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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

Below you will find comments left by visitors when entering our questionnaire.
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Visitors Comments about Didgeridoo and Meditation made during 2008:

Name and Country

Visitors Comments about Didgeridoo and Meditation

Adam Diiulio from USA

I've just recently started playing for meditation purposes so I haven't too much experience with it.

Adam from USA

It helps me relax my 1 year old daughter likes to groove to it when I play.

Alan from United Kingdom

I have a lung problem and found the breathing and playing helps this a lot and can meditate while playing myself and to others

Allan from USA

I do not instinctually meditate but I will play in a meditative style with my eyes closed just for the relaxing effects.

Álvaro Oliveira from Brazil

I only can meditate with didj. I pay attention to my breathing. All my cells start to shake. I forget my body. I stay very comfortable and relax.

Anatoliy from Ukraine

I often play didge in order to feel myself in my body with deep roots in my body and not only in mind. It is beautiful and very relaxing experience.

Anonymous from Hungary

I like playing slow songs with vocals (not too much). Sometimes I play faster parts and sometimes they slow down. I also like "telling" stories (dingo chasing kangaroo hunting with boomerang for kangaroo travelling in the bush and such).

Angela from USA

I had a meditative experience playing a very nice didj some years ago if I had a good didj. I would work from that experience.

Angus from Australia

I play the yidaki to calm myself down. I really think the didge really has a cosmic sound that brings my thoughts to a different perspective.

Anthony Dias from Portugal

A little bit of what I've said in the last question...I kind of feel like I can go back in some lives..my genesis awakes for the world...

Arpad Toth from Hungary

When I play it for meditation sometimes I succeed to deepen into dimensions where I love being in and there are those moments when I m not really in control of the thing..its like my ancient spirit plays or even a spirit helps that's there with me..I'm complete at that moments and happy and just enjoy the proceeding upwards

Art Ibell from USA

Spiritual peace

Anonymous from Switzerland

Is more the way go leave business and work behind and find a place to rest or to be with people one likes

Blake from USA

One of the best feelings is to sit with nature anywhere in the world and just play whatever comes......as it comes. Nature will speak back to you!

Bob Yellin from USA

I do not practice as consistently as I should or would like to. It forces me to abandon all extraneous thoughts. I feel very relaxed after completing as little as 5 minutes of didjing. I try to maintain a very even and consistent drone or repetitive theme like a mantra when meditating

Borja from Spain

I am still learning sadly I still can't play for long so I can relax

Brian from USA

I've tried and failed

Bruce from United Kingdom

This is something I have only just tried! but still trying to get the hang of circular breathing which can be very distracting but I'm working on it and do find the didge provides a great background for meditation.

Bruce from USA

Right now I use a cd and the Didj helps me go very deep into trance. Usually very primal lots of animals checking me out.

Carlo from Italy

The vibrations product with the didj cancels the dimension around me


Use it mostly to distress

Chad Champoux from USA

Off in the woods I had the deepest spiritual experience of my life. Though every time I play the didge I feel revived spiritually. One time in the the woods I felt as if I was in another universe and the drone of the didj penetrated by body with peace of a euphoric state that since I have never been able to replicate.


I have studied meditation in India for nearly 7 years as well as other meditative arts eg karate and am now starting to realise how the didj communicates the un-nameable essence of what all of these disciplines hold


I suffered pretty bad anxiety disorder and have a bad reaction to the medications. I find playing the didge very relaxing and after only about 1 month of playing I have the anxiety almost completely under control!!!

Chris from USA

Never have..

Chris Thorn from United Kingdom

Playing the didj is always a stress relieving tool for both the player and people around..like a bee floating around the garden on a summers day. The longer you play the more relaxed you become and the concentration on your breath is very similar to counting your breaths until you reach that trance like state of course.


I find it calming entering grounding. it brings a strong sense of peace.

Chrissy from USA

When life is too busy to find solace the meditation power of the didj can provide the stress reliever that I have always been looking for

Clement from France

Sometimes if I'm stressed or sad I play didgeridoo during a long moment trying to fell all my organs moved to produce the sound so I fell my spirit every where in my body. It's like if all bad things go out of me when I play. And after I fell zen and cool and I fell very better

Connie from USA

I have participated in the world meditations. I also use it to center myself.

