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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

Below you will find comments left by visitors when entering our questionnaire.
These Comments are unedited and complete (we only removed double entries and where people asked us not to publish)

Visitors Comments about Didgeridoo and Meditation made during 2006:

Name and Country

Visitors Comments about Didgeridoo and Meditation

Aaron Petersen from Australia

One memorable experience was achieving a deep trance state at dawn in inner city Melbourne. The vibrations of the didjeridu spread out across the ground and through my body in a warm wave; it was such a tangible energy it was like a perfect frequency and everything seemed to connect - the didjeridu the earth myself joined together and the layers of urban filtering felt like they were melting off me. I felt a real unburdening of worries and stresses and a physical lifting of weight from my body. I think that maybe that's more accurate than it sounds feeling like a living vibrating mass of energy -it's kind of what we are fundamentally. I played for an hour and then sat in in silence for maybe the same amount of time.


I was going through a rough time and I was really stressed out. I felt like I needed to escape and drugs wouldn't have done it for me. So I grabbed my didge sat down in the park and just played my heart out for quite some time. My head got really light and I felt as if I was in a different world.

Adam Fisk from USA

It was wonderful. it has been my best meditation experience yet.

Adele from United Kingdom

Entrancing. I found myself lulled into a semi conscious state after having 3 years of sleeping troubles.

Alberto from Spain

It was an amazing experience in which I combined didgeridoo and mushrooms. SYNESTHESIA!!!!

Alon from United Kingdom

After 10 minutes or so of steady playing I begin to find myself detaching from my body! My parents are rather skeptical of this theory! But I really feel as if I fall into a trance and can see everything from a different angle.

Amber from USA

I have used the didgeridoo for meditation but more effectively I have used the didgeridoo for healing centering around pain that I have felt from an early age. I find that when the vibration and sound waves are directed at the area in pain I feel relief.

Andrea from Italy

Total relax and free mind

Andrea from Germany

I can calm down and stop thinking

Andreo Soares from Brazil

I don't do it because I have a few number of music with Didgeridoo.

Andrew Newman from USA

But I do have some world music CDs with didge on it.

Andy from United Kingdom

Although I haven't used it for meditation I can appreciate its use in this field (i just love the deep resonant drone they produce!!!)

Angel from USA

The times are numerous. Circular breathing first came to me in a garden. I believe that life each action has the possibility to be a meditation should we choose to view it as such there is sacred in each instant

Annabelle Linvill from USA

Immediate relaxation I traveled to locations that were so peaceful and felt like I was flying over the tree sand danced. I had a soul memory of the didjeridu from another lifetime.

Annette from Australia

It was a tape and it gave a feeling of peace and serenity. I used to live in Townsville in Northern Queensland and they were quite common up there in the aboriginal population

Anthony from USA

I didn't experience time. And it heals my anxiety.

Ariel from Argentina

"See" vibration and fell light. and the natural rhythm.

Astrid Landsaat from Netherlands

To difficult to describe

Barrie from USA

It is very soothing relaxing and moves me easily into an alpha state. Wonderful.

Ben Schiettecatte from Belgium

An altered state


I use it to calm my mind

Blaine from USA

I use it to calm my class before a test

Blaise from USA

For the past few months it has been my preferred music for meditating

Brad Cole from USA

One time after about three hours of non stop playing I felt a psychic doorway open and physical transformation occur.

Anonymous from USA


Brian Ford from Japan

A great feeling of connection to the pulse of life.

Cara Hartley from USA

It is very relaxing and soothing to the soul. Also very beneficial for contacting spirits of the departed. It makes them feel at ease too.

Carlos Alberto from Colombia

I've played it thinking of the unity between myself my country indigenous people of my country and Australian land (which I miss and for which I feel a lot of love) aboriginal people and their ancestors. I also played it once when the mother of a friend was very sick (cancer) while I prayed for her peace and her family's.

