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Playing the didgeridoo for other peoples meditation

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Name and Country Feedback
Amber from USA For parties
Anjani from USA Played this in a didj circle for a room of non-players for meditation purposes at a spiritual retreat.
Antonio-Elias Vale Tavares from Brazil Peoples like many
Braden from USA They love it...if a person is in the right mood and tone, they can immediately access their zone with a didj
Bridget Walker from USA Peaceful
Anonymous from Brazil Elas gostaram muito alem de eu amar fazer isso, eu gosto de fazer os outros meditarem, me faz bem.
Chrissy from USA The didj is a great tool to bring the body and mind into alignment with the spirit
Daniela from Germany I played in the church when my best friend married. It was really an awesome sound. The guests were astonished about that unfamiliar sound, but most of them liked it and thought that I could have played much longer. The most exhilarating thing was that the priest fell asleep....;-)
Darryl from Australia Twice in closing ceremony to an annual spiritual festival. I was with 2 other players within a circle of people. We would rotate within the circle spending time healing each attendee while they meditated. Drummer were also circling around the outside of the circle.
David from France Just like it did for me, the person took a while to get used to the different sound of a didgeridoo, but I think that in the end, the person enjoyed it, and hopefully I'll have the chance to do it again at some stage.
Dominik from Germany I often pack my car with my didj and my girlfriend, sometimes friends too, and go to a place a few kilometres away from my home to play the didj and some drums. This place is a sunny field of grass and flowers beside a mixed wood and just perfect to relax and play without getting disturbed.
Doug from USA My girlfriends and her daughter
Douglas Vroonen from Belgium Peoples receiving a didge meditation where really
joyful after, and "sparkly".
Anonymous I was working at a camp and used it with some kids.
Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica I felt like the didj was part of me, and it's vibes gave my friends a deeply relaxation feeling
Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica To some friends who never heard the instrument before and they liked it too, I told them that we could meditate with the didj so we did it and really enjoyed that, now we are trying to make an ethnical instruments band, by the way, we were in the forest here in Costa Rica
George Harrison from USA I think my playing for other people has been as beneficial to me as it has been for them and I have always gained a connection that has been very special for me and hopefully for them as well
Joao from Portugal I'm very much into shamanism. I just picked the didj and started producing the drone and sounds. People loved it. Instant healing
John Judish from USA I have didged friends and played for Alzheimer's patients. I have an A didge which is heads and shoulders above the rest for having a profound impact. It is very moving, particularly for those who have little experience with the didgeridoo.
Keith from United Kingdom Help others to drift away--
Keith from USA Not meditation specifically-- but I have seen listeners fall into a restful state
Kevin Paul from USA People really enjoy the state that can be achieved with the yidaki as a vehicle for expanded consciousness. It is easier for them then just sitting because it gives them the illusion of doing something when in fact they are just being with the sound and spirit of the sound and the people present.
Lloyd Cosway from United Kingdom Not too many times, but the feeling is awesome where others are visibly relaxed by just a background drone
Manuel Bayardo from USA Camping and playing the didge all night for my friends is one of the main reasons why I play the didge
Mark Earhart from USA It is always for other peoples experience.
Marty from USA In our world music ensemble, we sometimes just play didges for 20 - 30 minutes, without any words or other music.
Mateo Ripple from USA It invoked precision and altered states for myself as well as others
Anonymous from Netherlands My girlfriend loves to meditate when I play.
Michael Forster from USA It is one way of leading a group without loosing myself so much that I cannot continue keeping the space. However, I am still able to feel fully connected to the experience. The didj provides a very accessible vehicle for taking groups into sacred spaces without them needing to be taught much about the practice of meditation, yet it yields profound results for the experienced meditator.
Mil Grindstaff from USA I enjoy putting my breath into the sound and expressing what I can about calm and energy for my wife. I have played for several people who commented that I was talented and kind to allow them to share the moment. The dig seems to gather souls towards the sound. I think it has a lot to say to our hearts!
Moses Frederic from USA My fiance enjoys when I play while she is meditating
Nathan Barnard from Australia They loved it
Oscar from Mexico It's a lot easier for others to enter in a meditative state with the sound of a didge present, and at the end everybody is happy and relaxed.
it's also a very nice and easy way to lead the meditation of the people around.
Anonymous from Sweden Not so god yet
Anonymous from USA I have played the didj to focus groups of unruly people. I have played it to work through problems. I have played it to inspire as many people as would listen.
Ravinderjit Singh from Malaysia I start with simple droning, letting people adjust to the vibrations, and slowly pick up the playing until I reach a peak, and then come down slowly again...i really enjoy the sessions, and so do the people that attend it!!
Rhonda from USA No, but I would love to because I am exploring sound healing with clients.
Rob Tol from Netherlands I touch people with my didge story,s
Anonymous They loved it... the music took them many places... some unexpected
Roy Páramo from Spain In meditation sessions for 15 or 20 people
Sean from USA No, but I want to be able to.
Anonymous Everyone says they get a true feel when I play
Thomas from France For friend in the dark
Thomas Roll from USA Not yet but is what I plan.
Anonymous from USA Two of my friends laid on the floor and four of us played around them.And yeah,they were stoned.
Tom from USA In sound healing circles, people receive healing in a meditative state. They report that the didj is very grounding.

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