Anonymous from USA

I plan on using it more for this once I can circular breathe

Cristian Neely from Chile

Its amazing. Once I am playing more than 1 minute I start to forget that I'm playing an instrument. I feel like the vibrations a mind vibration. I close my eyes and I feel like in other space is really great.

Daniel Alfonzo Rivas from Venezuela

Let me tell you I go to others dimensions of colours and vibrations everything is not like this world is other worlds is my own planet in system my own dimension.

Danny from Canada

I do all the time. I got a room in my house just for playing didge I got it set up just for me.when I'm in there it feels like I'm in the outback. I got dim orange yellow and blue lights I sit like you must when playing didge. I got a cd called summer rains and its about 60min long and I turn it up a little and away I go I don't stop till I snap out of it.made myself a five foot fountain to add to the room and its about finished its gonna be great.

Dantez from Brazil

Every day at 06:00 am until 07:00 I use for relax before may job.its necessary

David from USA

My didj helps with my meditation because it forces me to closely control my breathing. I prefer the key of D when I meditate because its a key I have used in a lot of other instrumental pieces and as such have especially positive association to that key. Also I find the sound of the didj calming and can bring meditation to a different level.

Dean from United Kingdom

I do and I play for around 10-15 mins at a time and I kinda go into my own world and it feels like a huge release of energy.

Don from USA

I play along with slow tempo music to regulate my breathing and enter a relaxed state

Doug Bischoff from USA

I do. It took a long time to be able to distance myself from the technicalities of maintaining the drone in order to permit meditation to take place and I still have trouble sometimes forgetting about "just playing."

Ed Huntley from USA


Edward from USA

Three weeks ago I was told to play in church and the presence of God was very obvious in the place people saw visions and I will say that it is a sound that God was happy to produce through the aboriginal people

Eleanor Hjemmet from USA

I get to a trance state very easily just blowing without being able to circular breathe yet. I can't tell you how powerfully the vibration affects me I will feel it all throughout my body.

Enrique Garcia from Mexico

I don't have.

Eric from USA

I use my didgeridoo to meditate quite often I find that it has a very grounding effect and is especially useful to clear the mind in preparation for deeper meditative practices.

Eric from USA

Felt the power of a snake like I was in the jungle

Erik Putnam from USA

Yes personal almost every time I play alone I can not resist falling in to a trance even if the rhythm is fast. I have done several guided meditations with others including groups and I was at your winter solstice meditation in person. The experience is always powerful and effective.


I try. Not very successful. I do kundalini yoga meditation and chanting and this encourages me to use the didj for meditation and breathing.


I find playing the didj extraordinarily relaxing. I come out completely refreshed with all the tensions of the day gone. I find I'm simply in a better mood after playing the didj.

Fred Ashplant from USA

Some times I like to go out in my garden and play to unwind and relax. When I do I find that I lose track of time and find myself in a state of calm and peace. When I have finished I an very much refreshed and energized.

Geoff from Canada

I start meditating by playing the didj

Anonymous from Germany

I play very steady and sufficiently many minutes have passed and I did not notice. It is very relaxing and a very good feeling.

Graham from United Kingdom

I find it puts me in a kind of trance time passes without noticing no pesky thoughts just at one with the vibration and tone.

Greg Thorn from United Kingdom

Sit in small dug out that sits above small river it gives a peaceful sound

Guido Cifali from Australia

I find that exclusive concentration on the didj's sound gradually brings the whole being to a level of pure being.

Guy François from Belgium

Visions. Mental is forget. Most of the vision with animals. Eagle and lizard are the ones which came more often.

Hans-jürgen from Germany

Playing slowly with closed eyes in the garden with open ends

Héctor Raúl from Argentina

No lo he podido hacer todavía... pero lo haría.

Howard Williamson from USA

I have not but intend to give it a try. I occasionally do vipassina meditation and believe it would fit in perfectly there.

Iain from United Kingdom

Not specifically used for meditation but I always feel better after I have played in many ways

Ivan Matamoros from Spain

Well..here a have to make a difference between kinds of meditation.As buddhist I need nothing to meditation nor even a quiet place. I can do it every time I want or I need it.But as I said before didge is an excellent kind or "yantra" or meditation instrument.But for me..is a different kind of one.


