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Playing the didgeridoo for your own meditation

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Name and Country Feedback
Adam from USA I play and picture a place in my mind. Sometimes home, sometimes places I have never seen and I try to paint a picture or a scene.
Anonymous Good calm fun.
Anonymous from Canada Really gets the kundalini moving
Andreas Engebrethsen from Sweden I just play it for my self when alone at home. I love the sound and it caries my away to places only dreams can take you to. Sincerely. It is amazing!
Andreas from Cyprus This is easiest and the longest (time-wise) meditation time in my day. just playing the didge brings me to a meditative state without effort
Andrew Avery from United Kingdom Very relaxing!
Andrew from USA All the time
Anonymous Just played to relax & forget stress
Anjani from USA This is the primary experience I have with the didj. Primarily I play it on my own for 10-30 mins followed by meditation.
Antonio-Elias Vale Tavares from Brazil Ecstasy great
Apollo Bair from USA I was angry at my girl so I walked down to the pool and I just started playing and before you no it people are asking me what it is and how to play I did not get much done but I calmed me down teaching people about it
Bart Vrancken from Netherlands It's wonderful, especially because you can influence the way you feel by the way you play
Anonymous I think it's the most grateful sound and I can have a moment of entire peace
Bent Lønrusten from Norway I get very concentrated and when the sounds get right I kind of fly away together with the time
Bob Yellin from USA Very absorbing because I still have to concentrate on my breath to the exclusion of all else.
Anonymous As above - the live music I listened to was played by me for my own meditation...
Braden from USA I love going to a quiet room or lawn and didjing...it lets my whole body harmonize with the sound.
Bradley from USA I allow me to focus and get deeper into my meditation.
Brent Hilton from USA I prefer to be outside next to a nice river/lake or any kind of water source. On occasion, a camping trip. Sitting next to the fire and closing my eyes while playing. It gets very interesting.
Anonymous I played long smooth notes, nothing much to it
Bridget Walker from USA Easy to meditate
Anonymous from Brazil Uma das melhores formas para meditar.
Burton from Canada The first time I meditated I played the didgeridoo. I've been hooked on it ever since
Cedric Boehler from Switzerland Playing didj help me emptying my head. I think about nothing else than sound and vibration. Very powerful.
Chris Murphy from Australia Just to relax
Anonymous from USA I have played didj's several times for general pleasure and for deeper spiritual satisfaction in a variety of settings
Daniela from Germany Especially playing in nature is kind of healing for me. I feel like being in full agreement with nature. I have the impression that my senses tremendously improve. It is like a dialog with nature...
Darryl from Australia More a concentration upon the audible and physical dynamics of playing.
David from USA I am in the process of learning to circular breathe. I can do it, but don't have it mastered yet. I find the practice of circular breathing and just playing meditative. It's a great way to lose the self.
David Watts from United Kingdom Sit in room with good acoustics and let your lungs and mouth free your mind and soul
Dean Fargo from USA Found the vibration soothing
Denis Richard from France It's the way to keep inside of you, to feel the energy.
Dominik from Germany I often pack my car with my didj and my girlfriend, sometimes friends too, and go to a place a few kilometres away from my home to play the didj and some drums. This place is a sunny field of grass and flowers beside a mixed wood and just perfect to relax and play without getting disturbed.
Doug from USA The sound is incredible, though I have a difficult didj to play, I'm still struggling to circular breath, I can do that on brass instruments but not this didj, yet. but I'll get it eventually
Douglas Vroonen from Belgium As I'm playing, I loose track of my body in same time I'm traveling out of it.
Anonymous It was very soothing
Eric Klaus from USA Just beginning to learn to play
Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica That's how I learned to circular breathe, meditating.
Anonymous from Germany Very fine:)
François Rey from France It was like a trip in the stars, but I really realize it when I stopped playing. In reality, I've spoken with all nature elements with my didgéridoo, and I felt that all nature gave inspiration to me. That was really unbelievable and difficult to explain.
Gabor from Hungary Occasionally there are organized twelve hour didge meditations in my city, in which I regularly take part in
Gareth from Australia I play to relax after work and my son loves it. It quietens him down
Gareth from United Kingdom Dreamtime - I want to experience more of the phenomenon
Gary Standen from USA I can not practice enough to be in a state where the mediation is deep enough for a trance.
George from USA Breath control and sounds all play a role in my meditation. I've tried just sounding very long drone notes on the didj while I empty my mind. I'm try adding the circular breathing now. The sound resonated through the body. Reminds me in a way of some chanting meditation I've done.
