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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

Below you will find comments left by visitors when entering our questionnaire.
These Comments are unedited and complete (we only removed double entries and where people asked us not to publish)

Visitors Comments about Didgeridoo and Meditation made during 2006:

Name and Country

Visitors Comments about Didgeridoo and Meditation

Anonymous from Finland

Very calming and relaxing

Aaron from USA

I often use the didge for inner journey work and to help others deepen their experience of meditation.

Adam from Canada

When I hear or play didgeridoo music I feel an energy that I feel nowhere else. I close my eyes and let it run from my ears and out through the rest of my body. I feel this especially when I play outdoors in the woods or in the rain.

Anonymous from USA

I have both played and listened to didgeridoo for meditation. While playing it calms my breathing down and totally relaxes all tension and anxiety and allows me to ease into a nice meditative state. Very similar to pranayama exercises. While listening to cd had similar experiences sometimes out of body. While at a weekend yoga seminar at a place that had a two story building in which we where on the 2nd floor I was practicing a meditation technique while someone was playing a didgeridoo on the 1st floor below us. It was awesome... it felt like my insides where vibrating and I was being carried off by these vibes. After the class I was very curious as to who was playing. It ended up being Harold Smith who had stopped by to pick up his wife who was attending a Wicca class. What amazing energy. I ended up finding out that he had a meditation at a local shop in Pennsylvania. I went there for his gathering with my wife. Everyone there could sit lay down or get into some other meditative pose while Harold played his didges(he had several of them). He would go around the room and play next to everyone in the room. When he came to me he played at my heart center....brought me right back to the time at the yoga seminar.... words cannot describe it. I would love to be able to share this with others.

Alan from United Kingdom


Alan from United Kingdom

Of all instruments this is be far the most moving while being totally relaxed at the same time. spiritual comes to mind.

Albert from Spain

Like the didj star to be long long long.....and I can't stop to play.......very nice experience

Alejandro from Spain

Is a moment to concentrate in my sound and my air in some time my mind is only in the present time I think is that the most important part of meditation

Anonymous from USA

It has only been relaxing

Alfonso from Chile

The vibration of the didgeridoo is a connection with my soul. I can give a lot of me to other people with my music.

Allen Ivie from USA


Alysia from USA

I liked it

Andrea from Australia

The music makes me happy. I feel..home..

Andreas from Sweden

Mind just blanked out while I was concentrating on my breathing

Anonymous from Italy

Playing for some time it makes me feel better and it despite I don't believe I play well people like the sound of a didj as I do hearing other people playing it.

Andrew Ross from USA


Ann from USA

Great. It took me more than an hour just to get back.

Ans from Netherlands

It was a wonderful experience.

Audrey from USA

I have not used my didgeridoo but have used my didge CD music for relaxation.

Aydan from United Kingdom

It took me away from the world and entered me into a very spiritual state and felt wisdom pass straight trough me. With the help from incense also my experience became even more spiritual yet calming. It was Amazing definitely a didge is a perfect tool.

Barry Shrimpton from New Zealand

After my daily practice. I always spend time on a slow repetitive rythym..... Not sure if it's meditation or not but this combination can make me think clearer producing a great feeling of well being!!.

Bart from USA

Really just learning to play so very limited experience.

Ben from USA

It is very peaceful and primal. Since all my spirit is put into the breath and sound I am in a state of pure concentration and peace.


I'm working with didge in workshops


Very tranquil

Anonymous from Netherlands

I had several experiences. They where in dreamtime journeys always full of images.

Brad Powell from USA

Quite peaceful and euphoric.


It feels like I step out of materialism I feel like the natural world stops and listens for a while. The drone is so hypnotising; your soul goes into a trance

Brian Greed from United Kingdom

The sound transports me to another dimension makes me feel relaxed and somehow very content and connected to the world

Bruce from Australia

I like to listen to it while I am studying it has a calming effect and helps clear the mind.

