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Why do you play didgeridoo?

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Name and Country Feedback
Adam from USA I am in love with the sound and the rhythms, and I love how it makes me feel.
Alessandro from Italy I already play other musical instruments that requires circular breathing
Anonymous from Canada Because I love it
Anonymous from Canada For every reason I can think of, the fun, healing, grounding of it...
Amber from USA Party fun
Andreas Engebrethsen from Sweden I just play it for my self when alone at home. I love the sound and it caries my away to places only dreams can take you to. Sincerely. It is amazing!
Anonymous I feel very good with his sound
Andrew from USA I feel like I am good at it, and it is an instrument for which you never stop learning.
Andy from New Zealand Love it
Andy from USA The hypnotic and haunting sounds produced by the instrument.
Anonymous Interesting & varied instrument
Anjani from USA It is part of my spiritual, meditational practices
Anthony from Australia Relaxation, play with friends
Anonymous from Portugal I like the relaxing sound and I like to try to overage myself each time.
Antonio-Elias Vale Tavares from Brazil Myself joy and cheerfulness every
Anonymous from United Kingdom It's a great instrument and dates back a very long time.
Bart Vrancken from Netherlands I like the deep sound and the different rhythms you can make.
Ben from USA I love music, and the didgeridoo has such a unique, beautiful sound.
Anonymous I like the sensation of relax that the didj can give me for meditation
Benjamin from France I love it
Bent Lønrusten from Norway I use it to entertain children and to show the that you can make music and sound from almost everything. I give them plastic pipes to let them try.
Boaz Gilad from Israel I love it. it's fun, and the vibes are great.
Bob Yellin from USA Relaxation
Anonymous I like it.
Braden from USA I'm a music major--this is an instrument that appeals to me on a lot of levels. I like the sound, the feeling, and the effect
Bradley from USA I incorporate it into my live musical performances
Brent Hilton from USA The sounds amaze me. When I see other p[people who are better than me, I want to learn and play more. It produces the most interesting sounds and vibrations. Also, most people that hear it think it is awesome.
Anonymous I love the sound, I feel to understand modern music one must understand the music of the past
Burton from Canada I love the sounds that they make, it also is extremely relaxing for me
Anonymous from Australia I enjoy the sound and feeling from playing. I also want to improve and I like to play for other people
Cedric Boehler from Switzerland Pleasure
Chris from New Zealand Seeing if I can get any new sounds.. enjoyment.. Entertainment.
Chris from South Africa I love the sound.
Chris Murphy from Australia To relax after work and wind down
Craig Snyder from USA Personal enjoyment, relaxation
Damien from Australia At the moment I am playing to improve. But I also thoroughly enjoy it.
Daniela from Germany Meditation and fun
Darren McIntyre from Australia Jamming with a couple of work mates on guitars
Darryl from Australia Currently I play it to get better at playing, though I would like to learn the deep spiritual significance and application within the environment.
Anonymous from United Kingdom Just love the sound
David from Belgium I love the instrument, sound, circular breathing,...
David from France I love the many different sounds the musician can do with it and I can bring it wherever I go.
David Watts from United Kingdom Experimenting with different sounds and relaxation
Denis Richard from France IT remember my when a was young and living in Australia, and because I like aborigine's philosophy.
Anonymous Breath control, becoming "zen"
Douglas Vroonen from Belgium Self centering, meditation and breathwork.
Anonymous I love the sound and how natural of an instrument it is, it is one of the oldest wind instruments f the world. it also helps me relax and relieves A LOT of stress
Anonymous from USA Personal satisfaction
Eugene Leytin from USA Mainly, because I never thought I could play an instrument, and the didgeridoo is something I can play and enjoy so much. it makes me feel great.
Fernan Rodriguez from Costa Rica Meditation, I also practice 'cuz I wanna be a great player, and play with my friends with other instruments on the beaches of COSTA RICA!
Anonymous from Germany Relaxing, enjoying the sounds, having fun
François Rey from France My main reason is the spiritual connection that you can make with the nature.
Gabor from Hungary I was always attracted by rhythmic musical instruments
Gareth from Australia Entertain my 2 year old son - captive audience when he is in the bath
Gareth from United Kingdom I love everything about it
Gary Standen from USA Meditation
George from USA I play other instruments, love didj music and especially like instruments that allow for a lot of free expression. My son is also learning. He has trouble with instruments that require a lot of fine-motor coordination, but he's a natural on the didj, and he picked up the breathing very fast.
George from Australia Health and love the sounds and the aboriginal culture and it's true meanings
Ian Marshall from United Kingdom I love the sound and the fact I have to concentrate on my breathing.
