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Visitors Comments about the Effects of Didj Sound

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Visitors comments for the month of December 2002:

Name and Country

Effect of Didj Sound

Adam Erickson from USA

I am entranced by the sound of the didj. I love playing and listening. Their is nothing else like the feeling of becoming in tune with your didj.

Al Al from Taiwan

My English is not good I am a didj love good sound didj right now is my toy I love it

Andrew White from USA

The didge can be so very calming during slow play for meditation and can also get you grooving with toots hollers and fast playing!

Name withheld by request

Makes me feel as if I have been transported to another place..very nice....

Name withheld by request

The didjeridu sound makes me visualize myself in a beautiful place in Australia. I love the unique music that the instrument creates. When I hear the instrument being played I can help but sit back relax and enjoy the mysterious sounds emitted from one of the most unique instruments ever made.

Angelo Conti from Italy

Relax me deeply

Name withheld by request

It almost sends me into another world. A world where things are my way and I feel in control and lost all at that same time.

Name withheld by request

It makes me proud to live in a country with such a rich history.

Anthony Valerio from USA

Playing and listening have different effects. Nothing compares to playing. I feel like my thoughts are directed to my instrument. I feel as if a field of energy is surrounding me and my body and surroundings dictate how the field is manipulated. I find it exciting to play in different environments. When I listen I think of styles and techniques that are being played and I usually end up playing before the music finishes.

Name withheld by request

Mesmerising use for meditation and focusing work

Barry T from USA

I am impressed every time I hear something I haven tried before....then I go and try it!

Name withheld by request

Anything healer like the dolphin basslinetecnostick

Ben Lau from Singapore

Very transient effect... spiritual-like like the Didj is almost trying to tell us about its history from since the traditional Aborigines played it... and I'm the instrument the Didj needs to tell the story...

Name withheld by request

Makes me feel happier

Name withheld by request

The sound forms pictures in my mind of distant lands with exotic life. Its the sound of adventure

Bill Hayes from United States

Our people believe that the Creator puts certain instruments into the hands of our people for use in certain ceremonies. We American Indians have started to use the sound of the didj for healing.

Bill Williams from USA

It is a really unique sound that gives depth and passion to the music

Name withheld by request

A feeling of being back and closer to nature

Name withheld by request

I can say it has any spiritual effect on me at all. I find it to be fun entertaining and creative.

Bruce Shillinglaw from USA

Purely visceral from the first hearing. It speaks to me of wild places and deep time beyond reckoning. Even listening to the small .wav or MP3 clips on the net I can feel something leaping deep inside. I don really fully understand just exactly _what_ it is just yet - but I feel drawn to explore it further.

Bryan Brady from USA

Exciting yet relaxing at the same time.

Bryan Campbell from USA

Anywhere from meditative introspection to raucous booty shakin! Feels like the resonance inherent in all things.

Cameron Macmillan from Australia

Have always loved the sound. been playing 6 years and trying to get more sounds out of my current didges.

Carmen Hertzig from New Zealand

Relaxes me. sends me into a state where I feel I could cope with anything.

Name withheld by request

Didj gets me a lot of pleasure and very good sensations. Didjes vibration is for me an anti-stress without which I can not take place any more as a drug.

Charles Barrow from USA


Charles Eaton from USA

It gives me good vibrations and I like the primal feeling of being connected to the earth when I play it.

Chris Murphy from USA

Enlightened and energized. freed from normal awareness.

Name withheld by request

Soothing and exciting!

Christian Diaz from Spain

I am a beginner and do not know alot.Ask this question in some time.

Name withheld by request

The healing effect is amazing

Cynthia Yeh from Canada

Why did you just ask the same question twice? I find it very relaxing calming and peaceful. that's why I love it.

Dan Duncan from USA

It captivates me

Daniel Boulinguez from France

I can explain ! Its a very deep effect on my body and my mind ! Especially when the sound is perfect and clear with nice chords.

Name withheld by request

Didj music is very new to me I find it soothing and exciting.

Name withheld by request

It is soothing and mellowing

Name withheld by request

Spine-shivering when done properly (i.e. not by me!!)

Dave Mock from USA

It sounds tribal with a very deep soul. It puts you in a trance your mind journeying back to ancient times when it was played in Aboriginal cultures in a very different world we now have today.

Name withheld by request

Calming effect takes me to another level of being. A blending of man with nature.

Name withheld by request

I really dig it!! It makes me excited and in awe of the unique sound and also is very relaxing

David Spragge from Canada

Haunting earthy.

Diane Fagan from New Zealand

Reminds me of the outback-wide open spaces and indigenous spirituality

Name withheld by request


Name withheld by request

Very interesting like outdoor sounds

Name withheld by request

Trance inducing relaxing meditative

Name withheld by request

It makes me feel energized and happy. I giggle when I hear it played.