Bruce from USA

It allows me to get into a very deep primal energy flow


Pleasure calm and great relax possibility to think and understand things difficult to understand in other conditions

Anonymous from USA

Relaxing. I sat and played for about 2 hours. Drove my roommate crazy.

Calvin Gross from USA

The most magical meditative experience in the world


Its such a relaxing sound. I can easily go into my yoga meditation state with didgeridoo music.

Anonymous from Australia

I love listening to the didgeridoo solo on the incubus DVD and just relaxing. I want to get more didj music cd's

Cezar Cayom from Brazil

It was wonderful!

Chris Anderson from USA

I find the didj is one of the better instruments to use during meditation. It seems to be in key (no matter what key the didj is) with the key my body is in at the time. It's an easy sound to feel and float on top of.

Chris Barill from Canada

I am an experience meditator and have been adding playing didj to my practice.


Cambio mi vida para siempre

Chris Euans from USA

It was very peaceful and mind clearing.

Chris from Australia

The Didj has a haunting sound that effects me in a different way to any other music.


But it is something that I could be interested in


It was a guided meditation with didgeridoo music so relaxing earthy and peaceful.

Christopher Lynch from USA

Calming relaxing

Christy from USA

Indescribable felt the meditation for hours after. Extremely intense

Claudio from Chile

Fue muy profunda mi experiencia desarrolle un amor por el didgeridoo y por la musica etnica en general gracias a esto

Colm from USA

Very relaxing


I feel relaxed like I never felt before like its the right place for me to be I can really understand my true self when I play it just feels right

Dale from USA

I've participated in the worldwide didj meditations

Dan Stoner from USA

On my own during the world wide didj circle. Playing for an hour straight really brought me in touch with the didj and it's origin. I played one time at our men's night out church gathering during a Worldwide Didj Meditation and felt so in tune with my spirituality. Also I've played multiple times in remote wooded areas communicating with birds and calling out to other animals. It was very enlightening knowing that they were listening to me and even calling back.

Dan from USA

I go to a place I like in the woods and play usually around sunset.

Dan White from USA

Like the Native American flute I find playing the didj to be very calming. It is helpful to put me into a creative state of mind.

Daniel from Sweden

I have always used music as a meditation carpet. And just let the instrument take you to its place.

Daniel from Australia

After playing for about 20 minutes straight it helped me greatly to relax from my passed stress. This has happened more than once

Daniel from USA

Recorded mixed didgeridoo music called DJEMBE Didgeridoo. Very relaxing.

Daran from Canada

Loved it very grounding

Darren Grant from United Kingdom

I haven't seen much on this but I'll be looking into it now! If you have any information on this in the form of links I'd love you to e-mail me some. [OUR COMMENT: sorry we do not know of any good links, but there are lots of shared experiences in our Didjshop comment section]

David Conboy from Uzbekistan

Sitting on a small lighthouse on the cliffs in Jersey alone late at night with nothing but the sound of the didgeridoo and my shadow been cast out to sea.

David from USA

Very relaxing and use to help control headaches I get from time to time.

David from USA

Relaxing and thoughtful...very thoughtful

David from Canada

Soothing and focused.

David Mason from New Zealand

Calming. Meditative. Transports you to a wide open space.....in Australia. Solitude without the loneliness.

David Snyder from USA

Primal vibrations of peace.

David from USA

It was just for personal relaxation and to help me maintain a healthy level of breathing.

David Winter from USA

Very beautiful...One you want to repeat again and again... It vibrates me right out of my body.

Derek Leath from USA

I played my didge in a church with about 200 people and everyone meditated at the same time. It was amazing!

Dominic from USA

I live and work in NYC so the stress's of day to day life here tend to build up very quickly. So I always end my day by playing the didge which for me is a form of meditation and the best stress reliever.

Doug from USA

Not yet but as soon as I receive my Didge I plan to!


