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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

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Visitors Comments about didj healing made during 2008:

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Visitors Comments about Didj Healing


I think that many musical experiences are healing. I love hearing the connection between a true artist and his or her instrument or even to see a beginner make the connection. I have always believed that there is some connection between a basic tone especially a full-bodied one and centeredness. I believe in God and when I heard that the solar system's distance structure can be measured in sound waves and the numbers all work out it didn't surprise me at all. I think that there are many things put here on earth or in the heavens that we haven't learned yet.

Adrian from Australia

I do didge healing and have worked with individuals and groups in Australia and overseas

Amanda Hall from Australia

I would rather not. It was special

Amy from USA

All music when coming from the soul is healing

Andre from Germany

If I feel me really bad and I think that was bad day than helps me to play the didj and feel me better and better so longer I play


I do but more so for personal healing/meditation

Aury from Brazil

Temos experiencia na pratica de meditação.

Bart Devos from Belgium

In fact I can refer to above question about meditation play because there is not really a distance between healing and meditation in my experience. I sometimes try to be aware of the waves going beyond the direct physical environment where I play without losing contact with my physical body. I sometimes use the didge to clear the direct environment. The didge heals me on 4- dimensional level opening and feeding the connection with the earth.

Anonymous from Belgium

I have used 3 times or something it when my wife had pain in her belly so I just did the drone and soft vocals while the didge was lying on her belly. I played 15 minutes like this. She became very relaxed - this relaxed she almost fell asleep and amazingly the pain almost totally decreased every time.

Bill Woodward from Canada

I introduced the didj to the Chronic Pain Clinic to help with breathing to control pain. It is quite successful as the circular breathing helps in the way abdominal breathing does. The rich vibrations produced also alleviate pain spasms in muscle and bone.

Anonymous from USA

I have had trouble sleeping my whole life and since I learned to play and strengthened my muscles in my neck I sleep much better.

Brian from USA

I'm working on it.

Chad from Canada

When I play my didj it's only when I'm ready. I never just "goof around" on it and if I have company over it is usually understood that if someone is going to give it a shot not to be disrespectful it is one of my longest running interest's of my life. It's really a part of me.


Friends have sat in front of it to let the sound wrap around them.

Chavis Three-sticks from USA

I would love to but don't play it well enough.

Chris Bittner from USA

I very much WISH to use a didj for healing.

Chris Glover from United Kingdom

A friend who once fell and hurt his ankle and as my didj is low resonance I played over his ankle and it relieved the pain he was feeling

Chris from USA

I attend a workshop once a month here in Austin Texas where an amazing player and friend plays to several of us to induce meditation spiritual journey or physical healing if asked.

Anonymous from USA

Personal healing only

Colm O Nuanain from Ireland

I don't know much about this but if it heals people while I play I'm well interested

Cory from Canada

It relaxes me and frustrates me all in the same minute so I think it keeps me alive inside...if only I could circular breath!!!!I think my lips and cheeks are too small!!!

David Clark from USA

The playing experience Calms my mind I have great dreams when I sleep at night and it is great respiratory therapy for me.

David from Canada

I was not aware they were used for healing I do however sometimes practice Didj just to strengthen my lungs because I am also a vocalist.

Dennis from United Kingdom

This is the next step.

Eddy from Australia

I don't think I use my didge for healing.

Flemming from Denmark

I sometimes use the didgeridoo for healing within the family. especially the children are very hooked they get very relaxed and numb all over and the also like to play the didge.

Francis from France

I don't use my didj for healing except if meditation/relaxation is considered as healing.

Frank Eisenblätter from Belgium

Well healing is a big word I would rather say that I noticed that the strong (not loud) sound of the didge because it basically produces variations of one note (plus its audible overtones) has a very harmonizing or balancing effect on people and places. When I play on the body of a person I can hear after some time some kind of rather subtle 'resonance tone' that - depending on the state of that person - will become the same on all the different body parts (except the head which I do not play on!). That's when their entire body literally resonates in harmony and then there's balance and thus well being...

Anonymous from USA

Once I start I will share.

Greg Seward from USA

I have been trained to use a sacred feather and rattle for such work. If I could master circular breathing well then it would be a different matter!

J. Kaufman from USA

Vibrational healing through the root chakra. Gate of the fire serpent.

Jamie from United Kingdom

Not yet but I'm working on it.

Jeff from USA

I have chronic neck and back injuries from a fall in my work about 14 years ago. I also was recently diagnosed with emphysema. Playing the didj relaxes my whole body and makes feel great. The increased use of my lungs /diaphragm and learning circular breathing has been a huge benefit to me. I can breathe so much better and I just feel so good while I play and for some time afterwards. Friends of mine say they like the sound and the vibrations they feel from my playing makes them feel good.

Jeff from USA

I made one for my grandson because he was diagnosed with asthma early on and we are hoping the breathing exercises will help.

Jeremy Erb from USA

I have never used the didj for healing but I do believe it can be used for healing

Jessica Wilson from Canada

I set my intention to heal with the didj. It makes me happy.

