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Listening to recorded didgeridoo music for meditation

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Name and Country Feedback
Adam from USA It enables me to clear my thoughts and loosen my body much easier than without
Andreas from Cyprus It always seem to create a relaxing, almost intoxicating experience.
Andrew from USA I for get the guys first name, but Plack has a cd that I like to use
Anjani from USA I listen to the didj sometimes when doing yoga or during meditation to encourage a clear, quiet mind
Apollo Bair from USA My friends have a band by the name of the groove ensemble ( cali ) USA and they have a didj in the band and I have there cd I love it it brings me a simple place a place of relaxation a place ware I can sit and think
Audrey from USA I have often listened on my headphones while walking, as I played my David Hudson "Guardians of the Reef" CD. I walk in the coulee/pasture areas near our farm. The music so perfectly suites the atmosphere of walking alone, enjoying the nature.
Bart Vrancken from Netherlands It was wonderful, the sound makes it so much easier to dream away into yourself
Ben Demory from USA A CD my friend made for me was all it took to put me in a deep trance. Nothing special about the playing other than his own style, I feel that it has been an inspiration for me to develop my own style and form.
Bent Lønrusten from Norway Same as last answer
Bettyann from USA Its hard for me to describe, I fell in love with didj music after listening to my fathers passion for it, now it moves me at such a deep level and I am able to find a place of peace and stillness listening to it. I aspire to move someone the way didj music moves me.
Bria Singer from USA Not yet, but I plan to!
Brian Anderson from USA It decidedly adds to the experience.
Brian from USA It made me feel very good and inspired me to learn and play the didgeridoo..
Bridget Walker from USA Use it as for my yoga class
Bruce Cartwright from USA It was very soothing and an excellent experience.
Burton from Canada I sat there for hours perplexed by the amazing, hypnotic sounds of the didj
Carlie from Australia I own many aboriginal based cd's and they are really inspirational I love listening 2 my culture and the wonderful things that can be done with the didj.
Caroline from USA Long time ago I had a tape with music that included a didgeridoo. It was very relaxing and calming to listen to this. Unfortunately I don't know who the artist was so when the tape got lost I was not able to replace it.
Chad from USA Very relaxing, that's why I want to learn how to play.
Chris Murphy from Australia Just mellowed out, felt like I was floating
Chrissy from USA The didj is a good tool to bring the body and mind into alignment with the spirit
Christopher Holmes from Australia I have several didj CD's that I listen to...Usually through headphones and late at night...( My family loves me but think I'm strange )
Anonymous from USA I have a couple of didj oriented CDs that provide me with very genuine and deep meditational experience
Daniela from Germany It is always like drifting away. I always forget about day to day sorrows and the stressy job.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Just sitting quietly at home chilling out
Dave from USA The sound of the didj helps to block out the rest of the world, and help me to focus on my place in my thoughts
David from France It was odd at first because I was used to the metronome sound before and I then bought a didgeridoo CD and it relaxes me as much as the metronome.
David from USA David Hudson; Dr. Didj (trance)
Deborah from Canada Again,.mystical and calming
Dominik from Germany Everything started with the "Bali Doo" song (David Hudson and Peter Roach). I Just listened and got calm. I close my eyes and move a little to the music. This is a perfect way of relaxing to me and I do it frequently now.
Douglas Brunker from USA It was a completely different experience. I have never felt or seen the type of stuff that didj music helped me see. I can tell you this. I felt like I was truly back inside the mother's womb (Earth).
Douglas Vroonen from Belgium It does put me really quickly and deeply in meditation.
Eric Klaus from USA I find entire mind and body relaxing, to the point where I feel 'outside' of my body...
Anonymous Very spiritual
Eros from Italy The same of the first I've posted..
i have cd's of recorded didj music
Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica Always a great experience
Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica I do it in combination with deep breathing and its hard to explain that feeling but its just perfect...
Anonymous from Germany Was fine.
Francois from France The sound and vibration help forget the environment; a bit like Tibetan chanting.
Frederick from United Kingdom Tranquility
George Harrison from USA Usually the meditation I have done with live didge music has been in my home in the dark while living in a large city
George from Australia Just lay down and listen and try to block out all exterior bullshit and negativity from my body and mind
Gunter from Belgium Relaxing and soothing vibrations which bring immediate peace to mind and body.
Harry from Netherlands Also speechless
Anonymous Relaxing yet energizing as well.
Ian Marshall from United Kingdom The sound itself is relaxing and it also masks the sound of traffic whizzing down the road!
James from USA So much music these days is just crap. And there is so much stress in life. It is nice to be able to zone off to some good music like Trance Mission every once in a while.
Jeff from USA Dark room with a CD playing.
Jennifer from USA I always meditate to didj music before my ocean swimming races and then I am much more calm and strong
Joao from Portugal In a trance dance ritual... it brings me to my roots...
John Judish from USA A lot of it doesn't really do anything for me but I would probably feel different if I wasn't a player myself.
Jon from USA Didj music is very helpful for meditation.
Anonymous from USA Not as good as the live music.
Joseph from USA It helped calm me quickly
Karen Milward from Australia It is relaxing and calming and keeps me in touch with who I am as an Aboriginal person.