Chad from USA

As a Buddhist used to anapanasatti meditation (basic breath meditation) I have found the Didj to be a tool for sharply focusing the meditation experience. The concentration on breath cycles combined with the drone of the Didj still the mind and allow the opening of wider states of consciousness

Charles from USA

There is something very primal about the sound of the didgeridoo. No doubt recessed in the far-expanses of the human mind there is a remembrance of this unique sound which stirs up so much emotion to many of us. The only other instrument I know of with this type of primitive emotional power is the Scottish Great Highland Bagpipe...which I also play.

Chris from USA

Only because I'm not that good a player. I can get the sound most times but the breathing eludes me.

Chris Cook from USA

I work in the field of computer security which is not only stressful it is very constricting. I use music drumming and didjes to escape from this world and enter my own private space.

Chris from Australia

I currently have a didj that I play while with my guitar but its not enough I want a couple more Didjes

Christian Montrigaud from Brazil

That was amazing I like to see the things by the spiritual side. The Didgeridoo music is perfect for meditation

Cyrille from France

I'm not really performed with playing I have the circular breathing techniques but I don't think it's the most important thing to know to have a good play but feel the didjeridu be able to hold the rhythm and crying with my heart and my stomach is more important however I like playing in a little forest nearby my home (I go there alone) the best memory I have is that one day I played for about an hour without raising my head I don't know where I was but during this time I wasn't sitting on the stock I travelled on the rhythm of my didjeridu and when I stopped (stopping breathing during long time by me even it was a few seconds) I saw I was in total harmony with the nature there was a hind just next to me which was quietly eating some birds climbing the trees and all activities stopped with me the hind looked at me and gone away and I also saw birds flying away (there were more that I'm used to see). It was hard to me to leave this place I was sitting for a long time my blood didn't irrigate my legs no more my breathing was too slow I was in peace...

Dan Ament from USA

I do this quite often actually. The music is sooo soothing and happy. When we start to meditate we have the didj's all around us in a big circle almost like a surround sound. Having all of them playing around you in different tones and harmonies is just sensational. By the time we were done I was so relaxed my body felt like jello.

Dan Freeman from United Kingdom

I seem to resonate with life almost to the point of becoming nothingness

Dan Soreanu from Israel

It was wonderful! I get in to a sort of trance with the vibrations

Anonymous from Spain

While playing it I like feeling the breathing and sensations.

Daniel Martins Silva from Portugal

I listened to some songs with didgeridoos and I was completely relaxed...

Daniel Thrasher from USA

Not so much an organized thing more like a I just finished a long day at school so I drone my anxieties away at 11 o'clock at night.

Daniel from USA

Very relaxing and soothing.

Dave from Australia

Calming and very relaxing

Anonymous from USA

When I go to sleep and in the morning I turn on a Station that has didjeridu artists. Ever since I started that I have noticed I am much more clam and peaceful.

David from Canada

I use it often to get me concentrated or relaxed before exams and other important things

David from USA

Every time you get into a pattern with circular breathing is is meditative.

David Hamilton from USA

When I play my didge it puts me into a different state of mind. I see myself laying on top of a mountain looking at the stars. The sounds that come from my mouth my body my spirit...it helps me come in contact with my unconscious mind.

Debra Latimer from USA

I am a beginner--love it

Dênis from Brazil

Quando toco o Didgeridoo pareca que meu espírito transcende ao meu corpo e a paz que emcontro é enorme.

Anonymous from Canada

It was after a day of cramming for exams and was a very peaceful and tranquil experience and it really cut through the tension I was feeling loosening my muscles and my clearing my thoughts. A very organic experience.

Diane from Czech Republic

I specifically would like to have a didj as a tool for meditation.

Djana from Bosnia And Herzegovina

Like I am leaving the civilisation and entering into the very heart of the nature. after the listening I am full of the positive and good energy and I am very calm.

Dorothy Blue from USA

I find that meditating with Didgeridoo music in the background brings about a trance like state that helps to cleanse the mind and renders me more in touch with the spirit field around me.

