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Name and Country

Why interested in Didj


They are one of the most amazing and unique instruments in the world

Aileen from USA

I come from a musical family and my husband and I thought this would be a great instrument to try next.


Because when I was young I tried many instruments like piano guitar etc but nothing kept me interest... Finally I told my parents I wanted to try didj and one day they brought back one home for me! I played for years till last year my didj cracked and couldn't make any more good sound...:-(

Alexis Gagnon from Canada

It's a return to nature!


They are gorgeous

Anonymous from USA

Hubby went to Australia several years ago & we are fascinated with didjeridoos.

Andrea from Australia

Because they reflect so much culture and are so beautiful in their simpleness of design. But in no way are they simple instruments

Andreas Kreischer from Canada

Such a great earthy primal way of making music

Andres Lemoine from Argentina

I like very much its sound and actually I play saxophone. I'd like to incorporate some other instruments

Andy from United Kingdom



I love them. Still learning how to play but can't stop!!

Bart from Netherlands

I was interested by the sound and started with a PVC didj and experimented with it in my class

Beat from Switzerland

Like the sound the wood it's made of and have an increasing interest in the way of life of aboriginal people

Ben from USA

They are and intriguing instrument with a great history and the versatility of their sound is incredible.

Beverly from USA

I find them and their history fascinating and now I find that they may be a cure for sleep apnea as well as entertainment.


Just curious

Brendan Reynolds from Canada

I am an Aussie living in Canada - playing a Didj will be a touch of home!

Brian Rooke from Canada

Its the strange but melodic sound

Brian Weller from USA

Well when I was 12 years old I was a my first rainbow gathering and I herd one for the first time and had to have one....I got one that day and for the next 3 weeks sat on top of a mountain and played for 3 weeks non-stop..

Bruce Cunningham from USA

Because they make the most organic sounds in the universe. All the information in the universe is superimposed on sound waves. Didgeridoo vibrations are one of the best to imprint on they are closest instrument on earth to the cosmic sound.

Bryan Blair from USA

I like the sound of them and the healing aspect. I also hear it helps to stop snoring!

Anonymous from USA

I learned to play one at my school and now I just can't stop playing it its one of my favorite things to do


Because when I've been in Australia I tried with success to play it in a shop unfortunately that one I liked was too much expensive for my possibilities.

Carlos from Spain

For no reason I just am. I haven't seen any actually. Well I love Ganga Giri.

Carmen from USA

The sound that comes from each one is amazing and each is very unique..


They sound is wonderfully haunting.

Catherine from Australia

I am an australian and I have a few aboriginal friends.

Cees from Netherlands

I like them very much


My fiancee is aboriginal from bungalung tribe.

Anonymous from USA

A friend and I have spent years making experimental music. One of the things we love is finding unique interments to add to our sound. On a recent visit to Brisbane I fell in love with the didgeridoo and would be very pleased if I could add one into our collection.

Chris Ruffner from USA

I love the sound of the didj and the history


Fascinated after vacation to Australia


I'm playing Didgeridoo since age of 15. My first didge was selfmade out of a cardboard pipe and beeswax. I immediately loved the sound produced by such a simple construction... Now I'm 27 and I'm still amazed of the possibilities to form tones

Christopher Weber from USA

I am a music teacher and I love all instruments. Didge. is interesting because of such ancient history.

Claudia from Germany

They sound unique to everything else and I like this archaic sound.

Colleen from USA

My husband mentioned that he has always wanted one.


Educational purposes

Anonymous from France

I'm interested in their musical and healing use.


Work of art

Dan from Canada

Lovely spiritual quality to the music

Dan Penfold from United Kingdom

Love the sound

Daniel from USA

I love music. When I went to Manitoba over the summer I heard a man playing a didgeridoo in a mall in Winnipeg. As soon as I heard the sound I thought to myself "I would love to learn to play one of these." I got a PVC didj for my birthday and I just started playing Iron Maiden songs on the didj.

