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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

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Visitors Comments about Didgeridoo and Meditation made during 2006:

Name and Country

Visitors Comments about Didgeridoo and Meditation

Aaron from Canada

Very powerful experience the Didgeridoo put me in a vary mellow state of mind and help me understand what my minds showing me and guiding me to its a vary inspirational sound. its a vary soothing and comforting sound. it really helps the Trible instruments are the thing I love.


Very relaxing and centering.

Anonymous from USA

Deep and soothing powerful

Adam from Canada

Too many to describe! but in general it makes me forget all the trouble and brings me to a realm of pure vibration

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Calm and peaceful... time slowed down and became relaxed

Adrienne from USA

Circular breathing naturally evokes a meditational mind set.

Agnieszka (Aga) Milogrodzka from Poland

I felt how my mind was elevated beyond my body and how my body melted away. The sound pouring from the didge turns into light and flows through all my chakras.


Strange and cool experience

Anonymous from France

Very positive...a world of quiet

Andre Ramos from Portugal

It is every time I play or teach someone to play the encounter of inner matter.

Andrei Vainik from Finland

When playing I feel like I'm hypnotised.


Again we've been using didgeridoo in a church setting over the past year. The sound is mysterious elemental space-defining and it fosters a contemplative mood.

Andrew from USA

It was strange. It was when I first learned the circular breathing. After a while I didn't even hear the didge. I lost my self I could of been floating in space for all I knew. Just like that I snapped back to reality. When I realized I was still playing I lost my breathing technique and I could not play any longer. I just sat in complete silence contemplating what exactly just happened. An out of body experience came to mind and then as fast as it entered my mind the thought was gone.

Andy Aitken from New Zealand

But - I definitely feel relaxed when I play

Angelique from France

It's like when I'm listening to buddhist monks songs... it vibrates so that I'm in a great peace.. I've not enough words!

Anne Pfauth from USA

Just sitting around playing them with my friend in front of the fireplace (its cold up here!) was like a meditation.


I would like to learn how

Anthony Curmi from Malta

I love deep didj sounds such as a#. I enjoy Didj and darkness preferably candle light as a focal point and simply drone myself to distant places.This meditation takes me away from today's havoc!

Anthony Kubiak from USA

Becoming focused calm expansive

Anthony from USA

I try to control the amplitude of an interference pattern with vocals for as long as possible within a circular breathing pattern. A cycle is reached where my breathing seems involuntary and my mind enters a state of serene where the playing seems instinctive. It doesn't last too long but it is unforgettable.

Antonio Mara from Italy

When I need to relax me after or before an exam for example I take my (poor) didjeridoo and I play I'm not a good player but also the sound that I do is enough for relax me

Ariel Grandi from Argentina

For me play the didgeridoo with the circular breath and like a trip just close the eyes and flow. It takes me to the place to a not-mind place not thoughts just sounds and vibrations.

Ashleigh from USA

I am new to playing the didge so I don't have the circular breath flowing but the sound I find it entrancing

Aurélien from Belgium

Indescribable! As a journey in an other planet

Aurelio Granito from Brazil

I have entry I'm peace state and add a respect for the instrument and aborigine culture!

Aviad from Israel

I played long time concentrating on my breathing and on the vibrations. I felt so relaxed and in some point I saw some colours and I felt light like air. when I stopped it was like falling down to earth.


It's like I'm a child and I'm running across a forest with very large and old trees...

Barnaby Parsons from United Kingdom

I played the Didge to my young children in their early days and it seemed to relax them and make them wonder.

Bart Vrancken from Netherlands


Bas Piek from Netherlands

After al these years I am still an beginner but that's because there are so many things to do which are fun in this world. but when I play the didge with friends in the park on an nice evening it always start with making dancing rhythms and the later it gets the dancing stops and people just sit in the grass en listen and we play automatically slower rhymes but powerful and it brings peace and understanding around us (also very thirsty players because once playing you forget everything else)

Anonymous from Australia

A calming feeling seems to come with playing the didj.

Benjamin Prindle from USA

It was more of just a moment where I got rest and let it resonate through me.

Benji from Canada

It takes a few moments to get the feeling but after it sets in it is indescribable. It is very healing and relaxing as well as gratifying not only self but it seems to effect one surroundings.

Bill from South Africa

Listening to or playing reminds me that I am part of the ancient and part of the creation. Playing allows you breath in both worlds.

Bill from Canada

I have an incredibly painful nerve condition called R.S.D. I use the circular breathing to help with pain control along with diaphragmatic breathing.

Bob from USA


Brenda from USA


Brenda from USA

It is like being outside and listening to nature on a warm summer day in the woods near a lake.

Brett from USA

Indescribable but it felt like my blood was fizzing or carbonated a very neat feeling!

