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Listening to recorded didgeridoo music for meditation
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Listening to life didgeridoo music for meditation

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Name and Country Feedback
Anonymous from Canada Have had live didge sessions with world class didgers and I pretty much disassembled and went fully into my body, was truly awesome
Andre from USA Relaxing, it was very relaxing
Andrew from USA Actually I never set out to meditate. I just heard this circle playing and after about thirty minutes, realized that I was in deep meditation.
Anjani from USA I have listened to the didj in ceremony and in meditational gatherings
Antonio-Elias Vale Tavares from Brazil Peoples stay joy
Bart Vrancken from Netherlands It was wonderful, the sound makes it so much easier to dream away into yourself
Ben Demory from USA Played at a Renn. Faire, we were given the option to listen in an meditate for a half hour (although it seemed longer). It definitely was a relaxing experience, and I would more than willingly do it again.
Bent Lønrusten from Norway Because I try to learn to be a better didj player I find it hard to meditate, just because I get hooked by the way they play, and I try to find out how they do it.
Anonymous Its great. The sound is great for focussing concentration on - like a mantra.
Brent Hilton from USA In New Zealand a couple months ago I went to a mind-Body-Spirit Festival in Christchurch. We did a Yoga session with nothing but live Didj music. It was awesome
Bria Singer from USA I was at a festival and a musician was playing, not a performance per se, but just for the love of it and for our pleasure and healing.
Brian from USA It felt like the sounds were penetrating my sole..
Bridget Walker from USA This was a combo with gong music, didj, and tablas
Anonymous from Brazil Uma experiencia de relaxamento, muito boa.
Carlie from Australia I have a lot of family who play the didj and I love to sit back and relax whilst they play it.
Chris from South Africa It allows me to go into a different world. I can think very deeply.
Chris Murphy from Australia I saw the entire crowd become one in peace
Anonymous from United Kingdom Surreal experience almost eery to start with as sun was just setting & after a busy festival all was quiet & it was also quite an intense feeling to start with. Then as you got deeper into the sound you forgot everyone & everything around you & fell deeper into the sound.
David from USA Practiced meditation to didj while in Cairns
Douglas Vroonen from Belgium It was incredible, I had the impression that my body exploded and all my cells expanded out of the room where I was, and traveled really fast in the cosmos, before coming back in my normal body shape.
Eros from Italy It's very good and useful for me for the other I don't know and I'm not sure it will be the same it was for me but surely it will be good....
Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica I can't explain exactly how I felt, but I can say that it was one of the greatest things in my life
Gareth from Australia Several festivals
Gary Standen from USA It gives me a deeper state of meditation.
George Harrison from USA When I lived in Australia I owned a body piercing shop that was more like a rain forest than a business and after hours we would daily invite patrons of peace in to play the various horns and the drums that were in the shop
Anonymous from United Kingdom Rust red sea, gently undulating
Harry from Netherlands Speechless
Anonymous from Australia Relaxing, my boyfriend is a great player
Joel from Canada The didj sound made me real relaxed
Anonymous from USA Makes me wish to play as well as they do.
Karen Milward from Australia I am Aboriginal so have participated in all sorts of didj experiences
Karen from Germany Absolutely absorbing, deeply touching
Keith from United Kingdom The vibration helps to close down mental thoughts
Kent from USA Background, music to concentrate or relax
Kevin Paul from USA It is easy to drop into the non duality non judgemental space riding the vibrations of the yidaki. I find that I easily lose my attachments to the petty concerns of repetitive mind and find my way to a more expansive feeling state.
Leandro from Argentina Wonderful, very personal, beautiful
Lindsey from Austria Calming and beautiful
Lloyd Cosway from United Kingdom Awesome atmosphere
Anonymous The person who taught me to play is an excellent player and he has played for me while we both meditated.