Anonymous from Australia

I like the sound and it looks relaxing.


They are different


Because I've been playing it for years and what's better?

Darren from Canada

I purchased one on my last trip to Aus

Dave Bruinsma from Canada

I find it awe-inspiring to think that by listening to and playing didgeridoos I am experiencing one of oldest wood-wind instruments in human history and an important part of aboriginal music and culture. Plus they just sound cool!


The drone of a didgeridoo reminds me of primitive bagpipes and I am amazed by the varying harmonics one can devise with one instrument so simple.

David Benninger from USA

Playing music with my friends

David Johnston from USA

Interesting sound. I like wind instruments. Historical interest in Australia.

David Payne from USA

I think they are a fantastic instrument

David from United Kingdom

Fantastic sound and healing potential


Its unique!

Deborah from USA

Look very interesting and would like to learn more about this healing potential

Denis Richard from France

Because I live 8 years in Australia and that the aboriginal culture interests me.


They are cool looking! I would love one they fascinate me!

Detlef from Germany

Its a very good sound I want to learn play

Anonymous from Canada

Love the sound.

Earl Ross from USA

I have been for the last 10 years or so I heard and saw one guy play it on TV and it was love at first site

Ed In Den Bosch from Netherlands

I like the mystic natural sound. And I like to record samples for editing to my electronic instruments set up at home.

Ed from USA

For personal enjoyment and as a teaching tool.

Eddie from Australia

Absolutely love the calming sound that my didge produces and knowing that I am playing an instrument that is been played for centuries and I have so much more to master it

Enoc from USA

I love the sound and healing aspects


To help me with me asthma and being able to breathe better.

Anonymous from USA

Studied anthropology in college and enjoyed listening to by fellow classmates play the didgeridoo

Anonymous from Argentina

I think really that it possesses a fantastic sound


Meditation - love the sound

Francis from France

I pull the didj since 6 years now... Discovered it during a trip in Western Australia 10 years ago and started on home-made PVC than bamboo didj.

Fred Ashplant from USA

I love playing them. Especially the ones I bought from the Didjshop! They are beautiful to look at and the sound quality is magnificent.

Anonymous from USA

Interested in a different sound

Anonymous from Italy

I feel better when I play! My soul is happy!

Garry from Australia

I get enjoyment out of playing them. They are all different and made by the earth.


I like to play!

Gina Ferrell from USA

I think it is a beautiful thing.

Graham from United Kingdom

Interested in indigenous culture keen spontaneous musician and play didj for long periods often.

Granville Wallwork from United Kingdom

I play and own 4. I feel a strong 'drawing' towards it and a spiritual connection to it. I help young people become interested in it also.

Greg from USA


Grizzly Walkingthunder from United Kingdom

The sound of mother earth and an interest in original musical instruments


Love instruments and this one has a very unique sound.

Anonymous from USA

I love original native art


I have been adopted by an aboriginal family in Arnhem Land they gave me the opportunity to try to play one we purchased one in Yirrkala to learn with.

Hector Peralta from Argentina


Hervé Vaudan from Switzerland

For the sound the complex simplicity of the vibes and for the culture it represents...

Hisham Misri from Malaysia

I want

Anonymous from USA

My husband has wanted one since he was little.

Isaac from USA

They're cool

Ivey from USA

For pagan rituals

J. R. from USA

They fascinate me. I love the infinite possibilities they present. There is no one way to play it allowing for growth and creativity on a huge scale. The didgeridoo offers so much both sonicly and spiritually creating a balance and harmony that I've enjoyed for years.


They fascinate me as they are such an extraordinary instrument. I play the trumpet so the same kind of techniques can be applied to the didj as the trumpet and vice versa. Didjeridu are just so relaxing as well and social to play.

James from USA

Unusual musical instrument I like the sound it makes and am determined to learn how to play it.


Interested for my father. His health is a concern and its going to make a great gift.