Brett from USA

Out Camping in the woods with a Didj player and a group of of my friends. Decided to go to the top of a mountain nearby and just relax and listen to the music. while listening I slipped into somewhat of a trance and was at peace with my self and everything around me I had not a care in the world but to just stay in that moment for as long as I could.

Brian from United Kingdom

Found that the heart rate is lowered quickly allowing entry into the meditative state earlier than other methods I am soon carried away to distant places

Brien Porter from USA

I was playing didge in my basement focusing on my breathing and clearing my mind of thought. I began to feel like I had left my body! I knew where my body was but I no longer was thinking about it. My mind was not where I usually kept it! I did not have to think about my circular breathing at all. It had become an involuntary function. My mind was outside and throughout my house traveling wherever there was an unfamiliar noise it was very curious. I was physically very relaxed and mentally very aware.

Bryan from USA

Wonderful soothing sounds filled with calming energy

Bryce from USA

My first experience was 2005 winter solstice. I had completely forgot about the world didj session but for some reason I had an urge to go and play that night. I decided to take my friend who had come back home from college out to a canyon so we could play. when we got there I started explaining the solstice/equinox world playing that I read about on your web site. then simultaneously we both yelled holy shit it is solstice! we started playing on my pvc didj alternating back and forth every 15 min. or so for about 1 and a half hours. I was crazy because when I would play I couldn't feel or hear anything that went on around me. it felt like I was floating and when me and my friend talked about it later he said he felt the same way when he was playing.

Candy from Canada

It is absolutely calming and peaceful. I find when I listen to the music of the didgeridoo I can free my mind of the day to day stress I typically endure.

Carlos from Costa Rica

That was great I feel like I'm disconnected from the rest of the people around me. I feel in my mind like a new men.

Carolyn from USA

It has a calming effect.

Cary Deberry from USA

An amazing way to get in touch with your inner being to relax and let go.

Casey Nichols from USA

I noticed that instantly all bad energy is released from the body and only peace and happiness remains. Also the conditions of the surrounding environment vanish. If it's snowing out I can play and feel warm wearing only a t-shirt and shorts.

Chad from USA

I've just recently made a Didj from an old sailboard mast. I have no clue as to the quality of sound but my family and friends think it sounds good. So to answer the question for music and meditation. My wife thinks it very relaxing when I play.

Charles from USA

It over whelms me.

Charlie from USA

It is a very good way to clear your mind and relieve stress from daily life.

Chris from South Africa


Chris from USA

I find that I have played for what seems like a few minutes when in fact I have been playing for almost an hour or more.

Chris Yerlig from USA

Helps shamanic journeying

Christian from Chile

Fue algo maravilloso estabamos en una fiesta junto a unos amigos y callo un rayo estabamos en una parcela por lo que se corto la luz quedamos a la luz del fuego y unos amigos fueron a buscar tambores a mi me pasaron un djembe y comence a tocar junto con un amigo. comenzamos a tocar y empece a sentir una fuerza inexplicable una conexion conmigo y con mi amigo todos estaban muy euforicos y cantaban y bailaban con nuestra musica yo no me di ni cuenta estaba conmigo uy con mi compañero de tambores. cuando terminamos de tocar mi amigo me abrazo y yo tambien a el le dije que muchas gracias por la experiencia estaba absolutamente contento feliz libre de prejuicios y estupideces con las que diariamente somos contaminados. me senti muy bien y toda la noche fue maravillosa junto a la gente que estaba ahi

Christian from Sweden

It creates harmony like few other instruments. Depending on what frequencies you make it can bend your mind towards an array of different moods from stress to peace so it really depends on the occasion.

Anonymous from Greece

I take a part on seminars of the "art of living" I usually go there like a didj player and I play for meditation also I make a cycle of the people there and I play around them for body and mind healing its a very good experience for them and for me.

Cindy Liming from USA

Very moving and insightful. It helped with my very first meditation.

Claire Dupuis from USA

I always experience past lives. I am very connected with the music and hope to play it.

Clare from United Kingdom

A feeling of timelessness and being at one with nature.

Claude from Canada

I build myself a didj out of a PVC pipe and it really sound great (but probably not as good as a real didj)

Claudia from USA

It feels like being in the center of the earth with the nurturing of Mother Earth

Clay from USA

When I lived in Findhorn Scotland a man named Craig form Australia often played while we meditated.

Colby Grillone from USA

Your body and your mind is taking another form you almost lose yourself and come into contact with your inner being

Colin Jenkins from USA

When I play for long periods of time I lose myself. Often I play and lose all sense of time then when I come to I feel super energised.

Cory from USA

I felt like I was on another planet

Anonymous from Romania

When I'm listening to the sound of didgeridoo I'm entering very easily in a state of trance and peace...

Dale Threlkel from USA

The resonance was quite relaxing

Damodara Roe from USA

It was very relaxing. I played for God.

Anonymous from USA

I have played at my meditation center as well as in small groups.