Eric Castonguay from USA

The drone and modest variations can be very soothing while the Toots and loud animal sounds can be exhilarating.

Name withheld by request

When I first heard one I was completely taken aback by the hypnotic tone that it produced. I have been involved in electronic music for several years and have had the opportunity to use many different types of synthesizers both digital and analogue. The wealth of sounds that they can produce is remarkable but I still feel that nothing sounds as unique and organic as a didjeridu.

Eveline Vincke from Belgium

It makes me relaxed and I'm feeling in an other dimension.

Ezra Shively from USA

Very soothing and reminiscent of universal woe

Frank Eisenblätter from Belgium

Every time again I am amazed how playing a didge can give one such a vital energy and relaxing at the same time ( the good breathing action !!).

Fred Pranger from Netherlands


Fruyk Clark from USA

It definitely becomes a meditation while I am playing and while listening it excites me to want to play its a dusty desert at the first drops of rain (anticipation/cool/hot)

Name withheld by request

Sound Of Nature.

Name withheld by request

In Europe I heard a guy play live didj with electronic music playing as background. It was really awesome and different to what I heard in Australia. Has a real warm feel to the music.

Greg Rushlow from USA

Meditative lost in no thought.

Guru Iyer from India

After I heard it first time I could feel something was happening in my heart it cannot explain to exactly but I never experience such thing with any other instrument in my life.

Name withheld by request

The didjeridu takes me into a new world

Name withheld by request

I think the two previous questions are bad questions. I like Didjes played both traditionally and western style for different reasons. western style because it adheres to the tastes that us westerners have and traditional because it reminds me that things can be done in other ways. whether a didj is played alone or not I like it alone a bit more but if its there and I can't hear it or can hardly hear it I don't like that. more than one or two other instruments is too many.

Herman Wennink from Netherlands


Name withheld by request

Calming effect. Especially the solos where mind can focus on the sound.

Name withheld by request


Jackie Varnell from USA


Name withheld by request

It is inspirational.

Name withheld by request

It's relax the sound of a didjeridu

Name withheld by request

Calming reminds me of nature and peace

Janette du Monceaux from Switzerland

Very good for meditating

Name withheld by request


Name withheld by request

Earthy transcendental grounding.

Jeremy Rossman from United States

It is amazing it makes me completely relaxed when I play mine no matter what just playing a nice mellow meditative drone for a little while . I also love the way my 5 month old son looks at me and the dig when I play its like an awe stricken look of pure amazement. I really wish I could afford a decent dig but its not in the budget at the.

Name withheld by request

It's a tribal primal feeling.

Name withheld by request

Soothing and exciting!

John Costanzo from Australia


Name withheld by request

Calming it is a relaxing tune

Joshua Coppoolse from New Zealand


Judy Duncan from USA

It is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard in my entire life

Justin Mayfield from USA

Relaxing pure chill harmonious beauty... many emotions

Justin Northrop from USA

I feel peaceful and a little funny (humorous) and exotic all at the same time. Justin

Name withheld by request


Kent Olson from USA

Just love the earthy natural sounds

Name withheld by request


Kevin Nelson from Canada

It depends on the style. Some songs are relaxing while others are energizing. The tempo style and tone all effect the mood that's created.

Name withheld by request

There is something otherworldly about it.

Name withheld by request

I enjoy hearing them because they are so unique and they have a lot of meaning and culture to the Aboriginal People of Australia

Kurt Bendl from USA

Okay... its both and alpha state thing and a grab you by the nads effect.

Lauriejoy Patrick from USA

It relaxes me .

Leandra Barr from USA

The didjeridu brings me to another level. when I am playing the didj and I feel its vibrations going through me I go within myself and it brings me to my higher self. Even when I hear the didj being played I feel at one with myself and everything around me.

Lee Brown from England

Calming effect !

Lewis Delaine from Australia

I Drone I hear is something very old something very ancient. When I play the sound I hear is spellbinding...I just want to play forever lost in a trance. The sound of the Didgeridoo is alive!!!!and the sound of the Didgeridoo will be forever!!!

Name withheld by request

It is a very primitive sound and seems spiritual-tribal.

Name withheld by request

It is a transcendent mystical experience. I can feel the vibrations in my bones of my face.

Lorenz de Haan from Germany

Relaxing trance effect

Name withheld by request

That gives me a lot of pleasure ca relaxes me it is absolutely brilliant!

Mandy Cutler from England

I find it really relaxing and I can't take myself away from it when it is being played I just love the sounds that come from it and all the different undertones I can't wait to be able to play my didgeridoo properly as it was bought for me for christmas I guess it takes a lot of practice

Marcus Venturinit from USA

Almost indescribable deep.