Jason from USA

I'm fascinated by their music history art form the culture behind them and I love making them (though only out of bamboo as I don't have any Eucalyptus nearby)...I love playing them too...

Jason from USA

I think they are the most amazing sounding instruments

Jason Zakaras from USA

I love their meditative qualities


My son has one.


Art value - wife is an artist and a musician


Friend brought one over and blew my mind.. gotta start playing as soon as possible.

Jeffrey from USA

Always loved the sound.


It looks really fascinating and I think I'd like using it


Have found the sound of Didgeridoo soothing and comforting. I've recently read that circular breathing is helpful with sleep apnea.




Aboriginal history.


Australian heritage

Joe Kamper from USA

They have a very unique sound and natural awesomeness!

John from USA

The unique and mesmerizing characteristics of the sound and its origins and of the yolngu culture that use it.

Jorge Rodríguez from Chile

Because I love exotic things and for me the Didj is an exotic instrument in my country

Jose Galli from Brazil

I ever was interested in Didjs...

Julia from USA

I just love them and the music they make.


Because I played it since 8 years now... really love to play this instrument

Julien Guillon from France


Justin Arnold from USA

I love aboriginal instruments

Justin from USA

I love the culture history and sound of the didge. I can't really explain it it is just this primal passion for them


They are integral in such a beautiful culture



Kathryn from USA

Great for the kids


Beautiful music

Anonymous from USA

Love the sound

Khabir Shareef from USA

I love the sound the look & the fact that the didj originates with an ancient ethnic group - Aboriginals. I have a training didj made from PVC pipe. I really want & need a real one i.e. authentic Aborigine. I play African drum nationally in my country & would love the opportunity to share the uniqueness & richness of this wonderful instrument.

Kyle from USA

I love their sound.


Played bassoon and flute. Really cool


Friend told me about asa a gift idea.

Anonymous from USA

My husband wants to learn to play one


It is actually for my husband he plays the guitar and is interested in the didgeridoo.

Anonymous from Portugal

I've always been interested in earthy things...well didgeridoo has the sound of earth*because of this I will have some friends playing in my final project in college (fashion show)

Anonymous from Canada

I recently found out about the instrument and I would love to learn it. The sound of a didgeridoo just send chills down my spine I love it.

Lucas Sayer from Australia

I have been interested since I was about 10 when I found a piece of pipe at my house and was able to make the drone sound since then my interest has grown.

Anonymous from Canada

My husband learned that they can help him strengthen his throat muscles and hence help reduce his sleep apnea

Luke White from Australia

I love the range of sounds that can be made from a Didgeridoo as well as the soothing nature of those sounds.

Marc from USA

While visiting australia I learned a lot about them and heard some professional players

Anonymous from Australia

The craftsmanship the sound the history. It never fails to amaze me how such a simple looking instrument can create such deep rich and original sounds.

Anonymous from Canada

I play one

Marie from USA

I love unique sounds and collect cultural instruments from around the world.

Marilyn from New Zealand

I like the sound of them.

Mark from USA

I love music and playing music

Anonymous from Germany

Because I want to feel the healing spirit and the "earthlike" vibration sound! The healing aspect is very important for me!

Mary-elise from USA

I attended a workshop at my church on didgeridoos.


The sound of someone that can really play impresses me

Matthew from Canada

Cause of how they make me feel. My mind stops mouth takes over. Once I learned circle breathing I fell more in love and every new sound I accomplish brings me that much more joy.

Anonymous from Italy

Because the didgeridoo is the most hypnotic instrument and since the first time I've heard its sound I've loved it!


My husband and I are from American studying in Australia and are fascinated with didgeridoos and would like to purchase and learn to play a didgeridoo while here. My husband has a music background.

Michael Balmain from United Kingdom

I bought a cheap souvenir (£9:00) in the hope of playing it occasionally. Over the past few days I have been playing continuously and it has sent me to a different level. The feeling I get from it is phenomenal. I also have an Aboriginal Aunt who I wish to meet when I visit Aus.