Dovin Herring from USA

Many...during drum circles solo group performing causing rain stopping rain sound healing therapy autism etc...

Dragos from Romania

I play the didgeridoo to relax and make music with the different sounds that I can produce and try to get better at it.

Dyonne from Netherlands

Time doesn't exist anymore stress is gone and afterwards you keep feeling a bit "woozy" in the body (that has NOT got anything to do with lack of air) and your feet are firm to the ground. Man what a difficult question to answer!

Anonymous from USA

Even though I have a PVC didgeridoo I have found that it relaxes me. I have had a troubled life my father died of alcoholism less then a year ago. Also with school work and other jobs I can get very stressed out. When I started playing my PVC didge it had an effect where my mind would empty and I would just feel the vibrations though out me and emotions and the stress of daily life would empty out the end of my didgeridoo and float away. This accompanied with my guitar can be overwhelming but it is a completely new and amazing experience for me

Elad from Switzerland

The didj sound gives you a track to follow while meditating it guides you through wherever it is YOU choose to go smoothly.

Emeric from France

It's too various and intimate to be described precisely! For instance I would say that it is somehow like the permanent wave of presence concentrated into a main sound together with fantasies of harmonics

Felipe Aguilera from Chile

I love to hear the vibrations of the didjeridoo I feel this vibrations in my soul

Felix from South Africa

Planning to use it if ever I get the chance to win this competition.


After playing the didj for 15 minutes I come out as if I had been into deep meditative state my breathing turns to abdominal

Anonymous from USA

I listen to it wile I sleep because I have sleeping problems and I have not lost a wink of sleep since I've started listening to the music.

Frank from USA

I find it calming and very restful.


Helps with anxiety that comes with fibromyalgia

Garth Stone from Australia

L am lucky enough to be born in to a family that owns a energy retreat which is situated on an old aboriginal ceremonial ground it is my mothers wishes that I learn the didgeridoo so that I may sing up the land and aid to the vibrational frequency that will intensify all meditations in all of the energy centres that we have on the property.

Gary from USA

Only that I was focused on breath and nothing else.

Gerhard Seidel from Germany

Can't find word for it

Graca from Portugal

But I would like to try

Greg from United Kingdom

When I have a stressful day I shut myself away and play for hours. You and your didge become one as the sound flows through you.

Harald from Netherlands

I haven't done it yet but since I'm thinking to buy one I have the feeling that it can clear your head and help you to get rest.

Harold from Canada

Love to play and let my consciousness zero out to the tone

Herb Cohen from USA

It was great! The group loved the sound and I bet it slowed everyone's brainwave frequencies.

Herb Cohen from USA


Hiero Hiero from Brazil


Howard George from USA

It is very haunting and relaxing


You can get in a "cleaner" and more relaxed state of mind. And I got in a deeper state of relaxation.

Anonymous from Egypt

With the lights turned off the didge sound sets one in a wonderful relaxed state something that is special to the didge. Because I know scientifically that didges do help in meditation and mind relaxation I know the feeling I have when I listen to a didge is not imagination it's true and it's really happening deep inside one's mind and soul.

Isaac from Japan

I play it and meditate but it numbs my whole body.

J. Omar from Mexico

Awareness and freedom of the mind

Jaime from Spain

I like to listen sound of didgeridoo after doing sport to relax

Janis Sevens from Belgium

The vibrations of playing brings me in a world of fantasy and relaxation. In this world I follow the silence of the sounds that my unconscious produces.

Jared from USA

There is some sort of connection that takes place when the lips lock into the didgeridoo; it feels almost like they fuse into one organism. I feel this connection through didge music. Also the versatility of sound the instrument produces reflects a diverse world which is a passionate issue.


Not deep meditation just a state of being relaxed and free from any worries. Almost like a weightlessness yet a heaviness hard to describe but it's nice.

