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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

Below you will find comments left by visitors when entering our questionnaire.
These Comments are unedited and complete (we only removed double entries and where people asked us not to publish)

Visitors Comments about didj healing made during 2008:

Name and Country

Visitors Comments about Didj Healing

Adam Diiulio from USA

I have never used my didj for healing but I am interested in it. I think I'm going to do some research as soon as I'm done with this.

Adam from USA

Not yet but I'll consider it.


Only starting now but all the people tell of very soothing vibrations and deep connection to the earth always affected and are amazed by it.

Alan from United Kingdom

I have not tried this but plan to in the future after more research

Allan from USA

N/A... but my dog will come running to sit at the bell of my didge to enjoy the vibrations. Especially the lower keys. NOT putting her ear by the bell to HEAR the sound but putting her BODY by the bell to FEEL the sound.

Angela from USA

I play and have a hawaiian nose flute which is used for healing it would probably be similar with a didj.

Angus from Australia

Well I think the Didge has actually been good for my face before playing the didge I never was really "using" my face and it was perhaps a bit flat?

Anthony Dias from Portugal

Music is one of the most precious ways to heal a soul...I've seen friends of mine start crying when I play my guitar and start singing I've seen people making love in the middle of concerts...I've seen thousands of hands raised by one single voice...that must mean something...=)

Arpad Toth from Hungary

Healing of the body and soul....

Art Ibell from USA

It heals my mind as well as others

Anonymous from Netherlands

I heal myself with it it makes me be very quiet and happy

Anonymous from Switzerland

The calm the waves the warmth process of rooting oneself and others

Blake from USA

I heal myself for headaches to fight colds and flu and I have advised people with asthma and breathing problems to take a look at the latest studies on the health benefits of playing Yidaki.

Brad Lackey from USA

I don't actually believe it can have healing powers on another person beyond the pleasure or calmness it would bring them. I do believe it makes the player healthier through the benefits of the breathing and the resonant vibrations that the player enjoys.

Bruce from USA

I'd love to try this out Right now I use my hands only but the power of the Didj work.

Carlos from Portugal

I look forward to know how to play the didj well so I can use it not to heal but to help me with my respiratory problems (asma sinusitis and rinitis). I believe it is one of the best wind instruments to help me with that because of the circular breathing and the need of lots of air to play.


Playing helps as a mood enhancing experience - helps with low grade depression and the controlled breathing helps as a relief from migraine headaches


I have used it to prepare me the space and the recipient for when I give a reiki healing. Doing this Appears to create a cleansed and grounded platform for the healing to take place.

Chris Thorn from United Kingdom

Have received it only once myself but am involved in setting up a healing room in Wales which will involve reiki massage and didj healing. My partner received it from me and benefited from the experience very much.


The sound lulls people and helps them relax. It helps open the imagination. The vibrations help give extra sensation for people to focus on.

Chrissy from USA

Even just to listen and to feel the vibrations provides powerful healing.

Clement from France

Since I play didgeridoo I've no problem to have a good breath with the circular breathing I arrive to control my breath when I do sport

Anonymous from USA

I have had one used on me to align chakras and clear energy.

Cristian Neely from Chile

I have tried just to make like "brain massages" and relaxing to friends but I don't know much of this

Daniel Alfonzo Rivas from Venezuela

Well I fell always healed since I come a Yidaki or didgeridoo play.

Danny from Canada

I never really thought about it. but now that you mention it. I got to think about this one.

David from USA

Its personal.

Don from USA

I have a multitude of scar tissue in my feet so I point and play my didge at my feet to relax the muscles and tissue

Anonymous from Brazil

For may life

Edward from USA

There are many ways that people have been experiencing freedom in hurtful mind sets. it has been a freeing sound. and the mind is a gate to are bodies.

Elliott Deighton from Canada

I originally took up Didj playing as a possible remedy for sleep apnea. I have only been playing 3 months now and have made both of my Didjes from PVC pipe. One is in the key of F and the other is in D

Enrique Garcia from Mexico

I want to begin.

Eric from USA

I like to point the end of the didgeridoo towards the person or body part that needs healing and play with the intent of sending a healing vibration towards that person or area. I have not seen any miracle healing or anything but my didgeridoo has a very nice mellow tone and I do believe that the sound vibrations can help people especially with the right intent behind it.

Erik Putnam from USA

Never have I made claim that my didj does anything other than produce waves. Others have told me that I have helped them with out doing anything intentional. I will always play for some one If they want to hear and if they get more out it than I give then they gave as well...