Mos tof my meditative moments are simple a single drone with not much variation but concentrating on the vibrations in my skull usually for about 5-10 minutes after feeling very energised and most importantly HAPPY

James Davis from Canada

When I feel I need to clear my mind and body of outside stresses I play the didge it helps me release and relax

Jan Vink from Netherlands

It makes my very calm

Jared from USA

Sometimes to relax

Jason from USA

I play when I get stressed and it calms me.


I find it calms my mind after a busy day/if stressed etc

Javier Rembado from Spain

After touching a while I began to talk while he played a feline with a frog and a crocodile Saliam my mouth and surprised medejaban

Jayne from USA

Brain frequencies; helping relieve stress preparing for a peaceful sleep preparing for dreams & visions.


I don't now but I do meditate and that is one of the things I will learn to do once I have a didj!

Jennifer from Australia

I start my meditations with the didj

Jeremy from USA

I have on many occasions had profound experiences playing the didge for people. I have changed peoples views of the world healed neck pain and just plain blew peoples minds forever changing their energies and thoughts to be better people.

Jerome from France

I like to use it a long time playing just the drone to get myself in another state of mind where everything becomes one where nothingness appears at the edge of the world making me feel my insignificance and my importance. All of this in hearing this so particular sound of the didj. It helps you put everything in perspective.


I play for 10 mins and sit quietly for 10 mins.

John from USA

Take part in your worldwide meditations and in groups locally. Also on my own with my dogs.

John Mangold from Canada

I played it on the world wide meditation day. It felt good.

John from USA

Yes I go out in nature and find a good spot to offer a song to the universe

John Stuart Kirkpatrick from Bermuda

I am a Tactical Firearms officer/Tactical Team leader. I use the didge to lower my stress level when work starts to get too hairy! When I finally got the circular breathing that made such a huge difference!

Jon Griffin from Canada

I haven't but was interested in reading about it.

Jonathan from USA

It helps me to relax and unwind from a day.

Jonathan Zamora Ríos from Costa Rica

Generalmente utilizo el didge como facilitador para inducir una respiración mas profunda y me concentro en la vibración para poder vaciar mi mente y lograr el estado meditativo.

Jone from USA

Playing the didj (for me) is similar to the instrument the tamboura but on a more primal level.

Jonny Monument from United Kingdom

I use the low a-flat didj and drone really slowly. Then I work up from the a flat using overtones. Semitone by semitone up the scale pitching dead on and then slightly up and down listen to the didj respond to my notes up further and the didj starts really talking. Once I have got to the octave above the drone it starts to talk to me by playing ITS OWN notes between the drone and my sung note. the tuning has to be bang on but it is staggering. Before I know it an hour has gone...

Julio Peña from Paraguay

I will.

Jussi from Finland

I play didgeridoo because I like it's sound and it is a way to express myself through drone and primitive sounds. I don't believe in other meditation than praying God in Jesus' name as the Bible teaches us to do.

Karen from Canada

Playing is a meditative experience for me most of the time.


I use my didj during meditation along with pranayama breathing techniques the drone is my mantra.

Ken from USA

I use it to help me relax and I often bring it to the park and often use it to meditate. I try to find a shady spot under a tree and ideally by a lake or stream and sit and imagine I am in an ancient sacred place or out in nature long ago. I also use it to clear all thoughts from my head and feel closer to nature.

Kirk from USA

Haven't yet not that good but hope to.

Kristoffer Stewart from United Kingdom

I'm still at school and a I have a part time job and a full time girlfriend( you may not think that takes up time but it does) so I have a busy life and the stresses can get to me sometimes. so if I get the chance I try to spend some time playing the didge just to relax me and calm me down. its excellent I get my head cleared and I feel better or it. I wish I cod say I have had an out of body experience but I can't but I can say it makes me happy to play.

Anonymous from USA

Not specifically for meditation but the need for controlled breathing is conducive to calming the body and allowing it to recharge. Nothing fancy or new there.

Laura Jackson from USA

Without a doubt this is one of my key goals.

Le Perkins from USA

Just to relax.