Jim Griffiths from United Kingdom

Again I'm working on this

Anonymous from USA

More for fun...maybe healing my soul because I couldn't play my past instruments.

John from USA

I've had quite a few people have emotional releases from my healings with the didge.

John from USA

Yes I play for healing but mostly for others than for myself. I just play at ceremonies and healing rituals and let whatever happens happen. People usually thank me after. Sometimes it's a physical healing sometimes emotional or spiritual. They connect with a passed or far away loved one or they tap in to a state of consciousness not ordinarily their own.

Anonymous from Malta

No I never used the didj for healing but I am interested and would like to learn more about healing whit didjes


I've used it on my gf sometimes when she feels sick and she likes it but my lips are not in good enough shape to go for more than 10 minutes.

Julian from United Kingdom

As an acupuncturist sometimes use lots of needles and have to go round stimulating them now I didj in room all needles stimulate needles shimmer in point and with rhythm can up stim or reduce it

Kellie from USA

Don't personally believe in using it for this purpose.

Ken Hrycyk from Canada

Very calming for my inner peace.

Kerry Hufford from USA

So far just for my own individual meditations.

Klaus Burger from Germany

Sometimes people say thank you for healing head-pain or stomachache or sadness

Malcolm from Australia

Yes - I snore and the Didj helps me with this

Martin Izzo from Argentina

This sate IS healing!

Matt from USA

Healing the silence

Michael from USA

Sometimes I play it for self-therapy. I feel more centered when I play it and afterward.

Mike Walker from USA

The same situation applies. it soothed my soul and healed the wounds that were opened. I'm living happy now just after two days.

Moreno from Italy

I use my didj in collaboration with therapists and doctors. I lead groups of didj massage and individuals sessions

Owen from Australia

For clients and friends and family

Pat from USA

I have played on my girlfriend’s stomach when she had cramps and it helped her a bit

Paul Arguijo from USA

I once taught a friend to circular breath and it cured his sleep apnea

Peggy Adams from USA

I feel it is a healing sound but do not use it specifically for that purpose.

Penny Jones from USA

Great for any one who suffer's with anxiety or stress from any situation in our life. I have experienced much peace and a lot less pain free day's while playing my didj.

Peter from USA

Lol... yes... I guess I need to read the whole thing before I answer... see above

Ralph Ray from USA

I have not used it for healing as yet.

Randy from USA

I'd like to very much but haven't gotten to that point yet.

Rene from Netherlands

Not anymore. Didn't feel good myself after it

Ricardo from Chile

Actually at the moment I'm using the didge to heal myself and in the future I would like to help other people. I have a quartz bowl a gong and other healing instruments.

Rick from USA

Only for myself. I have been using it to open my breathing and my diaphragm/chest/throat/neck areas - I guess to open the chakras in these areas although I don't visualize them when I play. I just let the sound and the breathing do their work.

Robin Dewan from Finland

I sometimes give resonance therapy treatments

Anonymous from USA

Haven't done that yet but willing to learn the practice.

Anonymous from USA

After a stressful day working it energizes my body so I don't feel fatigued and it also clears my mind of doubts or worries and overall makes me feel more positive

Ryan from USA

As I stated above circular breathing has "opened" my nasal passages more and is great for all the physical activity I am involved in I'm not sure if this is healing but its defiantly physical improvement.


I have not but I have a friend who does. It seems to be an amazing tool for such work.

Steve Barton from United Kingdom

Only for healing my own patience

Susan from USA

I need and know the power of vibration. The power of breath and calm can make room to heal. I have survived a rare and aggressive acute leukaemia two times. It took many years and a few miracles to be here on earth.

Suzen Vizzoni from USA

I have used the didj to help people with various ailments and complaints. At the very least it relaxes them so their own bodies can do the healing. Some people report they experience different emotions during the healing sessions. I too have experienced this but mostly I'm in a trance during these sessions and try to get out of my own way.

Symon Browne from Australia

Would love to

Timur from Germany

I think that it's cleaning your soul that's invisible healing...

Tom Lange from USA

Been presenting 'sound awakening' events for 5 years with didjeridus gongs flute Tibetan bowls and such... walk through the room playing on/over people so they feel as well as hear the sound waves

Tyler from USA

Simply incredible...I'm trying to make this my full time pursuit.

Tyrell from USA

I have used to to cure an ache in a friend of mines shoulder.

Anonymous from Czech Republic

Some people really like to lay down and let me blow across their body. It is very relaxing experience.

Willy from Germany

Didn't try it yet but I believe in didj healings. I read a story in the newsletter (or was it on hp I don't remember) about a healing in which a man was crippled in one side of his body and as the narrator played above his arm he felt an knot or so but just energetic. he "massaged" this knot with the sound of the didge and after some time the arm suddenly raised up into the air and the crippled man and his wife shouted by surprise and he was healed. this story really impressed me very much I had read it several times:)

Wolfgang Gaspar from Germany

I've no experience with healing but I had audience with kids with Down syndrome and autism... their reaction was quite interesting...

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