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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

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Visitors Comments about didj healing made during 2008:

Name and Country

Visitors Comments about Didj Healing

Allen Smith from USA

I personally do not like using the word or concept of "healing." I see it more as a sonic portal to take us into our own presence our "is-ness" our beingness. It is then our own expanded awareness that clears away blocks to our natural states of presence and knowing and connection to all that is. My "healing" technique is "didge talent" itself. There is a reason I'm as good at playing didge as I am. I'm fulfilling that reason by playing for people and myself. There are no rules about anything. It's all about consciousness.

Amber from USA

My Didj came to me in NC after my Mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer. I blew my first vibrational notes next to her bedside.

Angus from Canada

The didgeridoo heals me when I'm very sad it really brightens up my day and makes me think on how I can make my day better its like an anti depression drug but you don't have to swallow it

Anu Van Leeuwen from Netherlands

I started in '94 with experimenting to use the didgeridoo as a healing instrument. Since then I give soundhealings on a regular basis.

Arnaud Dejean from France

My experience in didge healing is too little...

Barney from USA

Just want to get to this ability.

Anonymous from USA

Again just for fun and personal enjoyment.

Brett Makowski from USA

I often play songs for healing self and more importantly others. I feel as if I can evoke a consciousness that allows positive forces to help ease the pains of my loved ones.

Chace Bedford from USA

Well as far as that goes I play before night fall so that I can have better restful sleep and vivid lucid dreams. I have been living day and night and constantly because of the didge and I feel that I have found a way to always be conscious and thoughtful so that I can be the god of the universe created in my realm of sleep.

Chris Smith from USA

Never tried this but am interested.

Chuck from USA

Again just the absolute relaxation from the sound and vibration.


I have PTSD and I am interested in soothing the minds of others of like diagnosis

Daniele Baldan from Italy

Sometimes I play it to relaxing a friend with continue sound

Dima Shebalev from Israel

After reading some posts here on your site I actually tried playing on my mothers ill knees. they got hurt after she fell 14 years ago. after only 10 minutes of playing she told me she feels wonderful relief every time I come home we spend about half an hour on this session while I'm playing she tells me different stuff or just nods her head to the vibe.

Anonymous from Austria

Unfortunately I haven't tried to heal with my didj yet

Don from USA

I plan to use mine for this.

Edd Horrocks from United Kingdom

That's beyond me!!!!!

Gabriele Parrillo from Italy

It makes feel the body in an inner way leading to an awareness of our beauty that can help to make flow live and harmony and it's unbelievable how helps to find our real natural voice leading to what I have felt like real revelation to me and to the people I was working with thank you dj

Anonymous from Singapore


Anonymous from USA


Henry from USA

I don't think I'm playing well enough but I am enjoying the experience of how it makes me feel when the didge responds.

James Nesbit from USA

I have never used it for healing but that does sound very interesting.

James from USA

I am a smoker. Since playing the didgeridoo my lung capacity and breathing habits have greatly improved; my chest cavity has also gotten less congested.

Janusz from Poland

Search in progress. I really never tried but noticed that when you play close to someone body the feeling is the same like in healing wound. So I think it can be useful to heal wounds.

Jared from USA

Yes I used it with my grandfather he had cancer I let him play it he had fun with it so we made him one out of a vacuum attachment

João Aguilar from Portugal

I don't know how to do didgeridoo healing but I'll research first how is it done

Anonymous from USA

Sometimes mostly for others

Judy Echols from USA

When my new grandson cries the sound of the didj instantly calms him down. I have also played over large groups of people at festivals. My snake loves to curl around it while I am playing.

Kara from USA

I would like to learn

Lion from USA

Sometimes I blow the didj on people's bodies not for healing but for an interesting deep and relaxing experience.

Magda from Australia

I listen to tapes/CD's

Mandela Van Eeden from USA

My didjeridu is a stress reliever. I play it when I am made sad lonely happy excited tired not tired etc.

Mark Mondier from Belize

Ultraharmonics used in Massage practice to relax muscles.

Marty from USA

I am not sure if you call my experience with the Didgeridoo healing but I guess you can say by the time I get home I am healed of my battle wounds of the day.


I want to do spinal healings w/mine...I have had this done to me & had good results

Anonymous from France

During the haling people tell me they see like an hand going in their body and take the bad stuff away some have a shaman journey others just relax


Don't know anything about it

Mike Nichols from Canada

I find it settles a group in and harmonizes everyone to the space and individually aligns all the cells and vibrations in the body as well as stimulating healing in areas by waking up energy blocks

Mitch from USA

Again I haven't yet but I would like to try it all.

Nikki from USA

I believe that all music has the power to heal. When playing a didj for someone it is a very special experience. The player can tell an abstract tale to the listener(s). The sounds that erupt spread smiles to all who listen. That is powerful!

Patrick from Australia

I was taught a healing method by a Nunga lady as well as incorporating my own.

Paul Putman from United Kingdom

It helps to lift my spirits when I feel down and makes me feel good about the world around me.

Paul Sedgwick from USA

I suffer from occasional bouts of atrial fibrillation. I believe finding a solid slow rhythm on the didge improves and "evens" my entire cardiovascular function reducing the incidence of my condition.

Raffael from Germany

I never tried it but if I own one someday I want to try it.

Ricardo from Mexico

I use it to heal spaces... very powerful... like shells

Robert from USA

Haven't yet but as a psychologist and hypnotherapist I do believe the didj has meditative and healing properties.

Robson Castilho from Brazil

Spiritual healing

Ruben Dewulf from Belgium

I have made my endwork for school meditative therapeutic didgeridoo for people with mental handicap it was great to see one person was as a kid hit by his parents on his ears and he took the didge when I was playing to have the vibrations on the places where he was hit

Ryan Holbrook from USA

My wife has undergone several ear surgeries and has trouble with her neck/back. The didj really helps her. She really felt better after her C-section and I played for her. The baby likes the sound too!

Anonymous from Portugal

I've never healed any animal but my plants like it I've got some cacti from a friend and my cuttings from the winter already have one or two offstets while his cutting's are the same well on 5 one have a little offset. (I have 3 with one offset and one cacti with 2 offsets from the same mother plant cut the same day on south oriented windows)

Sergey from Russia

I have never tried. But I want to.

Anonymous from USA

I do not know very much about the effects of music and vibrations in healing although what this site says is intriguing. I am no where near good enough for that but it would be interesting to try when I get better. However I do not believe there is anything mystical about music or vibrations; only that there is some strange scientific remedy to be found that we do not yet know.

Shannon from USA

Didn't know this was a possibility.

Steav Bates-congdon from USA

I don't... I should... I have to think on this one...

Stéphane Eduardo Longtin from Canada

I usually start playing with mantra vocals in the didge burning sage roots and letting the people meditate then I tell a person to sit in front of me and I start playing I usually start by the base chakra it's the connection between the person and the earth I play at the same time on her feet to anchor the person to the earth also then I clean every chakra and on the top of the head I circle around to purify the 7th chakra then I play more slowly depends on which people it's a different sound I don't control it it plays and I fallow I can't explain it and then I bring the person back and ask the next person to come sit in front of me.

Telmo from Portugal

I would include this in my previous answer as from my personal point of view and lacking any past cultural inductions the musical and sonic experience is both the healing and relaxing tool.

Vitaliy from Russia

I think I have no right for healing without some initiation and original instrument.

Wayne from Australia

I have a muscular disorder which has no cures or effective treatments and since a recent trip to Cairns and talking to some interesting people I have started to learn how to play and have found myself in noticeably less pain and feeling better within myself

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