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Playing with other Didjes in Harmony

Below you will find comments left by visitors when entering our questionnaire.
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Visitors Comments about didj healing made
during the month of July - November 2006:

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Visitors Comments about Didj Healing

Aaron from USA

I worked as a didge healer for several years. I experienced many amazing results from the sound of the didge.

Anonymous from USA

As described in the previous statement when harold played the didge close to my heart center/chakra.

Alan from United Kingdom


Alfonso from Chile

I have organized some events in my country and the experience is awesome.

Alysia from USA

The didgeridoo sound was directed at my knees. It blasted out blockages from my knees and got the energy moving which felt really good.

Ann from USA

10 people experienced a shamanic journey with the didgeridoo 20 years ago. Very healing.

Barry Shrimpton from New Zealand

From Playing Myself!!...Since I began playing about two months ago & have learnt the basics of continuous breathing....1. my wife tells me I've stopped snoring....2. The sounds of my didj seem to completely relax me.


Very deep working in soul


As a receiver it was very interesting as there are not a lot of players in this area so I am more used to the giving end. both sides are relaxing to me but I am most amazed with the reactions of people to the first time they experience the sound and vibrations.........

Anonymous from Netherlands

You feel the different parts of your body open up and pour out with energy

Cezar Cayom from Brazil

There was a person with a stomach ache I begun to play and the person got better after a few minutes.


Es lo mas hermoso que experimentado tocando en machupicho la cuidad sagrada de mis antepasados

Chrissy from USA

At an Art's festival a man was playing and it was amazing!

Claudio from Chile

Es increible como las vibraciones de el sonido penetran hasta el sentido es una experiendia muy profunda

Dale from USA

It was a potent experience for the receiver

Dan from USA

I have played over someone's stomach ulcer it seems to help.

Daran from Canada

Played on my girlfriends knee

Darren Grant from United Kingdom

However I have seen some spiritual healing videos which use the vibrations from the didge to 'heal' people. This is fascinating and I'll be hoping to try it as soon as I can CB properly.

David from USA

I seem to have given it to and received it from myself because it helped me to increase my lung capacity. On a breathing test I started out at 30% usage and am now up to over 60%.

David Winter from USA

Intense...Didn't really know how out of myself I was until it was over and I tried to get up...I sat up realized how "out there" I was and laid back down...


I absorbed the vibrations which freed the breath and loosened the bodies energy.

Ehsan Tadayon from Iran

It helps my back whenever it hurts


A travelling street musician in Seattle did the healing Didj thing to me while sitting on the grass of the Science Center/Bumbershoot festival in 1977.


Calming and turns mood to lightness and happiness

Gregg from USA

While flat on my back the didj was played over my body concentrating the the sound vibrations on my joints and torso. This session had done more for me than any other meditations in the past. It seemed to add the one element that had been missing in my normal sessions.

Guy Bijl from Belgium

We play healing concerts nd one of the headinstr. is the didge. It is a very powerful instrument....whe use it to open the concert in combination whit a crystal singing bowl and the Native American flute and it is a great combination...people let themselves flow on the vibrations of the instrument....whe also play during the concert on the plexus solaris whit the didge and than it are the vibrations who do there work....and who give the people new energy and a warm feeling

Horacio from Uruguay

Usando el instrumento al igual que un moxa(chino) sobre los chacas en personas deprimidas en cuanto a mi tenia problemas de respiracion.


You feel a warmth spread through your body from the deep calming vibrations and end up feeling a little dizzy afterwards

Jackie Yost from USA

Calmness focus and a sense of wellness

Jairo from Spain

Everything were very unexpected at least I don't knew how it happens to me but I tries to play consciously with the vibrations.

James Pierson from USA

My most recent healing was a group healing. For me personally it was an emotional healing. It was a give and take healing where myself and many others played around each other. I had been depressed and having difficulties coping with two lost friends who coincidentally died within the same week. This amazing exchange of energy back and forth communications with didjes and flow from our hearts helped me open my heart and in turn accept the loss and turn it into a positive experience. Death is just another step in life. For some it is early and some it is late. Prior to that night I had never felt so alive. We all benefited from that night.

Jay Atkinson from United Kingdom

Following my initial experience my aunt came to visit from Spain. She and her partner work in the metaphysical environment. My aunt is a hypnotherapist and medium and her partner is also a medium and healer. We got to chatting about the didj energy and they were intrigued with my experience. I got the didj out and we decided to have a go at doing some energy repairing and general all over healing. Myra and Simon had been doing extensive tours around the US and Europe and were very depleted when they arrived at our home. I started to play – allowing my feelings to direct me to wherever the energies were most needed. Both Myra and Simon visibly relaxed during the healing and with each one I felt to use different tones/sounds. I felt I was being shown what to do and where to go and also got a ‘run down’ from the energy source coming through the didj on both of their needs and conditions. They both reported that they could feel the energy of the sound going into them and both experienced a state of extreme relaxation. Also they said next morning that they had ‘slept like logs’ and both of them looked and felt 100% energized by the experience.

Jeff Richardson from Vietnam

Imagine sleeping every night for years with the lull of the didjeridoo to float you in your sleep. Very healing! It set the tone of the house I lived in for many years and I truly miss the tranquility. Healthiest years of my life.

