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Please share your experience of giving didgeridoo healing
Which part of your body feels most affected by didgeridoo healing?
Which deseases/conditions can be improved by didgeridoo healing in your experience?
2003/2004 Comments on receiving Didgeridoo Healing
2003 Comments on giving Didgeridoo Healing

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Please share your experience of receiving didgeridoo healing

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Name and Country Feedback
Anonymous from Canada Grounding
Anjani from USA The didj player passes the didj over the body while playing, concentrating on the area he feels drawn to. Powerful and moving.
Bart Vrancken from Netherlands You feel a deep vibration throughout your body, like a total body massage
Ben Demory from USA It feels as if it is most connected to my inner being. A cooling sensation will overcome me if the right drone & tones are played.
Bridget Walker from USA Deep inner journey
Chris from South Africa They are relaxed. my thoughts are also very cool and calculated.
Chrissy from USA The didj brings a balancing wave that transforms the body, mind spirit, into one.
Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica I play for my own healing, I feel like the vibrations are cleansing my body
Gary Standen from USA Inner peace and clear mind and healing my spine
James Walker from Australia The resonance swept through my body, bringing increased circulation and a feeling of general well-being.
Jennifer from USA On the beach in Hawai'i - with dolphins in the bay - I experienced a true heart awakening - and peace
Joel from Canada I felt relaxed and calm
Joseph from USA I have never fell into such a deep relaxed state.
Karen Milward from Australia It helps me to relax and keeps me grounded when I am stressed out and need to reconnect to a part of my Aboriginality.
Lisa Shara from USA The didj is a wonderful instrument for women to experience as dancers-- the tones definitely reach into the grounding and sexual/creative centers-- the experience for me is both healing and releasing. The didj tones vibrate out things that are not resonate within myself in those areas. Also is a deeper connection to earth energies and ancient energies of respect for earth. Evokes remembrances, releases fear, allows softness to return. Works on internal organs. What more can I say?
Lloyd Cosway from United Kingdom Difficult to put into words
Mac Regan from United Kingdom I felt a deep relaxation and my midsection seemed to pulsate. my skin felt alive, does this make any sense? awake would describe it for me.
Anonymous from Germany I was surprised but I fell in trance
Mark Earhart from USA I trade out with my partner both body work and didj playing on each others body.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Could feel the vibrations through body
Michael Forster from USA It was awhile ago and still affects me today and continually helps me remember my personal adventure of life even when I get rebellious or caught up in my daily grind.
Mil Grindstaff from USA I had a diagnosis of failing vision and expected to be legally blind in a few years. After a few days of being around healing sessions and prayers involving bowls and didgest I saw much better. I took the eye test for the driver's license and they said I no longer needed glasses to drive! I had worn them for every test previously for almost 20 years. My eye doctor then told me I still had astigmatism but was no longer losing my eye sight. As a graphic artist I was relived to have a change which I attributed to my experience with crystal bowls, didges and a higher power.
Nathan Barnard from Australia It vibrates right through me but particularly in the pit of my stomach
Nicolás from Argentina Its difficult to explain
Oscar from Mexico I had this headache which just wouldn't go and a friend said he could help me with his didge, so I laid down relaxed in the floor while he started playing his didge, I could felt the sound waves coming out from the didge into my body, and at the end no headache was present.
Randy from USA Soothing
Ravinderjit Singh from Malaysia The brain suddenly gets a jolt and starts to wander on its own, taking me into worlds yonder...when I'm done, the feeling is just great!!
Rhonda from USA I felt surges of energy in my body.
Richard Gillis from USA The controlled nature of circular breathing has helped heal a reduced lung volume from years of smoking.
Rick from USA I have received didge healing alone and within the context of a formal sound healing session. The didge takes me deep.
Rob Tol from Netherlands Not to explain
Rowan from USA I usually feel energized and alive. The solar plexus is the personal power center
Roy Páramo from Spain You feel the vibration and feel better
Ryan Mussatto from USA Words wont describe it
Anonymous from USA I just feel vibrational, the earth pulsing through me on a sonic tonic level, it always brings me to a state of receptivity and peace.
Stephane Guerraz from Canada Nice feeling. Self-administered, so maybe am I out of scope here?
Sylvain from France Vibration of my head will relax my brain and then the constantly moving of the circular breathe make me an inside massage of all interns organs!!!i often feel hungry playing didj
Theresa from United Kingdom Each time is different
Tom from USA The deep vibration of the didj seems to resonate in my chest and groin. There is a sense of internal massage.
Tracy from USA The sound just resonates and reverberates in my chest cavity and feels "deep" and uplifting and energetically I can feel internal shifts take place.
William from France I felt very sad cause I lost someone. i went in a forest in winter and played didj all alone during 2 hours, it was so great!!!! i think this experience helped me to feel better...
Yann from France To hard to describe in English. sorry

2005: Jan - Mar | Apr - Jun | Jul - Nov

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