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Please share your experience of receiving didgeridoo healing
Which part of your body feels most affected by didgeridoo healing?
Which deseases/conditions can be improved by didgeridoo healing in your experience?
2003/2004 Comments on receiving Didgeridoo Healing
2003 Comments on giving Didgeridoo Healing

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Please share your experience of giving didgeridoo healing

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Name and Country Feedback
Adam from USA I would concentrate on the chest and sinus areas for 15-30 minutes and most sinus pain would be relieved by the time I was done and flu symptoms would subside.
Anjani from USA We worked on a friend who has brain cancer. She was told she would only live a few weeks longer, but shortly afterward, her life span was extended indefinitely. She is still here.
Bridget Walker from USA Immediate meditation
Chris from South Africa If you're really stressed or worried, it takes those feelings away.
Chrissy from USA The didj brings a balancing wave that transforms the body, mind spirit, into one. By doing this we are walking and riding a bike after 7 yrs in a power wheelchair as a part time quad.
Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica I also love it because I suffer from asthma and the daily didj playing had helped me more than I can tell, now I can do sports without worry about the asthma, and I also played for my mom when she had the flu and the music helped her fell better
Gary Standen from USA I now have feeling in my left left after 5 years of numbness. I am healing...
Joel from Canada I enjoyed healing sickness by the sounds of the didj
John Judish from USA I like my A didge for healing as it seems to affect people most strongly in the heart region or at the heart chakra. People light up almost every time I play in this region.
Lisa Shara from USA My experience is simply that when dancing with the didj, I'm reminded to move my consciousness into the lower chakras and to allow that movement to be. I often feel thankful to have the experience of moving in a didj vibration-- it reminds me of who I am on some specific levels-- the didj experience is a balancing experience, bringing the body into balance with the mind.
Lloyd Cosway from United Kingdom My own experience is that children are relaxed and have a greater social awareness when they are within the sound field of a didj
Mark Earhart from USA I feel that all work with good intention has healing power.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Relief from muscle tension in neck
Michael Forster from USA I've used the didj to help open people to new areas of life as life changes. I often use it when my wife gets headaches or flu type symptoms to great effect. It produces an effect in all that I've used it on of a full body cellular massage. It causes a tingling all over the body that is very invigorating and positive.
I've used the didj to help accelerate healing of knee injuries three times and in all three times no further knee problems were reported. The latest was with a Salsa dance teacher who was facing surgery or the loss of his dance instruction capability. He still teaches salsa and reported recently that the "healed" knee is better and stronger than the knee that never had a problem!
Mil Grindstaff from USA I would rather keep this to myself.
Nathan Barnard from Australia Combined reiki with my wife, very successful
Nicolás from Argentina It was a wonderful experience and y felt great
Oscar from Mexico It's very important to be conscious of what you are doing, so I concentrate in healing that person, all my sounds and all the sound waves I generate go into the person with the intention of healing, I can see during the process how the person goes more relaxed and calmed with the time and at the end the person feels a lot better.
Ravinderjit Singh from Malaysia I play the didj to people who come for meditation and let the dronal vibrations take care of their stress!!
Rob Tol from Netherlands For me its the energy of the player in combo with the didge that is doing the job.
Roy Páramo from Spain I have done it on people who are very tired or stressed
Anonymous from Belgium No expérience
Anonymous from USA The didj brings me into the moment and to beingness.
Tom from USA In my experience, healing is facilitated by a combination of sound and intention, the intention of the healer and, most importantly, the intention of the client. It is most important, in my point of view, to see the client's mind/body/spirit as whole and well, and that the experience is strengthening that which is in balance.
Tracy from USA I feel as if transformations happen in my lungs/chest when exposed to didge music, live or on cd.

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