For breathwork meditation the didge transports the breather into an alternate consciousness



Edward Southworth from USA

Very relaxing and it takes me back to the very essence of being back to nature.

Edwin Monney from Mexico

I usually play it in my rooftop looking to the far horizon for a couple of hours it's so relaxing. I also like to play it when I go camping or to some natural place far from the city.

Ehsan Tadayon from Iran

I gives me a calm felling and it helps my back whenever it hurts

Elmira from Netherlands

Eases the mind


I use to play with friends in the woods or at the river sides. We also play with different instruments.

Erik Van Der Velden from Netherlands

Relaxing. When I play I calm down and sometimes I feel like I am floating.

Facundo Stahl from Argentina

Peace natural harmony

Fairlie Arthur from Australia

I have many CDs of Aboriginal Music of all genres as well as meditation type music that I play both at home and during work with the children.

Faustino from USA

It has a claming effect and allows my mind to block out negativity.


It feels very good very relaxing after I learned the basic sound of the didgeridoo I couldn't stop playing.


While attempting circular breathing got into a groove and felt as though I was levitating off the ground. I didn't physically but it felt that way. Also have used it to release grief.

Francisco from Spain

It is as if you are in other world wild but peaceful and is so easy to be concentrated cleaning your thinking and pushing out your head...

Gabe Churray from USA

I use it to focus my breathing and to center my physical body.

Gail from USA

Very rhythmic and energizing

Gary from USA

Ask me later; I'll try it.

Anonymous from New Zealand

Relaxing perceptive and spiritual


Relaxing and calming effect then you are opened widely


Rilassante meditativa

Guillermo Tarín París from Spain

Playing the didge for a while you forget everything its around you and your full body is involved with the vibration of the didge.

Guy Bijl from Belgium

It is a great experience when I am tired and I play 10 min. didge than I feel like reborn.

Heather from USA

In a group of 3-5 passing around some didgeridoos all night. afterwards we felt so relaxed and calm.

Heaven Fraley from USA

My teacher plays it during our daily meditation

Anonymous from USA

Very relaxing trancelike I just kind of zone out and think or feel what I need to and keep the constant tone of the didj

Horacio from Uruguay

El sonido ya no se siente con los oidos el cuerpo y el instrumento son uno vibrando los dos al unisono

Ian from Canada

Slow fadeout to internal bright warm humid feeling; slowing(?) of thoughts but seem to 'see and feel' expanding outward in a bubble-like expansion. sometimes 'bubble' travel is inward (?) Hard to convey exactly!!

Ian from USA

Not yet that is.

Jack Mishler from USA

It almost lulls you into a perfect world


The sound seems disintegrate in the atmosphere transporting my mind along the grounds of calming healing vibrations

Jackie Yost from USA

Increases focus

Jairo from Spain

The meditation was great only the sound of the didgeridoo makes me feel really good in the meditation I understand more of this instrument for example the connection Nature/didge and in the middle of the experience I felt the vibrations in my mind and my imagination danced with the sound...

Anonymous from USA

Awe-inspiring simply put.

James Pierson from USA

I have been part of and conducted many didj meditations. My best experiences have been at night near a fire in a group playing together. That for me provides the best resonance and feelings of comfort and sonorous relaxation.

Jan from Netherlands

It helps to clear all the stress from work and life. Since I play the didge a have become a relaxed person.

Anonymous from USA


Jay Atkinson from United Kingdom

I bought my hubby a didge for his birthday last year and one night I asked if I could have a go! I began by simply getting some good sounds out of it but then as I relaxed and started to get the circular breathing going I entered what I realised was a meditative state which was very calming and healing. I began to 'know' that there was a lot more to this instrument than just making sounds. It was like some ancient energy or force was talking to me through the didge and describing the spiritual functions of the instrument and how sound was a catalyst and a bridge between the worlds (Dreamtime in the Aboriginal sense). I knew that the didge was a healing instrument and that if you tuned into the person you were healing you could also breathe certain sounds and words (almost shamanistic) into the individual thereby individualising the healing in a holistic way. I had never before picked up this instrument and was doubtful that I could even get a sound out of it so I was pretty amazed to have such a fantastic and humbling experience. I would absolutely love to have a really good instrument that I can use in the future as a healing tool.so I pray that I can win this amazing instrument so that it can facilitate a much-needed change of direction in my life.