Jason Shaw from United Kingdom

Very calming and "centreing" feeling

Jason from USA

Peaceful. quiet. clear. conscious.

Jay from USA

When played in a meditative style the didgeridoo can be beautiful and relaxing for both player and listener.

Jean-François M. Carrier from Canada

I mexico we ware 30 around a fire and we played did and djembe and some ware dancing with fire.. its not a meditation like others but yet you could get in a state of mind and it was awesome

Jeannine from USA

Very peaceful.

Jef. from Australia

Most memorable time was the first time I achieved a continuous drone in excess of 10 minutes watching seagulls fishing off the south west coast of western australia. I became totally lost in the sound in the rhythm of my breathing and in the movement of the ocean. When I became aware of my surroundings again I found a 6 year old girl her 3 year old brother and her grandparents nearby. The girl and her brother were "emu" dancing while her grandparents sat on the rocks enthralled by the scene. We struck up a special friendship that morning.

Jeffrey from USA

I really do not know how to relate this.

Jennifer from USA

It brings me into a natural very in-touch with the earth place. It's a wonderful experience and relieves stress too.

Jeremy from France

The first time I success to do the circular breathe I was amazed because after 15 minutes of playing my eyes closed automatically and I didn't think about anything I was just concentrate on the vibration. It is a great sensation!! Everybody must have it! I never has this feeling with anything else that didgeridoo that is also why I love it! Now when I play didge it's often for the meditation!

Anonymous from USA

"Writing about music is like dancing about architecture..." Difficult to describe. Playing didgeridoo while meditating paints pictures behind my eyes. I see the sound and it carries me deeper.

Anonymous from USA

Out of body physical body rooted deeply in the earth while I soar upward into patterns and sound.. Very Mystical experience

Joey from USA

I used it in a trance and it was one of the best trances I have participated in. I felt completely outside my body and on a higher plane of existence.

Johan Pot from Netherlands

Nice way of emptying your mind of cobwebs and other blocking stuff. Makes the world feel smooth again.

Anonymous from New Zealand

Very calming and hypnotic

John from United Kingdom

Can be used to create stillness in oneself and others that are exposed to the resonation

Jon Christensen from USA

Very calming almost like a massage. I also have nerve problems that the vibrations seem to calm.

Jonathan Barnett from United Kingdom

Very relaxing. Holding a drone and including some vocals makes for a wonderful sonic experience.

Jorge Alberto Cruz Valencia from Mexico

I played that I could like an hour and it was like 5 minutes for me I remember one time I was in front of the ocean at night alone and I started to play woww... it was awesome when I finished I saw like a falling start then a big wave came to me...

Jorge Lopez Chaves from Costa Rica

I'm transport in a new universe of calm

Anonymous from Chile

I had a lot of mystical experiences I also usually listen didgeridoo music in deep meditation (when I had stop playing)

Josh from Australia

You forget about the circular breathing and get into a rhythm that never ends unless you stop drooling. The combination of focused breathing and the hypnotic earthy sound creates a perfect medium for taking yourself to another place.

Juan Antonio Krespo from Spain

When I start meditation my mind begin 2 shut up start 2 see colours & the didge start 2 talk me a kind of awareness come into my conscious & them start the trance something very spiritual 4 me.

Julia from USA

Extremely powerful and vivid visions useful in diagnosing to prepare for doing a soul retrieval.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Amazing! Seems to resonate with my stomach and base chakras.

Justin from USA


Anonymous from Australia

I wouldn't call it meditation but when I'm going through a rough patch I love to just lay down to the didge acoustic and djembe playing in the background. Its so calming

Kate from Australia

Peaceful and expansive

Kerry from USA

An inner peace and sense of balance much like that of zen...

Kevin Vorst from Netherlands

This is why I like de didge so much the low tones just come into your body like a strange sort of drugs;-) You feel relaxed comfortable

Kody Knox from USA

Soothing relaxation. The drone vibrates out all tension- it's like a brain massage.

