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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

Below you will find comments left by visitors when entering our questionnaire.
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Visitors Comments about Didgeridoo and Meditation made during 2008:

Name and Country

Visitors Comments about Didgeridoo and Meditation

Allen Smith from USA

I've had what seemed like 5 minutes of play turn out to actually be 2 hours. (No-drugs). Quiets the mind. I do sound treatments with it. I've dreamt the sound and rhythms. I awake to try to duplicate them only occasionally able to do so. Deep stillness.

Amadeus from United Kingdom

I haven't tried it yet because I haven't found the perfect instrument.

Amber from USA

While playing cd music I practice.

Angus from Canada

I don't use it for meditation but I was thinking about it


Its incredible it seems I'm in other world.

Anu Van Leeuwen from Netherlands

I love the meditative soundscapes from didgeridoo and use them for full moon and didgeridoo meditations. I am working nowadays on a cd with meditative didgeridoo sounds.

Arnaud Dejean from France

It helps me feeling present it gives me a deep presence and sometimes coloured thrills and tears difficulties and joy.

Barney from USA

It most definitely calms me when I play it. However I am weak on my circular breathing. Have trouble with my sinus on inhaling.

Brandon from USA

I find the sounds and experience of playing extremely restful allowing my mind to unwind and feel an instant connection with my deeper spirit.

Brett Makowski from USA

It has been rare for I life a fast American lifestyle which is why I am compelled to dig deeper in my meditation sessions. I once was on a great hunt as I transcended into a large bird soaring on a long hunt. It was powerful. I truly felt connected to something far greater than self...

Chace Bedford from USA

Well as far as spirituality goes I consider ritual to be what ever your subjectiveness deems suitable. I usually spend half hour just before sunset playing it to draw down the sun and welcome the end of another good day. I go nuts until the sun is just peaking over the horizon of the ocean and then just before the sun says goodnight I blow four long bellows in all four directions of earth to send out positive vibes of prosperity and love across the world before the days end.


Like singing bowls sound is wonderful.

Chris Smith from USA

I have meditated quite a bit in the past however never with a didj I am interested in trying this.

Christopher Weber from USA

Sitting alone outside by a fire and off I go!

Chuck from USA

Not much really. I just use it to relax after a hard day. And I love to play it first thing in the morning when I am camping. Seems to set the day of just right. And feels as if I have more of a connection with nature.

Conor Kelly from Australia

To low vibrations just calm me


Yes I use my didj to entertain my baby boy and I use my didj to calm myself in stressful situations. I also use it as a creative medium. I love it so much that I believe that if I follow something I love it will guide me to good things and wonderful people and experiences. It is true to me and I am true to my didj.

Anonymous from Australia

I've never owned a didgeridoo of my own so I've never been able to sit down and play by myself but I have been able to get hold of some music and have found it relaxes me. It now fills a large portion of my playlists.


I meditate with my pranayama and sometimes with cd's. I've tried to use the didj but it is still work

Daniele Baldan from Italy

First of all I play when I need a slow moment for myself. Maybe is a technique to relaxing and also for slow look into me.

Dima Shebalev from Israel

I love going to the wilds a place where I can hear nothing but nature and myself if I have the chance during nighttimes. I make myself a campfire and boil ginger tea with honey. than I start playing. sometimes I can spend a whole night like this playing and hearing the jackals and boars wander around. my mind clears and hours sweep past. to see the deep blue skies turn to bright is a wonderful sensation!

Anonymous from Austria

I feel like everything else is blocked out and it's only me and the sound of the didj and the sound is like a flying carpet and carries you away

Don from USA

I plan to use mine for this.

Dustin from USA

The first thing I notice is a separation of of 3d objects into a 2-d plane by the change of vibration and resonance created my the didge an almost instant calming and deep vibration finds its resonance point inside of my being. this allows for higher brain function. allowing for greater clarity of self and mind. connecting me to a higher vibration opening me to inspiration calm and serene state of mind. this uplifting and conditions space created by long term didge playing is a set place can affect the area long after the playing has stopped in essence creating a peaceful and calm environment for all to enjoy and benefit from just being in it.:D

Edward Olson from USA

I find that if I close my eyes I can see different pictures in my mind while playing. I try to use the sounds of the didj to enhance or even paint those pictures.

Gabriele Parrillo from Italy

I'm starting it makes me feel my sacred part I feel more calm and in contact with a cosmic power

Gonzalo from Chile

Las vibraciones que produce el didgeridoo en todo el cuerpo me hacen entrar en completa paz me siento uno con lo que me rodea y parte de un todo universal alcanzando estados de conciencia muy armoniosos y de tranquilidad absoluta.

