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Animals and Plants

Australian Fauna
This site is dedicated to providing Australian information only.

Only in Australia ...

Earth Garden magazine
Australia's magazine of alternatives for bush and city.

Green Net
Links to all things green in Australia

Greenpeace Australia
Good guys down under If you were a southern blue fin tuna fish you'd be mightily glad of some friends on land.

New Age & World Music a la carte
Treat yourself and relax into selecting and compiling your own world of music. Create your own personal CD.

No Worries Mate Homepage
True blue Australiana. The 'My Dog' page demonstrates a novel approach to trawling the web for stray surfers!

Questacon - The National Science and Technology Centre, Canberra
Questacon is Australia's leading Hands-on Science Centre. The Questacon web site is divided into three sections: Kids, Grown-Ups and Teachers. The Kids section contains a Fun Zone packed with puzzles, activities, illusions, a dinosaur exhibition and more. Who'd be an adult when you could be a kid?

Rainbow Power Company
Rainbow Power Company is a specialised manufacturer and distributor of renewable energy equipment. This site contains information about Renewable Energy, (Solar, Wind, Hydro & Biomass), RPC & associated companies, our history, building.

WWOOF Australia
Site of the Australian Willing Workers on Organic Farms movement. A great way to see the country and help organic farmers survive and thrive.

Pictures and Places

Australien Info
An excellent web site with all details about travelling to in or around Australia (in german!) Newsletter, travel-tips, FAQs, pictures, money, weather, getting around, news, meeting point and much more!!!!!

Mountain Dreams Atelier
An art gallery featuring works inspired by the nature of Australia. A gallery showing the works of local artists - living in the Tamborine Mountain area of Queensland - inspired by the bush and mountains.

On our principal journey on this site we will be passing through the most popular Queensland areas visited by tourists.

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Animals and Plants | Only in Australia | Pictures and Places


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