'll understand.

Frank Eisenblätter from Belgium

Again and again I feel that the sound of the didge seems to "open a door" to "somewhere inside". Even when I used to play each sunday noon in a local café quite lively music with long improvised pieces with percussions and guitar I noticed how people would sit there fork in one hand and beer glass in the other without moving and that look in their eyes that seems to say: "I am traveling inside!"


I get very relaxed.

Greg Seward from USA

It provides me with an aperture where I encounter one of my teachers; an ancient elder from my maternal grandfather's Native American lineage and heritage. I often use a rattle as well but at times the didj sometimes provides the fastest means of joining my teacher.

Ian from Netherlands

I feel that because of your rhythmic breathing and the calmness the sound of the Yidaki produces make you more relaxed. They help you forget the daily troubles. When I am meditating our family dog lies himself down next to the "Bell" and closes his eyes and just lays there listening "meditating" perhaps who knows.

J. Kaufman from USA

Many deep trance states speaking of the connectedness of all beings.


I played in an eckankar meeting with a friend accompanying me on crystal bowls. I played slowly showing the range of the harmonics of the didge. The members joined in singing hue. It was an experience I wish to do again. It lifted my spirits and when we played there was a wonderful warm feeling in my abdomen.

Jake from USA

I use the didj as a tool for deep breathing meditation. the circular breathing requires me to focus my mind on the task at hand and let outside influences drop. the vibrations help align my thoughts and feel the music rather than hear the music. I participate in the bi-annual world meditation circle project

Jamie from United Kingdom

My didge playing changes according to how I feel in side and strangely enough it seems to show me as an indicator how in or out of tune I am. Whist meditating with one well things get mirrored strange new sounds can come out of nowhere they seem to get given to me cool.

Jason Steinman from USA

I typically just sit and play. It's a mind clearing device with meditative sounds.

Jeff from USA

From the very first time I played the didj I had a very calm yet enervating feeling come over me. I felt so relaxed and yet stronger in mind and body. I sit and play and everything seems to meld together and melts away my troubles.

Jeff from USA

My son in law and I like to sit around the fire pit in the winter and drink homemade scuppernong wine and play together. We always invite others to join.

Jeff Nelson from USA

I often play my didge along side tracks I find on the internet. I try to mimic the sounds I hear as I chase the Circular breath. Every so often I find myself finally able to circular breath and when I realize I am doing it I loose it heh. I am close to finally being able to just do it.

Jeremy Erb from USA

Even though I'm not Aboriginal I use the didj for meditation I have used the didj for meditation journeys I see the didj as a way to become closer to nature I find easier to play the didj while in a meditative state

Jessica Tenorio from Mexico

Ohhhh of course first I can spend a lot of time because make me sleepy but when I learn to listen I practice the astral projection and this sound really clean my mind a my soul from the robotic world that huge us its more easy and produce more pleasure and happiness in that "side of he mind" but the a.p is very true because just at my 12 years old I abandoned my body

Jim Griffiths from United Kingdom

I'm working on it

John from USA

The focused intentional breathing and deep continual "OM" is one of the most relaxing and stimulating forms of meditation that I know of or have personally experienced. this is why I am looking for a didgeridoo that is both low pitched and not as taxing on the breath as my current instruments.

John from USA

I love listening to the didj but I myself am not a good enough player to have my own meditations.

John from USA

First the didj has a way of clearing the mind. I first met a man who was playing one and he had either multiple sclerosis or some kind of palsy and he said he'd tried everything and the only thing that helped him was playing his didj. I fell the same way. I have also traveled on the inner to other place and states of consciousness through the didj. My creativity soars in my writing and being able to see situations from a multi-faceted viewpoint.

Anonymous from Malta

I close my eyes wile playing the didj and think about universal equations and than its like I freeze and enter a meditational state.


I've tried but never seem to get into it enough although I will try to play tomorrow for the solstice.

Julian from United Kingdom

With other didjers we sit and didj may take while for energy to come nice then off on journey with animal spirits earth spirits mainly birds and lizards and earth

Anonymous from Germany

I can relax with my didge and its very nice to sitting on a stone and looking in the nature close the eyes and hear to the sounds and enjoy.....

Keith from USA

Not yet as I need to get much better though I do try and play just to hear it and relax.

Ken Hrycyk from Canada

The times I can play for a length of time really set my whole weekend up..

Anonymous from Malta

It helps me calm down and be myself

Kerry Hufford from USA

Simply puts me in a place that other tools cannot.

Kev English from United Kingdom

I meditate with chant as with didj I find they both clear all life's toxins.

Klaus Burger from Germany

Sometimes people say thank you for healing head-pain or stomachache or sadness

Kris from Belgium

When I was at school in the exams period I used to play didgeridoo to calm down and relax. It was amazing how it worked!

Luis Figueira from Portugal

When I play didj the world just stops and I can hear the sound of the earth and at the same time the real sound of myself.

Marie-theres from Switzerland

It lets me sometimes enter in some sort of deep relaxation being in a rhythmic with breathing heartbeat and thinking absolutely nothing.

Mario Rinder from Austria

It works but I prefer drums.

Anonymous from USA

I don't use it for meditation per se but have found that just droning has a very calming effect on my 3 month old son. I can also just zone out while droning and I find that really helps with stress.

Martin Izzo from Argentina

Produces an alpha state relaxing and soothing atmosphere

Matt Benson-parry from Australia

I use my newer didj to create a low rumbling sound. Its huge length and girth makes it difficult to maintain a fast rhythm. I use it while painting or while walking the path of the Awenyddion or dream-poet which is a welsh bardic tradition.