Joe Kershner from USA

At a very amateur level for both calming effect on the mind and vibrational effect on afflicted body parts.

John John from Antigua And Barbuda

I felt healed

Jordi Jou Jimenez from Spain

Encounter words not to esplicar it single is necessary to live it

Anonymous from Peru

More than expected



Joy Cozens from Canada

After my friend did some breehma healing on me he played the didgeridoo over my body. It was wonderful...I felt it vibrating through me. It was like the sound had a shape that would travel around and caress my senses. I could feel it opening up my chakras.

Jussi Keränen from Finland

Just like give my soul sound from didge that sound what comes from my soul. Very nice experience In a very dark time in my life

Karel from Belgium

But I would like to

Karl Kalbaugh from USA

It was part of a workshop which I taught. I only did it as an experiment and explained this to the group. We talked about its actual effect on the recipient.

Anonymous from Israel

Received healing from a friend. cured my headache..

Lisa Hatchez from Canada

The second time around I was astounded as I really felt the healing vibes travel throughout my body. Wonderful!

Luis Figueira from Portugal

Vibration... all the body vibrates... it is paradoxically calm and yet vigorous.

Anonymous from Peru


Max from United Kingdom

An overwhelming sensation of peace and harmony with my surroundings

Michael Graff from USA

Calming relaxing yet energizing I am receiving session as part of my treatment for colon cancer

Michael Mitchell from Australia

While at healesville sanctuary with scott king a didj was played with eagle dreaming moved me deeply.

Michael Stone from USA

I would like to see what more is involved with this.

Anonymous from USA

I am not sure because it wasn't the purpose of the experience to heal me. But during meditation it has helped even when I didn't know I needed it.

Misty from USA

People say that it helps with the chronic pain... I believe that vibrations can heal and they definitely feel the vibrations and hear the vibrations when I play

Morgan from USA

It was an amazing experience I was able to take my focus off my problems and fall into the drone and chirps of the didj.

Nancy from USA

I was at a fairy fest in Sedona AZ. A man had a didj and I stopped to look at the beautiful craftsmanship. I was limping. The fine man asked if I wanted a healing. So of course I did. He explained the principle to me. After that I had considerably less pain and infinitely enjoyed the rest of the day. I could feel my electrical paths calming and returning to their normal paths. Great!!

Neil Wakeling from United Kingdom

I often use the didge - I can feel where the sound is needed and let the sound and breathing guide me.

Nic Guy from Australia

Peaceful and relaxing

Pascal from France


Pat Litke from USA

Again I plan on experiencing it.

Pepe from Spain

One month ago I broke an arm and often when was aching and was play didge I forgot everything and the vibration was doing that the pain was going down considerably.

Peter Pollinger from Austria


Petri from Finland

I and My friend use to play occasionally together and afterwards I feel stronger and in better health and free of distress. I qualify it as sound healing


Though I am now interested in learning more about this.

Raghav from New Zealand

Somehow I can feel a power of self heeling through reiki and exercising yoga to control virtual chakras or energy bubble around us.

Richard Whistance from United Kingdom

Connection to source

Robert from USA

It sounds interesting I didn't know it was a form of healing

Scott from USA

I am an energy worker/reiki master and at the end of my sessions I play the didge to ground my client. I also begin meetings/gatherings and ceremonies with the didge. This focuses and grounds the participant.

Seema from Canada

I have received Didj sound healing from my husband

Skylar from USA

I have not given (yet) only because I didn't know how but I have had it done to me I had an extremely deep feeling about to burst and a uncanny smile that never left my face and I truly believe it changed me for the better.

Steve Gill from New Zealand

I played between a woman's legs until she orgasmed: her feeling for the didge improved.

Steve from United Kingdom

It was a five minute experiment with a very good friend can only say was good for me as the player/healer my friend was amazed at the vibrations he felt.

Steven Hardman from Italy

My sister swears that the didge healing I gave her helped her relax and feel better all over.

Tara from USA

I had a profound healing experience with a wonderful musician & Sound Healer. She used 10 different instruments to take me very deep but it was the Didj that lead to a deep healing. When she began to play it I found myself journeying to a place that looked similar to Africa. I was a dead baby elephant lying in a pool of water. The Didj was actually being played over me but in this vision it was the trunk of a Mother Elephant that was blowing on me and soothing me. I felt her love being sounded into my soul. I cried and this energy block I never knew I had left through my feet into the Earth.

Anonymous from Ireland

Very positive very powerful. The sounds and vibrations reach deep into the body and activate the soul.

Trevor from Spain

Unfortunately I've never received healing from the sound of the didj but I have given it combined with a form of reiki. The recipients are usually left feeling light and balanced and usually ask for more!

Tyler Rempel from Canada

It was very interesting I wasn't too sure what I was doing but afterwards the person that I had performed the healing on said that they had a reduction in pain

Vincent from France

I go in in france in a didj club I've been given sound healings in the beginning but now I love to share it with other people I love to give them what I received and teach them how to do it.

Walter from Italy

Sorry but my English is no good

Warren Chisholm from Australia

Not applicable


It was awesome and I felt very relaxed and I felt like I had been cleared of all stress and that could do anything.


In combination with massage I used to play the dig over my clients. On hawaii I experienced a healing session in which the healer played the didge --

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