Koichi from Japan

It is 20 years with a guitar. I have a sitar.

Anonymous from Ukraine

I used to play didge for hours in forest and Crimea mountains to feel unity with nature around me. And it gave me a feeling of melting ego.

Kris from Australia

When I play it makes me feel at ease and everything around me becomes a blur

Kristen from USA

We had a blast playing the didgeridoo; unfortunately the one we bought is the short style and it is harder to play.

Anonymous from Canada

Whenever I am feeling anxious stressed nervous lonely or even just upset I play my didj and it always brings me up.

Lander from Spain

My teacher Garikoitz put a relaxation music disc to study the capacity to concentrate and I experienced a inexplicable sensation; I flee..

Latoya Mendez from USA

I have gone into deep trance while didjing - there are times when you can close your eyes while playing and completely GO somewhere else - I can open my eyes and look around and be like oh yeah this life I remember now.

Le from USA


Anonymous from Australia

Bad times

Leo Thomas from France

Awesome stone

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Words are a difficult medium to use... A feeling of complete calm and inner union with the infinite labyrinth of life. On occasion I have feel as though I am being examined by curious entities

Lindsey from USA

I have not yet started but every time I have played it it seems to do something to me (good). I am about to attempt to learn circular breathing.

Loe from Netherlands

It is very good for the physics of mine longs. And I like playing the didge making sounds having a special effect in my mind.

Lorgay Monaghan from Australia

Mt bro over the back yard used to play it at the back fence in the early hours of the morning. I used to lay in bed and listen to it letting it relax my body and allow me to go into a dream like state during this time I would reflect on my ancestry and knowledge handed down to me by my elders. It would make me feel almost surreal and certainly allowed me to communicate with my children (most of whom have fetal alcohol syndrome) easier.

Ludovic Colin from France

Une impression de vide et de legereter une sorte d'appesanteur une vibration que je n ai recentie que dans la bonne techno ex spiral tribe

Anonymous from France

Je commence a jouer et je me detent et au fur et a mesure le son du didjeridoo m'apaise et me permet de medité en paix


A long journey in to myself

Anonymous from Spain

I listen usually didgeridoo for relax moments or when I have to study or to make mixes with other music. I usually play the didgeridoo.

Maria Oakes from USA

The breathing and the sounds are vehicles that take me deep within. I also feel an awesome connection with Pachimama (Mother Earth)


Simply taking time to focus on my breathing patterns and let go of my other concerns

Mark from Marshall Islands

It is very enchanting and mystical. It sooths my body mind and spirit.

Mark from USA

I play music generally ambient music when I work (I'm a research geologist).


When ever I feel overstressed I play my didge it calms me down and puts me in a zombie like state

Martin Ludvik from Czech Republic

Better than Tibetan bowls:-)

Anonymous from France

Representation of the mouth and the rhythm by a triangle


I play didj at the beach in the morning as a part of some of my meditation

Matt from Australia

I get migraines every so often. So...I play my didj in the bathroom with the lights out.the tiles bounce the sound around in a drowning mellow way and I can't have the lights on because it hurts my head. I play soft and slow with deep long breaths. I feel as light as a feather and the migraine is usually gone afterwards.

Michal Rychlik from Poland

For me it's just like 'normal' altered consciousness state. Although the sound of the didgeridoo enables me to share the experience with others - and that's the main difference:)

Anonymous from USA

The sound of the didgeridoo is like the sound of OM. It relaxes my body and clears and focuses my mind. I find it useful for studying for this same reason.

Mikah from France

Playing in a chapel dug in the rocks with a very high reverb. Could feel the energy floating around me and round the chapel I could see faces which I later recognized as faces of elders they were smiling and showing me the vibe I was creating was pleasing them.

Mike from USA

I was playing my roommates one day and the sound just took over I didn't even realize it at first


Many experiences of all kinds. Mostly relaxed floating on the ocean of the didj waves surrendering to the awesome didj power.

