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Aboriginal Art, Culture & Multimedia

Aboriginal Australia
Aboriginal Australia offers Internet users unique opportunities to discover and explore the history, culture and spirituality of Aboriginal people throughout Australia. Users can purchase authentic art and craft direct from Aboriginal Communities online.

Resources on Aboriginal Australia, including on-line database of languages, nations and tribes, research on Western Desert with on-line bibliographic database, book reviews, conference announcements, kinship tutorial, discussion forum etc. The site is dedicated to research and resources in anthropology, for academics as well as lay-people, with a special accent is on Aboriginal Australia.

Lore of the Land - Reconciling Spirit and Place in Australia's Story
Lore of the Land - Reconciling Spirit and Place in Australia's Story - An Interactive Documentary

Message Stick - ABC Indigenous Online
Aboriginal Content in the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's various media: including radio, TV and on the web.

Postcards from Halls Creek
An Australia Radio National multimedia event in the Awaye! series. Hear the voices of locals from Halls Creek and see their snapshots on the web.

Stories of the Dreaming
Stories of the Dreaming - a collaboration between Australia's Cultural Network (through the Federal Department of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts) and the Australian Museum. The stories come from the cultures of Indigenous Australians

Aboriginal History, Politics, Education

Aboriginal Languages of Australia
There are more than 200 Australian Indigenous languages, most of which have been destroyed; all the others are endangered. This web site has links to 104 resources for more than 30 of these languages.

Aboriginal Studies WWW VL
Aboriginal Studies WWW Virtual Library - the Internet Guide to Aboriginal Studies

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies (AIATSIS)

First Nation - Indigenous peoples and indigenous spirituality in the 20th century
A discussion on Australia's Radio National on 14th March 1999.

Frontier Education Online
A web site is designed to complement the Frontier television series, the Frontier Online site, and the Frontier CD-ROM set. This exploration of Aboriginal history is divided into four main sections, moving from the Dreaming through contact history, to massacres and resistance, on to assimilation policies and the politics of Aboriginal cultures, to a final section on historiography - the various ways in which Aboriginal history has been made and remade. A superb site - not to be missed!

Gadigal Koori Radio
An interesting and beautifully-illustrated site! Eventually, you'll be able to listen to Gadigal Radio online, but for now the take the tour! It's of particular interest to anyone visiting Sydney; the Gadigal were one of the original Aboriginal clans in the Sydney basin. Check out Australia's modern history from the Gadigal's perspective!

The Koori Mail
The Koori Mail is the national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander newspaper - the voice of indigenous Australia. Based in northern New South Wales, the Koori Mail is a significant news medium - in print and now online - from Australian indigenous people.

Aboriginal Organisations

Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies

Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation
The Council comprises 25 community leaders drawn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, the industries which have most impact on Aboriginal people and from business and other sectors

Koori Centre
The Koori Centre provides programs, services and facilities to encourage and support the involvement of Indigenous Australians in all aspects of tertiary education at the University of Sydney. The Centre provides tutorial assistance, access to computers, an Indigenous Research Library, study space, an orientation program at the beginning of the year and assistance in study and learning skills. The promotion of understanding and respect for Indigenous Australian people, their knowledge and cultures, is provided by the Centre by offering academically challenging and professional relevant units in Indigenous Australian Studies.

Northern Land Council
Main body representing Aboriginal interests in the Northern Territory

The Friends of Kakadu Project
The Friends of Kakadu (FOK) is a non profit community group providing a source of information, news and commentary in support of the campaign to block the construction a proposed new uranium mine in Kakadu National Park - a World Heritage listed park in the Northern Territory

Aboriginal Performing Artists

Yothu Yindi
Yothu Yindi consists of both Yolngu (Aboriginal Australian) and Balanda (non-Aboriginal) musicians and embodies a sharing of cultures, the first of which dates back 60,000 years.

Aboriginal Land Rights, Native Title, The "Stolen Generation" and Reconciliation

Action for Aboriginal Rights
These pages are designed for students(and other searchers) looking for information on current Australian Indigenous issues

Audio site for the Australian Aboriginal language Yawuru
This site contains over 250 audio files of Yawuru words and phrases. It also contains scans of language papers containing hundreds more Yawuru words and definitions. The site has other cultural information and is growing, but is already a significant resource.

Australians for Native Title & Reconciliation
The Australians for Native Title & Reconciliation national web site

National Native Title Tribunal
The Tribunal is a Commonwealth Government body that facilitates the making of agreements among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people,governments, industry and others whose rights or interests may co-exist with native title rights

Native Title
A well researched overview of the Native Title issue by anthropologist Rod Hagen

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