I came up in many of my dreams while I was going through a difficult time. Here's the dream: DREAM: The Didgeridoo. As I drift off to sleep or rather try to sleep I drift in and out of the start of a dream. I am trying to slow down my breathing. Inhale…two…three…four…hold…Relax…exhale…whew. And repeat. As I am controlling my breath my in and out breathing I dream of a Didgeridoo. I pick it up and begin to breathe into it to slow my breath down even further. The animal figures carved on the surface begin to move and swirl around the outside of the wooden tube. They swirl faster and the entire instrument begins to pulsate and vibrate in time with my breath. Suddenly I am sucked up inside of the didj. The cylindrical shape acts like a small cave and I am curled up inside. I cradle myself and begin to sob and cry. The animal visions are swirling around outside the tunnel. Sparkly colours like a kaleidoscope swirl and twinkle about me. Everything is vibrating and humming in time with my breath.

Graham from United Kingdom

I've occasionally thought about it if I have something wrong with me while I play but haven't really tried or tested it.

Guido Cifali from Australia

We and humans in general are quite tried by a world where humans produce much pain and suffering. I therefore play the didj as a means of meditation for self or offered to others. The experiment implies a form of healing which I also find in other artistic practices.

Guy François from Belgium

Slow play with deep sound. Bass drum but regular not an ecstatic play. I play it in shamanic ritual and holotropic breathing.

Howard Williamson from USA

At the Seattle Folklife Festival I did participate in a group demonstration but have not tried it for actual healing.

Ivan Matamoros from Spain

It helps me in many ways like meditation.To think better when I need it to know my self and the others (kind of healing...believe me) to sleep better to have fun (LAUGH is the BEST pill!!) even because..well my girlfriend..you know..:-D.

James Davis from Canada

I am just touching on this and feel that the didge does help heal with vibrations and different keys.

Jared from USA

Wanting to get more into that

Javier Rembado from Spain

Not to cure but to relax if sequedan asleep in a short time

Jayne from USA

I am a visual healing artist. I have not used it yet as I have just begun to learn to play but I will. The didge I have is still quite hard for me to play.

Jerome from France

My girlfriend had her back aching. So I placed my didj on her and played a drone for a while until she told me it had passed. It was something like magic!

John from USA

I have an old dog with many health issues and I do didge healings on her. It seems to help and let her sleep better after them.

John Mangold from Canada

I would like to know more about this.

Jon Griffin from Canada

Well I have but it was more for having time alone working on it a distraction from the world around me.

Jonathan Zamora Ríos from Costa Rica

Utilizo el didge para curarme a mi mismo lo mezclo con "Técnicas de Liberación de Emociones" (EFT) por que me facilita concentrarme y evocar mis emociones.

Jone from USA

I use the didj for balancing of the chakras -- all of them not just the core 7.

Jonny Monument from United Kingdom

I have played to my pregnant friend's unborn baby. She loved it!

Julio Peña from Paraguay

I will.

Jussi from Finland

I believe only God can heal people and create anything new in the world. We should submit to God's authority and seek His guidance and wisdom. If someone gets healed it's because of spiritual world - not didgeridoos as such - and the best way to get someone healed is to ask God to do it.

Karen from Canada

First I experienced the healing benefits for myself as I had a number of out of balance issues after a head injury in 1999 now my playing has developed enough to offer didge sessions for those interested in experiencing sound.

Ken from USA

I have used my didge to help a few friends or sometimes people who pass by and ask when I'm playing to let them feel the vibration of the sound and put the end of the didj near their body. My friend peggy has said it helps her feel better and clears out some negative vibes.

Kirk from USA

Hope to use it for just that. I've had a stroke which causes speech difficulties. My lips on one side and tip of tongue are slightly numb...they need exercise and use to heal. I think the didj will help this.

Kristoffer Stewart from United Kingdom

I don't really use my didge for healing I used it a couple of time I had the cold and it made my nasal passages clear but I think this is because all the vibrations.

Laura Jackson from USA

Along with meditation I already play the flute and know it has much healing effects.

Le Perkins from USA

Some time when the kids are crying about some thing I take out the didj and play soon they are smiling.

Leandro Javier Montesino from Argentina

I use it for move energy in their bodies activating the meridians channels of energy like Chinese medicine.

Anonymous from Italy

Only self-healing. in terms of Relaxation mostly. It is not easy to share this aspect.