Morgan from USA

A quiet disassociation but simultaneously a sense of connection

Morgann Dupre from France

I just played low vibes and let them enter in my body.

Natalie from USA

It's calming.

Nicola De Domini from Italy


Nicolas from United Kingdom

Relaxation.but have not learned to circular breath to keep the relaxation going for longer than 20 seconds

Norman from USA

Got a CD in OZ and dozed to it for hours on the plane

Owen Norris from Australia

Time out to link with the earth and air from which our energy and qi come from.

P.J. Belic from USA

Mostly I play to keep in practice but more often than not I fall into a self meditative relaxed state. Listening to didgeridoo music while creating art helps me focus.

Paul from USA

Sitting at night by a fire on the beach. waves make a great backdrop noise. the sound of the didj is very soothing almost hypnotic.

Paulo from Chile

Superior experience. Is like yoga mantra

Peter-paul Seidenschnur from USA


Phillip Seaton from USA

I play the didj in my yoga class while everyone is in Savasana.

Anonymous from Australia

I have experienced a moment that I can only describe as tribal ecstasy centring my spirit into the realms of Aboriginal culture.

Anonymous from USA


Rafael from Brazil

Po olha tem umas coisas em ingles q não entendopor isso posso estar respondendo errado desc eu to e muito afim de ganhar esse digeridoo desc ai

Rick from Australia

Recovering from a prolapsed disc in my back I would spend hours on my back holding my didge straight up and playing letting myself get into deep relaxation and meditate.

Rob from Canada

I often like to have a good 20 minute session then sit relax and contemplate what's going on in my life at that moment. Then slowly let those thoughts drift away till my mind is at peace and the thoughts are far away. The didjeridu helps me do this.

Rogério Martins from Brazil

I feel that the sound concentrate the mind and open it.

Romu from France

When I play and I close my eyes I feel the didgeridoo moving as a snake. After playing I'm feeling relaxing

Ronald Mares from USA

I use it to put my mind into a relaxing space before meditation

Anonymous from USA

I use it to put myself in a soothing space for meditation

Roxy from USA

I am transported to other places and time. I loose myself in the song.

Roy from Israel

A personal meditation in which through my imagination I've reached a place which haven't reached before.

Rubén Puertas Blanco from Spain

Incredible perception of reality

Russ from USA

I think the instrument came to us for reason. And that's to take us were we want to go. I go there every time I pick it up and play it. WOW

Ryan from USA

Relaxing insightful healing


It is good feeling that I can share with others

Sami from United Kingdom

Calm yet concentrated mind effects. I dunno too much about my didgeridoos effect on other people other than they mellow but I find it excellent for stress low concentration levels and depression mainly cos of the breathing. that spark of creativity you need always brightens my mood as well.


I was taken pretty deep listening with a group to one man while we practiced a specific meditation it was heightened divinely.

Sandy from Australia


Satish Alagasingar from India

Truly intimidating.

Scott from USA

The drone of the didjeridu is perfect for setting the mind in the right mood for trance.

Scott from USA

It's great for meditation as well as for mediation of experiences with the Great Spirit

Scott Moss from USA

Very relaxing

Sean Crowley from Jersey

I was always a cynic about meditation and new world 'hippy-ness' but when I started playing the didge I fell into a trance sooo relaxing:)

Sean from USA

It simply helps me relive all the stress pent up inside. I calm down.

Sean Jackson from USA

When I was in college I would always sit in the dark and drone for an hour or so before a test. It would clear my mind and focus my thoughts

Sebastian from USA

It is great. I feel relaxed and filled with energy at the same time. I am generally more focused after playing.

Shawn from USA

I pray and go through a small ritual/warm-up and then ask for our True Source/Creator to come in and express/guide the frequencies every time I play.

Anonymous from Canada

It helps me to relieve my stress after school.