George Harrison from USA When I am playing didge for my own meditation I tend to loose myself and all sense of time or space
Gia from USA It is very relaxing and the vibrations are very calming
Gunter from Belgium Only playing the drone, makes your mind go quiet. Unfortunately I haven't mastered the circular breathing yet. But with my recent order on didjshop.com I will be able to enhance my capabilities.
Harry from Netherlands Great to do and experience
Anonymous from Germany Name it a first try....it felt very good and I was in a very relaxed state of mind afterwards
James from USA It is kind of hard to meditate while playing but the soothing feeling is there while you play.
James Mott from USA It always washes away the tensions that I may have. Leaves me refreshed and peaceful.
James Walker from Australia Since playing didjeridu, I have experienced meditative effects, just from playing. Time seems to stand still, the soul awakens.
Jamie from USA Very relaxing
Jeff Kimes from USA I go to the middle of nowhere and play till I lose my ego, from this vantage point I can begin to address certain issues and probe for answers to certain questions.
Jeff from USA See above
Joel from Canada As I was playing the didj I felt real calm and free
Joel Sjöbom from Sweden It felt relaxing. The sound is so healing when you feel it vibrate in your body.
John Judish from USA I have a Djalu which I bought from him in Australia. I like to play it and think of my brother in Arnhem Land.
Joseph from USA The mix of sound and concentration helped me to clear my mind much easier than usual
Karen Milward from Australia I am an Aboriginal woman and know that women shouldn't play it. I want my sons to know about it though.
Keith from United Kingdom Enables shut down of stressful thoughts
Keith from USA Play the didj to reach a blank and relaxed state
Keith from USA I found it extremely relaxing and grounding.
Kev from United Kingdom A sense of oneness with the Earth and a definite inner peace.
Kevin Paul from USA It is easy to drop into the non duality non judgemental space riding the vibrations of the yidaki. I find that I easily lose my attachments to the petty concerns of repetitive mind and find my way to a more expansive feeling state.
Anonymous from Sweden That's the way I feel I use it when it's only me.
Anonymous from USA It puts me in a trance-like state. Very peaceful.
Kurt from USA Feeling the sounds come out of my didge, hearing the sounds... it is hard to put into words the strength and power I feel resonating in its sounds.
Leandro from Argentina A mix of previous both
Lloyd Cosway from United Kingdom Awesome, I stick the end of the didj into my open fireplace for a very deep thrumming sound, where the sound is amplified up the chimney
Anonymous I sit and play with my eyes closed and relax thinking about various things.
Manuel Bayardo from USA Relaxing, calm, energized
Mark Earhart from USA I try, but I still spend most of the time concentrating on what I'm doing.
Anonymous How else would you meditate?
Marlo Murphy from USA Yes, as much as I can my husband is teaching me. I can't wait to get a new didj. I want one with more vibration. Vibrations are good.;)
Marty from USA Again - the drone of the didge, the slight buzz you get from circular breathing, the smell of the beeswax - all add up to a very relaxed state.
Mateo Ripple from USA Holy Tolito!
Matt from United Kingdom First I play a sound and let the sound relax me, then I let the sound just happen without conscious interference. Its like letting the usual tension in the awake mind drop for a while. *sigh*
Anonymous I cant circle breathe, but it helps centre my chakras
Anonymous from Netherlands The concentration needed for the circular breathing helps me clearing my head.
Melissa from USA As already noted I often play when I am the most harried. The focus that it takes, as well as the vibrations join with other aspects of the instrument to calm me body, mind, and spirit.
Michael Forster from USA It teaches me about myself and teaches me about itself. In a way it is similar to Ayahausca in being a teacher of breath where A is a teacher of the plant. It has captivated me and I continually seek out didj sounds whenever I am at a festival or hear music.
Michael from Australia I have used it to relieve stress from work. Also when my mother passed away with Cancer I used it to take away her pain and so she could talk to me.
Anonymous I will often sit and play to help relax, the best way to play a didj is relaxed.
Mil Grindstaff from USA I was on a river one time when the sun was near setting and many fish began to feed quite near where I was sitting. I then realised that the sound seemed to attract life forms. Taking a dig to the out doors seems to have a calming effect on me
Morgan from USA Sometimes while playing, I find an incredible calm come over me, almost identical to what I feel in other types of meditation.