Anonymous from Germany Explore a new instrument, going in a trance state, learn more about my body and breathing, the sound is beautiful
Anonymous Relaxation, playing to friends
James from USA I play in a rock band. Instruments like the didgeridoo and African drums mix it up. I love circle drumming and anything that sounds earthy. Didgeridoos are so soothing.
James Mott from USA Meditation, Music, and self healing. I am an asthmatic. I have not used any medication since I conquered circular breathing.
James from USA I love musical instruments. The didj is a very unique so I had to try it.
Jamie from USA Relaxation and art form
Jay from USA Enjoyment, relaxation
Anonymous from Canada I just a great instrument!! The feeling I had when I play is awesome!!
Jeff Kimes from USA I like it.
Jim Bane from USA Personal entertainment and to increase playing ability on the didgeridoo
Joao from Portugal Exploring the instrument and personal growth
Joel from Canada I love the way it sounds
Joel Sjöbom from Sweden I like the sound.
John from Norway Calms me down and relaxes me
John Judish from USA Music, as part of the sound of our band, and for relaxation and de-stressing
Anonymous from USA Relaxation and it's the only instrument I play
Jorge from USA I play the didj for relaxation and because I love the way it sounds.
Anonymous from USA It's fun learning something unusual, and the learning process itself is fun. "Oh, so *that's* how you make that sound?". And not to mention they're just plain fun to play :)
Julien from France It's relaxing !
Justin Kaysing from USA Relaxation/Meditation
Keith from United Kingdom Vibrational sounds plus healing and contact
Keith from USA Relaxing, enjoyable
Ken Pincince from USA FUN Drumming circles
Kev from United Kingdom I find it a fascinating instrument with an incredible sound and feeling.
Kevin Paul from USA I can't help myself. I play because I love the way it sounds and feels. I play to help other people journey into healing spaces.
Anonymous from Sweden I usually play a lot more frequently when I'm travelling. I notice that I play the best in the evenings after a day full of adventures. A way to channel thought and experiences.
Leandro from Argentina Espiritualidad, naturaleza, inspiracion, meditacion, divinidad
Lee from United Kingdom Pleasure
Lindsey from Austria I love it and after living in oz for a year want one to bring home
Lionel Durupt from France I don't know, I like the feeling of the sound
Lloyd Cosway from United Kingdom To relax myself and and relax, inspire others
Lone Macloud from Australia Meditational value
Lori from USA My boyfriend is a serious didj player, and wanted me to join in.
Luis Figueira from Portugal The sound is very cool and I use it in my musical compositions. I feel that is the closest sound to the "silence". It's difficult to explain, but if you listen the silence, you can hear the sound of the universe, and it is closest to the sound of the didgeridoo.
Anonymous I love music (i also play guitar, percussion, and the harmonica). Also, the didj really has some healing and meditative properties that are great. And, around where I live no one else plays so its very unique. Lastly, I love the earthiness and naturalness of it in comparison to other instruments.
Manuel Bayardo from USA Meditation, learning new sounds and practicing to share my music with others
Anonymous Kind of meditation for me
Mario Carranza from Mexico I love the sound that it produces, and it makes me feel very well
Mark Earhart from USA Meditation, healing, sound therapy
Anonymous Fun and relaxing
Marty from USA I like the way it makes me feel, and I play often for my music appreciation class and our world music ensemble
Massimo Gambirasio from Italy Cause it's something that can bring you back to the know what I mean..
Mateo Ripple from USA Music Meditation
Mathieu from France I like the sound it makes
Anonymous Because I like its sound
Matt from United Kingdom I just like to play with sound and can do it more directly with a didge than anything else. Sometimes also to calm myself down if I'm incredibly stressed.
Matt Meers from USA I play for my total well being. Playing improves my lung capacity for overall general health. I play to expand my creativity as a musician and as a visual artist. I do my best mental explorations while playing. Emotionally the tones created soothe every sense, sounding out my day, replacing the energy that was taken out of me. I play to restore my humanity. I appreciate the immense expanse of time in which this instrument has been a part of our collective history. I read once that the Creator used the yidaki to sound the world into form, it certainly helps create a new form of being for me.
Anonymous It's wonderful
Matthew Brewster from South Africa Getting in focus,relaxing and enjoyment
Anonymous from Netherlands Relaxing
Michael Forster from USA Fun, meditation and enjoyment of the sound and sound healing and for the teaching the didj gives me and the feeling of accomplishment from learning from the didj.
Michael from Australia I love the sound and stories I can make the didge tell myself and others. It makes you relax too and listen to the story.