Shelley from Canada

Like I was being taken to another time and place where I was more connected with Gaia

Shirl from United Kingdom

Glastonbury music fes

Simon from Australia

A resonance which fills your whole body and a sense of peace


I played only in 1 tone. A tone aligned to something I felt very comfortable with. I felt my whole body vibrating to the sound and after a while there was just void. A feeling to keep on playing the didge and not stop until someone came tapped my shoulder and I realised it had been almost 2 hours of playing

Stefano Fusillo from Italy

Surrounding... slowly tranquillity...

Stefano from Italy

I have never reached high level of meditation 'cause I am still learning some techniques - and technique is almost always against meditation! - but when now I do the circular breath and I play for long enough I can experience somehow the loosing of bodily borders: my breath - so the very essence of our body - get a whole with my didjeridu. When at least I knew how to produce different sounds I really understand the meaning of "casting away the bad feelings".

Anonymous from France

It makes me calm and my body vibrate a lot ^^

Stephen from USA

Each time is different though generally I feel very light and peaceful. My thoughts are slower and I can perceive more clearly.


In a word amazing

Steven Gruchawka from USA

Played during several of Jim Donovan's (Rusted Root) "Rhythmic Mantra" workshops.

Steven Williams from USA

Listening to as well as when playing for an extended period I have sometimes felt I was in an almost trance like state.

Stuart Clyens from Denmark

I have this CD called "The healing sound of the didjeridoo" and when I am particularly tired from working on the computer I put this record on relax and let myself drift away into space. It works every time.

Anonymous from Canada

It was such a low vibrating soothing sound. I found it really helped.

Susan from USA

But I will try this once I get a didge.

Tarik from Bahrain

Very calming so far it's been the only definite way for me to get rid of a migraine usually I drone for about 3o min after which I'm able to completely clear my mind it's a very peaceful feeling

Thom Van Dusen from USA

Very Mystical

Todd from USA

Yoga Class it was easy to focus to.

Tom from USA

When I hike I like to listen to the didgeridoo because it helps me to focus on my relationship with God.

Tom Rychlik from USA

I am a first degree Reiki healer and I use this music for my 1 on 1 sessions with clients.

Tom from Belgium

During my studies I rented a studio whit people I didn't know. Coincidence or not but 2 of the four where 3 to 5 years experienced didge players. So we practiced a lot. Once a week we made a trip to the woods on an evening. We sat in a triangle and played the same rhythms. After a while of practicing we managed to get each other in a sort of natural trance it was really a wonderful experience. We also laid down in the woods while the other was making circles above the other person's head while playing our so called boomerang sound. also wonderful and in a way it was a sort of meditation.

Tony from Australia

Calm feelings and a sense of drifting into myself


Usually. during meditation my mind controls and sets the degree of relaxation of my body. The degree of relaxation varies a lot according to how my state of mind is that day. With my didjeridoo the body is a lot easier to control during meditation and the mind is put into a relaxed trance-like state that really optimises the experience of the meditation. I can recommend it!

Tyrel Campbell from USA

Wonderful The vibrations seem to have a calming relaxing feel. The simplicity of the drone and progressive beats not only help the mind but the body to take off the stresses of the world.

Vern from USA

I listen for relaxation.

Victor Pichek from Brazil

Magical journey

Waqas Khan from Pakistan

It happened when I was under the influence of lsd25 and while listening I became the didj I felt what the instrument was feeling and listened to what the didj was hearing as opposed to simply hearing the didj and all other sounds were like little stickers on a glass wall of sound easily peeled off.

Wardell Peel from USA

I meditate often alone and with a circle of friends and clients to reach a higher plane.

Werner from Belgium

As becoming one with nature and its mystery


The drone aids my concentration as a steadying influence while the vocals make my mind stronger by opposition.

Willow from Canada

Very different...relaxing and I don't know how to describe it but I felt more in tune with the world were living on.

Zack Lessley from USA

I usually go into a meditative state of mind after a few minutes of playing - much faster than other methods I've tried.

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