Moses Frederic from USA I empty my mind of everything very quickly, it flows right out my mouth, through the didj and empties me out.
Nathan Barnard from Australia I always feel very relaxed, even stoned
Anonymous Very relaxing
Nuno Ovidio from Portugal Sometimes when I am stress out, I take a little bit of time and play for a while. Normally after that I really feel calmer.
Anonymous When I play for meditation, I prefer to play in a closed, resonant environment such as a small room or a tunnel. A cave works too, but these are not always available. I repeat a pattern over and over until the "I" is gone and only the sound remains.
Oscar from Mexico I guess every time I play I start a meditation session, I disconnect myself from this reality into the sounds I'm generating, I concentrate in my feelings and thoughts, and I visualize how my didge is colourfully chanting the sounds with the movements of my mouth.
Anonymous Relaxant!!calm!!zen
Anonymous from Sweden The brumming sounds really feels in our hole body
Paul from USA I usually just play and not pay attention to anything but the sound and when I stop playing I fell refreshed.
Anonymous from USA Used to relieve stress, focus on problems in order to solve
Peter from Sweden Well, it is hard to avoid! Start to travel down under...
Petri from Finland Like said above, While playing, I let my thoughts and feelings wander freely
Randy from USA Relaxing
Remco from Netherlands For just playing your head empty it a great experience
Anonymous from France I like to play till I don't make a difference between the sound of the didj and the sound of my blood in my ears
Richard Gillis from USA I tend to feel the musical drone instead of concentrating on technique. I establish a rhythm with the pace of my circulating breathing and hum from the back of my throat.
Rick from USA I feel it is always somewhat meditative when I play, although some sessions are more meditative than others.
Rob Tol from Netherlands By start playing my didge, I change in to a storyteller
Anonymous Nice!
Anonymous from India I stop thinking, it all becomes spontaneous and active.
Rose Williams from USA The sound and accompanying vibration is very cleansing.
Rowan from USA I start to go into trance after about 10 minutes straight of playing. My breathing is all my mind is concentrated on, and my soul is free to commune with the infinite.
Roy Páramo from Spain After the first 5 minutes you become part of the sound...can't really explain, you must try it.
Anonymous from Belgium Long time of quietness
Sandy from USA In a hot springs cave... unbelievable! It was hard to relax and meditate, as I was so actively excited!
Anonymous Since I can't circular breathe yet this is a distraction
Sean from USA No, but I want to be able to.
Sheldon from USA I feel vert earth connected
Anonymous from USA I was in an extremely high consciousness state and felt very open, and my boyfriend began instructing me on how to use my tongue and lips and I got it right in a few minutes and I practiced for a good half an hour or longer and felt like I was making some progress. But that was the only time I ever attained that level with the didj myself so far.
Stephan from United Kingdom Great tool to listen to yourself, concentrate on just the breathing - empty your thoughts and then just let if flow
Stephane Guerraz from Canada I feel the energy comes in strongly with the didgeridoo. I like to pause from time to time, not to take a breath but just to feel the energy.
Anonymous Outdoors and just drone becoming totally aware of the now!
Sylvain from France This is a good way to feel the vibrations, and the circular breathing is a good exercise
Anonymous from Finland This is the best way of didj meditation. I follow the path that the sound greats. I described earlier.
Anonymous from United Kingdom It calmed me down when I was stressed
Thomas Roll from USA Not yet, but it is what I plan.
Tobias Devinck from Belgium Personally I think its better then with a cd of didge music but its hard to do
Tobin Caldwell from USA Solid drone and circular breathing with harmonized vocalization for no more than 40 min at a time
Anonymous from USA It was cool.I sat on a mountain overlooking a river and played for about 4 hours.I was not stoned.
Tomas Martins from Portugal I just start playing the didge.. and the vibration and sounds I make me go within myself and travel as if I wasn't anywhere.. only when I open my eyes I get back to reality!
Tyler Loube from Canada I do almost always play for my own meditation. It allows me to clear my mind at little bit faster than silent meditation, or chanting alone.
William Bode from USA Just playing low slow vib and letting go. Finding the Oneness of OM and going inside to see what I see.
Yann from France I played slowly to begin the drone sound for 5, 10 min and after I play like my emotions told me, the felling is very important, I play what I feel. and to finish I play slowly and I finish with the drone sound. after, few minutes of silence to finish the meditation and feel things different.
at the end I say ( I'm my brain) "aligatai": a Japanese world to say thank u to be here, tk u to my didge, tk u to everything I live...

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