Manuel Bayardo from USA Same feeling as I get when I play, clam, relaxed and energized
Anonymous from Germany Strange, feeling good, deep trance
Mark from United Kingdom Its takes you deeper than a guided,i think its because the didge gets right inside and lifts you
Mark from USA I usually leave the lights off (during the night) and just lay down, closing my eyes, and let the didgeridoo take me away. I would usually find myself in the Outback while meditating
Mark Earhart from USA Almost every time I listen to live didj it is meditative
Marlo Murphy from USA My husband plays constantly, and now my daughter does the same. It's there so I chill to it
Mateo Ripple from USA WOW!
Michael from USA FIt's very relaxing felt like I was connecting with the artist and everything around me.
Michael Forster from USA Very similar to listening to the Gyoto monks chant. Also similar to Native American drumming or Peyote singing. The didj always leaves me feeling fully connected to my body, even when I experience strong journeying or insight.
Mil Grindstaff from USA In the mountains of Oregon I heard several crystal bowls and didges which instantly shifted my awareness much the same as other techniques. I felt more centered and I can always use that.
Morgan from USA Sometimes while playing, I find an incredible calm come over me, almost identical to what I feel in other types of meditation.
Moses Frederic from USA The first time I heard live Didgeridoo playing I immediately associated it with Meditation. When I met a player in Boise Idaho we would hang out and go to drum circles. At that time I did not play so I would sit and meditate on the sound of its drone and pulse. It felt oceanic and I felt like I could follow the sound of the didj into deeper states of meditation much more fluidly and easily than I am normally able to do.
Nathan Barnard from Australia Always relaxes me
Oscar from Mexico It gives me all the peace I need to concentrate and relax, the sound starts to generate images in my mind and support to my body.
Patricia from USA At burningman
Anonymous from Sweden Maybe not meditation but I went on a festival and there was a gay named gangagiri and he played so nice that he made me dance into trance..
Patti from USA I was able to experience this at a local community center it was incredible
Anonymous from USA Music from Australia
Phil from France Out of body feeling
Randy from USA Nice
Ravinderjit Singh from Malaysia I opened up myself to the dronal vibrations, and let it take me into another world, my own dream land...i was feeling very very good about myself after that, very energized!!
Rhonda from USA It was about 10 years ago. I can't remember much but I do know that the live vibration was very easy to meditate to.
Rob Tol from Netherlands Its like someone or something is telling stories to and with your soul
Anonymous Beautiful
Rod from Australia Blissed me out quite quickly
Rowan from USA A friend played on my third eye and the rest of my chakras while I meditated. I felt my vibration start to match the resonance of the didj. The didj was an E.
Roy Páramo from Spain You feel full of peace and good
Ryan Mussatto from USA I often take hallucinogenic substrates of natural origins to help me focus on the inside of myself rather than the out. one time when I was with myself, I heard didj music and I fell into the rhythmic patterns of its droning sound and fell in love with the instrument.
Anonymous My boyfriend plays very well and I find myself focused on my breathing and very peaceful
Sheldon from USA Very earthy
Anonymous from USA I'm a vocalist, and I have friends who are amazing didj players, and we have jammed together and moved into trance states through didj, rhythms, vocals, singing bowls & gongs
Stephane Guerraz from Canada I can't say it was live meditation, it was just didj performance, but this is the feeling I had: it put me in a state of meditation naturally.
Anonymous Friends in camp playing.
Anonymous from Finland The concert that took place here in Finland was disturbed by some some drunk teenagers that took away something of the experience
Tobias Devinck from Belgium At the beginning it is a great feeling but sometimes the music gets me so exited so I leave the meditation spot to play by my self
Tobin Caldwell from USA Not as good as the real thing but fun to listen to, to many people
Anonymous from USA I was stoned,does that count?
Tom from USA The difference is huge between live and recorded didge music. Actually experiencing the width of frequency response of the live didj becomes a physical as well as aural experience.
Tracy from USA One of my spiritual/energy healing teachers plays a didge and he played on during a workshop he had....he is a very good player and combined with the energies set up at the workshop it was very exciting, moving, and awe inspiring.
Wim from Belgium Very relaxing but it wasn't long enough to get the max out if it
Yann from France I listen didgeridoo music after airvault didgeridoo festival. I found a felling like the festival

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