Anonymous from USA

For meditation purposes. I have been fascinated with the sound since I saw a television program on Aboriginal culture when I was a small child. I had a cheap bamboo one that is now broken. I had no idea about the meditation that can happen while playing the didj until it just happened one day.

Michael Sleiman from Canada

Started playing a year ago interested in the aboriginal culture

Michele from USA

I feel a great affinity with the instrument. I have spent many contented hours playing.


They are not only gorgeous to look at but lovely to listen too. Hopefully I can learn to play one one day.

Mike from USA

I love the Aussies

Anonymous from Canada

For the sound

Mirjam from Netherlands

Beautiful instrument relaxing sound.

Mischa from USA

I like the sound. I've been playing on and off for more than ten years and want to become a better player. I can't sing and have little rhythm so a didj is the perfect instrument for me.:)

Mitch Loch from Canada

Ever since I was 12 after seeing A true Didj player perform I don't remember his name But I was like nothing I ever seen before. From there on I have been playing didjes

Murisa from USA

Spent 6 months in Australia...fell in love with the instrument... studied it a lot and bought 3 in my lifetime so far...=)

Nicole from USA

Love the sound and believe it has healing qualities when played with intention.

Niklas from Finland

I once owned a cheap one but it broke. I've been wanting one ever since.

Anonymous from Germany

The sound is fantastic. I love it.


I have visit Australia last month and I get astonished by its sound

Anonymous from Finland

The sound is fascinating and I am interested in other ancient instruments such as kantele

Pamela from USA

I love the sound and feel it would be a good instrument for my daughter to enjoy


Of all the countries on this planet I have always wanted to see Australia. The people are fascinating their culture the terrain of the land jUST LOVE IT.

Paula from USA

When a friend of mine let me try his for the first time he was amazed that I could play it right away. A good droning sound that is. Now I am able to play longer and am learning many new sounds as I go along this journey. I love to play as a meditation. The didj allows me to feel musical and very connected to my mother earth.


For a gift


After a visit in 2005 I seen & heard a Band called Em Dee in Darwin got into the rhythms & bought a Didje before I returned to the UK. After researching the history and searching for teaching/learning I've finally mastered CB & find it a good way to relax after a hard day.

Peter from Canada

It's a part of Australia and I love Australia and everything to do with your fine country. I'm travelling to Australia Late February and very excited about the trip... I have dreamed about travelling to your country for many years...

Anonymous from USA

Saw Xavier Rudd in concert hooked ever since.

Pierre from France

I'm interested in Didgeridoo for their special sound their roots hat go so far into the past and the vibrations coming from them

Raffaele from Italy

I'm a sound designer and I like to experiment with unusual sounds

Ralf from Germany

Because it is a natural instrument and "easy" to learn


I like exotic cool things


Vibrational medicinal/ musical purposes

Rick from USA

Love the sound and the feeling of relaxation it gives me.

Risa from USA

I use it for healing sessions with others. Also I play djembe and it goes great with what I offer when I get together with other players

Anonymous from United Kingdom

Ever since my uncle brought one back for australia for me and I realised I could play it almost instantly I was hooked.

Robert from USA

I love the sound.

Robert from Germany

Because the Didj has the most impressive sound of all instruments (along with some bagpipes...). A wonderful instrument and very relaxing to hear!

Robin from United Kingdom

I love the sound they make

Roger from USA

Loved the sound first time I heard it. I knew immediately I wanted to learn this instrument! It has since then become a passion for me.

Ronald from Netherlands

Playing since last year.


My son plays one.

Ruby Elisabeth Skatvedt from Norway

I have loved the sound and feeling of them since I first heard one played some ten years ago. Now I have recently bought myself one from your shop and are learning to play it.

Russ from Australia

I bought my first Didge when I was 11 years old. I am now 29 and I still play on the same one I made several years ago. I would love to upgrade to play several in different keys as I jam with my brother while he plays slide. I think I will be playing my didge for a very long time...