Leandro Javier Montesino from Argentina

I use didj for meditation and it is wonderful because I have a room like a cave and that involve the vibration and sound of didj

Marc from Ireland

I have once. in a world wide didgeridoo meditation. its hard to explain feeling

Marco Paoletti from Italy

Io sogno e ricordo passate esperienze di vita racconto a chi mi ascolta

Mark Hickinbotham from USA

I do use it to relax and even put my son to sleep but not necessarily to meditate.

Anonymous from USA

Never have just for meditation but I do find playing very relaxing; as I do most instruments.

Martin Izzo from Argentina

Profound spiritual awakening oneness with the mother nature or pacha mama as we call her.

Marty from Australia

Quiet time alone on my farm with the animals all around. Start playing gentle quiet rhythms to centre my breathing Zone out and let the didj guide me until I snap out of it often an hour or two later feeling invigorated and invincible.

Marvin from USA

Relaxes me when coming home from a stressful day at work.

Mary Lindhart from USA

Trying to quit smoking so I use it to concentrate on how important it is to breathe

Anonymous from USA

When I use my didge for meditation I always feel lighter and more free after I'm done. it puts me in a trance and the sounds that come out are my inner thoughts and emotions. its like listening to a teacher. you can really gain a lot from the different vibrations.

Matthias from Switzerland

Yes I do. By playing didj my breath goes very deep and when I play I am music!! if I do it very concentrated:) I can also be love. And sometimes I am a Animal a snake or a Bird and sometimes I am an animal made of Love and music.


Its just relaxing and you forget about your worries.

Megan Golden from USA

I start out slow paced drone and then it just goes from there. The didj is calming it helps lower my pulse before meditation.

Melanie from USA

When my husband started looking for ways to soothe his anxiety he found your site and bought a didgeridoo...we found another one for me to play and have been playing together ever since.

Michael from USA

Meditation is "not what you think" so there is nothing to say. But I am still vibrating the next morning.


It is simple while playing I lose myself into the spiral of resonation especially when I go to practice in open spaces or -best of all- into a cave

Mikolaj from USA

Its easy to get into a meditating trance.

Neil from USA

Any music can be used for meditation so I guess I use meditation every time I play

Nigel Mason from United Kingdom

I play on the cliff tops in wales where I live with the sounds of gulls overhead. I play in the church I attend as part of the worship group those in the church find it helps them to focus on the creator. I am a psychiatric nurse and playing the didge helps me relax at the end of a stressful day

Pablo Sebastian Meza from Argentina

Sorry my level of english language is not sufficient to write my experiences

Pau Kirst from USA

I have just started doing long drone sessions. I find it very calming and centering. My wife says that my energy fells very good and centered after I have played for about an hour.

Paul Bishop from USA

I participate in the solstice an equinox meditations. On occasion I will just sit play and meditate on my own. It's a mood thing.

Paul from United Kingdom

N/A - have not yet got to the stage where I can play and "switch off."

Paul Murray from Ireland

I find that the slower methodical drone of the Didgeridoo has a calming almost hypnotic effect on me. I find I become completely unaware of my immediate surroundings


The vibrations of the instrument are quite earthy and a great way to connect to the earth and all that inhabit it.

Anonymous from Spain

Not a fully use for it and I'm fully relaxed and out.


After playing gentle loops for 20 minutes I sometimes feel sort of levitation

Petri Aitta-aho from Finland

For me it's usually meditative. When we play with my mate in meditative spirit. The time just disappears.

Rafael Adorno from Brazil

So manys...

Rafael Janczak from Poland

Well I think playing the didge anytime basically sucks one straight into alpha brain waves:) I've had some very deep experiences - from time warping to seeing light fractals blasting outa the didge - seriously:)

Raffaele from Australia

Well one time I was playing at Kings Cross in Sydney there were a lot of people around me and I got a bit worried they were getting out of control. I remembered what Alen told me about the power of the didj. So I called on the sprit people while I was playing I felt the spirits of ceremonial people painted and dancing around me and the people in the street started to move away from me and became more settled. "That was unforgettable"

Anonymous from Canada

I think that any time that you play it's meditation. It's in the wood!

Rhonda from USA

Need to buy one to begin

Richard Craven from USA

I plan on using it for this.