Dan White from USA

Very relaxing

Dana from Czech Republic

The music of the aboriginal people is very relaxing invoking thoughts of their culture myths Dreamtime. I wish I could come to Australia and hear the Aborigines play alive!

Daniel from USA

Very calming sounds but I am not proficient enough to achieve a meditative state while playing.

Daniele Alfredo from Italy

When I have time I go in the nature to play.... every time an unbelievable experience

Danny from Australia

Total relaxation and peace gives me goose bumps

Darren from United Kingdom

Complete relaxation and peace

Dave Clark from USA

Makes me feel balanced and grounded.

David Bednar from USA

The didgeridoo just release these endorphins in your brain and effect you in a very subtle way.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Very relaxing - seems to clear the mind. Almost in a dreamlike state

David Butler from United Kingdom

You can connect with the source. The more you relax and let go the better you feel and better it sounds.

David from USA

I took a group of students camping at the Hopi Indian reservation in Arizona and we were joined by another visitor who added the sound of his Didj to our evening campfire drum and flute sessions

David from United Kingdom

Ancient primordial restimulation. extremely grounding resonance. raises the being uptone.

Anonymous from New Zealand

I always try to not think when playing the didge so the best sessions I have I find very meditative even though it may not be meditation in the traditional sense

David Longster from United Kingdom

I felt totally present and at peace


It is very relaxing

Dean from United Kingdom


Dean from Australia

Relaxes me takes me away from my every day problems

Denny Simpson from USA

I bring one of my didjeridoos down the trail to a river near my home and play at sunrise of sunset.

Derek from Ireland

I have used the didge to relax myself in times of stress. Just by playing it.

Derrick from USA

Relaxation focused afterwards clear thoughts

Diane Taylor from USA

The vibrations of the Didgeridoo seemed to actually help clear my mind and shunt all my troubles away to allow me to sit in zen for longer periods of time and be refreshed and relaxed afterwards. Combine it with Tibetan Chanting and it's even more powerful.

Anonymous from Australia

At Confest Festival over new years sitting with my best mate playing simultaneously with a girl we just met from perth we improvised and changed tempo but also managed to synchronise

Don Simonetti from USA

Magical. I went to a high level and just washed in the light.

Donald Cassel from USA

I haven't yet but I intend to practice it soon.


I became one with nature and it relaxes me

Dorothy from USA

I have used didj CD's to relax because I am not very good at playing and can't circular breath.

Doug Cole from USA

It is excellent for biofeedback related relaxation/meditation. I can warm my hands to 36C.

Anonymous from USA

Peaceful and soothing. It reaches the player and others in a unique way.

Doug from USA

I use it daily as a "mental reset" to help me transition from work to home. I play for a few minutes after I change into my casual clothes. I also use didge music to help me meditate My favorite music for this is Stephen Kent's Family Tree CD#2.

Douglas from USA

Use it for meditation relaxation to sleep a better and have better dreams

Douglas Michon from USA

The didj reminds me of my dream.

Douglas Vroonen from Belgium

While I'm playing I feel that my soul expand out of the limits of this world I can travel to any point of the planet

Dr. Cheryl Bryantbryce from USA

Wow...awesome..it brought out a primal urge to dance...freedom...spirit in motion...wow!

Eddy from Australia

Playing the didge alone is relaxing.

Eduardo Filgueira from Argentina

Incredible that's the most beautiful experience in the word!!!

Edward King from United Kingdom

It was surreal I felt as if I was not really there but on a higher plain. All I could feel was the rhythm flowing out of me and my body was and feet were moving as if controlled by someone else. My eyes were closed and it was like they were open and I was looking at an Aboriginal gathering. Everyone was dancing around a fire mimicking the movements of animals and it felt sounded as if I was really there dancing singing playing with them. Every so often there would be a chill that ran down the entire length of my body as if someone something was there with me as I meditated and played my didgeridoo. Sense of time was lost and I was totally absorbed into this realm.When I finished playing and came around I was completely relaxed I remembered everything but it wasn't like a dream because it was so vivid it was to real to be a dream. Something happened and I was a little spooked but I enjoyed it.

Elias from Sweden

More or less just to relax and it was relaxing.;)


Very calming/relaxing

Ellen Lopes from USA

Sounds like it is vibrating in my soul


It s a good relaxing way to escape from your body

Eric from USA

Playing it puts one in a deep meditation but listening to it (via recording of self) is just as effective. The sound is akin to the deep hum of the spirit.

Eric German Schweikart from Argentina

I feel very relaxed I could come to a very deep degree of meditation.

Eric from USA

I listen/use didgeridoo music to aid myself in healing from some serious illness.

Erin from Canada

At the gathering we had a meditation session with the music in the background. VERY powerful and awesome!!

Esteban from Argentina

I told you. Vibrate my soul feel part on it my mind begins to fly my feelings wake up everything has sense

Anonymous from USA

Helps me do breathing meditations because I concentrate on my circular breathing. when concentrating on how best to get the most oxygen I can with the least stress and effort I forget about everything else.

