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Visitors Comments made during the month of October 2013:

Online name Feedback
Anonymous Great info
Angus Booth from Australia Great to find another lil didge shop:0))
Anthony Kubiak from USA This is a great site.
Anonymous I have visited your website only just recently and find it very interesting very informative and easy to use.
Bill from USA It's inviting packed with information; the didjes are shown and described to good effect; overall nice to visit and definitely offers enough so that you can explore and not get bored. I like that it's not cluttered with stuff to click on that can pull you away from the main site. Love the logo.
Bob Canarri from USA I liked it and put it as a FAVORITE
Bradley King from Australia Like it
Bryan Crowers from USA The links are kinda hard to click on and the placement is poor. it appears to just be constantly added to but never cleaned up.
Callum Rutherfoord from South Africa Reading up about didgeridoos on your site and see that there is a competition on made me pretty stoked because I'm going to be in Aus in January celebrating my 21st birthday something I'm looking forward to with out a doubt. Getting a didge would be thee best cherry on top of a perfect holiday!!
Anonymous It seems wonderful
Chris from USA I like how you have your website set up. I had no trouble navigating it.
Christopher from USA Seems ok so far
Claude Leriche from France It is very interesting beautiful complete website about didj and aboriginal people and their traditions.
Conner from USA Easy to use and view
Craig from Australia Very informative.
Dale from Australia N/a
David from Switzerland Very informative and full of interesting and well placed offers
Diane Sampson from New Zealand I was Looking to buy one and It just has to jump out at me
Edward from USA Very informative
Eli from USA I enjoy browsing your many didges but I find it a little hard to navigate in my opinion there should be some sort of a "browse" button which you can just click and browse all the didgeridoos on your site
Elizabeth Huestis from USA Your awesome.
Federica from Italy Lo trovo molto utile e istruttivo.
Anonymous from Brazil Cool as a didgeridoo.
Anonymous Its good and easy to use
Anonymous from Italy Interesting
Gregorio Vallejo Gomariz from Netherlands I find this site fantastic because it is full of useful information. It is also easy to navigate through.
Harrold from Netherlands I like the not too flashy layout and being able to listen to the didges. For the rest couldn't say. It's just a website as should be.
Harry Kiracofe from USA Excellent very user friendly!
Heidi Krause from USA It is very informational and well made.
Anonymous Easy to follow
Anonymous from Australia I have found the website to be informative and enjoy looking at the different didges but is hard to choose one as there are a lot I like.
Anonymous from USA A little hard to follow but appreciate pictures of what is available with prices that I don't have to translate to US Dollars.
Jim from USA I love your samples for each didj. I love that you support Aboriginals.
Anonymous from United Kingdom It's good the section on healing was very helpful thank you:-)
Joe Terhljan from Canada It is a great source of information.
Josh from USA I have found it very informative and I visit often
Keith from USA Very insightful I really like how you educate people about the didgeridoo and the culture of the Aboriginal people.
Anonymous Thank you for an easy website
Marin from Germany Keep coming back through countless years doesn't that tell it all?
Anonymous from USA Cool
Martin from United Kingdom I think it is a fantastic website full with useful info.
Matt Luebbert from USA I like how you break down the sound quality of each didj. And give examples of the different tones.
Anonymous Nice
Mel from USA Like it!
Nathan from Australia Only just found it googling now! Read the interesting information about genuine and non genuine didgeridoos and then as I was looking around saw this comp and jumped straight to it!! I will be looking further around site after this! First impressions are that it is very well put together.
Nicholas from USA Very friendly and well organized.
Anonymous Very nice
Anonymous The best!
Suzanne from Netherlands A very nice website! It has all the information I needed and much more. It was nice to read a bit more about the didgeridoo the culture of the Australian Aboriginals and about the ethics of Didjshop. It's awesome to see that there are still people out there who do put people and nature of course before profit! Thank you so much for being part of the solution:)
Tony from Australia A+ I found the web site searching for didge info after being ripped off in Alice Springs with an expensive wooden didge that split just two weeks after buying it. Your site has taught me much about the didge and I have a much better idea of what I want and where to come and get it in the future. please keep up the great work.
Anonymous from Norway Good site.
Anonymous It has a nice layout and I'm loving the give-aways
Anonymous Your website is really great with lot of useful info

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