Anonymous from Singapore

Find myself peace serenity very much relax..

Anonymous from USA

Will do!

Henry from USA

I don't think I'm playing well enough but I am enjoying the experience of how it makes me feel when the didge responds.

Howard from USA

It is very relaxing and it helps me come down from hectic days.

Hugo Ferreira from Portugal

The didge is your best friend. you can go everywhere with him and play... a quiet place is the best... there you will make important decisions and etc totally relaxed and focused

Jacopo from Italy

I don't use it for meditation but I think that playing didj you fall in a higher meditation independently from your will

James Nesbit from USA

Meditation is precisely what I used my didj for. It took some time for me to get circular breathing down but once I did I played until my face went numb. There is a certain peace and calm that I experience while playing. Almost as if the sounds that I am making are at the same frequency as the earth. It's great.

James from USA

I like to play in the park and relax. The drone helps me to tune in the environment and tune out all the little kids and stupid passing traffic. I do meditate regularly but have never really seriously tried while playing the didj because I thought it might break my concentration.

Janusz from Poland

Time disappears a bit. Patience. Grounding. When stucked energy in me or around - the sound is cleaning/moving it.

Anonymous from USA

When playing my didge I enter a state of relaxation. The droning sounds the slight dizziness from breathing so much and I love trying out new animals noise to see how they sound.

Jere from Finland

I have meditated quite a lot before starting to play didj and when I first got a good clean and a long sound from it I said to myself "This thing will definitely help me to get to whole new levels of meditating!". I haven't had a throughout meditative session with it yet but I have felt it's vibes and consider myself more relaxed and calm after playing.

João Aguilar from Portugal

Feeling of extreme relaxation and maybe trance when I get on the same note for many time or when uplifting the tone very slowly and then down very slowly again... but to do it and to work I need very peace and quiet preferentially in the woods. If done like this but with a lot of players that like to do meditation too get ready.. the feeling is unexplainable

Anonymous from USA

I play at the beginning and end of each day

John Popyk from USA

Playing has a very calming effect on my mind and spirit

Johnny Copley from USA

It helps me calm down after a long stressful day of school and sports. There is nothing better than the sound of a yidaki.

Judy Echols from USA

I have one very low very slow didj that sends me into a trance. It regulates my breathing and calms me down.

Kara from USA

The breathing really helps me calm down and concentrate


That would be one of the reasons to learn to play

Kenny Brooks from USA

The crappy didgeridoo I currently have goes to the beach with me and I meditate with it. It allows to me to easily reach my meditative state.


I use didj when improvising with my band. This is extremely therapeutic for me. Fusing traditional instruments with Contemporary Western instruments.

Kristin from Canada

I find listening to Didgeridoo promotes meditation in me. I close my eyes sit and relax or it moves me to start dancing. either way I'm taken somewhere else when hearing a didj.

Kurt Bendl from USA

It gives me a few moments to stop the noise in my head.

Lisa Hallam from Canada

I have didj recordings that I use for this and have had past life regressions as well as OBE's.

Magda from Australia

I listen to tapes/CD's

Marco from Italy

I don't meditate very much but my didj help focusing my thoughts.

Marko from Slovenia

Not yet tried it but I will

Martin Sørensen from Denmark

I mostly use it for meditation. when I meditate with the didge its like going on a trip to another world. a good and peaceful world. the meditation helps me stress out. and takes all the troubles off my mind.

Marty from USA

I work many different jobs for the largest air carrier in San Francisco. After work I usually sit in the parking lot just blowing my frustrations out. The sound of the Didgeridoo has an amazing calming effect on me before I head home to loved ones.

Massimo from Italy

When I met the didj I was in Ibiza and if I tried no result. from there began this passion and the idea that the circular breathing could help me get deeper. today that are 4 years sound that this instrument can say that is true within sound when in contact with my being more natural and deep sound and when a peace takes possession of me and I can meditate..

Maurice Crenshaw from USA

Very soothing and stress relieving.

Michael Melvin from USA

I often find that after a bit of didj playing I find my whole brain vibrating and it seems that wile playing my whole body vibrates. It puts me instantly into an altered state. I am more at peace and general feeling of well being. I like to go some where quite away form people some where in nature and silently await the sunrise and as the sun rises I blow a greeting to the four directions and then great the Sun and the new day with a didj meditation session. I usually do this when beginning a new endeavour and I find that I can find my center that way.


This would be my main objective

Anonymous from France

I practice didgeridoo massage and meditative concert for living

Mike Hoover from USA

I find that when I need to relax and relieve some stress playing my didge does the trick. its drone tone is very soothing to me.