Eyal from Israel

Its not exactly meditation - its just the state of mind that I'm put into after I start playing the didj. -relaxed - focused - hypnotic

Fabian Damanet from Belgium

No really meditation I think I was very very angry this day and I try to relax by taking my didge. I sit down on the floor in the yard take my didge and start to play something very low and deep. then I continue to play during I was thinking of my bad day. when i" came back" of my dreams I was playing something very interesting low sound fast beat not too much screams. in fact when I write it I'm now pretty sure that it was meditation


Incredibly relaxing played for 30 min non stop feeling like leaving the place I was just after had a 30 min worth a night

Fabrizio Pellegrini from Italy

The sound of didj help me to relax and find answers to my problems it's very useful to know yourself more deeply

Federico from Italy

I's not easy to describe a feeling....

Florian from France

It was during the night of the new year. Too much people (some bad) and I didn't feel good so I was going out in the forest and played just long meditative and quiet sound with my didge it made me very peaceful and feel more happy>I didn't see the time and played for nearly 1h30

Francesco from Switzerland

It's very hard to explain sensations. Each time is different from another!

Fred Stevens from United Kingdom

Initial excitement followed by a deep calmness finished off with a sense of well-being


It fit perfectly

Gaston from Canada

It is the better way for me to relax forget everything just breath and live be...


Daughters family

Gorazd from Slovenia


Greg from USA

I was listening to nature sounds while kneeling playing my didge. As my body started to rock back and forth to the rhythms all my worries and fears suddenly lifted and I felt more clear and at peace than I had in two years.

Greg from USA


Gregg Nardozza from USA

While practicing prolonged circular breathing I would often become entranced.

Guillermo Blancas from Spain

Ok all days I catch my did and go to the mountain when the sun go and play mi didge alone because I don't now nobody plays didge


Stress levels plummet problems become petty and my enthusiasm for life is revived.

Henri from France

I feel the sound brings something simple gentle healing a living sound... difficult to describe maybe


It felt very soothing very spiritual

Ian Hopper from USA

No but not yet.

Ian from Hong Kong

I live in Hong Kong where there are few didj players and I am not too experienced a didj player so the opportunity for this kind of experience is limited

Ignacio from Spain

Very good

Jacquelynn from USA

The didgeridoo to me is the heart and the sound comes from the earth and when Meditating to a Didgeridoo it helps me get in touch with both Nature and my my self.


Sublime: The sound helps you reach easier the inner self

Jacques from Canada

Sound is what all existence is built upon. All codes in creation ARE MUSICAL COMPOSITIONS exactly like a modern score.

James Galbraith from Canada

Very mild meditation. Just playing to myself and trying to relax after long days

Anonymous from Australia

Challenging but fun

Jan Stalmans from Belgium

Well sometimes I play so hard and fast until I come in a sort of trance. Other times I like to listen to other didgers en sing a long with them in a meditative or Tuvinian way.


For me it is very relaxing.

Janet from USA

Have CD which I use as background sound while relaxing/meditating

Jared from USA

I found it extremely easy to empty my mind when listening to or playing the didgeridoo.

Javier from Spain

I'm learning.

Jay from USA

I have not but my friend who recommended this site has used it for meditation and this is one of my main motivations for trying the didj


The most relaxing experience on earth

Jeff Bottjer from USA

I feel as if I am spiraling down the didj

Jeff from USA

Very relaxing soothing

Jeff from USA

We live far from town. On a summer night lots of stars a few friends a few beers and my didj.

Jeff Nelson from USA

Its nice to sit outside someplace quiet and just play... it relaxes the soul.

Jenngi from USA

Ancient tongue clutches me enraptured wavelengths connecting matter all the cracks in my presence fill with our timeless consciousness I am a prayer for the future I am in love with the pieces of our world.

Jennifer White from Canada

I call it a "cheater" meditation because it requires no effort other than listening to quiet the mind.

Jeremy from USA

Deep inner-dimensional healing

Jerry from USA

I have not yet received any benefit from the experience



Jim from USA

The monkey chatter in my brain ceases when I play and feel calm and serene immediately after playing

Joe Dickie from Canada

The only thing that can truly clear your head

Joerg from Germany

But when I do not play percussive end even when it has something meditative because I somewhat loose time and myself while playing

Johan Thaens from Belgium

Such a nice feeling to be able to make people feel good by playing yourself on the didge

John from USA

Partake in the seasonal meditations you host and in group meditations. Very ethereal is the best way to describe these meditations

John from United Kingdom

Very successful



John from USA

Calms the mind promotes oneness with nature

John from USA

I find myself falling into a breathing pattern that follows the rise and fall of the didge. I tend to see the outgoing breath in colors and a sense of ease and calm flows over me.