Jay from USA

Quite mystical at night at the ocean under a full moon

Jed from USA

Wonderful very calming

Jeff Richardson from Vietnam

Sitting all night around a fire in the backyard with between three to over ten Australian Aboriginal men playing didjeridoo with my flatmates and myself. This was in Townsville Qld. from 1984 to 1991 it was our nightly bliss while we slept or stayed up wonderful times!

Jeff from USA

Playing the didj before meditation helps me to achieve a more relaxed state and heightened connection to the divine. My didj is tuned to the heart chakra and playing in a low constant drone helps to open that chakra for me.

Jerry Johnson from USA

Soothing without numbing

Jim from Canada

Very relaxing a sense of cleansing

Jim Herren from USA

The sound always alters my consciousness

João Matos from Brazil

I sorry but is a very difficult describe...

Joe Kershner from USA

I do this on a daily basis. Playing or just listening to didgeridoo helps me to calm my conscious mind and to center my energy. It helps to keep me in a calm and peaceful state of mind


That are very claming

John John from Antigua And Barbuda

I felt like dreaming of pie. and music but mainly pie

Johnathan Hazlett from USA

A momentary transcendation from the here to the not here.

Jonny Monument from United Kingdom

I find it very cleansing: I play and all I think about is the sound the breathing and the overtones I can generate. When I am finished all seems well with the world. So much so that I have brought it into work with me (I work on my own!!)

Jordi Jou Jimenez from Spain

Encounter words not to esplicar it single is necessary to live it

Anonymous from Peru

Every time I play didgeridoo it take me to the stars



Anonymous from USA

I have used only recordings to this point but as I learn how to play I will enjoy this aspect much more. I absolutely fall into a deep trance that enables me to in a way release my soul from the real world and get back to the basics in life.

Joy Cozens from Canada

Only for short amounts of time when being in the presence of one. it has always been amazing...or as amazing as I am willing to open myself up to it being. The sound always travels around inside my heart and spirit. Echoing its vibrations awakening me inside.

Judy from USA

I work with healing and arts in two hospitals. I have been experimenting with using instruments such as didgeridoo and tibetan bowls for healing.


No experience

Anonymous from Mexico

I had contact by my first time with a friend of mine from Chile; I liked the instrument and the sound very much.

Jussi Keränen from Finland

Like the sounds different octaves on different didge. I'm laughing my self when I try to be gokabura (that bird sometime dog what ever)


The mind in a relaxed state. A feeling of light euphoria afterwards.

Justin from USA

Deep feelings of oceanic boundlessness connection to all things time distortion and more. I feel the didge is a very resonant vibration in these areas.

Karel from Belgium

I felt asleep within 5 minutes:p

Karl Kalbaugh from USA

I demonstrated the didge in a formal meditation class. Some people liked it. One person said she saw the color purple.

Kevin from United Kingdom

I almost always play outside by my favourite lake or woodland often with a friend who plays a djembe. I find it helps to clear the mind and relax me.

Kevin Petersen from Denmark

I usually play in the city tunnels where the akusticks are perfect. In there the vibrations of the didj fills my hole body. And I go into a timeless trance. The music is simply playing itself as I am being carried away to "the other side".

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I find that after 20 minutes of continuous play my body breath and soul speaks to the Didj...and it teaches me in reply.

Kirsty Lane from Australia

Very soothing I was taken into gorgeous bush land it was an extraordinary experience

Kl from USA

Very relaxing was able to go very deep into a meditative state and was very refreshed and calm when it was over

Larry from USA

Very powerful. I was in a very deep trance...