Robbin from USA

Yes I use the didj for meditation... also use drums flutes rattles Tibetan bowls and Tingshaws and the list goes on... everything resonates everything has it's sound(s) / song(s)/story(s)... sound can help one to tune in too / harmonize with the world/universe

Robert from USA

That's personal but needless to say it has greatly increased



Rodney from USA


Rodney Webb from Australia

As previously mentioned; it is a spiritual instrument; and I sit down and play it through an echo chamber; starting off with bird calls; fantastic. I f things are going wrong around the house I walk around blowing the didge and all's well again.

Rodrigo Del Castillo Negrete from Mexico

I think meditation is an obvious part of didgeridoo playing every didgeridoo player after some time of playing and long hours of playing will realise that there is an unconscious process in playing the didgeridoo. And in my opinion there is a very thin line in between unconsciousness an meditation one just needs to realise and control unconscious playing into meditation Rather than using my didgeridoo for meditation rather than using a specific didgeridoo for meditation I let and induce my playing when I feel like meditating into a calm and unconscious playing.

Roi Redondo García from Spain

I don't think so at all same as next question music is impossible to explain at all maybe the state of mind is important but I don't know I knew it first by pipe so I don't know so sure I like didge for a calm stoned

Rolf Hebenstreit from USA

Calms my soul goes very deep into my mind I sometimes get lost & go into a beautiful trance state. I feel very close to the earth & sometimes even the universe. I play out side alone mostly I will play till the end! And the strange thing is... Know one has ever played with me no lessons no help! It's like the didj teaches me...

Anonymous from Canada

I find Didj Meditation is really the only effective form of Meditation I've been able to achieve. After a while of playing typically 5 or 10 minutes I find my mind clears and I tend to lose track of time. I need to do this alone and without distraction outdoors works best for me. I can check my watch and realize I've been at it for 40 minutes to an hour. I feel mentally centered mentally refreshed and physically both relaxed and energized at the same time. Nothing else quite does this for me as deeply. It is a true godsend for some of the more difficult times in life.

Rony from USA

Not specifically used for meditation but it does put me in a relaxed state immediately

Rowena from Australia

Fantastic primeval reflective form and force creation birth and rebirth ancient connection to our land.

Salvador Gonzalez from Mexico

I like too put some earphones but just to hear nothing! and feel the vibes

Samuele from USA

I have found that by combining the didj with other meditation techniques that it allows me to find deep meditative calm very easily. I think that playing the didj is can be a profound experience in and of itself.


It is completely relaxing

Scott from USA

No but if I could I would

Shawn from USA

Every time I play or use my Didj is meditative it can't be helped!

Shawn Payment from USA

I have used it for a ceremonial session combining myself with my fiancee before I learned to play myself we sat together and another person kinda used the trance type

Stefano Brutti from Italy

Everybody should try it when you are tired or nervous or something like that after 20 minutes (or less) playing Didgeridoo you will fell very very good!


My last partner was very tense and on edge all the time..he asked my son to put the didj on his back and play...or near him..not to sure...He said he could feel it healing him spiritually and physically.. He loved it.. He fell asleep.

Steven Furman from USA

I just find it very relaxing. A good way to turn your brain off for a little while and lose yourself in the sound and vibration.

Susan from USA

I meditate daily with the didj. I feel that it changes my brainwave patterns.

Tanya from Canada

I feel I need to play at least once a day or I don't feel complete. I especially like to play in the woods or on the beach

Teresa from USA

I use the music. Also helps me focus while writing.

Thomas Smith from Australia

I am still learning but I find it so relaxing and it gives me many memories of my family.

Tommy Dyett from New Zealand

I still learning to play for meditation as I seem to concentrate to much.just when I about to really let go and fly I tend to wake up again I keep playing and let u know about my first real travel

Tony from USA

It helps me to focus all of my energy on issues that deeply affect me.


I have had some meditation experience with my didge but because I live with many others it is hard to get the silence I need.

Anonymous from Sweden

Have not but I might try

Warren from United Kingdom

The didge helps me relax and improve my concentration. The didge is double edged as it works both on the breath level and also on a sound vibrational level. 20 minutes of play time and you're out there!

William Bode from USA

DEEP: LOVE; FLOATING the third eye opens and spirits presence is clear.

William from France

I certainly have I find it to be one of the best methods for meditation the vibrations really help in getting to transcendent state of mind.

William Powell from USA

I've often sat in a quiet place and played my didges to relax after a hectic day. It's a great way to clear the head.

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