John Webster from USA

I started meditating 46 years ago. My entire life is a meditation now. So playing the didgeridoo is just a natural especially with the breath control (circular breathing).

Jon Westwood from Australia

Every time I play the didge for a length of time I try and get into a meditative state and let the music come through me. After a good session I feel completely re-vitalised and ready to deal with the stress and pressures of modern day existence.

Jonathan from France

Deeply relaxing images of ancient past - very shamanic.

Jos Vandenbroeck from Belgium

Fly away on the waves off the drone.

Josef from New Zealand

Calm and happy

Joseph Gandia from Puerto Rico

Wooooooooow it was so good and awesome I played it for many minutes none stop until I starter feeling dizzy I felt thinks surrounding me and believe it or not I even heart voices of people singing

Judy Echols from USA

I have a very large one that requires slow even breath. It feels just like when I do yoga breathing and always calms me down.

Judy from USA

But I plan to.

Juha-pekka from Finland

Mind calming and hypnotic.

Julie from Guadeloupe

When I listen didgeridoo music it's for me a relaxation moment and it make me feel like in an other world. When I play it I can't hear what happen outside of my head.

Julie from USA

Calming and peaceful dreaming


I got in trance my mind becomes really sharp and I can see forms. The times seems to stop...

Julien from France

I begin to play the instrument and when I feel my didgeridoo's sound begin to be good I close my eyes and I relax me so much

Justin Delucca from USA

Deeply relaxing. I find that it is easier to get inside myself by following the resonance of the instrument backwards with my awareness

Kanser from United Kingdom

The main thing that springs to mind is after playing for ages with my eyes closed I start to see a huge glowing circle slightly fractalised it is the most beautiful thing I can think of seeing/thinking/dreaming

Anonymous from Australia

It was amazing it was so calm it left the whole of my wait of my shoulders it decreased the level of pain I was feeling in shoulder and I could forget about it.

Karl from Australia

When listening to CDs of Didj music the initial drone sound helps me to relax but when the Bilma start to play and the drone breaks into a steady rhythm I feel like I am soaring across the tops of the trees like a Kookaburra.

Keith Wallang from India

Just got into the instrument!!

Kenneth Hicks from Canada

It was an MP3 recording... was a Didj and a Djembe... I could feel the music... it was like entering a kind of stasis... all there was in the universe was the music.... my breathing slowed to almost nothing... and I just swayed with the music caressing my mind...

Kerrie from Canada

...not YET!!! As I said...can't wait to unfold into the world of didge. I see myself combining it with Yoga creating an awesome experience.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

I use my didgeridoo to participate in the world meditation I sit on top of a hill and play it transcends all time and space truly amazing.

Kevin from France

It was very cool

Kevin from USA

I feel very centered after playing the instrument and quite relaxed.

Kevin Dunlap from USA

I can't. I can feel it so deep in my bones. Each note each pulse. Its so moving.

Kristie from Australia

Like your are inside it- connected with the earth with mother nature. As with healing you become lost in the vibrations.

Anonymous from USA

I love the sound it brings me in line with my spirit much faster than anything I have tried and it lends a peace to the entire house.

Lars from Luxembourg

The monotone playing if the didj is a real gut way for getting into meditation.

Laurence from United Kingdom

I played after a yoga class and people were blown away by the inner visions they had

Lawrence from USA

The drone of the instrument is conducive to a meditative state. I use it in this manner a lot to center myself and clarify my mind. I find that I'm calmer afterwards.

Lloyd from USA

I found it very soothing and for a minute I actually felt like I was somewhere else I was almost surprised and a bit disappointed to find myself still sitting in my home.

Luciano Giambastiani from Argentina

It was an excellent experience of relaxing and meditation. I started to play my didge. with my eyes closed and after a time I started to see lots of brilliants colours dancing in the darkness... it was amazing.

Luke from Australia

Peaceful calming

Luke Jackson from China (pr)

The circular breathing plus listening to the sound of the didj makes me calm and awake and makes me feel high.

Luke from Germany

It is a very relaxing and spiritual experience and is not unlike Zen meditation.


Very personal sorry

M Rick from USA


Anonymous from India

I'm very new to didj. just few months back I got the circular breathing.so once I get it smooth I feel calm and focused.

Marc from France

After playing for a while non-stop I don't even notice I'm playing anymore and sounds come out without thought. If I stop playing I feel extremely calm and peaceful. I love it.



Marcelo from Australia

Native music takes me to another world.I'm south american and I listen to a lot of Andean music.This music along with aboriginal or other native music makes me feel like I belong to nature and to this earth.Like its the connection or link to nature.