Matt from USA

I have used it to meditate playing slowly. It helps to focus and stop thinking.

Michael from USA

Summer equinox of 2007 was recognized after I hade made didges for my daughter and her partner. We camped in the mountains of Washington state and played for about an hour at sun-down.

Mignon Haslar from New Zealand

I only purchased a didj last week. I have not done this as yet

Mike Walker from USA

Just two days ago my girlfriend of 7 years was ready to end our relationship. to say the least I was very distraught. but as I was laying on my floor I glanced over to my closet after she had ended our conversation and I took my didj and played for over an hour. it helps relax my heart even out my breathing and clear my mind. I would not have been able to sleep had I not played my didj

Moreno from Italy

I played for groups: Sound massage Yoga The "Fana" whirling Dervish Inipi sweat lodge Re-birthing and others

Owen from Australia

Often for time out

Paul Arguijo from USA

One time when I was playing I played so long and went somewhere else mentally that a noise woke me up...it was my didj

Peggy Adams from USA

I enjoy the breath

Penny Jones from USA

Dream Believe and discover the art of organizing sounds so as to create an aesthetic combination. Of rhythm vibration and harmony. My Mystical Didgeridoos

Peter from USA

I had a section with a reiki master that used one... and it was the most energizing thing. the vibrations shook me to the bone. The energy pierced me.. I decided I had to get one... I am very new and have not had any teaching besides a really bad dvd... but it gave me somewhere to start from... and that is all I needed. I am working on the skill of circular breathing. I believe that this will provide a more effective reiki section

Ralph Ray from USA

I live on the Chesapeake Bay and I go out on our pier and play my didj and meditate. Sometimes I play at a Sacred Labyrinth and along with Singing Bowls.

Randy from USA

I'd like to very much but haven't gotten to that point yet.

Ricardo from Chile

For me to meditate with my didj is the best spiritual experience I play every morning before going to my "engineer job" and I start the day very good!

Richard from Netherlands

Sry..but isn't meditation personal:>

Rick from USA

Not in a sense of "Meditating." But in a sense of using it as a tool to open myself to bring myself into a quiet space to deepen my breathing.

Robbie from USA

Help clear the mind and to relax yourself allowing you to think clearly I believe.

Robert from USA

Trance induction very easy with a number of didj musical pieces designed for meditation.

Robin Dewan from Finland

I sometimes play to meditate and relax

Anonymous from USA

All music touches me but I feel a nearly spiritual movement when listening to or playing the didge.

Anonymous from USA

Playing my didge really clears my mind thru playing I feel like I learn more about myself and nature I notice cicadas and birds seem to answer my didge playing and its very uplifting experiencing that

Ryan from USA

I do yoga frequently and follow up at the end with meditation and occasionally use my didj for meditation its great for controlled breathing and allows my mind to loosen up.

Selcuk from Canada

I have not yet had the chance to perform meditative music but listening to the didj's drones while I'm working give me a focus which I can appreciate.

Serena from USA

I use other instruments for mediation (Native American flute and drum) but I'd need to be more proficient on the didj before it would be restful.:)


The sound of the didgeridoo transports me really helps me in the meditation. El sonido del didjeridu me transporta realmente me ayuda en la meditación.


I listen to the sounds. If I can get good at it I am interested in delving into the making of the sounds as part of that.


I would like to play better so I can use the didj for meditation and to play during my dance classes

Steve Barton from United Kingdom

I haven't learnt to play long enough for meditation just enough to chill out but I will.

Steve from USA

Helps me dream better. And gives me a mental buzz.

Anonymous from Australia

I will need to look into this form of meditation as I have become interested in meditation through the Tai Chi lessons I have been having of late

Steven Williams from USA

I have been trying my best to participate in the worldwide didgeridoo meditations for a couple years now. They always land on my days to work(afternoons) so I usually am playing a didgeridoo cd at work. When I can I have played the didj myself and plan the meet this September with a friend who I have shared the didj with for the next meditation.

Suzen Vizzoni from USA

Everyday I use it to meditate and connect with Earth and the ancestors. It is a form of prayer for me and I am most grateful. If I miss a day or two I truly experience an unsettled feeling. Sorry but words just don't adequately explain nor do I expect them too.


I really enjoy playing it.

Symon Browne from Australia

I don't ever set out to use it this way but during breathing practice it always takes me somewhere else.

Tanguy from France

When I played didj I can travel with the earth...i filling free and happy...

Thomas from Norway

Meditation is quite a private thing - I use the Didge to relax. went in trance with help of the vibrations and sound

Timur from Germany

I always go to the same place a forest next to the city I live. It is a spectacular place where I can meditate and fall in trance.Then I'm one with nature one day I will visit australia and play my didge at this magical place.

Tom Lange from USA

Most of my music is meditation/trance

Tomas from USA

After playing for 20 min. I feel very centered awake but calm at the same time. I also get more energy and my attention seems more focused.


It relaxes me.

Tyrell from USA

I go out to the woods and just play or to two of our sacred spring water and offer songs to the water before taking it.

William from USA

Don't know if I am meditating. but just enjoy the tranquil state I achieve when playing.

Willy from Germany

I get all to myself what is a very pleasure I can put down the stress I got from work and just be.

Wolfgang Gaspar from Germany

In my town is a old building with an ancient cellar with very good acoustic. there I go to play when I want to something for my soul...and sometimes there are other people joining my didge and me...

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