Mike Nichols from Canada

I use it for group meditation and personal meditation. I find the state of meditation personally similar to breath of fire from kiundalini yoga

Mitch from USA

I haven't yet but I'm open for anything.

Nikki from USA

I think the sound of the didj is very relaxing as well as actually playing one. When you are there in the zone you can free your mind and let the breathing take over.

Anonymous from Netherlands

I sometimes lie in the grass when a friend is playing. That's pretty relaxing.

Pablo Beler from Ecuador

I think for me is always a meditation because I play it for my enjoin with not interesting were I can go technical. against the flute I have to practice every day and hard to play well...so the sound of this instrument and the vibration is magic

Patrick Franko from USA

Never thought about trying but it sounds cool.

Patrick from Australia

Various styles of drone on different types of didje.

Paul Putman from United Kingdom

I see each session playing the didj as a form of meditation and find this a wonderful aspect of playing the didj

Paul Sedgwick from USA


Peter Gabor Balazs from Hungary

Stop the time all resonance it my dog is like it and I fly....

Peter Russell from Australia

I work in sales which is very stressful. Nothing relaxes me more than coming home and playing the didge for an hour or so to relax. I also play the didge for other people to help them get into a meditative state

Philippe from Canada

When you work on circular breathing you really feel relax and in perfect harmony with your self. You feel calm and in peace.

Raffael from Germany

I never tried it but I'm very interested in this musical kind of meditation.

Ricardo from Mexico

Yes to go deep inside myself and create life

Anonymous from USA

When I play for over 30 minutes and close my eyes and drift into meditation the resonance of the didj induces visions which help me sort out my thoughts and/or current questions.

Anonymous from USA

Working on it...

Robert from USA

The Didgeridoo has sounds and versatility that I have not found in any other instrument. It is very "Primal" which suits me more then many European instrumentation. It is also Unique. When a Didge starts up you immediately know what it is.

Robert from USA

Haven't yet but as a psychologist and hypnotherapist I do believe the didj has meditative and healing properties.

Robson Castilho from Brazil

Yes...very experience..to leave the body

Ruben Dewulf from Belgium

I don't play that good that I can use it for meditation sometimes yes I can

Ryan Holbrook from USA

Very relaxing Especially when playing outside by the lake or in the caves.

Salvatore Augeri from France

The time is stopped. A sentiment of wellness. The didj disappears and I enter in the other world.

Anonymous from Portugal

Didjeridoo is a very good instrument to connect yourself to your power animal and for making others enter into shamanic reality but isn't good for your to travel as it requires quite concentration to maintain circular breathing for an half-hour while "away"... Good instrument for opening chackras too but I'm no expert of this area...

Sergey from Russia

It's just... Taking a break for five minutes to play... And then playing and playing and playing... Maybe for an hour... It helps to concentrate on your breathe and vibration - perfect for meditation practice.

Sergio Ruiz Sierra from Mexico

I live in the mexican caribbean area I go to the beach climb some rocks and in front of the beautiful and magic blue sea I begin to make didgeridoo sounds looking in my left side the Powerful and gorgeous Pyramids of Tulúm from my ancestrals the Mayan Culture. It's amazing I can't explain in words I begin to fly (PATLANI)

Anonymous from USA

I am a Christian and therefore the only meditation I will ever do is meditating on the Bible not by removing myself from reality but by deeply considering the Word. While meditation may have practical benefits I do not think it is good for Christians since it is withdrawing into oneself instead of focusing on God and others.

Shannon from USA

This is very interesting.

Anonymous from Canada

I ain't good enough yet.

Steav Bates-congdon from USA

I don't really - but playing music is always a meditative experience for me... It's what I do. I love what I do.

Stéphane Eduardo Longtin from Canada

I usually start by playing slow with a lots of mantra vocals next I start with a song but in the didgeridoo and I let my self go I focus myself on what can makes me feel better and I let the sound guide me.

Taylor from USA

Just to sit down from a long day at school and listen to the basic drone. I imagine that I too am part of the Aboriginal people.

Telmo from Portugal

I have not yet achieve any level of "official" meditation except for that obtained from the playing experience.

Thomas from France

I don't have experience enough yet

Vitaliy from Russia

We use didj in acoustic Holortopic Breathworks. Absolutely magical effect! Holonauts feel vibrations witch makes them be plunged so deep. Some of them saw rainbows and snakes sometime. Others crying. One woman said that didj sound was very native for her but she never hear it in her life.

Zachary from USA

Meditation is one reason for me wanting one.

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