Anonymous from USA

Love the sound

Anonymous from USA

I love the sound of the didgeridoo.

Scott from USA

Meditation purposes

Scott Burgard from USA

I love the history of the didgeridoo and what it means to its culture.

Sébastien from France

For the sound the origin the atmosphere


I like the multi-tonal drone and the way the pitch can vary.

Sky Pedersen from USA

I've always had a fascination with the didge and love the tones and effects.

Stefan from Germany

Love music natural instrument one of the oldest instrument in the world invented by one of the oldest and most interesting people in the world

Stefan from Netherlands

Because I love the constant deep earthy droning sound that you can make with just your breath!

Stephanie from USA

I like Aboriginal art

Stephen Bosley from USA

Love the sound first of all secondly I'm a huge fan of exploration of any type and didj's are definitely that for me. lately I've been working a lot on learning new languages and studying guitar and bass playing blues with a local japanese band. o yea I'm stationed in japan right now.


They just sound and look so cool!(::)

Stephen from USA

I really think it is a cool instrument and one of the prime instruments in the ancient heritage of Australia and other places around the world. I would really love learn to play it.

Steve from United Kingdom

Cure for sleep apnea


Looking for one for my son for Christmas

Susan from USA

I had the pleasure of visiting Australia in 1994 and my favorite memories are of the didgeridoo players at Circle Quay in Sydney.

Anonymous from USA


Anonymous from USA

I've been playing and do didj healing for 6 years now. For me there is magic in the soul and sound of a didj.


I have studied Aboriginal Australia in school and started collecting artifacts and know that this is perfect. I also love the sound they make and would love to learn to play one.

Susie Stewart from USA

They are not only a native folk art but they are so original/unusual not like anything I've ever seen(or heard).

Sven from Germany

I will use it for meditation

Anonymous from USA



They're so different!


They are really cool and artistic.


Xavier Rudd has inspired me

Teresa from USA

I collect ethno art and am particularly fascinated with art of the Australian aborigines and the tribes of PNG

Tiffany Lepard from USA

I have been living in Australia for a year now and have had the opportunity to travel TONS of places. The didgeridoo has spell bound me I will always think of Australia when I hear one and all the good memories of sleeping in a swag in the outback will come back to me. I find myself now listening to cd's of didgeridoo music all the time it's hypnotic almost. I love it!


They are an amazing instrument and would love to have one to represent my country's indigenous people

Todd from USA

I'm interested in their place in aboriginal culture and as works of art. From a musical standpoint I've always found the sound intriguing. And as a sufferer of sleep apnea I've read that playing a didj every day can help alleviate my symptoms. Definitely worth a shot and something I expect to be fulfilling in any case.


Love the sound

Traci from USA

Collect art

Anonymous from Australia

Because they are an important part of Australian history.

Vanessa from Chile

Porque es un instrumento mágico capaz de llevarme a lugares en donde solo los sentimientos son importantes.

Vicki from Australia

I have just had a holiday in Ayers Rock and Alice springs and find the culture absolutely fascinating. Especially the artwork

Vickie from USA

I love the sound very much


Because I'm interested in Aboriginal culture

Victor from Netherlands

Over here in the Netherlands Luka of the band Omnia (www.omnia-neocelt.com) plays it very nicely impressive! I have attended a workshop of Luka for playing the didge

Anonymous from Australia

I love the sound of them. And I find them very relaxing. I only have one didj now that I am learning to play. It doesn't sound very good but I'm sure that's more to do with the player than the didj. =) I've just started getting into it so I don't really know any famous players however I did see some incredible didj players on youtube.com (Mack Yidhakky was one.


Saw some in australia last year

Vitor from Portugal

I love the sound they produce... unlike other instruments didgeridoos are a gift from mother nature!

Warren Packer from United Kingdom

To tap into the geomorphic resonance of the multidimensional fields of inter spatial mind travel.

Anonymous from Canada

For the new musical experience.

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