Marco Laurenti from Italy

Is most deep

Marco Vivian from Italy

It's something like flying into ourselves

Marcus Holm-Petersen from Germany

I felt loved by mother earth I felt being carried on a sound wave

Maria Herrera from USA

It was very peaceful and insightful

María Isabel from Argentina

Very pleasant

Mark from USA

The sound of the didgeridoo and the concentration of breathing correctly almost always causes an immediate release of my negative energy. as I play I feel as I am becoming one with its sound and energy

Mark from United Kingdom

It is like a journey through the world and through the mind..the music of the didgeridoo is like the vehicle.

Mark Gelatt from USA

Though I generally prefer silence or nature when I meditate a didgeridoo can be a great way to cover unwanted interference. It has also been a very effective tool for teaching others how to meditate consciously for the first time.

Mark from USA

Actually last solstice one of my best buddies went out to the edge of a valley and perched at the top of the 90' cliff we played and meditated for over two hours. Upon returning we learned of this web site and what you are trying to get going. Pretty awesome!

Martin Eddi from Argentina

It's fantastic a travel different and beautiful


Relaxing. I can listen to it all day

Matt from Canada

Take some back to my travels through the bush in NSW. windows down didge blasting what a rush man.

Matt from Australia

Far out

Matt from United Kingdom

I started playing playing one minute then looked at my watch and an hour had gone by.

Max Rivera from Peru

It was amazing but first I had to learn circular breathing. at the beginning I didn't believe it could help at meditation but play and hear a didgeridoo is a completely amazing experience

Maya from Croatia/Hrvatska

I first played didge on this new years eve when my friend brought it to my home.. so I don't know much..couldn't played it in front of my friends.. I just couldn't make any sound.. so I went in my bedroom sat on the bed I decided just to relax and go with a flow.. I started to play and the sound went right out of the didge:) I felt soo happy and excited..to feel the vibes in my throat and chest.. I closed my eyes and made slow sounds with a bit of my voice - that was also amazing discovery to me... after I closed my eyes I saw beautiful women with black hair dancing around big hot fire.. as more I played the dance was more and more beautiful... I played for a while and thinking about all I see in my head.. I decided to go back to my friends to celebrate new year.. and at midnight we went to the window to see the fireworks.. it was amazing... but when I turned around I saw my bed is on fire! first I took the friend's didge to save it then I ran to take some water to put down the fire.. little heater turned the fire on!?... it was terrible to see everything around me burning.. but we managed to put the fire down after some time and that night I slept on the floor.. and now still cause I have no money to buy new one:) but never mind that.. when I saw the flames I saw again the women around the fire dancing so I took the didge again and played it some more thanking to whom ever that we didn't burn with the bed too... I don't know does it has the connection but it's rather amazing to me... what do you think?:)


While attending burning man I practiced yoga with a group with Didgeridoo music mixed into ambiant...Very good experience

Melissa from USA

It is mind- clearing. I feel both relaxed but with an acute mind.

Micael from Sweden

It make me feel god

Michael from USA

It's wonderful it makes me yearn for my own so that I can meditate to the didj live.

Michael from USA

Very enjoyable

Michael from Australia

At a school retreat didgeridoo music was used for the students to meditate.

Michael from USA

I simply get lost in the sounds for an hour or more

Michel from France

Sound like a very peaceful state of mind quiet and extremely receptive

Anonymous from Canada

I made harmonics with my voice while listening to didgeridoo music melting both vibrations I connected with a true sense of my self



Miguel Morcillo from Spain

Armonia con el entorno aislamiento de todo lo malo que hay hoy en dia en la sociedad tranquilidad...

Mike from USA

Sound healing the didge is the best

Mike from USA

Very soothing and spiritual.

Mikolaj Szczesiak from USA

My lungs are not so healthy but I learned to cellular breath. Didgeridoo helps me breath better and relax while playing it.

Nick from USA

The experience is difficult to describe because I lost a good deal of connection with my surroundings; I began to perceive the sound as coexisting with the shape and size of the opening between my lips and began to see my lips from the inside of my mouth. the sound became visible like a wall and I could move it.

Nick from USA

Very relaxing

Nicolás Harambour from Argentina

I do it almost everyday for a few hours when I come home from university. It's relaxing for myself and it creates an environment for my friends to meditate too.

Nicole from USA

A friend and I sat on the jetties in Galveston while watching the surfers art the waves. I felt as if I had control of the waves making each one perfect for the surf babies to enjoy.

Nigel from United Kingdom

I regularly use didge to meditate with to get rid of the stress from work

Olivier Nguyen from Canada

Well at first I got this "chromatic aberration" in the corner of the eye you know when things start to shake and transform in your sight. And while I kept blowing I clearly saw thick orange light surrounding my left arm the didj and my feet. It was pretty awesome and at that moment seeing an aura didn't seem supernatural to me at all; since then I try to be more respectful of nature.

Paco from Mexico

I felt like I was going straight to heaven

Pamela Kerr from USA

My 11 year old son is learning to play ours. His sound warms me.

Patrick from USA


Patrick Kearns from Australia


Patrick from USA

The music seems to get in deeper into your body somehow. You don't just hear it...