Name withheld by request

Awe-inspiring healing ethereal its everything

Mark Bigelow from USA

To me its one of the most moving and mysterious sounds. I could get lost in listening or playing.

Mark Hill from USA

Feel a strong connection to the the Great Mother Earth

Mark Malone from USA

Meditational trance-inducing effect.

Mark Mondier from USA

These instruments have a tremendous soothing and calming affect to the mind and body. The harmonic capabilities are limitless.

Mark Townsend from England

It touches somewhere deeper than conventional music. It truly is music for the soul and is completely individual to the player.

Name withheld by request


Name withheld by request

I feel very happy and calm when I listen to didgeridoos.

Megan Peck from USA

It makes me happy and relaxes me. I had a wonderful experience in Australia and it brings back great memories of some wonderful Aboriginal people that I was able to talk with.

Name withheld by request

Very soothing.

Michael Glean from USA


Name withheld by request


Mike Bryk from USA

It has the unique ability to both calm and energize at the same time much like meditation. I've only had one for a few months now but I find the day feels incomplete if I don play for at least a little while. Another interesting thing is my two children want me to play for them at bed time every night and it seems to help them drift off much faster than they would other wise. I'm hoping to find a way to learn the circular breathing next.

Name withheld by request

Very calming

Mike Zen from USA

A strange sense of familiarity and yet at the same time something completely new.

Nancy Parmelee from USA

The didj has affected my 8 year old immensely. We heard them being played at a Blast concert and he has listened to a CD of mine that has a didj in it. He would like to learn how to play one and show his classmates.

Name withheld by request

Soothing / calming

Omar L. De la Tejera from Germany


Patrick du Monceaux from Switzerland

Calming makes me think of what the sound is in the world...animal wind trees..

Name withheld by request

Soothing whimsical sounds

Paul King from USA


Name withheld by request

It is peace and it units the world

Name withheld by request

See below

Phil Cutler from Australia

I stop when ever I here one and imagine I am playing mine along with the one I am hearing. I just love the sound.

Name withheld by request

Make me calm

Name withheld by request

Everything from pure rhythmic sounds producing an enticing feeling to dance on to the purely spiritual sounds related to astral travel both used depending on the intent to touch the people listening and their ability to be moved by the sounds.

Roald Blommaert from Belgium

A good relaxing energetic flowing feeling

Robbie Applegate from USA

Hypnotic and exotic

Robert O'Shaunnessy from USA

Incredibly soothing. I am also a backyard astronomer and I always take 2 or 3 CDs of Didj music to listen to under the night sky! This instrument reverberates the past as do the stars!

Name withheld by request


Rodrigo Viterbo from Portugal

It makes me dream and teaches me things. It relaxes me it concentrates me I LOVE IT.

Name withheld by request

Both relaxing and exiting.

Name withheld by request


Ruth Bruch from USA

When I play the didgeridoo I fell like I'm in a another world.

Name withheld by request


Sandra Coppoolse from New Zealand

Gives me Goose bumps

Name withheld by request

Very meditative relaxing effect.

Name withheld by request

The earths breath

Settimo Croci from Italy

Relax and imagination . Its like the memory of the Ancestral Age . The sound of the ancient instruments can bring you back in the time...

Sheila Abrahamsson from Australia

Gives me goose bumps!

Simon Dodd from England

Amazing feeling of tranquility and calmness

Simon Toet from Netherlands

A mystic sound and I like the resonance en vibration that I feel

Stan Aaron from England

Its awesome. I'm only using a pvc pipe to learn on at the moment though.

Name withheld by request

I love the sound. its a great didge

Stephen Bowen from USA

Relaxing & soothing

Sterling Green from USA


Steve Evans from Australia


Steve Naughton from USA

A didj has a very transporting effect on me

Steven Copeman from Canada

Makes me happy

Tammie Myers from Canada

Calming soothing

Thadeus Frazier-Reed from USA

I enjoy listening to the sound but since I've started playing I much prefer the sound of myself playing. The experience is heightened when you can feel the vibrations throughout your whole body. I have never been close enough to another live player to feel this.

Tyler White from USA

I love it... It puts me in a trance

Warner Recabaren from USA

Calming! I relax after a hard day of work hop in a hammock at sunset and play for a while.

Name withheld by request

Well the first time I saw it was in Barcelona on the streets and I sat down rolled a big spliff and next thing I know I had been there for more than 10 hours with the guys who were playing talking to them was really interesting as they described Australia (and they most definitely were Ozzys!! with the accent...just joking to who may be reading this!!) the sound from the Didjeridoos just complemented everything they said. In fact after Uni I am hoping to go to your shop and say Hi!

Name withheld by request

Calming uplifting

Zebulon Wolfe from USA

Makes me want to dream

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