Mike from Netherlands I think it has a great sound and want to get everything out of this "not so complex" instrument. The challenge is that it is all in the player and only practice can take it into the didgeridoo.
Anonymous The sound is very relaxing and it is an ancient instrument that not many people know about.
Anonymous from Spain Cultural, musical
Mil Grindstaff from USA I was drawn to it very powerfully.
Moses Frederic from USA Meditation and music
Nathan Barnard from Australia Always drawn to it. shown how to circular breathe in a dream. Next morning I could do it
Anonymous from Finland Personal enjoyment. It feels as if you're vibrating with everything around you, be it walls or earth surface. Also, I have plans to produce music with it.
Numa from Belgium I love music and I feel great when breathing with my didge
Anonymous I like the way it sounds
Oscar from Mexico I love the sound and the echoes here at home, I love the emotions and feelings it generates on me, I also love how I can "talk" with it and express every feeling I have inside me, and I also love how I can transmit these feelings, help in meditation and heal.
Anonymous Juste ressentir les vibrations!!!!!!!!!!!
Paul from USA Its fun to do and other people are always baffled that I own one let alone play one, and it makes the dog go crazy!
Petri from Finland Makes me feel good. Takes the frustration away and gives a meditative like feeling.
Phil from France Own personal enjoyment and the soothing effect, good for lungs!
Philip from Thailand I love aboriginal cultures be it Australia or the Amazon people and this is one of the oldest instruments known. The sound is magic and it's real fun to play,once you can drone then you can just play for fun you don't need books or lessons it's a great instrument.
Randy from USA Relaxing
Ravinderjit from Malaysia Liked the sound and had to have one
Ravinderjit Singh from Malaysia Sound healing, Performances, Recording
Remco from Netherlands I like the sound of the didges
Anonymous from France My main reason is...that I like it!! I feel its vibes in all my body, my brain and it's very enjoying!
Ric from Canada Enjoyment
Richard Gillis from USA Pure enjoyment, and to stay in practice. Also at the request of others that happen to see my didgeridoos, although neither are very high quality.
Rick from USA I am drawn to it. It speaks to me at a level I don't quite understand yet.
Rob Tol from Netherlands It belongs to me
Anonymous I enjoy it!
Ron from United Kingdom I love the sound pure and simple
Rowan from USA To play music with others, to provide a rhythm for fire poi dancers, or just to clear my head.
Roy Páramo from Spain The love for its sound and the aboriginal culture
Anonymous from Belgium Like very much the sound and it's a therapy cause I have some Asthma
Shane Cox from Australia I just love the sounds you can make from a didj
Sheldon from USA I love the sound, its very ohmmmmm
Stano Betak from Slovakia Simple instrument that makes very nice sound. I like didj music so I decided to learn to play it (and than make it).
Stephan from United Kingdom The feeling while and after playing. Also the experience of learning, getting better and something that not everybody does...
Stephane Guerraz from Canada The feeling of it.
Anonymous I just feel good and love it's sound.
Anonymous Fun and relaxation
Sue Radlett from United Kingdom I like the sound and want to learn to play it properly.
Anonymous from USA Reconnect with myself, remove myself from stress, have one in my office which helps break the ice with users, who usually think that it is a rainstick. (As you can imagine, I live in a small town).
Sylvain from France First the vibration of the didj then the heal of the breath
Sylvain from France I like the sound, and it's relaxing
Anonymous from Finland The sound, relaxation an the images and thoughts that it gives me
Anonymous from United Kingdom Its sound is so fascinating
Thomas from France I love it
Anonymous from Australia People like hearing the didj. And the sound of the didj makes you feel warm inside..
Tobias Devinck from Belgium To listen to the sound of my brain
Tobin Caldwell from USA Good vibes, inner calm, relaxation, practice, to get better
Anonymous from USA I just love the sound and the feel.
Tom from USA I enjoy it's sound, and I use it for sound healing circles.
Tony from USA I find it very therapeutic and brings on a good attitude. Its uplifting!
Tony Teele from USA I believe it is my chosen instrument, and I love playing.
Tyler from USA It is SO much fun!
Tyler Loube from Canada Personal relaxation/meditation. I also enjoy visiting live jams, and drum circles for more unified rhythms. Both my wife and I play, so sometimes, its just an afternoon on the porch or in a park.
William Bode from USA Meditation, practice
William from France For meditation and rhythm. it's a mean to think to aboriginal culture and past
Yann from France I enjoy playing didgeridoo rhythms and delight on it; I enjoy to play better, perfectionating my technics ( I have some progress to do).
Anonymous Personal enjoyment

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