Paul Bishop from USA

Participating in the meditations on the solstices and equinoxes is excellent. Personally it centers my mind

Paul from Australia

Very earthly connected and peaceful - was very grounding to me

Peggy Adams from USA

Helps me focus and keeps me centered

Peggylynn from USA

When I am stressed I sit and play for an hour or so and it takes me away from this world to a place of peace and soothing sound


It is easy to transport ones self into other spaces and places while playing didj.

Peter Pugliese from USA

My Mother was recently diagnosed with lung cancer. I personally was a wreck. I hadn't played my didj in a while and I saw standing there. I picked it up a played for about an hour. I'm not going to say that it made everything ok but it sure did help.

Peter Smith from Australia

Playing the didge is great. The way the vibration runs through you is unique and I find it a meditative thing to do...

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Great fun- the children loved the sound

Philip from USA

It draws me into myself yet makes me sensitive to the sound of the didje--all the different layers of sound sharpens perception.

Pierre from France

Far away in the forest with some of my best friends.. with a big fire:-)


The effects of the didgeridoo are soothing and I am able to transition into various states of consciousness with ease

Rafa from Mexico

Al principio ha sido algo complicado y por eso mismo ha crecido mi interes en el didgeridoo. Ahora quisiera aprender más de la técnica de este instumento tan rico y poderoso.

Rafael Janczak from Poland

Very soothing. Good tool in visual meditations - heck each time I play the didge now I naturally meditate.

Ralf from Switzerland

ZzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzzz....it let me sleep well

Randy Benoit from USA

Not an exact science...but I do understand my calmness afterwards

Randy from USA

My wife says it calms her down and soothes her.

Remi from France

I often play didj for felling the vibration of the wood which make me calm. I don't know why but it is a real pleasure to feel the wood moving

Renato from Brazil

I can't describe it. it was a unique experience of surfing in others dimensions

Rhonda from Canada

It is a great relaxant after a stressful day

Ricardo Aste from Peru

Una paz y tranquilidad enorme.Es como si viajaras a otro planeta.

Rich from USA

I play everyday for a half hour and I always seem to trance out while I play almost in an alpha state.

Richard Craven from USA

Find it easier to enter the meditative state with this instrument playing than any other.

Richard Curtis from USA

I do relaxation and visualization meditation to didj music

Rick Thompson from Australia

I have listened to it's sounds on a number of times when I have felt lost in today's world it for me has a calming effect and brings me to a level where I feel at ease and at peace. It takes me to a place that I want to be.

Robbie from USA

Very relaxing sent me to a wonderful state.

Anonymous from USA

The weight of time is lifted. It is equal to practicing 4 or 5 meditation techniques at the same time. Very deep experience.

Robert Quintarelli from Spain

The day that I become a good player hopefully soon if it comes indeed I will use it for meditation it must be a fantastic experience

Robin Jones from Australia

Like all music I meditate to it has spiritual affect

Robin Palmer from USA

Great way to center myself...


Relaxation find the solution of question!!

Ron Greenberg from USA

For myself playing for long periods of time allows me to enter a trans-like state and playing for others to receive healing vibrations and a sound to meditate to.

Anonymous from United Kingdom

The music induced a deep hypnotic state with intense visual imagery

Ruben from Italy

After 1 hour of playing I can do everything better (work play other instruments etc...)

Rudi from Austria

Just listened on the key note and focuses my mind on the end of the didge while my eyes where closed I tried not to modulate the sound - suddenly my head opened up like a flower in the sun I felt endless and lucky it was like I stood on the highest mountain and saw down on the clouds. when I tried to keep this form of consciousness it stopped. I tried the same some weeks later - the same result but a slim buddha appeared in the middle of my visual field I was amazed again and thought to myself while my mind was absolutely empty and calm but awake at it can be - "yeah man what's going on this is better then any drug... I tried to support what I was doing but trying to DO nothing is not possible... the meditation broke down I think this is what is going on in Buddhist monk brains

Russell Chappell from USA

Relaxing and peaceful

Anonymous from Australia

Not really meditation but for listening to when I'm doing quiet stuff - gardening doll making mandala drawing cooking

Ryan Sanders from Thailand

Closing my eyes and focusing on the drone. Continuous drone with no breaks or movements up or down.

Sacha from Luxembourg

Complete relaxation just focused on the regularity of the breathing patterns...

Sam Boys from USA

It clears the mind & calms the body...It serves as a 'booster rocket' to blast me outside of the atmosphere of my own ego so I may orbit in Divine Consciousness.


I do yoga & run on a cross country team...the music is so uplifting and helps you feel like niravana...is achieved in your own little world.

Sam from USA

I enjoy to close my eyes and visualize the layers of sound coming from the didge trying to explore the music with my minds eye. I also like to play one beat over and over until I stop thinking about playing it it just flows out of me naturally.