Mac from USA

I play it close to my injured foot for about an hour a day and it feels better and the didj is working fine

Marco Paoletti from Italy

Ho suonato vicino a mia madre e le è passato il torcicollo

Mark Hickinbotham from USA

I haven't been doing it long enough to notice a difference but I have learned how medical studies showed that playing the didgeridoo can decrease sleep apnea and snoring. I am ensuring to play some every day as part of my "medicine" for treating my sleep disorder.

Martin Izzo from Argentina

The human body as everything else is energy and can be "tuned" by sound and the didj is perfect for this.

Marty from Australia

I haven't yet but I plan to in the future as time allows.

Marvin from USA

It seems to help with allergies and panic attacks.

Anonymous from USA

Just like meditating with a didgeridoo healing with on can make you feel light and free. I believe that the vibrations that go through your body push bad energy out and bring good energy in. if you are feeling a little low or depressed than the didgeridoo can work out those emotional knots with hardly any work at all.

Matthias from Switzerland

I think if we play Didj with the intention to heal and help it never fails. I'm trying to concentrate on this aspect while I'm playing. Just to be in love with all things around you to accept all things as they are so you are like a little sun which is shining in and for everyone's heart.

Melanie from USA

I know for certain that the didgeridoo has healing powers. The breathing techniques and sound vibration create a feeling of euphoria

Michael from USA

I play it. It heals me...I get more centered and stick to my own path easier.


Some times I help a friend of mine that is a master of shiatsu massage and till now the experience both mine and other people has been very special.

Nigel Mason from United Kingdom

My wife hurt her foot a number of years ago and every winter it used to ache I heard of didge healing and then tried playing on her foot. her foot is now problem free summer and winter

Pablo Sebastian Meza from Argentina

Sorry my level of english language is not sufficient to write my experiences

Pat from Australia

No but I would be interested!!!

Patrick Ray from USA

I am still early in the learning process but have plans on using the didj for healing as well as to increase the knowledge of the beautiful culture and the plight of the aboriginals.

Paul Bishop from USA

Tried once. over the phone and the person said it was helpful. In this particular case I think it was more a placebo effect

Paul from United Kingdom

Other people have been "relaxed" by my playing - but not done it as deliberate healing as such.


I learned that circular breathing helps with Sleep Apnea and help stop snoring.


I've found that the vibrations and intent to heal or be healed of both the player and the person listening are intensified.

Anonymous from Spain

I think that is the same point if I can meditate I can heal myself.


I've tried it a couple of times but I'm afraid to do something wrong so I don't do that anymore

Petri Aitta-aho from Finland

I once healed my sons sore throat by playing didj.

Rafael Adorno from Brazil

Lots of spiritual healing and physical too

Rafael Janczak from Poland

Again each time I play I heal:) I've done some healings at various rainbow gatherings and the reception and effects were amazing. People really float "away" and the level of relaxation they experience is so strong that many often fall asleep.

Raffaele from Australia

I have had may comments after I play from the audience that they have felt a healing affect from the sound of the Didj. I also play in old peoples retirement homes and the most moving experience I have had was when an old lady got ut to thank me and said "Thank you for coming you have just given us new life". I still cry about that!!!

Anonymous from Canada

I think it heals all that experience it. It has it's own very strong energy

Richard Craven from USA

I plan on using it for this.

Robbin from USA

Sound can be used as a tool to carry healing energies.... it can sooth the savage beast... Ancient Lama saying... " am the Master of Sound... With Sound I can Kill what lives! and... Bring back to life what is dead!"

Robert from USA

The only "healing" I ever did was "soothing a tense situation." I was in my car waiting for the light to change sitting there with the windows down playing a didj. Then someone dressed in black walked up from the back of my car and reached into the window for my didj asking "Hey what's that?" I figured it was a possible carjacking so I hit the accelerator and nearly tore his arm off. He was yelling like crazy and I looked in the mirror and saw... it was a cop! He jumped into a giant SUV with other cops in it. I waved out my window at them and pointed to let them know I was going to pull over. I pulled up next to a store and waited for them. They pulled in behind me and came piling out of their SUV like some kind of SWAT team which I guess they were - they were not in normal patrolman clothes. I held the didj out the window because I knew that's what they were after. The cop who had surprised me grabbed it and another cop opened my door and yelled at me "Get out of the car now!" I got out and they were turning the didj over this way and that and smelling both ends. "What is this thing?" I calmly told him it was a didjeridu a musical instrument. He was only half listening and said "I smelled marijuana!" "You most certainly did NOT!" I told him as he sniffed around the inside of my car. About then a younger cop says "Yeah it was probably coming from that other car." I laughed and said "Great. So you guys let someone go free so you could hassle an innocent noisician!" Then another cop started laughing at the others. "Oh man that is classic! I wish we had our video camera! I can't wait to tell everybody. What is this thing again?" I proceeded to give them a lecture on the origin history and use of the didjeridu. I played for them and explained what a traditional didj is like and pointed out the features and playing techniques. They kept laughing and I kept talking. I gave them a demonstration of circular breathing and they all made fun of each other. "What did you think when I came up to your car?" he asked. I told him I didn't see anything but his arm and thought I was being assaulted or car jacked. He said he was glad he didn't smash out my back window when I drove off. He explained that they pulled up to the light and could smell marijuana and then looked over an saw me "puffing on that thing." I corrected him that I was BLOWING not puffing. They went on and on for quite a while and when I left they were still laughing. I thought it was amusing but did not find it nearly as funny as they did.