Anonymous from France

It's some kind of trance when you let yourself flying above the ethereal sound of an high-pitch didjeridoo who sounds hardly like an synthesizer.

Leanne from USA

Peaceful and relaxing.

Lee Kenny from USA

It is very calming and it almost takes me to another world.

Leonardo Flores from Spain

I feel different ways of energy movement. Relaxing. I feel more strong and inner peace. Sometimes I see images of vibrate colours. Usually I feel one with the didgeridoo and the Earth and other persons. I feel the presence of eucalyptus forest. Every time is different.

Linda Gates from USA

I can't begin to other than to say that there is no other experience like it!

Anonymous from Israel

Healing meditation and playing for fun. (at least until someone broke my didge!!)

Lisa Hatchez from Canada

Dynamising relaxation

Anonymous from Mexico

I felt very good; I think it is a very good music for meditate.

Luciano from Argentina

Awesome very soothing.

Luis Figueira from Portugal

I feel a lot more calm and relaxed. I think it is a good complement to induce different stages of consciousness

Luke from Australia

I find that listening to Mark Atkins play the didjeridu makes me calm and relaxed.

Madlyn from Canada

Only one time and will never forget the experience. Nothing can top it not even being able to do it often from now on. The first time was magic there is no other word to describe it and it was with the most amazing people I have ever met!

Anonymous from Peru


Manuel from Spain

4 me is like a internal trip with visions and too many different feelings

Marcelo Sarra from Brazil

The spirit of a brazilian indian (known in my religion as "caboclo") always come closer to me when I begin to play and he play together with me and teach me about things in my life.

Margy from Australia

No! but I'd like to try

Marissa from USA

I played didgeridoo and danced while one friend played djembe and another turned a rainstick.

Mark from Malta

A friend of mine suggested to me to use the didgeridoo during my meditation as he said it was a great experience and it really is because since then I always use it for my meditation. its magical sounds transport me into a world of peace and relaxation where my whole begin can be free.

Marko from Macedonia (FYR)

It makes me feel myself brings me the stars closer

Marty from Australia

I usually sit out in the bush find a rock and just play (not real well). I find that it clears the mind and soul and re-energises me.

Marty from USA

Just playing the didge is almost always meditation for me

Matias from Argentina

Conexión total con la tierra. Eternamente agradecido a este instrumento por darme tanta conciencia.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I simply play it listen to the sound vibrate and go where it takes me. I use it to calm down or to earth myself. A passive meditation never usually a focused meditation.


I like the trance it puts me in to listen to but especially to play.


Warm currents running throughout my body a sense of connectedness to my environment through the sounds vibrations all followed by interesting tingling through out my face and lips.

Melissa from USA

I can go off to my own place stop and listen to this for however long I need to and I feel clear aware calm and strong. I have lost some of my babies I have had terrible things happen in my life but I can sit and listen to whatever didgeridoo music I can find and I can come away and be centered again.

Melissa from USA

Very powerful experience....going from peaceful or energizing....


Absolutely amazing: on a musical level blown away by the variety of tones Dan was able to get out with one mouth/instrument. Spiritually very gripping. easy to let my mind leave the physical behind and experience the rest going on around me within me.

Michael from Japan

I played and played gaining rhythm and breathing on every fourth beat than every eighth beat. The longer between breaths the more relaxing it was. When I lost my rhythm after 10 or 15 minutes I stopped.

Michael Graff from USA

Calming relaxing yet energizing

Michael Kelley from USA

Several times I have been able to leave consciousness and I have been curious if I could play indefinitely if my wife would tolerate me

Michael from Germany

Gets me coming down after busy days. Frees my mind...

Michael Mitchell from Australia

I am connecting with ancient energy my awareness is growing.

Michael Prior from United Kingdom

I prefer not to listen to prerecorded music in meditation but playing myself.

