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Please share your experience of receiving didgeridoo healing
Please share your experience of giving didgeridoo healing
Which part of your body feels most affected by didgeridoo healing?
2003/2004 Comments on receiving Didgeridoo Healing
2003 Comments on giving Didgeridoo Healing

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Which deseases/conditions can be improved by didgeridoo healing in your experience?

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Name and Country Feedback
Adam from USA Flu and Sinus infections
Anonymous from Canada Lots of emotional blocks and stuck energy in injured places
Amber from USA Anxiety
Andreas Engebrethsen from Sweden Stress. In my opinion stress is the beginning of every disease
Bart Vrancken from Netherlands Aching of bones and muscles.
Ben Demory from USA Insomnia, stress and headaches.
Benjamin from France Peaceful and quiet
Brent Hilton from USA Stress!. I have found that it aids in times of stress. The vibrations also help me with headaches if I am the one playing.
Bridget Walker from USA Stress and anxiety
Chris from South Africa Have no experience. just relaxation for me.
Chrissy from USA ALL!!!
Craig Snyder from USA Shot nerves
Douglas Vroonen from Belgium In fact any diseases/conditions can be healed by
didge, the sound wave are moving the cells of the body exactly like a microwave, and rearrange
them for a better. But the person need to really want to give up the disease/condition.
quit often, people don't like to give up because loosing a disease/condition, is like loosing a good friend.
Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica Head aches, body aches, flu, respiratory problems
Gary Standen from USA Soul, body, and mind
James Walker from Australia Circulatory conditions, problems of stress or nervousness.
Joao from Portugal I believe anything can be healed with any available therapy. All that was healed in the session was mind fuss!
Joel from Canada A sickness
John from Norway Stress and depression
John Judish from USA Stress is a cause of many physical ailments. Distressing can cure many of these.
Joseph from USA Stress
Karen Milward from Australia The mind body and soul
Keith from United Kingdom Any that you believe!
Kev from United Kingdom Mainly just for de-stressing.
Lisa Shara from USA Releases fear trapped in tissue. Vibrates cellular structures, allowing increased freedom of movement and a unified vibration of cells in a surrounding area of the body. Sort of like rocking a cradle-- in that sense, the didj experience is soothing and nurturing.
Lloyd Cosway from United Kingdom Psychological
Luis Figueira from Portugal Some emotional blocks inside our etheric body
Anonymous from Germany Stress
Mark Earhart from USA All
Anonymous from United Kingdom Stiff neck
Massimo Gambirasio from Italy It was just a relaxing type of experience, all over the body..she said it was so strange and so..relaxing...
Michael Forster from USA The most accessible conditions for me to use the didj include self-concept related psychological problems, such as motivation, self-love, depression, etc. It appears to accelerate healing of various physical problems. However, I've always used the didj in concert with other modalities, so I don't know how it works on its own for this.
Mil Grindstaff from USA The worse disease in my opinion is the loss of hope and love. I feel by directing energy into music and sound that some may find their way into the light. This is my personal belief.
Moses Frederic from USA Dis-ease and pain of a young boy with a bad flu and fever, I played to help him relax and remain calm, he now plays the didj
Nathan Barnard from Australia Chakra work
Oscar from Mexico Headaches, stomachaches, sadness, depressions, fatigue, aids in healing of wounds and skeletal problems.
Anonymous from Sweden Stress
Ravinderjit Singh from Malaysia So far, I've only tried it to relieve stress
Rhonda from USA I feel sound healing in limitless and can be customized to any condition.
Ric from Canada Most
Richard Gillis from USA Healing of the spirit and brings calm and tranquility. Brings a reason to celebrate life.
Rick from USA Stress, emotional issues.
Rob Tol from Netherlands All
Rowan from USA I've only ever balanced peoples energy for general health, never actually cured a disease outright.
Roy Páramo from Spain Stress I think is the most common
Ryan Mussatto from USA I don't think any physical illness can be cured, but the sounds of the didj help in meditation which in turn may help you threw any mental problems/stress you may be having.
Anonymous from USA Anxiety, lack of presence
Stano Betak from Slovakia I have never experienced didj healing
Stephane Guerraz from Canada I am sure condition with organs in the chest, breathing itself. Maybe also digestive functions.
Sylvain from France Toothache, headache
Theresa from United Kingdom My theory is everything can be helped with the use of sound, as sound is vibration - Vibration being the key - it acts as a carrier for INTENTION. The purity of the vibration (dependant on the instrument used and the skill of the player) and the level of intention (both the healer and the recipient - do I really want to be healed) are both needed to bring about change. So in answer to your question, there is no simple answer - as many factors affect the results.
Anonymous from Australia Muscle pain relief.
Tom from USA Most physical, emotional, spiritual conditions can be improved.
Tracy from USA I have a lung problem so I feel that the lungs can benefit greatly from didge healing (and by playing one as well) but I feel as if it could help the circulation of the whole body and perhaps problems with the digestive system and bones as well. I also feel it could help in emotional healing.
Wim from Belgium All conditions with the wright focus and interaction with the "patient"

2005: Jan - Mar | Apr - Jun | Jul - Nov

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