Keith from United Kingdom Do this while travelling, flights--
Keith from USA Good idea though-- only have short didj loops
Anonymous from Sweden Relaxing and inspiring
Leandro from Argentina Guou... that guy can really play!! this sound definitely is the earth's sound
Lee from United Kingdom Tunnel like experience with solid coloured animals of sorts crossing through
Lloyd Cosway from United Kingdom Relaxing, provoking and inspiring, I prefer to play
Lori from USA It's a recording my boyfriend has-- I think it's Ash Dargan (?) playing a low A flat/G sharp didj with some reverb. Very relaxing, and perfect for meditating.
Malcolm from United Kingdom Lying on the floor, with headphones on and the volume fairly high. Eyes shut. Easily takes you out of yourself.
Anonymous I put on the music and focus on my breathing. I keep following my breathing until only the sound of the didgeridoo and my breathing are in my mind. I can get lost for hours in this way:)
Mark from USA I usually leave the lights off (during the night) and just lay down, closing my eyes, and let the didgeridoo take me away. I would usually find myself in the Outback while meditating
Mark Earhart from USA Most of what I listen to does not last long enough. I need to acquire more music.
Marlo Murphy from USA We are fans of Adam Plack (nomad) and a few other new age artists
Marsh from USA Exceptional.
Martin from USA It's hard to describe. Essentially, I leave myself and become more aware of the larger self.
Marty from USA It takes you to another place - very calming
Mateo Ripple from USA Oh my goodness!
Matt from United Kingdom The low tones of the didge sink you down, which for me at least, is rarer than "floating up" which I often feel when meditating otherwise. It is a very "base" meditation, I might say felt in the stomach or just above the groin, earthy and primal, yet still ordered, calmer than a lot of shamanism. In kabbalah, I might call is Yesod.
Anonymous It helps me focus
Michael Forster from USA I bought a sound system to faithfully reproduce the sound pressure (not just the audible sounds) of music like didj music, chanting (aka Gyoto monks) and experience much of what a live didj gives me. Yes, it appears to be reproducible--not 100%, but close. A live player does yield a quicker consciousness shift and a much more intimate experience.
Anonymous I will often times play my CD's when stressed to help relax.
Mil Grindstaff from USA Many songs employ the didge for effect and I enjoy hearing the subtle sounds mixed with synthesizers along with them.
Moses Frederic from USA The oceanic sounds of a skilled Didj player relax me and allow me to drift into deep relaxing states with ease.
Nathan Barnard from Australia Really brings me down to earth. My 2 year old son goes to sleep to didj every night
Nick from USA I love to listen to all types of ambient music and to talk to god while listening
Anonymous from Sweden Very nice
Anonymous from USA Downloaded Aboriginal songs.
Peter from Sweden But I'd like to try if I find the right music.
Petri from Finland I've listened to Mark Atkins's Dreamtime. Great visions!
Phil from France Not the same as live.
Que from Canada Soothing
Radek Świrko from Poland It's made me trans and I feel like my spirit go away from my body. I can go deep in fantasy space. and more...
Randy from USA Relaxing
Ravinderjit Singh from Malaysia Its good for meditation, but live didj is better!!
Rhonda from USA I know that it is not the same as live didj but I especially like to use it with drums for SSC.
Rob Tol from Netherlands Its oke to do but not for real
Anonymous Its Relaxing
Anonymous I listen to many different kinds of music when meditating... the harmonics are both very soothing and stimulating... and rhythms induce altered states
Rod from Australia I have found it more effective than flute music. I seem to reverberate at a lower level.
Anonymous from India Made feel like I'm being carried away, sometimes deep within or just made me soar
Rose Williams from USA It seems to evoke the very sound of creation to me - much like chanting the Hindu OM!
Roy Páramo from Spain It is different than when you play but also very nice to hear and follow. You also learn techniques.
Ryan Mussatto from USA When I'm not hallucinating, I still meditate, and once again, the rhythmic patterns just take you in their arms and rocks to smooth and gentle beat.
Anonymous Driving in Virginia listening to a cd put me in the zone.
Sean from USA Its a beautiful sound and very relaxing.
Shane Cox from Australia The only didj music I own on cd is Xavier Rudd but I find it very soothing and relaxing
Anonymous from USA I love the album "The Gathering" by In lakesh and have used it for many body mindfulness meditations.
Anonymous Use it for yoga recuperative sessions and setting meditations outdoors.
Sylvain from France Didj is my favourite instrument for meditation, it definitely has a very relaxing sound
Anonymous from Finland I have reached a calm state of mind and a feeling of understanding that you have when you read a text of a great philosopher
Theresa from United Kingdom The sound reverberates through every part of your being
Tina Leaman from Australia I have mainly experience the didj audio-visually at which times I find myself almost immediately drawn into trance states.
Tobin Caldwell from USA Still not as good as the real thing but its still fun
Anonymous from USA It was this guy I know that recorded his own stuff.I got high to it.
Tom from USA Didj music (as well as other overtone/harmonic music) is a great background to meditation, in that it doesn't have a lot obvious hooks (like melody) to engage the conscious mind
Tomas Martins from Portugal Its great.. the didgeridoo really allows me to go deep..!
Tracy from USA Of course nothing compares to a live didge, I have at least one cd of didge music on it, and have heard others' CDs as well...they are a nice thing to have to just listen to any time and meditate, relax or do work around the house.
Tyler Loube from Canada While I play/meditate, I often use an accompanying cd to keep the feeling of surrounding my self with the drone.
Victoria Maxwell-Davis from Australia When meditating with didj music I tend to feel a deep connection with my self. The bass tones help me go deeper into my visualisations.
Yann from France Very relaxant, it take some parts of my person ( I think I'm very sensitive to the key E and C)

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