Michael Stone from USA

I would like to try...


I just sit in my back woods and play. I get the sensation of dreaming it calms me down and puts me at peace.

Anonymous from USA

I use it's music and some others for my meditation. I have said before that it is something that you can feel inside as it is played. I do not know why but sometimes it gives me a sad feeling to a place that has suffered and overcome. And in that way has given me strength to overcome. There is a power in that.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very calm and peaceful. Enjoyable.

Misty from USA

I love the sound of the didj and think that it helps you to relax and focus on what you are meditating about.

Morgan from USA

I cannot find a phrase sentence or essay that would best describe my feelings when I hear and play. I used my first didj to help me get through the passing of my father.

Nancy from USA


Anonymous from Finland

Well it's not technically meditation but playing it for long periods does induce a trance-like state comparable to meditation. I would like to combine playing didge with actual meditation techniques.

Neil Wakeling from United Kingdom

I play for others - but also have entered a trance state playing for myself.

Nic Guy from Australia

It is so relaxing and calming to hear or play



Anonymous from USA

I'm a mother of a very hyper active child. listening to a cd is very relaxing. I'm looking to buy one because I'm sure playing for a while will help me relax and my family will enjoy listening to my play. maybe my daughter will learn.

Pascal from France


Pat Litke from USA

Not yet though I plan on doing so.

Paul from USA

One of the most relaxing and soothing sounds on earth

Paul Cyr from USA

Trance like state almost out of body

Paul from USA


Pavel Krivanek from Czech Republic


Pepe from Spain

When I'm stressed or have problems that do that I couldn't think with clarity; playing the didgeridoo my mind only can take a place to think about my breathing and my head empties simultaneously that relaxes the body as if I had slept for hours.

Peter Pollinger from Austria


Petri from Finland

Just let the mind wander freely. Usually I lose(or gain?) some time. Feel relaxed afterwards.



Anonymous from France

When I need a rest I take it and then all my mind forget university problems girls... I'm just flying with the sound eye-closed...Just me and a wood tube...


I hope to some day though!

Rafael Acuna from USA

I can spend hours playing and come out feeling completely refreshed.

Raghav from New Zealand

I always meditate to didj music at sunrise and sunset at the shore of the wellington harbour. Ocean waves and sky shades from sunlight are a catalyst to calm and strong feeling. I keep following my breathing until only the sound of the didgeridoo and my breathing are in my mind and I do it in combination with deep breathing and its hard to explain that feeling but its just perfect...

Ricardo Martinez from Costa Rica

It was very rewarding an experience that I recommend to anyone that knows how to play this instrument. its wrapping sound makes a great atmosphere that's very difficult to break therefore enhancing the whole experience.

Richard Whistance from United Kingdom

Cosmic with a piece of moldavite in your hand [moldovite is a fragment of a comet that landed in Moldova in Europe and if you close your eyes you can still feel the speed the rocvk thinks it going at]


The sound is almost mesmerizing especially the vocals.

Ridha from Netherlands

If I play the didge for a while I get in a light trance which I consider meditation

Rob from Ireland

It puts me in a trance like state and makes me feel at one with myself


Very trance inducing. Felt in touch with nature.

Robert from USA

It was a thrilling form a music with an awesomely distinct sound

Robert Van Miltenburg from Netherlands

Absolutely FANTASTIC and AMAZINGLY relaxing!!!

Rosalie from USA

Oneness with the Earth and her children.

Russell from Australia

Relaxed and in a trance

Ruth from USA

I am just beginning but I can see how this will work. The deep respiration and relaxed facial muscles required to play combine with the circular breathing to create an in-the-moment attentiveness while the body is relaxed and oxygenated.

Ryan Olson from USA

I was on the beach sitting in a big bush and I placed my homemade abs pipe didge upright so that the onshore wind went through it and listened to what nature had to play.