Robert Ruby Ii from USA

My 2 yr old daughter I use it to help her ground and she loves dancing with the vibrations.


I breathe better

Rodney from USA

I am currently in study sessions for the healing didge and I will soon be doing sound shifting healings.

Rodney Webb from Australia

I have only used it for relaxing an setting my vibrations to those of the bush; try it it's another life.

Rodrigo Del Castillo Negrete from Mexico

I don't use my didgeridoo for healing mainly because I think that for the usage of the didgeridoo for real healing you need to play for various years and gain a lot of experience. Also I don't do this because one can easily fall on pseudo didgeridoo healing I prefer to leave that to aboriginals and to people that truly know what healing is. Note: I have been playing since 2005 approximately 3 year know and started at the early age of 14

Roi Redondo García from Spain

Music is communication too and this is a important part of human healing. in fact I think is similar to meditation or trance style

Rolf Hebenstreit from USA

The didj just heals me in every way but when people listen the love it.......

Anonymous from Canada

I don't do it often but I have used lower key didj's to 'massage' friends. It seems most effective in the back chest stomach and neck/shoulder area. People who are open to it quite enjoy it.

Rony from USA

Would like to learn more about this!

Rowena from Australia

Insane out of this world nothing like it anywhere the whole experience was electrifying I felt exhilarated and renewed never had any other form of healing to match the intensity and power of the didge have recommended it to all since actually can't wait to get didgyified again:^)

Salvador Gonzalez from Mexico

Once I played on my fathers back but he told me: Shut up I can't hear the TV..

Samuele from USA

I have used the didj to do some energy work on family and friends usually focusing on filling the body with positive energy with the didj.

Scott Dickens from USA

I heard it can help with sleep problems so I'm hoping it will help me

Scott from USA

It relaxes me and I find it make my lungs feel good (I have asthma)

Sean from USA

Sometimes I'll play didj over massage clients or at the end of a yoga class for my students while they rest

Shawn Payment from USA

The same gentleman said that he used it for healing so maybe he used it on us as well

Steven Furman from USA

My Mom has a very bad back. I took her to the doctor one time many years ago and I had a T-shirt on the had a funny Didj logo on it. The Doctor asked if I played and I told him. He suggested that I try playing over my Mom's back. I did not think much of it but I went to the Library (remember when we had to go there to look stuff up?) and read a little on it. We tried it and she says that it does loosen her lower back up when it is tight. We have found that the best is a slow with a little vocals (I just do the Vowels)

Susan from USA

None but as a physical therapist I am truly interested in learning about using a didj for healing.

Susan from USA

I equate didj playing to prana yoga. Our connection to the universe is through our breath. During healing sessions I can see people relax and release tension and anxiety.

Tanya from Canada

I've only tried for healing of the soul

Thomas Smith from Australia

It gives me great comfort and the sound is just so good for my thoughts.

Tommy Dyett from New Zealand

My lady is pregnant and I love to play my didges to her belly it loves it and moves around lots and I will keep playing my didge to my baby after it born to keep it happy.it also makes my lady feel really happy too.for some reason I play different when playing to my baby than when I have a session by my self

Travis Morgan from USA

Experiencing noticeable reduction in snoring after playing regularly for 1 month.

Warren from United Kingdom

The didge works similar to yogic pranic breath work and connective inbreath. Both of which are very powerful healing tools. The didge will also help to connect the outbreath and inbreath helping to improve ones respiration and intake of pranic energy from the surround. The instrument will also help to improve the depth of ones breath and aid the removal of stale air. So full power!

William from France

I have not intentionally used it for healing but I can certainly feel better after a long session of playing!

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