Samuel from USA

I can easily spend multiple hours at a time playing completely oblivious to where and what I am. The sound of my didge permeates the air and becomes all I can sense. It's quite a transcendental experience.

Anonymous from Chile

Every night before I go to sleep I sit in my bed and play for at least half an hour this makes sleep profoundly

Sasa Zezelic from Croatia/Hrvatska

I put on some simple deep droning..It has to be something I'm not familiar with..the sound helps me relax and empty my thoughts and in that way it deepens the meditation.

Anonymous from France

I imagined I was in the bush and I was feeling everything (plants growing insects and animals breathing)

Sergueï Skrypnikov-laviolle from France

It was like your body and your soul leave the earth to enter in a strange world where every animal comes to you and tells how it begins with stars flashing everywhere. Real trance!

Shane from Malaysia

I use the didj regularly for meditation and I have had many different experiences when it is a very powerful meditation every atom of my body resonates with the vibration of the didge I feel much lighter and it is as if I can communicate with the universe in it's entirety.

Shari from Canada

I'm going to try it


Very deep penetrating opening clearing renewing

Sharon Hartnett from USA



Just very primal connected with the earth

Steeve from Switzerland

I will teach circular breathing



Stéphane from France

Alone in my room with cds

Stephen Barton from United Kingdom

When stressed playing has calmed me down

Stephen Malcolm from USA

Deeply satisfying through the chest resonance

Steve from United Kingdom

Once I cracked circular breathing and could play for extended times half hour usually the calmness and depth of meditation greatly improved

Steve from USA

I have been to the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park where I saw a demonstration on playing the didgeridoo. I then purchased one and have started to learn to play this instrument

Steve from USA

When I play my didj surrounded by all of the the life of an ancient forest or deep in the dark chambers of a timeless underground cavern I am transported to a place words cannot accurately describe...I believe it is as close to the dreaming that a westerner can ever come and it gives me a feeling of deep connection to all good things that have ever existed...a connection to life.


More relaxation then meditation. But there have been some times when playing a few of my didj that I get out there and in that kind of meditative grove and everything goes loose and the sound starts flowing and getting deeper and stronger.

Stewart from United Kingdom

Gives a good focus to lead you in your inner journey. paint pictures.


Unexplainable spirit dreaming healing

Suzanne from USA

Difficult to describe in words... expansive

Tabitha from USA

It sounds crazy but it has changed my life. I had severe anxiety problems and since I began playing I have weaned myself from the meds I was on.

Tannia Angulo from Peru

Si en varias ocasiones y es realmente gratificante....sn experiencias unicas

Taza Salamut from United Kingdom

Extremely spiritual and out of body


Mind blowing very tranquil

Teresa from Australia

I dream of the forest and all the animals and hunting grounds and how things once were but I think like that every day. It puts me a peace and a place where no-one can reach me.

Thomas Gramstad from Norway

Calming soothing awakening/stimulating

Thomas Macat from Germany

It is good

Thomas from USA

The didjeridu eases my mind and soul for few brief moments. I'm hoping my interest will grow and continue to open my mind and my spirit to achieve an inner healing of my soul. I hope my interest and knowledge within Didjeridu will bring a guidance to increase my level of awareness towards an important life principle. And then I will be too big!

Tim Newman from Australia

I have anger problems sort of so I listen to Xavier and his beautiful didge music and most of the time I will relax me or put me to sleep

Tim from Belgium

It helps me ground faster...

Tom Gorham from Canada


Tom Maucher from USA

It took a while the first few times having to concentrate on the breathing but soon it became second nature and in no time I was OUT THERE!

Tom Phillips from United Kingdom

I get in a "relaxed" state of mind and play trying to concentrate vibrations through the core of the body. I find it easiest to "drift off" in a meditative state when very very tired.

Tony from Australia

Very soothing and calming

Tony from United Kingdom

Made me feel like there was a ball of sound floating near me. Very relaxing and made me tingle from head to toe.

Tony Kiser from USA

Nice I don't realize the amount of time spent playing until I stop and look at a clock.

Uwe Gerecke from United Kingdom

Meditated listening to music. The didgeridoo added a very shamanic/archaic dimension to it.


On tape

Anonymous from Netherlands

It feels weird when you get into some kind of trance while playing your didj. I don't get into a real deep meditation.


It opened my chakras especially the heart and creates a feeling of peace and transcendence.


Frequent & deep


Trance like state


It gives a relaxed feeling

William Bode from USA

Deep relaxation a sense of no time. AUM OM




Would like to

Zev from USA

I've taken my Didge to the cliffs in Dana Point and played it there where the it's sound mixes with the ocean the whales it creates a surreal experience. I've done that twice and each time have been fortunate to see grey whales or dolphins. My mind becomes very clear relaxed and ultimately refreshed

Anonymous from USA

Very inward the sounds help release the mind

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