Sarah from United Kingdom

A calming one though the changes in pitch and rhythm conjure up different images and emotions.

Scott Estrich from Australia

It requires a real focus on continuous playing whilst allowing the body and mind to relax and open. In this way you can easily remained focused on the breathing element and the vibrational sounds and its meditative qualities.

Scott from USA

When I play for long periods of time I get extremely grounded and then everything feels balanced. Kind of like a brain reset.

Sebastian from Poland

When I play my mind is clear. I go in to deep relaxation.

Seema from Canada

My husband is learning sound-practitioner therapy and he is learning all kinds of ways to use the Didj for healing and meditation.

Skylar from USA

Playing didj for personal meditation and starting to play with the world didj meditation

Stefan Jung from Germany

I just bought some didge-meditation CD's

Stephanie Wyatt from United Kingdom

I was lying down and meditating in the middle of 3 sets of those crystal singing bowls in a open Brunswick Dquare Brighton UK and the didge player started to play right next to my head which was amazing. It let me loose myself.

Steve Gill from New Zealand

The didge glows the visual world sways opens (sometimes) changes and I recognise you are multipoint intended consciousness (really it simply slows my thinking I haven't changed dimension...although those realms tug at me to enter I am gathering the confidence to do so.

Steve from United Kingdom

My first experience was at my friends house I had just found a new sound and technique I started playing and within a couple of minutes I was looking at a turtle above me it was surrounded by rays of white light the feeling I had was amazing. I hope there will be many more.....

Steven Hardman from Italy

Spiritually healing soothing connecting to basic human feelings grounding.

Anonymous from USA

Playing creates a total relaxation to a point where I begin to create images in my mind

Steven from Netherlands

But will do so...

Stuart Harrison from United Kingdom

Used to relax and relieve stress especially when played in a natural environment.

Tara from USA

I just returned from an amazing intensive with Jonathan Goldmans Sound Healing Seminar in Colorado and there were two wonderful musicians who had a Didgeridoo. We tried to tone and meditate with them and they speak of a deep knowledge of the Earth and of other worlds.

Thaddius Davis from USA

It is the most relaxing and self satisfying feeling. Just blowing on the didj puts me at a state of bliss and really would love to con

Thibault Guyon from France

It was during my exam year and I was particularly stressed. Then one evening I put roots of Australia and I began to think about my reason's for life for study... I found the answers I was looking for: the interest of existence is having what you want and to have what you want you must do all for it.

Anonymous from Ireland

I use it all the time it has changed my perceptions of the world in which we live and the worlds that surrounds us. Calming of the mind relaxing of the body and awareness of the spirit along with its connection to our mother earth

Tony from Canada


Torrance from USA

Relaxing spiritual and one with my surroundings part of the earth

Torsten from Germany

Self experience pictures are flowing through my head

Trevor from Spain

Often I listen before going to sleep to clear my mind and when necessary calm my heart. I find the rhythmic waves bring help bring the mind back to a place of rest when I loose concentration and help induce a trance like state much like the Tibetan singing bowl but more earthy.

Trine Bonde from Denmark

Well it was not in a very conscious way but it made my relax and I felt my emotions stabilize and a sort of feeling of "connection" with everything when listening to it.

Anonymous from USA

Not yet but I would like too.

Troy Van Zandt from USA


Vincent from France

I often use my Didjes alone for relaxation but when me and my friends meet it's really different like a "state of presence" as I like to call it.

Walter Rodriguez from Argentina

Cuando lo toco me siento en eun estado de reposo y relejacion total.

Walter from Italy

My mind go in the space and to the mother nature

Warren Chisholm from Australia

Difficult at present as currently learning how to play.


It is working

Wesley Bullock from USA

I just play didge and listen. Simple as that.


You feel relaxed yet energized at the same time and you feel like your in a trance.


The Vibration of the Didge is true and real magic. I use it daily to be in appreciation of life. I wish to explore this more.

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